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How to verify your contact info and payments Pro-Papers.com

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To make sure that support will reach you by phone or email when needed, you will be asked to verify your contact information. When you sign in to your personal account at Pro-Papers, there will be a tab on side bar called Verification. Please click on it to open the verification page.

It's up to you whether to start with verifying your email or your phone number. Please click the button called Send email verification link, and this link will be automatically sent to your email address. Check your email box. There will be an email from Pro-Papers with the link, simply click on it to complete the verification. If you have done everything correctly, 'not verified' will be changed to 'verified'.

The same goes with phone verification. Click Send the phone code to my device and you will receive an SMS with the code. Check the SMS and type in the code into the appropriate box. After clicking the Submit button, you will see that Not verified will change to Verified.

If you are asked to upload pictures of your credit card and ID, you will be able to do it at the same page called Verification. To upload the files, take the pics of your documents and save them to your PC. Then click the Browse button, find the first file, click OK, and then click the button Upload a picture of your credit card. The same goes with the picture of your ID. Click Browse, find the file, confirm and click an orange button to upload the file to the system.

Everything will be kept in confidentiality and will be used to guarantee security of payments only.

When your documents are approved, the status of these boxes will be changed to β€œverified”.