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A meta-analysis is a special approach to data processing, which is based on statistics. This technique requires to gather the information on the similar researches and to derive the most precise average result that meets all of the necessary criteria. It is widely used in medicine for better understanding and interpreting the results of the trials. The structure may differ, but usually, while writing a meta-analysis you will need to include the following parts:

  • Abstract - shortly overviews the writing, gives a basic background information and includes the most important data about the methods used and the results gained.
  • Introduction - reviews the previous studies and the significance of a current one.
  • Strategies - states the main methods and criteria used and reveals the biases and problems that may have occurred.
  • Results - shows the studies that have been analyzed, their quality, and detailed characteristics; includes the explanation of the results obtained.
  • Discussion - gives an interpretation of analysis, its strong and weak sides.
  • Conclusion - wraps the research up by mentioning the importance of findings and the future of studies on the topic.

If you have already read a few hundreds of tips on writing and structuring, and feel like they are all basically the same, here are a few recommendations that our professionals prepared personally for our visitors and customers:

  • Try to collaborate with other researchers. Your can exchange literature and ideas with them, and it can significantly ease the research process, as well as the writing one.
  • Keep track of the literature you have reviewed. If you do not want to get back to the same studies all over again, note down all the sources you have reviewed, and the reasons you have included or excluded them from your bibliography.
  • Cover major studies on the chosen topic. Try to be brief, systematic, and comprehensive in order not to give any useless info on the research papers chosen for review.
  • If you feel like the paper goes the wrong way, try contacting your professor or any specialist in the sphere. He or she might help you understand what steps to take next, and what changes should be made in the work you have done so far.
  • Make your review interesting. Any paper analysis can be engaging if you are truly interested in the topic and have made a thorough research.
  • Learn how to review a meta-analysis you have written critically. Although you may have spent a lot of time and effort on writing, it does not mean that your work is perfect, and you need to accept it. If a huge part of your paper needs to be revised, make the necessary corrections no matter how much more time it will take.

Writing a great review requires hours of searching and analyzing. It is important to be sure that the purpose of making an in-depth analysis in the case is worth it. If you have made a decision, our company is always here to help you accomplish everything faster and better. Place the order now and let a team of professional take care of your paper today!


Thousands of research works are being written on the same topics every year. And most of the results people get differ. Therefore, it is hard to choose which source to trust when there are so many of them. That is exactly when meta-analysis comes handy. It combines the most trustworthy and relevant studies made in a specific field to get an average and most precise result.

Some of the studies become obsolete with time. The information they contain is not actual anymore and may impede the further studies by clogging research with old data. Even though people who conduct them are professionals, the bias is peculiar to everyone. Hence, it is hard to judge the quality and accuracy of the writing. However, meta-analysis article is a thing that can shed a light on the most recent experiments and discoveries in a certain specialty.

This type of work has become very popular in exact sciences that rely on statistical methods, and in a variety of other branches. Thus, we can now get results from sociological surveys that are more precise than ever before. Also, it is pretty common in medicine. Deciding on the effectiveness of a drug or treatment, doctors rely on meta-analysis completely. It helps to detect the differences between trials and explain them to minimize the mistakes that can be made while curing the patient.

Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of this analysis in our lives. There is no doubt that writing such kind of work is a hard task that needs to be taken seriously. In case “What is a meta analysis review and how to write it?” is the question that keeps you awake at night, there is a great solution to your sleeping problems. Just order the whole piece or some separate parts of your paper with Pro-Papers for the best quality.


There are many things that need to be done before even getting to the writing. It is necessary to search for some up-to-date works on a topic at first. This process will take a lot of time, as you have to look through the piles of gray literature and try to find even the rarest pieces. It is important to understand how to write a meta-analysis paper and what difficulties are waiting on a way. You will have to gather as many studies as you can and examine them critically to choose only the relevant ones for your paper. And afterward, the data will require hours of computing and analysis.

If you don’t know how to write meta analysis paper, the best way to ease your life is using an online writing service. Our company has an experienced team of writers, who have accomplished thousands of papers for customers all around the world. No matter what kind of paper you need to get done, Pro-Papers will make sure your works fulfill the needed requirements and are completed on time.


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