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Should Political Leaders Make Unfair Decisions or Should the People Have Their Wishes Heard?

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Should Political Leaders Make Unfair Decisions or Should the People Have Their Wishes Heard?


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Should Political Leaders Make Unfair Decisions or Should the People Have Their Wishes Heard?

I support the view that political leaders should listen to the majority of their constituents whenever they face challenging decisions because voters are typically affected by the choices that their representatives make. In such situations, political effectiveness can only be achieved if leaders focus on assessing the opinions of members of their community before reaching a conclusion. Politicians hold positions of influence as a result of the support of the majority of their constituents, as voters are known to choose leaders who they believe will dedicate themselves to promoting their interests. If, for instance, most voters support marijuana legalization, it is expected that their legislators will take the same position. Therefore, political leaders’ personal opinions should not influence their judgment when they make difficult decisions.

Politicians have to be aware that the majority of voters make their choices after analyzing the matter at hand as thoroughly as possible. In other words, only constituents understand the wide range of social, economic, or political impacts of an issue, making their voice an essential source of information that their representatives can use to make decisions. Legislators who consider the opinions of the majority show their respect for the preferences of the masses. Leaders who value the input of the majority also have a great chance of winning reelection. Legislators can turn to public polling efforts to gather information on the desires of people who chose them as their representatives at different government levels. Overall, politicians should pay close attention to the highly valued views of the individuals they serve to reduce their likelihood of making decisions that could produce negative outcomes for their constituents or themselves.

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