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How to choose the best ap U.S. history review book

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Nobody likes taking exams. Spending nights on caffeine drinks, flipping books with a trembling hand to find out than none of them can give you the information you need - looks rather pathetic than helpful. So why not to do a little research and pick a perfect one?

If you have decided to pass the APUSH and have no idea how to prepare yourself to that, you are in the right place to start from! Keep in mind that you still have to know something about history before you use this preparation material. Anyway, if you don’t want to read too much, you can actually look through “Prentice Hall History Review book” to refresh your knowledge. Now let’s start checking the books out!

Last-minute AP U.S. History Review book

“AP U.S. History CRASH COURSE” is probably the least weighty historical book you will ever find. If the exam is near and you haven’t even tried to prepare, this is your lifebuoy.  The content is pretty short comparing to similar books, but it’s extremely useful, as it covers only major events and explains their importance. What is the best feature of this crash course? As it was designed to fulfill the needs of country’s most outstanding procrastinators, it includes only necessary information just for the APUSH. You may start reading this book a week or even a day before the exam and totally rock the tests. It will be really helpful while preparing for the multiple-choice questions, but it doesn’t give you much on DBQ, so you better use some additional materials on that one. Anyway, the book is awesome for a quick review. And it’s only 274 pages!

Hint: This crash course is really helpful, but pretty brief, so it may not mention all of the important personalities. A Prentice Hall U.S. History Regents Review book will help you to fill in the gaps, as it is written exactly for such occasions.

AMSCO AP U.S. History Review book

If you like working out, this 764-page book will help your muscles stay fit. It is better to start reading it at the very beginning of your studies, as the review covers a wide range of events throughout the whole US history. The book is extremely informative and includes few historical interpretations of different experts, so you are not limited by a single opinion on some controversial situations. It is a storehouse of information, which will be more interesting for the teachers, as they can easily find something essential for their lessons. The review includes all of key terms, dates, events and people, but you will not need so much information to pass. If you are looking for AP U.S. History Review book answers somewhere inside, you are not going to find them. Ask your teacher to provide you with the answer keys.


Kaplan AP U.S. History Review book

This book is one of the most widely known among the students. And there is a reason for it. This is a great AP U.S. History exam book, as it includes a lot of tips and tricks of well-qualified teachers, and students who managed to pass with the best grades. It will prepare you for the actual exam both physically and mentally, as it has four renewed full-length tests, so you can practice to fit in the time limits and organize your working process. The visual material is also significant: variety of tables and charts, separate sheets with key dates, facts, and terms. All of the tests are supported by essential information and explanations; the glossary at the end of a book will make you familiar with many unknown words. Historical facts will help you to prepare for the APUSH and avoid some traps, but not more than that, despite the 612-page length. Unfortunately, the book abounds with silly grammatical errors and the DVD is so boring, that nobody is able to watch it until the end. But it still has a very good reputation among the students and the teachers as it gives real, useful advices.

Best choice AP U.S. History Review book of 2015

According to the feedbacks, this Princeton Review book is the most helpful one for preparation and includes newly updated information on every point of the exam. But let’s take a look at the new 2016’s edition. Ironically, some information there is considered outdated. Nevertheless, it literally arms you with the strategies for passing every part of the test, focusing separately on each question type. All of the chapters end with a short review, which come handy when you try to revise the material fast before the actual exam. This book provides you with two full-length tests that include answers for MCQ and detailed explanations for the essays. It’s easy to use, and 464-pages is a golden mean for the review of American history.

BARRON’S  AP U.S History Review book

Being 512 pages long, this book is a hardcore studying material that will make passing the APUSH a funny joke, as the tests in this review are far more complicated than the actual exam. Even though its structure doesn’t differ much from any other preparation book (tips, two practice tests, strategies, and reviews), you can get lost in the tons of facts, terms and events that are too advanced for the average reader. However, it includes everything you need to know, so maybe such an excess can actually become beneficial while taking a test.

It is much easier to choose now when you know the characteristics of the well-known preparation books. Do you have anything to say about it? Leave your feedbacks in the comment section below, let’s discuss together!

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