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How to write good world lit papers?


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Illustration of Pro-Papers team writing a literature paper

Getting a task of writing a world lit paper, you will be asked to create a short text where it is necessary to express your personal opinion regarding a certain literary piece. As world lit papers are more commonly essays, it is crucial that you learn how to write a good one and what to consider in the course of writing. In order to make this task a bit easier for you, we have gathered tips from experts in the sphere that will help you become a pro in creating engaging essays.

IB world literature papers outline

The structure of IB world literature papers, much like any other scientific papers, consists of three mandatory elements:

  • Introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to present the topic and to give preliminary general information about the problem behind the proposed topic. Additionally, you will have to go over the aspects you are going to review in the thesis placed at the end of the intro.

  • Main part

Here, it would be necessary to cover the points you have presented in the thesis, elaborate on them, present your viewpoint, and provide supporting arguments.

  • Conclusion.

The purpose of this part is to summarize the information presented in the body of the paper, outline what has been said, and complete the text, once again drawing attention to the most important outcome of the research or analysis.

World literature essay writing tips

Here are some of the most useful tips you need to consider when writing a world literature essay for IB:

  • Pick a topic, make preliminary research, and when you are sure you found “the one,” run it by your professor. This way, you will be sure that your topic is narrow enough and feasible to write on within a period of time that you were given.
  • Think about the type of analysis you are going to make. For example, it can be a literary one, reviewing certain elements of the text and the overall theme or a historical one showing how the text reflected on the social or political issues of the time it was written in.
  • If you have chosen a literary piece that has been translated from another language, research the sources analyzing what the translator might have misinterpreted or failed to consider. This will help you understand the original idea of the author better and make a more objective analysis.
  • Carefully outline the paper before you start writing. Think about the points you are going to discuss in each body paragraph and check if you have enough information to support the arguments you plan to make.
  • Do not be afraid to share your opinion. As long as you explain yourself and provide textual evidence backing up your claims, it will not look unprofessional.
  • Make sure that the sentence lengths varies and there are transitions between the ideas and the paragraphs in the paper. This will make your work easier to read and your ideas not that hard to follow.

Topics for world literature papers

The correct choice of the topic for your future world lit paper is of the utmost importance as the writing process as well as the process of finding the necessary literary sources will be significantly simpler if you find something that you are comfortable writing about. Of course, there are a lot more things you need to consider:

  • Availability of scientific publications related to the topic
  • Practical implementation
  • Relation to the major of the student
  • Possibility of using the results obtained in further professional activities
  • Scientific novelty and possibility of deep/detailed research.

If you are still not sure what direction to follow, here is a list of general categories of topics that some of the best world lit papers were written on:

  • Mind and senses. The concepts can be considered both in unity and in confrontation, which constitutes the inner conflict of a human being.
  • Honor and dishonesty. The topic is based on polar concepts associated with the choice of a person as to whether to follow their moral principles or to follow the path of betrayal, lies, and infidelity.
  • Victory and defeat. The reasoning can be based either on the external conflict in the life of a person, country, or world or on the internal struggle of a person with themselves.
  • Friendship and enmity. This option provides an opportunity to focus on the value of friendship as well as on the ways to achieve mutual understanding between people and even entire nations.

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