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Writing About Same-Sex Marriage

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The attitude towards homosexual people differed in all epochs and among various communities. In the West, there is an active fight against homophobia, and a tolerant attitude towards representatives of sexual minorities is being promoted. One must learn a lot, and, above all, the willingness to accept others as they are regardless of their individual characteristics. Tolerant attitude towards homosexuals is an integral part of a civilized society, along with such basic values ​​as freedom of speech. Whether we’ll build a civilized modern society or skip to the level of the ancient world depends only on ourselves.

As for same-sex marriage essays, it is important to note that the modern society now argues that this issue relates primarily to the person himself, as it is about his intimate life, his mind, his body, and the decision of two adults of their own private life and personal space. It can not bring any harm to other members of society.

Same-Sex Marriages Essay

In the 21st century, the newest form of relations between people appeared. That is same-sex marriages. This topic is far from unambiguous; indeed, people have become much more comfortable and more democratic to treat same-sex love in many countries of Europe, as well as some countries of North, South America, and Africa. So it won’t be a problem to search for relevant information for the essays against gay marriage creation. From year to year, the list of countries where same-sex marriages are legalized is expanding. As a rule, in economically developed countries, people of untraditional orientation are legally entitled to equal rights with representatives of a heterosexual orientation.

It's apparent that It is impossible to analyze the attitude towards same-sex marriage, not taking into account the one formed in the public consciousness attitude towards homosexuality. Writing the against same-sex marriage articles, one should note that people who consider marriage, first of all, as an institution of religious relationships, often argue that the revision of the approach to marriage offends the fundamental values ​​of millions of people and contradicts the established views of the family as a mother, father and child or children. In traditional Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, marriage is considered a heterosexual institution.

However, today some denominations of Protestant Christianity and Judaism called for civil recognition of same-sex marriages, and their clergy conducts marriage rites of gay and lesbian couples. Some countries with deep historical traditions of Catholicism have also changed their traditions. Creating the gay marriage persuasive essay outline you should state that Spain legalized same-sex marriages in 2005, and Slovenia in 2006. Same-sex marriages were legalized in some parts of historically Catholic Latin America. For example, since 2003 residents of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, can form same-sex civilian unions. Residents of Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, can do this since 2007. Changes in the marriage law took place in such a predominantly Muslim country as Albania. In July 2009, Prime Minister Sali Berisha invited the parliament to consider such a measure as providing same-sex couples equal rights with heterosexual couples.

The creation of a family remains an area of ​​particular concern to people, of those opposed to same-sex marriages. Opponents of same-sex marriage in their argumentative essays against gay marriage argue that the tradition of heterosexual marriage has always been based on the need for the offspring. "Children need both mothers and fathers," says Robert H. Knight, who participated in the development of the draft federal law on the protection of marriage in the United States, "and marriage is a means by which the society receives them. Supporters of same-sex marriages retort that marriage certainly includes the right to create a family, but does not consist exclusively of this right. Married couples have traditionally found companionship relations and love, as well as the right to property. They are also entitled to the adoption of children. Thus, a heterosexual couple who can not have children, for the adoption of children, is in a position similar to that in which is a same-sex couple. Besides, based on the assumption that children "need mothers and fathers," a large number of divorces among heterosexual pairs does not serve as an argument in favor of traditional marriage. In the argumentative paper on gay marriage, mention that according to statistical data, 41 percent, and possibly all 50 percent of heterosexual marriages in the US ends in divorce (The New York Times, 2005). Supporters say that in the case of the resolution of same-sex marriages, the number of families will grow, not decrease, and at the same time the vital interests of children will be protected. Executive director of the Amnesty International organization, Ireland "stated: "Considering the fact that a gay couple is denied the right to legal marriage, any adopted child who is brought up by a same-sex couple will not have equal privileges, rights, and guarantees of protection, which are provided to the child, adopted by a heterosexual couple". In 2003, the Supreme Court of the State of Massachusetts in its decision on the legalization of same-sex marriage also indicated that the ban on same-sex marriages does not contribute to the achievement of the state's goals related to the need to procreate and provide families with good education for children.

gay marriages essays

Your gay marriage essay introduction can state that social and cultural space of the modern world is multidimensional. On the one hand, people in the process of social communications construct this space, on the other side, this space itself affects the person. The global social transformation has sharply raised the issue of the individual and group social identity recognition, integration and disintegration, a place in the social hierarchy, solidarity. The problem of sustainable development of society is directly related to the rapid mitigation of existing cultural differences between peoples in the foreseeable future since global ethics develops literally in front of us. That is what you can add to your gay marriage essay intro.

However, not all aspects of global ethics are indisputably positive in general and acceptable. In the essay on gay marriage, it is imperative to analyze the changes in people’s attitude towards some types of unconventional forms of marriage, which became a reality at the beginning of the XXI century.

The Essence of Human Sexuality

In ancient Greece, in many later societies, same-sex intimate relationships were condemned, and in some even severely punished. But even then, apparently, there was some ineradicable group of people experiencing sexual attraction to people of their sex, regardless of how terrible the punishments could have been. Throughout history, the idea that people with non-traditional sexual orientation are different from other people arose again and again. Philosophers and scientists invented names and explanations feelings, actions and attitudes: all kinds of concepts that try to grasp a feature and the nature of the essence underlying the proximity of non-traditional sexual orientation. In the gay rights argumentative essay you can state that personalities like Carl Ulrichs, John Eddington Symonds and Radcliffe Hall, described their homosexual experience as a process of disclosing certain forces within oneself. During the next century half of the thousands of others will tell the same story about how they gradually realized that their sex life is concentrated around people of the same sex, and this attraction irresistible, passionate, emotionally filled (no difference with how people describe their feelings with a heterosexual orientation). Most people do not change their orientation with time but are they own personal property, the essence of whose spontaneously manifested from within following the same schedule, which is the subject to heterosexual development. With this in mind, we may, in a new light, look at the past and we will not be surprised when we find that non-traditionally oriented people have always existed - even before the very word "homosexuality" appeared. It is another good same-sex marriage essay introduction.
For all people who are interested in human behavior, the "sexual essence" causes the desire to describe, what biologists call a substratum — that physical substance, within which this essence is present: hormonal systems, chromosomes, brain. To write an argumentative essay on gay marriage, you should explore the biology. Many researchers are searching for this substrate, suggesting that sexual orientation may be considered not only as a psychological and behavioral, but also biological phenomenon. Understanding homosexuality is also necessary for the resolution of fundamental scientific issues. Genetics and neuroscientists are studying sexual activities to shed light on many of the problems in their scientific field. Scientists turned to the study of homosexuality, recognizing it as an "exception that confirms the rule," a variation that is a criterion for the validity of hypotheses about heredity, the links between sexuality and brain structure, and behavioral psychology. The public also needs answers to questions about human relationship "nature and education."

