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Brexit and the Irish Border Issue: Challenges and Resolutions

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To understand Brexit's impact on Ireland’s border issue requires delving into historical context that goes back decades before this recent development. The Irish border has been a point of contention for over a century with roots deeply embedded in British-Irish relations dating back to Ireland’s partitioning in 1921 which established Northern Ireland as part of United Kingdom while rest became independent Republic Of Ireland - eventually joining EU in1973 alongside UK. For many years, this border was heavily militarized due to sectarian conflict known as ‘The Troubles’, between mainly Catholic nationalists who wanted unification with Republic Of Ireland and Protestant unionists loyal to Britain – resulting in thousands being killed or injured from late1960s until Good Friday Agreement peace deal1998 which removed security checkpoints making it virtually invisible today.

The Significance of the Irish Border in Brexit Negotiations

On a broader scale, finding a solution for the Irish Border became emblematic of key contradictions within Brexit project itself - embodying tension between desire for sovereignty expressed through leaving EU’s regulatory sphere versus commitment to maintaining open borders that facilitate free movement of goods, services and people – fundamental principles underpinning European Union. The intricacy lies in fact that these objectives seem inherently incompatible – leading towards what came be known as ‘Irish Backstop’ controversy forming heart of prolonged deadlock experienced during withdrawal agreement negotiations.

Economic Implications of Brexit on Ireland and the UK

On the other hand, given its geographic proximity and long-standing ties with Britain – being closest neighbor sharing language and legal systems - there's fear that any negative impacts felt by British economy post-Brexit might spill over into Irish economy too as knock-on effects due to their interlinked nature making it highly sensitive towards fluctuations in British marketplace. Dublin fears London could engage in regulatory divergence after Brexit – lowering standards to gain competitive advantage thus undercutting businesses within EU including those operating out of Republic Of Ireland.

Political Challenges Posed by the Irish Border Issue

There's apprehension over how this situation might influence future relations within United Kingdom itself - for instance, given differential impact across its constituent countries including Scotland and Wales apart from England where majority voted 'Leave' whereas rest preferred 'Remain'. This asymmetry has intensified calls for greater devolution or even independence among some circles thereby threatening integrity of UK as unified entity - turning it into another unintended consequence emerging out of Brexit decision.

Potential Solutions for the Irish Border Post-Brexit

Some have suggested that reviving notion of an all-Ireland economy might help circumvent these problems - but this too comes loaded with political implications given contentious nature of any moves perceived as pushing towards reunification. Regardless of specific method employed - key challenge lies in striking balance between preserving economic ties while respecting democratic decision made by British public during Brexit referendum and ensuring peace on island of Ireland remains undisturbed.

Evaluation of Current Brexit Deal Regarding Irish Border

While this solution avoids physical infrastructure at Irish border which could have become target for dissident nationalist violence thus risking peace brought about by Good Friday Agreement - it has caused discontent within unionist community who see it as undermining integrity of United Kingdom by treating Northern Ireland differently. Implementation issues have led to disruption in supply chains causing shortage of certain goods in supermarkets and increased paperwork burden for businesses heightening tensions and leading some to call for invoking Article 16 that allows either side to unilaterally suspend parts of agreement if they lead to serious economic or societal difficulties.

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