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Cyber Security Essay Writing Guide

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Nowadays, people spend most of their time on the Internet. This virtual world largely reflects the real one: crime, which unfortunately is an integral part of society, exists there as well. Victims of cybercriminals are private users, enterprises, and organizations. Attacks often lead to the closure of small businesses, delays in vital surgical operations, and disruptions in the provision of public services. The economic damage from such malicious acts could reach $8 trillion by 2022.

Given the growing relevance of this topic, students of many educational institutions are often assigned to write cybersecurity papers. If you also received such an assignment, the facts outlined below will become a reliable basis for your academic paper. In this article, you will find out how to write an A+ essay or research paper, how to make a good outline, as well as some shocking facts about cyber safety and crime.

Cybersecurity essay topics

If you find yourself struggling to choose an interesting essay topic, get acquainted with the following list:

  • Argumentative essay about cybercrime law
  • Cybercrime and identity theft essay
  • Criminals and cybercrime essay
  • Cyber security argumentative essay
  • Cybercrime essay: How can companies protect their data?
  • How to prevent cybercrime essay
  • Essay on different types of cybercrime
  • Computer crime essay: Is it really possible to protect our data nowadays?
  • Workplace cyber security essay
  • Cybercrime effects on corporations essay
  • Essay on cybercrime and security importance in the modern world

essay on cyber crime

How to write a cybercrime paper

We have collected the best tips on how to write a staggering cybercrime essay or research paper:

  • Choose a good topic. How can you understand that this or that topic is a perfect option? First of all, it should be interesting to you. Secondly, it has to be relevant to what you are learning in class. Thirdly, you should be able to find enough information on it in credible sources.
  • Make notes. During a research, you will be dealing with a huge amount of data, which is, of course, impossible to remember. Therefore, jotting down some important points and ideas for your paper, you will have a pool of interesting information to choose from for your text, which will contribute to your writing success.
  • Develop a thesis statement for your paper. A thesis is a single sentence that describes the key points of the paper, which you will elaborate on throughout the text. However, please note that there is a difference between an essay and research paper thesis.
  • Follow the rubric and formatting style properly. These aspects are very important as they influence your overall mark a lot. That is why, make sure you have stuck to all the points of your professor’s rubric and adhered to the formatting guide.
  • Read some good examples. It does not necessarily mean that you should borrow the ideas from sample papers, but you have an opportunity to see how their authors approached intro or conclusion writing, what are their logical chain of arguments, what language they use, etc. 
  • Refer to up-to-date research articles on cybersecurity. We live in a fast-changing technological world so the trends for cyber safety and crime change every year, if not every month. Therefore, it is important that you use the latest sources for your paper
  • Always proofread your writing. Even the most professional paper will look bad if there are many mistakes or typos in it. Therefore, be sure to review and revise your paper even if you are short on time. It would be especially efficient if you proofread your essay or research paper the morning after you wrote it. 

cyber safety essay

Cyber security essay outline

Sticking to a properly crafted outline is a key to the success of your paper. That is why, before writing the essay, make sure you have made a plan, which consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction.
    A well-written introduction intrigues the reader and makes them want to keep reading. The introductory part includes:
    • A hook, which is a phrase, quote, or a question that gets the reader thinking about your topic.
    • Background info that helps to understand the further discussion better.
    • A thesis statement, which is a final sentence in the intro that shows the main points that you plan to focus on in the text.
  • Body.
    This the biggest part of your essay, which has to include all the theoretical information you have collected and analyzed. In this section, you have to provide factual basis for the arguments you have put forward in the thesis statement. You can also demonstrate different points of view on the issue under consideration.
  • Conclusion.
    This part summarizes your essay points and restates your thesis. Make sure you have rewritten the thesis statement from the intro part instead of copying it as the latter would make you look unprofessional. Finally, finish your essay with a powerful clincher phrase. It can be an idea that call your readers for further reflection on the topic or a question, which can also give them some food for thought.


cyber security essay

Cybercrime essay title

Creating a compelling title for your paper is also a vital stage of the working process. Cybercrime essay title can be formulated at the very end if it wasn’t specified by the teacher. After you are done with your paper, you will have a clear picture of the main points you have made and will be able to express the essence of the whole work in a few words. Make sure that your title is clear, neither too long nor too short, and somehow intriguing for your readers. Remember that the purpose of a title is to make a great first impression, and a bad title may spoil it even if the text you have written is of a high quality.