The LGBT person could be differently represented in different cultures. For most people in Ancient Greece homosexuality, was something like pleasant exhilarating digressions. As for our time, then twenty-five centuries of cultural change have shaped a world different from that in which the ancient Greeks lived. Therefore, we invented new words and concepts.

Undoubtedly, a complete understanding of what homosexuality is will lead to a more reasonable and humane solution to this issue in our society. That is a good reason for creating the same-sex marriage paper.

Alfred Kinsey’s Contribution

Learning the history of gay rights, you should mention Alfred Kinsey and read some of his works. His studies will help you understand the history of LGBT people and write a good research paper about gay marriage.

Alfred Kinsey, a biologist, lived most of his life on campus, surrounded by wheat fields of the American Midwest. As Kinsey discovered, the existing work on human sexuality was irreparably corrupted by the prejudice of researchers regarding what to consider reasonable and unnormal in sexual behavior. He was amazed that non-traditional sexual addictions and masturbation were classified as "abnormal" and "pathological" phenomena without any investigation of what can be considered "normal". Those who made preliminary conclusions or formulated conclusions before objective research and analysis of the data aroused sharp criticism on his part.

Kinsey began his study of human sexuality, collecting and writing stories about the intimate
life of students who came to him for advice. Looking for a piece of persuasive information for your essays on gay marriage, you should mention, perhaps, the most controversial of Kinsey’s work: the famous "10%" indicator. According to it, ten percent of the men were "in greater or lesser degree exclusively homosexual in their orientation (that is, they corresponded to the "5" or "6" marks).

Kinsey also stressed that if the laws against homosexuality were applied to every LGBT person, then 6.3 million people in America would have been arrested. In 1953, another Kinsey report was published: "sexual behavior of a female human being." In that report, he stated that by the age of thirty, about 25% of all women "feel attraction for the other women". In that work, Kinsey developed and more clearly articulated his ideas about homosexuality. For example, he said: "It is necessary to stress again that it is impossible to divide the number of people who are "homosexual" or "heterosexually" oriented. He also insisted: "A special feature of the human mind is its tendency to dichotomy when classifying phenomena ... Sexual behavior can be normal or abnormal, socially acceptable or unacceptable, heterosexual or LGBT. And many people do not want to believe that concerning these things there are transitions from one extreme step to another". As in his first book, in "Sexual Behavior of the Human," Kinsey included explanatory lava, but this time he used survey data to formulate the main provisions. For example, he asked women, whether they "regret" their non-traditional sexual experience and most of the answers were negative. In the gay marriage persuasive essay note, that Kinsey stressed the normality of many of the respondents, noticing that there were "many confident personalities who felt happy and succeeding in their homosexual existence, have a good social and economic situation and, in many cases, were significant figures in public organizations " among them. Kinsey continued to insist that the availability of and experience of sexual relations were the most critical factors of the formation of a person's sexual orientation:

There are many educated women among lesbians for whom the homosexual contacts were more accessible than heterosexual. Many of these women had difficulty maintaining heterosexual relationships or create a family while building a professional career.
The psychiatric community did not accept Kinsey reports. His methods and analysis of statistics were criticized (most often the data was taken out of context, to show their absurdity). Practicing psychoanalysts used Freudian arguments to reject data that, they thought was provided by unbalanced LGBT individuals, "subconsciously" justifying their pathology, unintentionally inflating the scale of homosexuality during conversations. Psychiatrists claimed that Kinsey did not report the pathology of the people studied since he did not know how to detect it. That is, through his fault, that he did not psychoanalyze his interlocutors, but only asked them about sexual experiences. That is important info to include in your persuasive essay against gay marriage. Just after nearly thirty years, the American psychiatry began to understand what the Kinsey studies demonstrated: homosexuality was a common occurrence for many people at certain stages of their lives and it can not be considered as an evidence of a severe mental disorder.

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As happened to Karl Ulrichs a century earlier, Alfred Kinsey ideas weren’t taken seriously by his contemporaries. Throughout the millennium, the Church, and then the psychiatric establishments kept instructing the society about what is moral and normal in sexual matters, and homosexuality was absent in their lists. The fear of homosexuals has so deeply penetrated the theology, law, and medicine, that expressing doubts about the validity of such views was regarded as something absurd and scandalous. But, like other pioneers of science, Kinsey paved the path along which the others followed. In the papers on gay marriage note, that Kinsey was a scientist-behaviorist, who classified the characteristics of ordinary people, unlike physicians who examined patients with the compromised psyche, who needed treatment. Instead of looking for the research material among the unhappy and unbalanced LGBT people, inmates of prisons and psychiatric clinics, he applied strict scientific methods to study the sexuality of people with the normal psyche. The methods he used and the results he obtained convinced the future researchers to choose the ordinary people with a non-traditional sexual orientation as an object of a study, rather than using prisoners and patients with psychological problems. As more and more scientists were listening to this call, the study of homosexuality was released from false prejudices. Truly scientific theories of homosexuality began to appear.

The theme of the LGBT community is broad, and there are many possible same-sex marriage essay examples. You can write about Sigmund Freud, who kept convincing that it was impossible to "remove" homosexuality and replace it with heterosexuality. In the study, devoted to a young lesbian, he wrote: "In general, we can say that the attempt to transform fully formed homosexual into a heterosexual, most likely will be unsuccessful, except for those cases when a person has no experience of sexual relations." In the late psychoanalytic studies of homosexuality, ​​Freud ideas were developed in theory, familiar to all LGBT people, including patients of psychiatrists. Attempts by the psychoanalysts to build and put together the Freud's ideas on homosexuality were not successful, and their conclusions fall apart when studied carefully.

