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Customers often have hard times trying to determine what writing company can provide most qualitative paper editing service online wavering between sets of services and extras that each company offers. To show our competitive edge, we listed some of the benefits you get if decided to order with us.


We guarantee:

  • High-quality proofreading and editing services for all types of academic and scientific papers as well as business documents.
  • Experienced and professional US, UK, Canadian, and Australian editors within your specialization.
  • Absolutely secure and confidential services.
  • Swift, safe, and flexible payment options.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Free revisions.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • 24/7-hour availability.

Pro-papers is a great provider of academic and scientific editing and proofreading services for students, professors, lecturers, academics, authors, and business people. Our writing company has been on the market for more than 5 years and knows how to satisfy the needs of the most exacting customers.

One of our guarantees is also a 100% satisfaction with papers reviewed by our qualified staff of native English speakers.


We offer a wide range of professional writing and editing services. Among the types of papers we write, edit, and proofread are essays, term papers, course works, theses, dissertations, admission essays, research proposal, journal manuscripts, memos, white papers, manuals, speeches, presentations, reports, CVs, resumes, job applications, etc. Therefore, each customer can find the type of service he needs.

Needless to say, editing and proofreading services are subdivided into paper proofreading service and paper editing service respectively. What is the difference between them?


Professional proofreading service implies that an editor will correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and typographical errors (such as comma usage and slices, apostrophes, capitalization), replace repetitive words with their synonyms, revise sentence structures like run-on sentences, verb tenses and subject-verb disagreement, reduce excessive wordiness, and format the paper according to the required writing style.

In addition, we will gladly help with correcting source referencing and citations. Many professors, scientists, and publishers pay particular attention to paper formatting as in such a way you give credit to the authors cited. Entrust our editors to adjust your writings so that they meet stylistic requirements of the very demanding professor. Be it APA, MLA, AMA, ASA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, or any other academic or journal style, we will be happy to refine the paper format for you along with the use of English. The editors will not only cite all the ideas of other authors properly but also will make sure the footnotes and bibliography are consistent and sources picked are relevant to the topic and cover most up-to-date information.


Aside from proofreading academic writing of our customers regarding grammar, spelling and punctuation, our editors also help in communicating one’s thoughts more clearly, organizing the writing, picking up more felicitous expressions and vocabulary, tailoring it according to required style and tone, suggesting possible ways of improving the paper and engage the audience, etc.

Besides, we will make sure that the tables, graphs, and figures, which you have put in your work, are presented in visually appealing forms.

Among all the other options, you can also request your editor to rewrite some parts of the paper that have similarities with other sources or, in simple terms, have some plagiarized content. This way your writer will paraphrase or rewrite the indicated part to make it absolutely free of plagiarism. However, note that editing type of work involves changing or paraphrasing up to 30% of the text. If more that that is required, we suggest ordering writing from scratch so that you will get an absolutely original paper based on your own thoughts and ideas.

Whatever type of service you need, order with us and get ready to receive a final copy that goes far beyond your expectations!


Every year our highly qualified editors and proofreaders’ staff helps hundreds of students all over the world improve their papers. Having broad experience in their subjects and being well familiar with rigorous requirements determined by colleges, universities, and other educational facilities, they know how to amend your paper so that you get the grade you deserve. We have specialists in almost every subject within medical, social, physical, engineering, business, and economics disciplines. Therefore, it will not be a problem to find a person who has knowledge of the subject. Rest assured that editors will help to refine the language, as well as improve the academic tone of your draft to ensure its excellent quality along with the high grade.

Moreover, we seek to keep both editing service and proofreading service cheap enough so that you do not have to tighten your belt or save money to afford purchasing our services. Our flexible pricing and discount policies allow us to satisfy financial capacity and personal requirements of every customer.


Extreme vigilance is devoted to scientific writing editing service designated for researchers, scholars, and scientists in various fields, particularly medical, chemical, biological and technical ones. Such writings have to be immensely exact and informative concerning the usage of terms and their meanings, as well as accurate methods used and data presented. Moreover, in most instances, such types of writings have to follow strict stylistic and formatting requirements. Every missed detail or wrongly picked word/term can be disastrous and undermine your reputation as a professional. For this reason, we would strongly recommend ordering scientific or academic paper editing type of work with our company to be on the safe side.

Moreover, it is very easy to do. The whole order placement procedure will take just a couple of minutes. After that, you may tend to your own affairs waiting for the final work to be delivered to you within the set deadline.


The whole procedure of ordering one of our best academic proofreading services or editing services is not hard at all and takes just a few simple steps.

