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Quantity and Quality of Daily Physical Activity in Older Cardiac Patients

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Quantity and Quality of Daily Physical Activity in Older Cardiac Patients

A Quantitative Study






Quantity and Quality of Daily Physical Activity in Older Cardiac Patients

The amount of exercise that the elderly population engages in is a point of concern to the nurses and other medical personnel since the lack of physical activity predisposes a patient to heart attacks and related conditions. Therefore, this justifies why it is crucial for nurses and other care providers to place an emphasis on addressing issues concerning the physical exercise among the older population, particularly those that have been diagnosed with cardiac health problems. In their article, Buijs et al. (2015) identify lack of physical exercise a key concern for patients with cardiac problems. It is worthy to point out that physical exercise is essential to everybody because it is capable of preventing multiple diseases as well as help in treatment of cardiac patients. Buijs et al. (2015) examine the sedentary lifestyle of elderly patients and seek to find out what nurses can do to ensure that the former live active and healthy lives. Undoubtedly, the failure to lead an active lifestyle predisposes an individual to the risk of a heart attack and vice versa.  

Purpose and Method

The study had a cross-sectional design and gathered data from three groups of participants with the purpose of observing the results of the group with sedentary lifestyle and the influence of the extent and character of daily physical activities among older cardiac patients who were at distinct stages of healing following a cardiac incident.  The conditions necessary for the process of healing have to be supported with various aid programs such as a regular exercise routine that will make sure that the treatment process is successful. The purpose of the research is consistent with the quantitative design. The study, however, does not have clear independent variable and dependent variables which are the group of patients and the rate of activities that the patients carry out respectively. The quantitative design involves the use of a number of participants to show how they are affected by some of the tests that they are encouraged to pass.


The total number of participants that were subscribed to the research was 96. A sufficient number of participants usually determine the validity of the results. The research used an adequate sample of study participants with the objective of ensuring that the results are representative of the whole population. A total of 96 participants were included in the study (Buijs et al., 2015). Some of the participants withdrew but it was not enough to affect the results and the study in general. Incidentally, it is opined that the rights of the participants were protected because the researchers did not disclose their names. They made sure that they get permission from the participants and their relatives, hence ensuring that their rights are protected. The research did not negatively affect the health of the participants in the process.

Data Collection and Analysis

SenseWear Mini Armband was used in assessing minute by minute engagement in physical activities (Buijs et al., 2015). Subsequently, the researchers collected data on steps per day as well as the amount of time the participants spent in active and passive states. The rehab groups were in CR hospitals whereas the others were in their homes carrying out their day to day activities. The goal of the researchers was for the devices to be worn for three full days (Buijs et al., 2015). The results were analyzed using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) between the three groups (Buijs et al., 2015). Analysis of variance is used when the level of measurement is in interval or ratio and there are more than two groups or variables of interest that are measured more than two times. Therefore, it is suggested that information analysis method that was used in the study was appropriate.

Results and Implications for Practice

The rehab group recorded the highest daily activity compared to the other groups (Buijs et al., 2015). However, they were sedentary in approximately 70% of waking time. The character and the amount of physical activities of the acute group could be compared with the one which was observed in the maintenance group. Patients with cardiac diseases need specialized care so that they can lead healthy lives despite their condition, to make sure that they recover from their condition, and to minimize the risks of a heart attack. Therefore, a good nurse will put this insight into practice so as to ensure that the patients are provided with better care services, which would in turn yield positive patient outcomes. Therefore, nurses can prescribe routine exercises as well as make follow-ups on the patients that have been diagnosed with cardiac health problems or related conditions.

Work Cited


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Buijs, D. M., Ramadi, A., Macdonald, K., Lightfoot, R., Senaratne, M., & Haennel, R. G. (2015). Quantity and quality of daily physical activity in older cardiac patients. Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing25(3).

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