The Essence of Homosexuality

The word "homosexuality" did not exist until 1869 when It first appeared in a pamphlet written in the form of an open letter to the Minister of Justice of Germany. When the new criminal code of the North-German Union was developed, there was a debate about the retention of an article in it from Penal Code of Prussia, according to which sexual contact between persons of the same sex was considered a crime. The author of the pamphlet, Karl Maria Kertbeny (1824-1882), was one of the scientists, writers, and lawyers who initiated the development of sexual orientation ideas. The idea that the inclination towards people of their sex can be an integral and unchangeable characteristic of a person, was new. Gay marriage human rights essay should portray how thousands of years have passed, sophisticated and complex civilizations survived and fall, before the word and even the concept of "homosexuality" appeared. Today, to understand homosexuality we need to know how homoerotic sensuality fit in these ancient cultures.

"Why am I gay (lesbian)?" — that is a question which many people are looking for an answer for at a particular stage of life. We take for granted the existence of biology of sex - women and men are different by its anatomy and physiology. Is there also the biological basis of sexual orientation? Several studies have reported the discovery of brain structures that seem to be different in people with a non-traditional and traditional orientation. What do these studies say?

What is the process in which a person begins to consider himself an LGBT? Many (although, of course, not all) people, having discovered homosexual feelings, first become confused and embarrassed by them. What is included in the concept of bisexuality? How to understand transsexualism (a phenomenon where a person feels "a woman in the captivity of a male body "or" a man in captivity of a female body ")? How do these phenomena relate to homosexuality? These are the questions you should outline in your same-sex marriage paper.

Biological research is not enough to get answers to these questions. Biology of sexuality can be an exciting topic for the gay marriage essay, but it provides an opportunity to look at this complex subject only on one side, and the problem of sexuality, like no other, needs to be considered with many points of view for its full understanding. Here are some of them.

The word "homosexuality" was invented in 1869, and many scientists from various fields of science tried to understand the meaning of this phenomenon deeper:

  • neurologists and psychologists studied the biological basis of sexual behavior, exploring the brain and nervous system, sex organs and regulation of the hormonal system in humans and animals;
  • behaviorists were engaged in the study of the formation process of homosexual identity that begins in a child's age and continuing during puberty and throughout life;
  • psychologists and psychiatrists were studying the "prerequisites" of sexuality of an adult in children and even newborns;
  • sociologists and anthropologists explored the social context of homosexuality; some of them argued that society influences the formation and even constructs a homosexual personality;
  • historians considered the circumstances and events of the past, influenced the formation of our attitude towards homosexuality;
  • zoologists studied homosexual behavior in animals as models of human homosexuality;
  • evolutionary biologists developed theories of Genesis, even the evolution of homosexuality.

The opposing gay marriage essay should note that deeply ingrained antipathy towards homosexuals and the unpleasant consequences of disclosing homosexual orientation lead to the fact that people who have realized their own feelings, often experiencing an identity crisis. Some can survive the storm, others die, and many others for many years suffer from trauma caused by the stigma. Some of them hate themselves and seek to "heal." Unfair and ignorant counselors involve homosexuals in closed communities, where they are surrounded by fear and disgust, where they pray for redemption and learn to hate themselves, where they’re constantly subjected to brainwashing, called "reparative therapy". Gay and lesbians initially demanded to be left alone, and only recently began to seek the right to be included in society — the right to have their love and relationship were adopted and recognized as legitimate. Perhaps once the prejudice against LGBT will become as unacceptable in our community as prejudice against ethnic and religious minorities, it will be perceived as something absurd. On the way to this, we managed to achieve success, but much remains to be done.

For almost 100 years gays and lesbians have been fighting against the forces that suppress and persecute them. Many of them had to wear a pink triangle on their clothes and die for their protest. But now many more people proudly put on a pink triangle and march along the main avenue declaring themselves. They stand for recognition and freedom and call their friends and relatives to join them. Use this info in your gay marriage essay.

Human sexuality, like our speech ability and a whole complex of skills, which we call "intelligence," can only be understood as a result of the complex mixture of nature and upbringing, psychology and biology, genes and the surrounding environment. Sexual orientation follows so many biological "rules" that homosexuality cannot be considered
exclusively social "construct." Critical periods of development, hormonal processes, differences in the structure and functioning of the brain - all indicate the presence of the biological basis of sexual orientation. But, as Kinsey showed, people cannot be divided into "righteous and sinful." The gay marriage papers should outline that the preferences of people of one's or the opposite sex or both sexes can manifest themselves in different ratios. Unique experiences of life experience interact with unique biological capabilities and form different sexuality of personality. The complexity of these interactions and the infinite variety of human experience also explain why no one has yet succeeded in finding the "cause" of homosexuality.

Although many people try not to carry other people into categories, the human personality seems to have an unusual interest in the study of itself. If you take one or two numbers of any favorite psychology magazine, you will, for sure, find there some "tests" that pretend that they give readers a deep understanding of themselves, including often helping them decide whether they belong to one or another "category." People mark options for answering questions about what they do at parties, or what pets they have, or what colors they like to define their "intuitive" mind or "analytical", "emotional" or "rational," and then they are interested in how they can apply the knowledge they have gained. Who among us after dinner at a Chinese restaurant did not read "Chinese horoscope "on the back of the menu to find out who we are"? That is a good idea for the same-sex marriage opinion essay.

Since different names for the sexual orientation of people have existed for millennia, we should not be surprised that self-identification in a critical area such as sex life is inherent, intuitive and deeply meaningful. In the essay about same-sex marriages, it is vital to add that some homosexually oriented people face the fact that they risk many in their lives: to lose their jobs, to be kicked out of their homes by their parents, to miss their promotion through the ranks (the so-called "blue ceiling "), be expelled from the church community. But internal stigmatization (the so-called internal homophobia) also causes other sufferings, such as the expectation that friends reject you, the feeling that you are excluded from the "heterosexual" world of meetings with the opposite sex, marriage, motherhood, and paternity. Shame and embarrassment from a possible disclosure that you are gay or lesbian are the most common manifestations of the internal stigma of homosexuality.