Step 1. Placing an order at Pro-Papers.

At this step, you fill in all the details and requirements regarding the corrections you would want to be made in your draft as well as provide the draft itself for the writer. If you have any questions or need any assistance while placing an order, feel free to contact our Support Team agent in live chat, via phone, or email. The agent will gladly guide you through all the procedure and answer all your questions anytime, as our services are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Step 2. Preparing your academic copy for editing and choosing the most experienced editor from your field.

Here, our team is checking your draft to see who of the editors/proofreaders is most proficient on the topic and, therefore, best suited to work on your paper. It may take up to a couple of hours to decide on a person with relevant skills and knowledge.

Step 3. Checking and delivering an edited copy to the customer.

After the writer provides the edited paper, we check it for quality, review if all of the initial requirements were followed precisely, and deliver it to the customer. If after receiving the final paper you feel like you need any clarifications from the writer or would like to send the paper for revision, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly make all the necessary changes as we strive to make each customer pleased with the edited draft.

Yes, it is that easy! Start using our online proofreading service right now and get final drafts that exceed your expectations!



Being a student, you are given loads of assignments on a daily basis, and they all have to be completed perfectly not only in terms of proper content and structure but also the irreproachable and well-structured language. Such seemingly negligible details as wordiness, repetitive words, spelling or style errors, incorrect citations, and others may result in points off the final grade or even in rejection to check the submitted paper if it is overflowed with mistakes which make it illegible.

We are fully aware how important it is to pay attention to details and know how hard it is sometimes to check the final work for mistakes especially when you have done proper research on the topic, gathered most relevant information, compiled the paper following the requirements and are entirely exhausted when it comes to checking the paper. You can easily miss something being tired or pressed for time. If this is a case with you, the best option here is to ask someone to read your paper as a person who sees your work for the first time can notice the errors that you might disregard more quickly. Yet, the best way to make your paper perfect is to avail oneself of professional editing service, which has experienced editors capable of polishing your work so that both you and your professor are satisfied with immaculate academic English. At the same time, you can learn how to enhance your own writing from those edited and proofread copies provided by our qualified staff.

Having used our online editing services, students will not only get grammatically correct, error-free, and ready-for-submission work, but will also manage to improve their own academic writing style and get an idea of how well-edited and proofread papers should look like.

You can completely rely on our writing company when you do not have much time left to check the paper or are a last-minute person who postpones everything until the last moment, as we offer a 6-hours deadline! As we are working 24/7, you can order any of academic writing editing services with us anytime and be sure the final work will be delivered within the fixed deadline or even earlier! No matter if you completed your paper far in advance before the due date or it is midnight, and you are still to finish and proofread your work, just contact us and rest assured your paper will be done by one of our experts by the morning.

We know that other than fast and on-time delivery, students are looking for cheap proofreading service. Therefore, to satisfy the demands of every customer, we keep the prices low so that everyone can afford to order with us. It is evident that the longer the deadline you choose, the lower the price is. However, each customer in need of fast and affordable service like ours is eligible for discounts, which will be gladly sent to you by one of our customer support agents.


It is worth noting that Pro-Papers is decidedly a superior editing service online for job seekers who strive to get their dream job. First impression here is the crucial thing. Our professional editors can help you in tailoring this positive first impression of your resume, cover letter, or application letter, which will ultimately result in appointment for an interview. The writers and editors who work for our company know how to highlight your strengths, relevant skills, and knowledge as well as work experiences so that they will be most fitting to the position you are applying for and make you stand out from other applicants. Keeping a perfect resume handy, you will never lose an opportunity of applying and getting a position you always dreamed of.

Same with students who are willing to enroll in a college or university they want to. Having crafted an admission essay which is full of silly mistakes, typos, bad grammar and sentence structure, you have little chances of being accepted. Therefore, to enhance your chances to become a student, make use our best online proofreading service, and our editors and proofreaders will gladly assist you not only in checking the essays for errors, but in improving your writing style, fixing problem areas, and showing how to emphasize your strengths and abilities.


Though many people think that writing and editing services are for students only, in actuality the majority of them has to write different types of documents often enough, particularly when it comes to business people. Each day they have to compile various memos, manuals, press releases, presentations, speeches, reports and other types of documents, which should be written in irreproachable English, and even the tiniest typo can imperil the professionalism of a business person.

At this very time, each businessperson knows that time is money and wasting it on double-checking and proofreading each document is absurd as it may take a huge amount of time daily. This is why, to save a lot of time that you may waste while taking care of proofreading every single word in each document, we would recommend using one of our best online editing services. This way you will manage to acquire the reputation of perfectionist able to devote proper attention to little things and communicate own thoughts effectively, which is rather a positive characteristic for a businessperson.

