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Importance of Sleep

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Importance of Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is beneficial for a person. For example, proper rest helps to restore body energy, repair muscle tissue, and trigger the release of growth hormones (Epstein and Mardon 23). Getting enough sleep enables the brain to refresh, increasing the ability of a person to learn and process information faster and more accurately (Talbot 832). It is necessary to note that the amount of sleep depends on the age of a person; for example, schoolchildren should sleep from nine to ten hours each day.

Following a regular schedule of sleep can also assist in developing healthy habits. In most cases, if someone makes appropriate adjustments of sleep patterns, the body’s internal clock will respond to such changes positively, so a person will fall asleep or wake up more quickly and easily (Epstein and Mardon 26). The part of the brain that controls sleep tends to adjust to any small routines that a person makes to improve his or her bed rest. Consequently, maintaining proper sleep behavior, an individual gets the right amount of sleep.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits associated with having a quality sleep. People should follow specific patterns, which will allow them to have enough time for rest. Having a comfortable sleep environment is also essential because it boosts the mood of a person. Improving poor sleeping pattern is vital as it helps in maintaining good health. Moreover, people who sleep well at night have better concentration, productivity, and performance.


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