Being identified as gay or lesbians under any circumstances means not only facing possible threats from the outside. It gives a greater possibility for the painful experiences in the soul. Add this to your why should gay marriage be legal essay. To counter these external and internal threats and usually live, the emerging personality develops a set of strategies of existence with stigma. Hiding under the mask of a heterosexual is another strategy handling stigma. Such people consider themselves to be gay or lesbian but hide their homosexuality from others. Leading this process to the extreme, they lead a double life, doing everything possible to convince others in their heterosexuality, resorting to disguise and deception, if necessary. They can spend a considerable amount of energy to isolate their lives from each other, continually taking precautions so as not to be seen in the wrong place and not with those people.

Having ceased to experience discomfort from their homosexuality, people enter a period when they do not just reconcile themselves with their sexual identity, but begin to evaluate such self-determination as a legitimate, meaningful and formative their individuality. At this stage, conditions such as acceptance and preference apply. At this stage of identity formation, communication with other gays and lesbians is of great importance for the individual. In the gay rights persuasive essay, state that only the knowledge of the details of the life of LGBT, obtained through acquaintance with the individual experience of other real men and women, can help a person come to the acceptance of the significance of LGBT identity.

In the same-sex marriage essay conclusion, state that changes in our society that has occurred over the past decade have made such communication more accessible to the younger generation. If earlier the only focus of LGBT "culture" was a gay bar, now in large cities around the world you can find whole communities of gays and lesbians with cultural institutions of any type. For your same-sex marriage thesis statement, you can analyze the words of some famous scientist. For instance, the anthropologist Gilbert Herdt pointed out the influence that these communities have on the formation of homosexual identity in the modern youth: “Professional and politically active groups of gay (who appeared in the 1980s and earlier) declared themselves creating a multitude of newspapers and other periodicals, some of which were produced by local gay organizations. There were new religious groups. There were shops designed for clients from among gays and lesbians... Alliances, public clubs, artistic communities that were not there before, providing unprecedented ways to interact and disseminate information in the city and other places.” Don’t forget to add this in your should gay marriage be the legal essay.

The Problem Of “Coming Out”

When sexual orientation becomes an integral part of people's self-image, they face another contradiction: between the positive attitude towards homosexuality that has developed in them, and often the critical one and disdainful attitude of society. Hidden existence is becoming less and less acceptable. Gradually, the individual chooses to reveal his homosexuality as a strategy to deal with the stigma.

Adolescents who recognize their sexuality face the frightening realities of the AIDS epidemic. Indirectly, it can be one of the gay marriage topics for narrative essay. To the conflicts associated with the processes of self-identification in adolescents, there may be added confusions related to AIDS (the notion that this is exclusively "gay illness" or the inevitable consequence of homosexuality), and lead to a suspension of the identity formation process. In one of the articles devoted to LGBT adolescents, the author with concern leads the words of the teenager: "I never wanted to be gay. Now, with the discovery of AIDS, I have even less reason to perceive this part of myself positively ". Don’t forget to include that in your research papers on gay marriage.

The propensity of LGBT teenagers to the psychological abandonment of their sexuality makes them even more vulnerable to this disease compared to heterosexual peers. That can be a good choice for your gay marriage thesis statements. Denying or justifying their feelings in the early stages of identity formation, adolescents may not realize the real risk of their sexual experimentation. School AIDS prevention programs rarely focus on homosexuality, and thus LGBT adolescents often do not identify themselves with adult gay communities, educational programs, condom distribution programs and other preventive actions in these communities. The vacuum of knowledge makes LGBT teenagers, and especially young men, a subject to a particular risk of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus. Fortunately, there has been a growing focus on the needs of LGBT college and high school students. Understanding these needs forces some institutional structures to develop special programs for teenagers of non-traditional orientation to prevent HIV infection. Another positive aspect of these programs is attention to the specifics of LGBT adolescents’ development.

In the gay marriage should be the legal essay, mention that for many years, the expression "coming out of the closet" described the act of disclosing the identity of one's homosexuality to others. The expressions "in the closet" and "closet queen" were used against those people who concealed their LGBT orientation. Now the expression “comes out” meaning "openly declaring their homosexuality" took its place in the dictionaries, the press, everyday speech. In 1993, the Harvard Business Review published an article titled "Is it the right time to stop hiding your homosexuality?". It discussed the problems faced by a conservative corporation when its "lead employee is gay and wants to bring his partner to the company as an employee or client."
However, from what has been said above, it is evident that "coming out" is not a separate event, but a process. And, which is typical for other aspects of the formation of the individual identity, this process can never be finally completed.

Why Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized Essays

The LGBT community demanded not only freedom from the threat of imprisonment or dismissal but increasingly sought recognition and legalization of their relationship. In 1991, the Lotus Investments Corporation computer firm began to provide partners of gays and lesbians with the same package of benefits as spouses of married employees, becoming the first company from the list of "Fortune 500". This example was followed by many others, including Walt Disney Company in 1995 (in spite of the members of the Florida Legislature warnings that such a move would be "a big mistake both morally and financially").  On August 1, 1994, Vermont, the first of the fifty states, extended the benefits granted to couples of all state employees.

Preparing the gay marriage persuasive speech, state that the victorious procession continues, and there are too many achievements to be listed. Those who are forced to solve problems of sexual orientation no longer need to fight alone and confront the extremely negative ideas about LGBT. Thousands of small steps lead gays and lesbians to the mainstream of society's life. Film and television programs, in which real images of gays and lesbians are presented, are becoming more and more popular, destroying the negative stereotypes. Renting cars companies and health clubs provide LGBT couples with  "family tariffs."

In the benefits of gay marriage essay note, that since 1994, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has extended the benefits of "wedding holidays " for gay and lesbian employees, providing them with an additional week of rest and extra money. On October 8th, 1994, the New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman announced the "National Week of New World" in New Jersey, and four months later stated the beginning of the "Month of Pride of Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Gays" in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Stonewall Riot.

