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Pros and Cons of Delivering Community Based Participatory Care to the Elderly

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Pros and Cons of Delivering Community Based Participatory Care to the Elderly



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Pros and Cons of Delivering Community Based Participatory Care to the Elderly

The advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) needs to find ways to help optimize healthcare techniques used among vulnerable members of society like the elderly. Individual health assets, e.g., the aging person’s external and internal strengths, should be considered when developing those techniques. The nurse helps improve the social, mental, and physical wellbeing of this vulnerable group (Hornby-Turner, 2017). The APRN must ensure that those techniques are incorporated in delivering community-based participatory care to the elderly. Health-related problems such as dementia can limit the delivery of services in this age group (NIH Video Cast, 2016). Dementia can occur before the Community-Based Participatory Research health promotion project, so the vulnerable may not have the capacity to decide whether to take part in the survey. Dementia can also hit during the research, affecting clinical research outcomes.

The APRN needs to consider the lifestyle and strengths of the vulnerable when conducting the intervention. It should be noted that having positive emotions and being optimistic about getting better can positively affect clinical research. The patients need to feel confident about their health and be positive to get better. Some health-related problems and beliefs are associated with aging. One of the responsibilities of the APRN is to ensure that the elderly improve their functional abilities, which will help increase their quality of life. The vulnerable group needs to be aware of health behaviors that can put them at risk before, during, and after clinical research. Health practices like poor nutrition, smoking, being overweight, physical inactivity, and heavy drinking can affect clinical research outcomes.

It is essential for an APRN to understand the characteristics of vulnerable individuals to deliver optimal care. For instance, when implementing community-based participatory care for the elderly, APRNs need to identify the factors that can promote or hinder the effectiveness of the approach. One of the advantages of delivering community-based participatory care to the elderly is ensuring that people in the community collaborate to promote health equality among the target population (De Chesnay & Anderson, 2019). Health disparities among the elderly require extra attention as they hinder the provision of optimal care. According to Tapp et al. (2013), community-based participatory care can be crucial in establishing areas of need and determining the priorities for health concerns.

David Wendler from the NIH states that one of the factors that can hinder effective clinical community-based participatory care to the vulnerable is the lack of informed consent (NIH VideoCast, 2016). Sometimes, the elderly cannot provide informed consent in clinical research due to their state of health. This means that they cannot voluntarily participate in the intervention. It is vital to develop a positive relationship with the participant in the research. However, this can be difficult when working with a person who cannot communicate effectively due to their health status or age. Also, it is essential to consider that an individual can give informed consent at the beginning of the research but lose the ability to do so in the course of the intervention (NIH Video Cast, 2016). Another hindrance to working with the elderly population is poor adaptation capabilities, which can threaten the participant’s physical, social, and emotional wellbeing (Okamura et al., 2020). Therefore, it is essential to screen the participants to ensure optimal protection during the intervention and positive outcomes from the community-based participatory care.

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