Cyber security research paper topics

Here are some really interesting computer security research topics:

  • Network security research paper
  • Research paper on cyber security: Data encryption algorithms
  • Cookies, privacy, and cyber security
  • Are cybercrimes laws effective?
  • Main rules of cyber-safety
  • Social networks and cybercrime: Can we protect our data? 
  • Online dating and cybercrime
  • Dangers of Facebook bots
  • The history of ransomware
  • Social networks and identity theft


cyber security essay

Cyber security research paper outline

Here is a basic cybercrime research paper outline you should stick to:

  • Cover/Title Page (depends on formatting style)
  • Abstract (optional; may be required by your professor)
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Results/Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices (optional)

Cyber security research questions

  • Why should world corporations and government organizations invest in strong antimalware?
  • How can cyber risks be minimized?
  • How are cyber crimes resolved?
  • Do enterprises need cyber insurance and why?
  • How can phishing be stopped?
  • Why data breaches are not going away soon?
  • Why is public Wi-Fi vulnerable to attacks?
  • What are the major reasons for cybercrimes?
  • Should information security be a part of the curriculum?
  • Motivations behind computer breaches.
  • Who are white hat and black hat hackers?
  • How can Internet blackmailing be stopped?
  • What is firewall and how it helps to protect the network?
  • What are the most effective security measures against cyber attacks?

Quick facts about cybercrime and cybersecurity

In order to highlight the importance of cybersecurity, you may draw the following facts as your arguments:

  • Every 39 seconds, a hacker attack on a particular website occurs.
  • 43% of cyber-attacks on the Internet target small businesses. Around 64% of companies have experienced cyber-attacks and 62% – phishing attacks. Almost 59% of companies have dealt with malicious code and botnets, and 51% – with DoS attacks.
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches occur due to human error. Cybercriminals and hackers infiltrate the company through the weakest link, which can almost always be found if there are no qualified IT-professionals.
  • Only 38% of global organizations admit that they are ready to respond to a sophisticated cyber-attack.
  • E-mail spam is the most common method of distributing malware for cybercriminals.
  • Nowadays, cybercrime is considered a more profitable business than drug trafficking.
  • Personal data can be purchased at the range from $ 0.20 to $15.
  • Business spending on data protection will hit $ 170 billion by 2022. Security spending will also rise on the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and the automotive industry. The total cost of cybersecurity products and services will be $1 trillion.

Measures against cybercriminals

To effectively confront the threat, which has so dramatically increased in recent years, companies need to consider information security, as one of the key components of their operations.

1. Firewall

Each company must have a firewall that restricts access to the network. This is the first line of defense.

2. Access control

The use of the Internet by office employees should be closely monitored. In addition, organizations must have antivirus protection and content filtering gateway.

3. Regular checks

Network administrators or managers must perform a check of all user accounts and data access rights each month or at least once a quarter.

4. Physical protection

Protection is not limited to data inside the computer. Organizations must also ensure the physical defense of their equipment. All visitors to the office must be accompanied by someone from the staff, and the monitor screens should not be easily visible.

5. Reliable passwords

Organizations must ensure the selection of strong passwords. This means a certain level of their complexity and a periodic change. Your mother’s maiden name is not a good option in this case.

6. Avoiding stinginess

If it’s possible, the management should hire data security specialists. In addition, there should be a budget for special equipment and software.

7. Vigilance

The company staff must be taught to be watchful. A few simple rules can significantly improve the security of the company. Workers should never directly proceed to an unknown website, the address of which is sent by mail. It’s better to delete any questionable messages and never click on the unknown links.


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