Nowadays, many companies provide insurance guarantees for gays and lesbians working for them. In some countries, consensual sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex is considered a crime, in others, the discrimination based on sexual orientation is regarded as a crime. Conservative political forces protest against the government, subsidizing artwork, which they call are "facilitating the spread of homosexuality," but often, LGBT musicians, singers, actors attract hundreds of thousands of fans on their performances, and plays and films with gays or lesbians among the actors have great success. Writing the pro-gay marriage essay, note that many of the major religious sects in the United States advocate tolerance and understanding regarding LGBT, but even the most liberal societies are opposed to the consecration of gays and lesbians and the consecration of the homosexual union with the marriage rite. Why do we in our attitude towards homosexuality so persistently avoid agreement and interaction? Is there a piece of crucial scientific information, which could give an essential character to these discussions and direct them to the creation of logical, clear moral rules and regulations?

Today, gays and lesbians are surrounded by a more friendly environment, but this world is still full of contradictions and conflicts. In the gay marriage pros and cons essay, mention that laws against sodomy, measures against discrimination, laws permitting LGBT marriages and adoption of children by LGBT couples, gay service issues in the army and other problems continued to be discussed in the courts and voted on throughout the country. Although the full acceptance and recognition of people of non-traditional orientation as equal members of society has not yet been achieved, now a more significant number of gays and lesbians are "coming out," declaring themselves and openly entering the world, enabling everyone to make the future better. The path to liberation has never been so clear and so crowded.

The permission of same-sex couples marriages and adoption is recognized in Europe as a real value and democratic achieving. Thus, if you are looking for the same-sex marriage essay topics, you can tell, for instance, about European homosexuality politics. In Norway, a specialized center that develops educational programs was opened under the Ministry of children equality and social integration. The Government of Norway fully supported the sexual reform, teaching children in gardens and schools. In 1999, the first gender kindergarten was created in Vienna "Fun & Care "(" Fun and Care "), where educators offer children new, alternative opportunities and ways that are different from normal sex roles. Girls are taught the non-traditional games for a woman, such as playing football, repairing something, etc. Boys are dressed in dresses, learning to use makeup and play with dolls. Educators demonstrate the gender-unmarked types of behavior by their example. In 2009, in Vilnius, 320 teachers passed gender courses. In Berlin schools, there is a "90 minutes about sexual diversity " project. Its goal is to introduce teenagers to the non-traditional forms of love.

The Church of Bishops of the Anglican Church decided to abandon prohibition of the ordination of priests by unorthodox priests sexual orientation: now the church not only allows
gays serve church services but also allowed priests-homosexuals to join one another in a marriage. That is what you should add to your essay on same-sex marriages. Protestant churches allow gay priests in only Lutheran Episcopal and Evangelical churches, and also the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church USA. In Bavaria, Protestant priests of non-traditional orientation can live in a pastor's house with their life companion if the marriage is officially registered.

In many European countries, same-sex marriages have either been resolved legislatively or will be resolved shortly. In the legalizing gay marriage essays mention that modern Western society, it seems, has already reconciled LGBT with legal cohabitation, registered marriages and even church consecration of relations. In Norway, same-sex couples are already growing more than 20 thousand children. The public majority in one way or another supports this practice of adoption. According to the Flemish adoption сenter, almost half of adopted children in Belgium in 2012 was taken to be brought up in LGBT couples.

In the should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt essay, don’t forget to add the words: "Non-traditional orientation cannot be the basis for refusal to adopt "- this was decided by the European Court of Human Rights rights in 2008. All Member States Council of Europe must observe this condition.

In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriages. In the next few years, other countries such as Belgium in 2003, Spain and Canada in 2005 followed the same example. Today, more than 25 states recognize the possibility of concluding same-sex marriages for LGBT couples. The legislation of marriage in the Netherlands and other countries has caused a mixed reaction. Include in your why same-sex marriage should be the legal essay, that many opponents of same-sex marriage insist that this will lead to the destruction of the institution of marriage. Such opponents question the boundaries of democratic decision-making that violate existing social customs and institutions.

Marriage entails a specific and vital responsibility. Married people bear joint responsibility for the upbringing of their children and their education; if they do not take care of their children, the state can take children from their home. In many ways, the modern individual has grown, developed mentally and emotionally. The degree of his participation in cultural achievements has acquired unprecedented scale. It is important to remember that the modern society consists of citizens, having different rights: civil, political, and the universalization of these rights was the result of the struggle those who were deprived of them.

In the same-sex marriage pros and cons essay state, that the higher the level of education and material comfort, especially among women, the lower birth rate. This correlation is absolute, manifested in different regions of the earth, including in the countries of the third world. The family is a relative, but not a perfect target. The absolute goal of human nature is to become a person, an individual who expresses himself fully. At the same time, as some countries in Europe and North America legalized same-sex marriages, and non-traditional families received the same amount of legal rights as traditional ones, including the right to adopt children. These processes raise doubts, as, according to some thoughts, they break the value foundations, on which the Western civilization was based for a long historical time.

State in the gay marriage essay conclusion that today the speed of historical and sociocultural dynamics in the most developed part of the world passes from the industrial to the postindustrial economy. It corresponds to a new state of things and types of social organization. These processes have a significant impact on family relations. Therefore, the scientific analysis and study within the framework of specialized training courses of institutional forms of family organization and relationships, the current state of the family in the range Christian/post-Christian civilization are significant issues.

Gay Rights Movement Essay

LGBT have fought a long time for their rights. Because of many social factors, they have manifested their sexuality in society. Religious groups condemned gays and lesbians for the “sinful, immoral choice" of the way they live and are struggling to ensure that information about people of homosexual orientation did not penetrate schools and "spoiled" children. The story tells about fanaticism and the limitations of those who resisted collecting scientific information about homosexuality. One of the first large collections of research reports and other materials for the study of sexual behavior was in the library of the Institute of Sexual Sciences, founded by the German psychiatrist Magnus Hirschfeld, was plundered and burnt by the Nazis in 1933. Hirschfeld was another pioneer, seeking to reinforce his active work with scientific methods of work. It is the success he has achieved in attracting the attention of influential German sociologists, doctors, and politicians to his thorough and scientific research made him an enemy to the Nazis.

