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Interviewee Demographics and Responses

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Interviewee Demographics and Responses



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Interviewee Demographics and Responses

My interviewee is a 67-year-old African American male who suffers from type 2 diabetes. He is satisfied with his Medicare benefits, noting that the program has paid for his self-management training, the majority of his visits to the doctor, and compensated most of the expenses on his glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, and external insulin pumps and insulin (CMS, n.d.). It is necessary to state that he has been a Medicare beneficiary for 3 years, having been diagnosed with the condition a few years back.

Further, the interviewee explained that Medicare Part A covers medically necessitated in-patient hospital stays, the use of proficient nursing facilities, hospice care, and a number of home health care services. Notably, he is not charged for anything given that he has been paying Medicare taxes while being employed. As for Medicare Part B, it has allowed the interviewee to attend diabetes self-management training, receive blood sugar or glucose testing monitors and infusion pumps, flu and pneumococcal shots, biannual foot examinations, and have yearly glaucoma testing (CMS, n.d.). He also informed me that he pays 20 percent of the Medicare-approved sum following the annual Part B deductions when it comes to self-management training, equipment and supplies costs, foot examinations and treatment, and glaucoma tests.

The interviewee also told me that he has Medicare Part D, which allows him to receive a regular supply of anti-diabetic medications for the maintenance of blood sugar and other medical products, such as needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, inhaled insulin devices, and gauzes, used in the administration of insulin. He added that Part D covers insulin that is not administered with an insulin pump (CMS, n.d.). However, he pays for some of these services through co-payments. The interviewee informed that the costs of the drugs provided by Medicare are lower than those offered by local drug stores. At the moment, he does not partake in a Medicare advantage program and has no supplementary healthcare insurance.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). (n.d.). Medicare coverage of diabetes supplies, services, & prevention programs.

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