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How To Write A Synthesis Essay?

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Studying in high school or college presupposes writing various types of academic papers. Some of them are easy to approach, while others seem to be more complicated.  A synthesis essay is among the most difficult ones you will have to handle during your studies. However, creating a successful synthesis paper is absolutely real. In this article our research paper service have collected the most useful information as well as dozens of tips that will help you to cope with this task quickly and easily.

Synthesis essay definition

The first thing you should understand before working on any academic paper is its definition. To put it simply, a synthesis essay is one of the common types of papers that requires a student to express a certain viewpoint on a chosen topic with reference to different sources. Although it might seem to be a tricky assignment, this kind of essay has lots of features similar to other types of academic papers. So if you know the basic writing requirements, you already have half of the job done!

synthesis essay definition

What is a synthesis essay?

When it comes to creating a synthesis essay, you will need to demonstrate your advanced research and analytical skills. In this way, you are supposed to look through various sources and put the ideas from them together in a single paper. You also have to describe your point of view in detail, trying to convince the audience that you are right by supporting it with evidence and reasonable judgments. In case you cope with all of the above successfully, you are likely to get an excellent mark.

Synthesis essay tips: what makes your essay great?

  • Each of your points should be supported by a strong argument. The easiest way for this rule to be applied is to write your idea and then make sure that a supporting sentence follows it.
  • Use comparisons. Comparison is considered to be one of the best techniques used to make a synthesis paper more effective. So it is advised to present your point from different perspectives.
  • Convince your audience. Your main goal is to educate the readers and make them share your opinion on a chosen topic.
  • Dedicate a paragraph to each point you would like to be discussed. Structuring the essay in such a way will make your paper more readable. All the parts of the paper should be logically connected with the main idea. Also, remember that your thesis statement is the key element of your essay, so it is important to make it strong.
  • Use common vocabulary. It is better not to overburden the readers with unknown terms and concepts. The synthesis paper should be easy and interesting to read. So the essay written in simple English language will be much more effective and comprehensible.
  • Pay attention to the heading. Try to create a catchy title that will surely grab the reader’s attention. Remember that it should be directly related to the paper content and give a clear idea of what you are going to write about.

How to start a synthesis essay?

You will not be surprised by the fact that picking a good topic is essential for your essay. Therefore, try to choose the theme that you are familiar with to make the research process easier. When you know exactly what to write about, the arguments are likely to come to your mind one after another. To make sure relevant content is included in your paper, think about the main idea you would like to communicate to the readers. This trick will also help you to create a good thesis statement.

In case you already have a certain topic assigned by your teacher, make sure you completely understand it. If you are not sure about specific points, it is better to clarify them with your supervisor so that you avoid the mistakes that will seriously affect the quality of the paper. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to make everything clear. Understanding your goal and the rules for writing will make your creative process two times quicker and easier.  

Choosing the sources is another significant step for writing a synthesis essay. Make sure each of your references is trustworthy and contains up-to-date information. Avoid using unreliable data, no matter how great it sounds to you. To do the quality research, use different sources that represent various (even opposite) viewpoints. While reading the book or journal, make some notes so that you can use the highlighted parts later in the essay.


Synthesis essay format

Similar to the most common types of papers, synthesis essay has a standard structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

As for the synthesis essay introduction hook, it should contain an interesting hook phrase to grab the attention of the audience from the very beginning. Moreover, such a hook will help in giving a better impression of the whole essay. Then you will need to write a thesis statement where you specify the subject you want to discuss as well as the problem that is likely to be solved at the end of your paper.

The body paragraphs should be well-organized and have a similar structure. Moreover, you will need to start each section with a topic sentence and then describe your idea along with strong arguments. The relevance of the sources used in your paper should also be explained in detail.

The conclusion is one of the easiest parts of an essay. Here you have to restate your thesis and summarize the results of the research you have conducted.

If you are looking for extra tips offered by writing experts, here are the handiest ones. First, avoid using passive voice since it is usually not appropriate for academic writing. Second, use short and meaningful phrases (it is not recommended to write sentences that are longer than two lines). Third, use smooth transitions to come from one topic to another. In case you have several vague statements, it is better to substitute all of them with a single strong point. While describing any concept you are not familiar with, you’d better consult a dictionary in order to choose the word which is more suitable in the given context. This easy trick will help you avoid making obvious spelling and lexical mistakes.

The formatting of your academic paper should be made according to the requirements of your school or college. In most cases, you will need to use APA or MLA. Do not forget that using personal pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘we’ is not acceptable in academic writing.

There are lots of other writing tips that can be used for polishing your essay. For example, don’t hesitate to add quotes and relevant examples. If some interesting sayings and illustrations are provided, your academic paper will be more understandable for the readers.

Finally, before finalizing your essay, proofread it several times. It is an obligatory step of the writing process as it helps to eliminate any mistakes and misprints, as well as polish the content of your essay. The reference list is an integral part of an academic paper, so it is imperative to cite the materials you have used. The citations should be used for all quotes and information taken from the sources and formatted according to the specific style.

How to write a synthesis paper with the help of a professional writing service?

After all, following the basic rules, you should face no issues writing a synthesis essay. To create a perfect academic paper, you need to be attentive, accurate, and precise. Search for unique topic to make your writing 100% original and the writing process interesting. In case you face any difficulties in creating a synthesis essay or want to have your paper proofread by an expert, you can contact us 24/7 and get professional help in no time. Our company has been successfully operating in the academic assistance market for more than 5 years, and our team of writers and editors will be happy to help you with any assignment. So, as you can see, creating an excellent synthesis paper has never been easier!


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

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