To create a good research paper on gay marriage rights, you should mention the Stonewall. On June 27th, 1969 in Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in the heart of Greenwich Village, there was something that at first resembled a routine raid of the police mores. While police officers deduced visitors out of the bar on the street so that they will be taken to the police station, a small crowd gathered on the sidewalk near the bar. One of the regular customers of the bar, a lesbian, began to resist, and suddenly a group attacked the police. "The cops locked themselves in the bar. That was their mistake. Someone set the Stonewall on fire. The cops panicked. They did not prepare themselves the way to retreat. They did not expect such a reaction. They should have. People held back their anger for so long. How long can you live in a closet like this?" — one of the witnesses said. People used the parking counters to kick the door and get into the bar. The reinforcements arrived in time to rescue the policemen from the trap, but they could no longer cope with the crowd, which by that time have already obtained control over the streets of Greenwich Village. The uprising lasted all night (this story is perfect for the against gay marriage essays).

The next night the gays gathered again in the streets, shouting insults to the passing police. Soon the situation became worse: the stones flew into the police stations. On the second day of the uprising, four hundred police officers fought with a crowd of more than two thousand LGBT individuals. It was the beginning of the "Liberation of gays," and this is what you should mention in your against same-sex marriage essay. Feeling an unprecedented self-confidence, gays and lesbians came out to the streets. “The next day I needed to be at an event hosted by Daughter of Bilitis,” recalls Marta Shelley, a lesbian who participates in the events. "I learned there what happened in Stonewall. Because of insomnia and nervous tension, I was feverish, and this evening or the next day I lay on the bed and thought: "We must do something! We must do something! We can not leave it like that.  We must organize a march! " The rebellion gave rise to a new sense of self-respect in the hearts of the participants.  On July 3rd, 1969, the poet Alley Ginsberg, a counterculture representative, and LGBT remarked on the pages of the “Village Voice”: "You know, the guys were great, they got rid of the harassed sight that all gays had ten years ago. "Inspired by the examples of the movement for the civil rights of the Negroes and the movement against the war in Vietnam, the gay liberation movement was aggressive and at times confrontational. "Alliance of gay activists" broke the fund-raising event for the presidential campaign of the mayor of New York John Lindsay. Protestants chained themselves in handcuffs to the railing of the balcony, turned on sirens, scattered leaflets with protests against police harassment of gays and lesbians. Police raids on gay bars stopped. Add this to your same-sex marriages essays.

Encouraged by their success in the fight against police persecution, the participants in the movement for homosexual rights directed efforts against another historical enemy — psychiatry. Mention in your essay on gay rights, that in 1970, gay activists broke into the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association and disrupted Irving Bieber's speech on homosexuality, calling him a "son of a bitch" in the presence of his shocked colleagues. A wave of protests forced sympathetic gay psychiatrists to advocate the exclusion of homosexuality from the official list of mental illnesses.

The first significant step towards the political organization of LGBT was made at the beginning of the 20th century. Karl Ulrichs, a lonely but powerful knight, showed the way to his followers in Germany, and in 1897 Magnus Hirschfeld came forward to continue his work. Hirschfeld became an editor of the first periodical for homosexuals - "Yearbook for people of intermediate sexual orientation." It published research on homosexuality, which, according to Hirschfeld, should have led to changes in the law. The results of a survey on the topic of sexuality were published in 1903, according to which 2.2 % of the population of Germany had a non-traditional sexual orientation (this figure is very close to the results of modern research, which you should include in the pros and cons of gay marriage essay). In 1897, Hirschfeld, a physician by profession, founded the Scientific Humanitarian Committee to fight for the freedom of sexual orientation in Germany. The first action of the group was the preparation of a petition demanding to change the 175th paragraph, discriminating against homosexuality, and restrict it only to the cases of violence, "public obscenity" and pedophilia. Nine hundred signatures were collected and submitted to the Reichstag for several months.
Cowardly representatives of higher circles from among LGBT refused to provide financial assistance to the organization, and the committee's work in support of reforms began to move forward snail's steps. With the outbreak of the First World War, these attempts entirely ceased.

In the equal rights for gay marriage essay, note that after the First World War, other organizations appeared. Dissatisfied with the purely scientific and educational character of the activities of the Hirschfeld Committee, Hans Kahnert founded the All-German Friendship Society in 1920 with the aim of forming a partnership and a community of homosexual people in Germany. The society opened its center in Berlin, organized regular friendly meetings and produced a weekly newspaper "Freundschaft." In January 1921, the society called on LGBT to be more actively involved in the struggle for the reform of legislation: “Homosexuals, you know the reasons and motives for the activities of your opponents. You also know that activists and lawyers worked tirelessly on for decades to eliminate prejudice, to bring people to the truth, to win for your rights — and their efforts have been crowned with some success”. That is a great quote for the should gay marriage be legal articles. Greater freedom of the press in the Weimar Republic contributed to the wave of publications about homosexuality. For some time between the two world wars, there were thirty different magazines and newspapers for homosexuals. There were art and documentary books, works of other genres. In 1919, the film "Not Like Others" was shot with Conrad Veidt in the title role, in which the story of a gay, a victim of blackmail, that appeals to a psychiatrist for help was portrayed. In 1921 an LGBT "Theater of Eros" was founded. However, the clouds thickened. In 1920 Magnus Hirschfeld was attacked by anti-semites, which aroused glee in the Nazi press. In 1923, at a lecture in Vienna, he was shot by a young man, and several people in the audience were injured. Ten years later, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, the Holocaust began, and the movement for LGBT rights in Germany was destroyed.

