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HR Transformation

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The business world has significantly evolved and developed in the last couple of years. As the world changes to become more diverse and complex, conventional models of working are also giving way to more flexible approaches and forms of organization and employment (Jekiel, 2016). In particular, globalizations, technology, as well as the changing workforce dynamics are adding to the challenges that organizations face in their everyday operations. It is also imperative to point out that the function of HR should grow and evolve so that it can play a fundamental role in developing organizations for the future (Petrie, Darzentas ‎& Walsh, 2016). The purpose of this presentation is to explore how HR role is likely to be transformed in the years to come.

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Employees remain the most valuable asset that organizations can have and use to achieve their short-term and long-term business goals and objectives.  Therefore, enterprises that seek to succeed in the current and future markets should quickly re-conceive and reconfigure their HR functions so that they focus on activities that will lead to the desired outcomes (Deloitte, 2017; Petrie, Darzentas, & Walsh, 2016). The process entails overhauling the current operations to ensure that they contribute to future organizational growth and success. Also, the HR activities should be structured in a manner that allows the organization in question to respond to the current and upcoming changes in the market. 

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Irrespective of the size, industry, and location of the company in question, it may face critical business challenges that can have a negative  impact on its success and profitability (Budhwar & ‎ Mellahi, 2016; DeNisi & Griffin, 2017). Collectively, such problems call on organizations to pay attention to their employees’ capabilities so that they can work towards the desired end points. Without proper HR functions and structures, future organizations will not be able to leverage on their workforce to achieve organizational goals and deal with current challenges.  Furthermore, HR will enable such organizations to optimize their human resource functions to achieve a competitive edge

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Over the last three decades, HR role and functions have undergone significant changes and improvements. More specifically, HR manager has evolved to receive an important role in the organization and be able to determine whether an enterprise will achieve its goals and objectives (Johnson & Guetal, 2012). Furthermore, HR management has evolved to become a major determinant of the ability of an enterprise to reach a competitive edge over its rivals. A careful analysis of existing body of research literature reveals that there is a broad range of factors that will drive HR role in the years to come. These main factors include globalization, technology, profitability, and intellectual capital.

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As noted earlier, future organizations need to work towards developing a workforce that will help them to achieve competitive edge. That is why HR managers and staff should work towards improving the intellectual capital of their organizations. As the world continues to change, the future HR roles are also likely to be transformed. Some of the main roles of future HR managers include creating compelling employee experience, using the agile approach in recruiting and developing employees, supporting the culture of collaboration in an organization, and contributing to the successful application of technology in everyday business practices and operations.

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Adapting to changes

The rapid expansion and growth of the global markets have forced enterprises to balance between the local and international demands of their business. Therefore, companies are forced to come up with new ideas and products to meet the needs of their local and global customers. HR teams should embrace and respond to all the possible changes if they would like to help their organizations to succeed.

Collaborative working

In the future, HR departments and teams need to focus on promoting collaborative working within the organization as it helps  to leverage on the skills and capabilities of various employees so that an enterprise can achieve short-term and long-term business goals and objectives.

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Cultural awareness

The future business world will be dynamic, in particular, organizations will be dealing with a wide range of stakeholders with diverse cultural backgrounds., HR teams will be recruiting and working with employees from different cultures. Therefore, cultural awareness will be a critical term to understand and apply in human resource management (Mathis, ‎ Jackson, & Valentine, 2016).

Self starting

The challenge that future HR managers will face revolves around effective usage of the available solutions and making good decisions. It is important to note that HR teams can add value to an organization if they are aware of their own and their employees’ capabilities.

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Managing relationships

Good relationships are critical in the business environment. The available body of research evidence suggests that HR manager is considered to be a person who can help enterprises achieve a competitive advantage. One of the critical factors that will determine whether HR remains a key business function is the manner in which HR teams influence and manage relationships at the workplace. Future HR roles will strive to help organizations remain competitive by managing and supporting relationships that will ensure the growth of the organization and help in responding  to the specific needs of customers. 

Taking and understanding other people’s perspectives

In the future, HR functions will focus on ensuring that organizations’ managers possess the ability to employ, assimilate, compensate, develop, and retain talented employees. However, it will also be critical for them to understand the perspectives of employees and other coworkers so as to promote team work.

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The level of competition in the local and global market has increased significantly in the last few decades. The trend is partially attributed to the appearance of new enterprises and the changing customer buying patterns. Besides, factors such as globalization and technology have created new frontiers for enterprises to compete for market share both locally and globally. The changes have propelled HR into a leading business process that can differentiate a successful organization from a non-successful one.  The future role of HR remains bright and critical to the success of both small, middle, and large organizations. In particular, HR will continue to drive organizations towards their short-term and long-term business goals.

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