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A 300 word essay: What Kind Of Assignment Is It? How to Write It?

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An overwhelming majority of 300-word essays are given as a home assignment at school. It is an excellent task for students as they have an opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills, knowledge of a subject, as well as ability to come up with a reasonable statement without spending too much time on the paper. Moreover, such essays are easy to read, so teachers are able to evaluate the writing skills of the students quickly and effectively.

However, the simplicity and convenience of a 300-word essay format can set up a trap for a learner who is not disciplined enough or has no experience in writing such a paper. Even the brightest students may fail this assignment if they still haven’t got the answers to the following questions: What does a 300-word essay look like? How long does it take to write it? How to structure it? How many pages are there in a 300-word essay? Luckily, in this article, you will find all the explanations.

How To Write A 300 Words Essay: Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Writing a 300-word essay may seem an easy task for you at first glance; however, you may still make some mistakes. The thing is that apart from having profound knowledge of a subject, you need to possess decent writing skills. That is why making mistakes is inevitable, but natural thing you definitely should not worry about.

You may wonder what are the mistakes you are likely to make crafting a 300-word essay. First of all, you may easily write too much information and provide unnecessary explanations in the introductory section. And of course, having to reduce the volume of other parts of the essay, you will spend more time on the whole task. The thing is that for some reason, many students believe that they need to demonstrate as much of their skills and knowledge as possible and write a big amount of unnecessary information. Of course, a 300-word essay format is certainly not suitable for this purpose.

Another common mistake is digressing from the topic and expressing vague ideas. Sometimes millions of thoughts come to your mind, and you struggle to put them on the paper and arrange them logically. And when the length of an essay is strictly limited to a small number of words, this task gets especially challenging.

So these are the most common student’s mistakes in creating a 300-word essay, which you can now avoid in your writing!

Pick Up Your Topic

Teachers choose different methods to assign essay writing tasks. Sometimes they give a specific topic or offer you to choose from a list of several ones. Make sure to pick up a theme you have the most to say about. This way, you will enjoy the writing process and submit a perfect paper. There are a lot of interesting informative speech topics to choose from on the web.

In some cases, you may have an opportunity to suggest your own topic on a subject you are currently studying. Of course, coming up with your own one is a challenging but inspiring task. Fortunately, teachers generally welcome such an idea, since it is a proof that the student is able to make his or her own decisions, as well as outline the problems and solve them.

Do Your Research

Explore the issue you would like to touch upon in your paper. Even taking into account that a 300-word essay is a short writing task, you should conduct thorough research. The better you study your topic, the easier it is for you to make up the plan for your paper and structure it in a proper way. As soon as you feel that you could write not a 300-word essay but a serious long-read article on this topic, congratulations! You are now ready for writing your short paper. This is the power of doing profound research: once you finish it, you will have a good command of the material and the ability to organize your work effectively.

Your Thesis Statement

Before you start the actual writing process, you have to formulate a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your paper. As soon as you write your thesis, choose several basic points to support it. Develop and write down a list of ideas that are appropriate for your topic, then cross out those that seem to be the least convincing, leaving only two or three. Pay considerable attention to this section as your thesis statement and supporting points is the most valuable part of your essay, which takes approximately 200 words. So you have to devote some time elaborating on it.

Writing Your Introduction and Conclusion

Many students make the following mistake: they start with an introduction, not knowing exactly what they are going to mention in the main part of the essay. By the end of the working process, they understand that they need to revise the intro part, or even rewrite it completely. So mind that writing your introduction will take more time and effort if the body of your paper is not finished yet. That is why it is better to start with the main part, and eventually, the ideas for a perfect introduction will come to your mind. However, we still recommend that you draft your thesis statement before you start writing anything else.

The conclusion part is also very important. The good news is that you will need less than 50 words to wrap things up. The best advice here is to restate your thesis statement once more, along with the supporting arguments.

300 words essay

Edit Your Essay

Editing the essay is an essential step in your writing process. The good idea is to re-read your paper a day or two after you are have finished your work. That is why you have to reserve at least a couple of days before the deadline. In this way, you would definitely want to change something in the content of your paper, let alone the mistakes and typos made in a rush. This way, you will submit a flawless paper.

How Long Is A 300-Word Essay?

Do not worry about the number of pages too much. A well-formatted 300-word essay is around 1 page in length. That is, of course, if you use Times New Roman font, size 12, and double-space your document. Complete your first assignment leaning on our advice, and you will never ask questions like: “What does a 300-word essay look like?”

How Long Does It Take To Write A 300 Word Essay?

You can find some information that writing a 300-word essay takes about 1 hour, but actually, it is not true. Following all the tips mentioned above, you will certainly need more time. So be ready to devote a couple of days to work on your paper.

During the first day, search for information and put down some notes. Then, get back to the task and start writing the main part, thesis statement, and supporting points for your essay. Finally, finish your introduction and conclusion parts and revise your paper the next day. So as you can see, balancing the workload to 1-2 days is the best approach to completing your 300-word essay. If you still have difficulties, then just contact our paper writing service.


Essay paper writing

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