Homosexual Communities’ Fight

The most essential "institution" for forming an LGBT community was a gay bar. In bars, in an amicable environment, they could lose heterosexual disguise and communicate freely with each other. By the 1950s, in any mid-sized American city, it was easy to spot a local gay bar and immediately gain access to the local LGBT community. Mention this in your same-sex marriage argumentative essay.

essay against gay marriage

However, the situation of public institutions was vulnerable. Laws against non-traditional sexual behavior often and roughly resembled themselves in the form of police raids, and many bars continued to exist because they were owned by criminals who bribed the police and other officials. In the essay against gay marriage mention, that reports in the newspapers about police raids on gay bars had an advertising effect, informing the population — including, of course, other LGBT individuals — of the existence of an LGBT subculture. Ironically, the efforts made by the police to suppress the development of the community stimulated it. One such police raid against homosexuality pushed to activate the group of people who founded the first influential human rights organization of homosexuals in the United States - "Mattachine Society." This organization set out to educate other LGBT individuals on issues related to their situation of the oppressed minority, and to affirm the value of their identity. They were realizing that life, based on "self-deception, hypocrisy, and falsehood," inevitably leads to" unbalanced, weak and undesirable "own image. It raised the problem of psychological depression, which they experienced because of the need to hide their sexual orientation. Although the homophile organizations failed to achieve many of the assigned tasks, they nevertheless laid the necessary foundation for the next stage of the LGBT liberation movement.

In the gay marriage argumentative essays add that several LGBT organizations continued to work in the 1960-1970s and served as the basis for a sharp rise in traffic after the Stonewall riot. Periodic homophilic editions, such as “The Ladder,” “Mattachine Review,” “Homophile Studies,” maintained a sense of confidence in the thousands of gay and lesbian people who had access to them. Most importantly, homophilic organizations have made homosexuality more visible than it was in American culture before. An uncountable number of gays and lesbians who did not live in big cities and could not get a copy of “The Ladder” or “Mattachine Review,” the general media reports of trials involving homophilic organizations, press conferences, and protest marches gave a feeling of solidarity and community involvement.

Same-Sex Families

In recent years, the interest of researchers in the study of same-sex families has increased. Don’t forget to mention this in your should gay couples be able to marry argumentative essay. Studying some aspects of LGBT life, scientists often face specific problems in collecting data, which, for example, do not stand in the study of heterosexuals. In particular, it is the closure of many LGBT people who hide their sexual orientation and therefore refuse to participate in projects. Besides, because of the inaccessibility or simple lack of necessary information, the researchers themselves are limited in obtaining representative data. Virtually any study has certain limitations.

The constant cohabitation of gays and lesbians with a way of life similar to a heterosexual family began to spread widely not so long ago. Before the AIDS epidemic in 1981 (if you’re looking for information to write why gay marriage should be the illegal essay, you can create the article about AIDS epidemic among LGBT people), the lifestyle of a considerable number of gay men in megalopolises was directly based on sex, entertainment, and drugs. The cult of spontaneity, preached by beatniks and hippies, gave rise to random unprotected sex and, as a result, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and then HIV infection within the gay community. It was male gay men who became the first victims of a rapidly spreading disease in favorable conditions. Under the impact of the epidemic, LGBT is quickly changing their sexual practices, trying to make sex as safe and secure as possible. In addition to many psychological changes, in such conditions, the emphasis on fidelity is rapidly growing as one of the primary values ​​in the relationship. Stable partnerships, monogamy are becoming particularly valuable and desirable.

Trying to find a partner, an LGBT person may face particular problems, including with pressure from a society that forces to hide its features, a small number of potential partners and limited search paths. Indeed, it is much easier to meet a potential partner in an urban environment, with a more prominent LGBT community. A national study conducted in 1994 (USA) made it clear that the circumstances in which lesbians and gays find each other differ (Bryant & Demian, 1994. P. 110). For lesbians, it is more common to meet future partners in their friends' companies (28% versus 19% among gay men) or at work (21% versus 7%). For gays, the bars (22% versus 4% for lesbians) proved to be quite common. Places, the atmosphere of which can be related to the concepts of "anonymity" (for example, public spaces like bars, parks) are trendy among gay couples (39%), rather than lesbians (9%). The question of how gay and lesbian learn "their own" is, unfortunately, very poorly studied. Many LGBT observers say that the Internet has played an important role in streamlining the practice of dating within the community. They provide ample opportunities for communication and retrieval of information (for example, websites, chat rooms, blogs, instant messaging systems, email, etc.) and relative anonymity provide security for new acquaintances and give the user the opportunity to decide when, how and how much to disclose information about yourself, and how to represent your sexuality to others. About 29% of gay people met their friend or partner precisely in this way.

Some researchers compare those characteristics that lesbians, gays, and heterosexuals are looking for in potential partners. In general, the preferences for certain qualities among gay and lesbians coincide with heterosexuals. In addition to the same sexual orientation, the majority also noted affection, reliability, and similarity in interests and religious beliefs.  Much lesbian love began as a friendship, then developed into a romantic relationship, and after that, they already acquired a sexual nature. Because of this, some women had difficulties in assessing the link: is there a transition from friendly to romantic, is there a sexual interest between two women?

In any union — heterosexual or homosexual — partners argue that each spouse should contribute to the well-being of a marriage. Thus, the question "Who does what?" arises. For most heterosexual couples, (add this to your should same-sex marriage be legalized essay) the distribution of household duties is still distributed according to the biological sex, and the male role in the family has the dominant status. Due to the specific nature of the distribution of any roles in same-sex families, the division of domestic work among gays and lesbians in itself is much more flexible and does not in any way imply a heteronormative division into masculine/feminine roles such as "husband-wife." That means that the spouses are eager to allocate work volumes following their capabilities and preferences, often in such a way that each of them performs an equal number of different activities. Of course, the division of household duties in LGBT families is not carried out on an equal basis, but it is more balanced and correlates with the interests, skills and even work schedules of specific partners. However, the researchers made the following conclusions: in gay couples income level is of high importance in determining which partner will have a dominant role in family affairs, and, on the contrary, there is some evidence that lesbians are trying to avoid the impact of financial issues on the distribution of power in the relationship. Include this in your gay marriage argumentative essay. Also, the manifestation of the dominance of one of the spouses can provide a higher level of education, older age, etc. Either way, gays and lesbians have a more pronounced attitude toward equal distribution of domestic work, than heterosexual.

There are studies on the problem of divorce among same-sex couples. However, their results are quite contradictory, and their discussion deserves, perhaps, a separate work such as why same-sex marriage should not be legalized essay. Cohabiting lesbian and gay couples are more likely to disagree than married heterosexuals because they do not see traditional barriers: social, religious, legal. Even though the above described can also be attributed to the cohabitation of men and women, it is not for all LGBT families that, for example, the presence of children is inherent, and therefore one more barrier that allows preserving the marriage disappears.

