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Political Decision Making

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Political Decision Making


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Political Decision Making

Elected leaders should not listen to the majority of their constituents or the people they represent when making decisions.

I believe that public opinion should not be considered when policymakers are deciding on complex issues. In some cases, the majority may suggest legislation that does not favor the minority representatives, making them feel left out. Moreover, elected politicians should make complex decisions on their own since they have to stick to the plan stated in their manifesto. Additionally, public spearheads should not go with the majority when making critical judgments because constituents may propose challenging and impossible solutions to the issue at hand. Besides, consulting the community may lead to the slow execution of services as the politician will face many differing opinions and contradictory ideas.

 Additionally, citizens may require services that are quite costly to execute but are not ready to pay for them afterward. Therefore, the public's evaluation of the government's decisions may be biased. Furthermore, there are cases where a mismatch exists between the citizens represented by politicians and the projects that the public administration wishes to implement. For example, some societies prefer short-term handouts against the government's interests for development. Therefore, whenever leaders face difficulties when making decisions, they should consult other spearheads rather than the general public to avoid disagreements and political tension among citizens.  When politicians take time to listen to public opinion, they are at risk of making wrong choices because, sometimes, society is not well-informed about policies. Besides, people's ideas are not always right as their understanding of an issue may be based on subjective factors and personal preferences that do not reflect the desires and needs of the majority. Therefore, politicians who listen to the public may get confused since people get swayed by the changing values and attitudes. Lastly, I believe the leaders will never be able to fully represent all voters' views.

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