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Urban Studies paper writing help

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urban studies paper writing help

What is Urban Studies?

Have you ever wondered how cities are being designed? Who decides where roads and bus stops go, or where will a park or alley be? If you are an urban studies student, the answer is - people like you decide on all these things. The course you have chosen is the key to building perfect cities that are able to live long and operate even under the most unpleasant conditions. Graduates with proficiency in urban studies are people of future who are able to dream big, think logically, consider all important details, create comfortable spaces for others to live, and conduct well-organized urban planning research. They are responsible for the well-being of thousands of citizens who work, relax, do sports, raise children in the areas they structure. Urban planners have to research and analyze a lot, study problems of cities and come up with effective ways to solve them in urban studies articles. They need to help construct and maintain both natural and man-maid environment, which is all green areas, ponds, rivers, buildings, roads, bridges, and canals. Economic and political changes, water supply, energy consumption, population growth and numerous other factors that have to be considered and predicted create a lot of challenges for architects, engineers, and other experts involved in the city development. Urban specialists are the only ones who have enough knowledge in various spheres needed to make cities function properly.

Thus, if you are into urban studies, your future is full of magnificent possibilities and you will be able to literally create your own surroundings, and change millions of lives for the better. In addition, you will be required to complete an urban planning thesis paper. Nevertheless, your goal now is to take the most out of the education you are being given to become a credible specialist who can turn ideas into reality. You will have to complete hundreds of projects, research papers, and, most probably, an urban planning essay in order to improve and enlarge your knowledge. There will be nights with no sleep, hours spent in the library, and tons of assignments you will struggle to complete. However, remember that is with you even during the hardest times, so do not hesitate to let us know when you need a professional writing help with any academic assignments and papers, even urban planner resumes.

Great topics for Urban Studies papers

The first and often most time-consuming thing you will have to do before writing is to search for urban studies research questions, issues, or prompts. As it is not the most popular subject, you may have hard times finding something worthy and relevant, or can even end up spotting nothing you like. As is perfectly aware of this problem, our specialists have prepared an overview of a few broad topics with narrowed-down suggestions, so that you can make a choice faster, start writing earlier, and craft an excellent urbanization essay.

