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Introduction to Indigenous Social Work: Jordan’s Principle

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Introduction to Indigenous Social Work: Jordan’s Principle



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Introduction to Indigenous Social Work: Jordan’s Principle

Jordan’s Principle is a policy intended to ensure that First Nations children receive high-quality and ethical medical services. It provides that Indian kids are given adequate clinical and psychotherapeutic care in all government-funded institutions. The policy was enacted in 2007 to prevent the neglect of aboriginal children by healthcare institutions. It has created a platform for community workers to advocate for the rights of marginalized Indigenous kids. Jordan's Principle requires that the federal, provincial, and territorial governments must take the responsibility of ensuring that aboriginal children are properly treated and discharged on time so that they can heal in home environments that are psychosocially appropriate for recovery. The policy aims to address the systemic racism that contributes to the discrimination of First Nations children.

Jordan's Principle is a legal breakthrough, as it empowers Indigenous social workers to protect the dignity of native kids who seek medical services. It contributes to national reconciliation in Canada by promoting equality in the healthcare sector. The case of Jordan River Anderson revealed the drawbacks of the traditional fiscal and Medicare policies. The old system sustained racial discrimination against aboriginal kids, as studies done in the aftermath of the event established that a significant number of indigenous kids were trapped in hospitals, unable to receive the needed treatment since provincial and federal governments could not agree on who had to pay for the medical services. Therefore, the policy created a new area of focus for child-welfare practitioners in native communities. It also provided strategies that the stakeholders in the healthcare sector can use to improve healthcare delivery to poor First Nations youngsters. Overall, Jordan’s Principle has expanded the scope of Indigenous Social Work by identifying a new critical advocacy area for community workers.  

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