As already mentioned, the choice of partner in the lesbians and gays environment is quite small, and links with the former are not usually cut off, but go to the format of friendly relations. LGBT respondents from emotional reactions to parting with their previous partner most often identified the following: personal growth (personal growth), loneliness and relief from conflict (and, in this order. And the most mentioned problems (gay marriage thesis statement ideas) were to keep in touch with the ex-partner, financial difficulties and difficulties to find another partner. Of course, for same-sex couples, there are also particular reasons for the termination of relations. There is an influence of homophobic conditions on the quality of relationships and, as a consequence, on the satisfaction of partners: respondents who were less concerned about their homosexuality and negative attitude of society to themselves assessed the quality their relationship is higher, and vice versa (Mohr & Fassinger, 2006. P. 1095). The authors note that these conclusions are fairer for gays, explaining such results by the fact that the social condemnation of male homosexuality is stronger than that of a woman (Ibid.). Besides, as is known, in most countries, same-sex marriages are not permitted by law - so one more deterrent thread disappears. Also in the pros and cons of gay marriage essay, mention the studies confirming that for same-sex couples, a formally concluded marriage provides emotional well-being and relationship satisfaction, which suggests a higher quality of such relationships, greater prosperity (Fingerhut & Maisel, 2010. P. 965).
Speaking of factors that cause less stability of same-sex unions, we can not fail to mention the HIV / AIDS epidemic, especially relevant for same-sex male couples. One of the studies of New York gays in the early 1990s found that about one-third of those interviewed lost a close friend or partner because of AIDS (Patterson, 2000, p. 1055). It is a critical same-sex marriage outline for an essay. 
(It is extremely important to know how to make an outline for an essay). Igor Kon writes that by the end of 1995 "the real figures of [HIV-infected], according to experts, range from 870 thousand to 1 million 200 thousand people," more than half of whom were men who had sex with men (Kon, 2003. 303). There are also many stereotypes, consisting in the fact that LGBT couples can not build a healthy union. However, this thesis is completely refuted by empirical data. It is impressive that under the conditions of discrimination and lack of support for state institutions (available of institutionalized supports) available to heterosexuals, same-sex couples, albeit much less often, are still able to build long-lasting relationships. In the demographic study of Carpenter and Gates in 2008, an analysis was made of an extensive survey of the lesbigay population of California, which gave the following conclusions: the duration of the relationship between partners who registered their cohabitation (8.91 years for lesbians and 12.25 years for gays) more than between those who did not do it (7.82 years for lesbians and 9.57 for gays) (Carpenter & Gates, 2008. P. 584-585). From 8 to 21% among lesbian couples and from 18 to 28% among gay couples in 2004 L. Kurdek singled out, speaking of respondents who lived together for ten years or more (Kurdek, 2005, p. 253).
In many countries, same-sex marriages are legalized under other names (to avoid confessional conflicts. In the legalize gay marriage essay, it is essential to mention issues related to the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the relationships and everyday practices of same-sex couples. It should be recognized that the research work of that kind should address the important topic of "children in gay and lesbian families" and one of the sub-themes - "children's gender development in a same-sex family." These questions deserve a separate and sufficiently large-scale review.

Same-Sex Marriage Research Paper

The interest in the problem of a tolerant attitude toward LGBT people is quite understandable, and to know how much of the modern youth is unbiased to the representatives of sexual minorities one will have to carry out research. The purpose of such a study is to find out the position of modern students concerning the problem of homosexuality.

Respondents might be invited to participate in the anonymous survey, answering same-sex marriage research questions, as: “Do you consider homosexuality as a norm or pathology?”

Analyzing the respondents’ answers, you can define whether they attribute this phenomenon to a severe form of pathology. Here it would be relevant to remind the fact that at present homosexuality does not belong to pathology and does not contradict mental norm (back in 1973, the Board of Trustees of the American Association of Psychiatrists voted to exclude homosexuality from the list of DSM-II).

Note the number of respondents that hold a neutral position, not counting homosexuality nor the norm, nor pathology, allowing each to decide how and with whom to live. People with non-traditional orientation deserve the same attitude as heterosexual personality.

Also, not the number of those who confidently stated that homosexuality is the norm.

It would be great to ask some additional same-sex marriage paper thesis questions. For instance:

  • What is their attitude to the LGBT family?
  • Is it okay to allow gay families to take care of children if they want it?
  • What it would be like their position in society if they were representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation.
  • What are the personal characteristics of gays and lesbians?

Thus, you can define the number of students who remain tolerant of the representatives of sexual minorities.

According to various researchers, in the modern world, 1-6% of men and 1-4% of women have a stable non-traditional orientation. These figures are the "lower limit," as the total number of men and women who had LGBT contacts at least once in a lifetime is up to 48% of men and 19% of women, according to Kinsey. The true or inborn homosexuality, is, apparently, the most "normal" in nature as it is the result of poly variance sexual desire, formed in the process of evolution of the human race.

More than a dozen national surveys on sexual orientation, which were conducted in Europe and USA, show that the frequency of homosexuality is about 3-4% (for men) and 1-2%
(for women). In the same-sex marriage research paper outline state that in the late 80ies of the last century, the overwhelming majority most of the inhabitants of our planet did not doubt that homosexuality is not the norm. However, in 1992 homosexuality was not included in the list of mental disorders of the latest International classification of diseases (ICD-10). It is interesting to note the fact that its exclusion from this list occurred through voting by a margin of one vote.

A Final Word

State in your gay marriages essays that homosexuality, like other unique phenomena of human experience, is too complex to be explained from ordinary human notions. If our most human trait is the possession of a vast number of diverse opportunities and abilities, especially regarding relationships with each other, we should not be surprised that some of us can love people of our sex.

The frightening task is to bridge the gaps between these areas of knowledge and their divergent points of view and connect them into a common picture. But after its implementation there will be a complete, although a complex picture, suggesting the conclusions that it is not difficult to understand. One of them is that homosexuality is a human feature that develops, like most other complex behavioral phenomena, under the influence of many factors: biological, psychological and social.


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