  1. Car-free cities.
    For years, cars have been the main type of transport used in cities; however, it does not mean the situation will remain the same in the future. Every person with at least primary education is aware of how much noise cars produce in cities and to what extent they pollute air and the surrounding environment. Cars drive on gasoline, using scarce oil resources, which we will eventually run out of, and take a lot of space for movement and parking that could have been used to create numerous open spaces, public buildings, educational facilities, or houses. These problems along with traffic jams, accidents, death rates, and health problems associated with car driving raise the need for alternative transport. The one that uses electricity is becoming very popular as no jams or accidents occur, no poisonous gases are released, and such transport can carry much more people than cars. Does it mean we can go fully "electric," get rid of or reduce the number of cars, and start living a better and healthier life? Unfortunately, it is not that simple, which is why this topic is of such a great interest now. Ambulances, trucks and some other types of cars are the ones we cannot yet replace, and the increasing number of electric transportation will also increase energy consumption our cities are not ready to handle. Thus, it is important to create a plan that will help us make cities more car-free, find solutions to the problems that can be provoked by cars' absence, or review any questions. In addition, as there is a lot of information that has to be covered, any topic in the area can make it to a great urban research paper.
  2. Demographics and housing.
    If you review statistical data for the past forty years, you will see how much more space houses are taking now. Yes, the population of our planet has increased significantly, but as engineers construct higher buildings like skyscrapers or apartments with multiple floors, trying to meet the demand, the question why housing is still such a big issue remains hot and troublesome. The answer though lies in numerous things. The first one is certainly bad planning. Some governments do not pay enough attention to urban problems and do not have enough qualified specialists to resolve them; so with years, these problems have accumulated, leading to the massive failures in the functioning of cities. The next one is wealthy citizens. People, who have money to spend on luxurious mansions, often have a few ones that take up huge areas. It is hard to blame them, especially if they are not aware of the existing issue in the sphere. However, it is crucial to raise the awareness or come up with laws that would prohibit one person from such an excessive usage of space. Also, houses, in general, are covering much larger zones and giving the place to live to the lower number of people. There are definitely more reasons that should be considered and examined. Moreover, there is room for creative and logical ideas that would help anyone get a home and live in nice and comfortable conditions. Even though the housing question looks extremely broad, it can be easily subdivided into smaller ones, which are worth reviewing too and are perfect for any types of urbanization essay writing.
  3. Green space.
    Housing is not the only sphere that has some serious issues due to the significant and rapid population growth of the past few decades. According to urban book reviews, a large number of parks, forests, lakes, and hundreds of other types of green areas or natural environments are being destroyed every year and replaced with different kinds of buildings. Numerous real estate developers and tenant builders choose to sacrifice natural areas for houses, businesses, and various facilities that could have been placed elsewhere but can make or save their owners more money by being built in those exact spots. Green zones are slowly disappearing from the maps of big cities, which leads to thousands of problems with mental, physical, and spiritual health of people who live there. They have no place to do sports, relax, have a nice walk, breathe fresh air, enjoy nature, and have some fun time with friends or family. Unfortunately, civil engineers cannot cope with this problem fast enough. Even though they come up with thousands of creative and helpful concepts, and make big plans for a "green future", the implementation of projects up may take up to ten or twenty years, and as it is impossible to take all aspects of the problem into consideration, plans do not address all public needs when executed. While experts in the field are trying to find the solutions like green architecture or wise city planning, cities need working projects that can be utilized shortly after approval, will not set governments back requiring too many funds, and will really solve green areas problems. As a future urban studies specialist, you are a new fresh mind full of ideas that can help look at the issue from another perspective, develop a plan, or point out the problems specialists should focus on. Therefore, if you want an excellent topic with plenty of available sources to draw the knowledge from, this is the sphere you should look for it in.
  4. Resilient buildings.
    If you need a more advanced engineering-related topic for your urban design dissertation, this area is a great choice indeed. The issue of sustainability of buildings is currently among the most discussed ones due to its importance, and there are many problems that are waiting to be examined or, in the best case, resolved. If you watch or read news frequently, you realize how many countries and islands suffer from natural disasters each year, and know how many lives such catastrophes take. Unfortunately, we cannot control or prevent hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other events of such kind. However, engineering specialists can save thousands of people from dying, losing their families, houses, and other property by creating stable buildings, resilient to natural or human disturbances. As the climate and natural catastrophes vary from region to region, sustainability experts have to come up with new techniques and design building specifically for the certain area, considering all of its peculiarities in terms of weather, most common natural occurrences, and other factors. There are numerous other things that have to be taken into account while designing a building, and it is often hard to do it due to the constant changes the climate undergoes, and the absence of materials suitable for the planned constructions. However, as professionals from Asia have created skyscrapers that suffer no harm even from the serious seismic activity, it is giving people around the world hope and inspiration to devise building resistible to all types of disasters. Although it is unlikely for you to make up a functional plan within the time you are given to work on an essay on Urbanization, you can carry on a great meta-analysis or research to review one of the issues and make a few valuable suggestions.

If you are not in the mood to make serious decisions, or you just do not have time for that, you need a professional who can pick an interesting and relevant topic for your urban studies paper and outline it fast to make your writing easy and trouble-free. In case you are looking for a real expert in the field, is definitely the one. The international team of specialists on our board is always ready to help you create an exceptional work, including urban planner resume on the original topic, structure it, and provide you with useful guidelines for writing. Hence, if you have any troubles during the paper completion, do not waste a minute and let fix everything for you!

Buy Urban Studies paper for a moderate price

Even though in future you will plan cities, right now you are having hard times even planning how you will complete all the homework you have. It is hard to find time to deal with all assignments that have brooded above you while there are so many other things that are waiting to be done. Have no fear, as is always here to save the situation and make all your writing problems fade away.

Who are we, you will ask? is a team of the best writing specialists proficient in various spheres who create original and interesting papers of all kinds and on any topics, should it be urban planning dissertation or any other paper. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work you receive as quality is our second name. So why hesitate? You name it - we do it! Buy term paper online at, one of the best coursework services, and let our experts get all your homework done today!

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