Most important thing to mention is that aside from providing paper free of grammar and spelling errors, our writing company, which offers all types of document editing services, also guarantees complete confidentiality to our customers and has a strict privacy policy. Hence, you can be confident that your documents and information in them will never be disclosed to the third parties.


It is rather complicated to get ahead with demanding requirements of the academic world. And it is even more difficult when you cannot express your thoughts and ideas fluently in speech and grammatically correct on the paper because of insufficient language knowledge. It is not a secret that even native speakers can make mistakes while communicating or writing, what to say about people whose first language is not English? For this reason, our native editors, who have wide experience in editing academic papers within the sphere of their expertise, and proved to provide top-quality works, will eagerly help everyone whose language level is still to be improved. The most common mistakes that non-native speakers are likely to make are, for example, incorrect article or countable nouns usage, words misspelling, sentence structure, word choice, repetitions, and so on. Our writers are aware of them all and can easily correct them. Therefore, having entrusted our writers to edit and proofread your paper, you may be absolutely sure the delivered work will be of a top-notch quality which will earn the respect of native speakers.


Whether you are an author of academic or scientific paper, which requires respective academic language style, or of fiction stories, novels, screenplays, etc., which have to be crammed with beautiful expressions, colloquialisms, and idioms, you will surely need someone who can check and burnish the language of your writing so that it can fit the particular audience. Editing academic writing, which will further be published in a scholarly journal, is a job for real professionals.

Each of our editors and proofreaders has broad experience in writing academic papers, and therefore, knows how to make the language clear and germane to the topic. Thus, if you would like to edit your journal articles, scientific papers, theses, dissertations, or admission essays, and vice versa, if you, for example, have created a great plot for your fictional story and want its language to be as rich, picturesque, and spectacular as possible, affluent with appropriate vocabulary and apposite sentence structure, you are in the right place as our staff is working with various genres, both in prose and poetry. Thus, we will make sure the final copy is utterly creative and interesting for the audience.

If you are pressed for time, exhausted, or just want a professional editor to review and refine your paper before you submit it, avail oneself of our online editing services. Writing indeed does require much effort and time so take a rest and let us hone what you have written to perfection!


Pro-papers is utterly selective when it comes to writers who are willing to join the company. Therefore, to prove their professionalism in editing and proofreading academic papers and join the writers’ staff, they have to pass multiple tests and complete various assignments. Each of our dedicated writers is a professional in his or her specific discipline hence knows how to enhance your work in terms of both language and content.


For many customers price is the decisive factor in choosing between this or that writing company. Yet, not all realize that ordering with the cheapest proofreading service, one may put the quality of final work at risks. Unlike others, our company provides high-end quality works despite mid-range prices that you can check on Prices page. Also, for your convenience, you can either use the price calculator on the main page or ask one of our support team agents to quote a price for you. In either case, it will take just a couple of minutes maximum to get an approximate quote for your assignment!

Besides, we offer good discounts for both our new and loyal customers so that each of them, even students who usually have a modest budget and hence are looking for cheap academic proofreading, can afford ordering papers with us. You are welcome to visit the “Prices” page at our website and scroll it down to review the flexible discount policy we offer.

For those of you who are still hesitant about choosing our writing company as a provider of best editing services designed to meet all your requirements and are afraid the final work will not be as expected, we would like to remind that each customer is eligible for free unlimited revisions. That is why, if you find that the writer has left something out or did not address some of the initially provided instructions precisely, do not hesitate to contact our support team to ask for the revision. The main goal of our company is to provide perfect academic proofreading and editing services for every person who wants his work to be in conformity with high standards of written English. This is why you will be able to send the paper for revision as many times as you would like until the final work looks exactly as you requested. Yet, excellent quality is not the only salient benefit you can derive from using our company since we are also known for fast delivery.


Those customers who have already used our best proofreading service before know that the on-time or early delivery is a law for us. We fully understand that late delivery may adversely affect your final grade, and therefore, always strive not only to meet the deadlines but also to deliver the final work as soon as possible. We are working 24/7, and we never procrastinate even with the tough deadlines so that having chosen the most urgent ones, you can be confident of getting the reviewed copy directly within that timeframe. For last-minute people who like to postpone everything until the last minute, we have 6 and 8 hours deadlines. All you have to do is get in touch with us, specify what type of work you need, for instance, college paper proofreading service, give details, upload the draft, and set the deadline. That is all! Sit back and relax – your work is in safe hands!


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