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The term "sociology" (“societas” - society from the Latin, and “logos” - word, doctrine from the Greek) was first introduced by the French thinker Auguste Comte (1798-1857). Literally speaking, sociology is the science of society. In ordinary language, the word "society" means a collection of people or an organized group of people (for example, a higher society, an animal welfare society, a philatelic society, etc.). But the language of science differs from ordinary language. In the language of sociology, the word "society" means the historically formed type of social organization (or social conditioning) of phenomena and processes that is formed as a result of a life together, interactions of people that influences their thinking and behavior, manifests itself in actions, statements, things made by people. Thus, when choosing interesting sociology research topics, remember, that sociologists observe the common life, interactions of people, but study social phenomena and processes.

Features of research work today

When choosing sociology research topics for a research work, remember that those type of works often duplicates research results. Due to the fact, that the formation of topics and the direction in different funds and agencies are carried out independently of each other, there is often a duplication of work. What may be involved here is both duplication of work performed and duplication of research results. The results of the research are documented by technical reports, acts, and other reporting documents, which, as a rule, are kept in a hardpaper copy in the archives of the customer and the performer. To receive a report, it is necessary to conduct a long correspondence with the customer of the report, but, more importantly, information that a particular report exists in most cases is almost impossible to find. Scientific publications based on the results of studies in profile journals are not always produced, and the accumulated number of studies and a wide range of different publications makes the search for data that is not published on the Internet incredibly difficult.

We’ve created a sociology research topics list, to help you define what exactly you need to write about. It is also necessary to know how to write a sociology research paper.

Medical Sociology Research Topics


When looking for good sociology research topics, consider the field of medical sociology. This sphere has always been of high importance for people.

  • Sociology of medicine: subject and object of science
  • Medical and sociological research: actual problems and methods
  • History, modernity, and prospects of medicine sociology development
  • Health and disease as social categories. Health Factors
  • Medicine and health care as social institutions, their role in the health of the population
  • Impact of globalization on the health of the population
  • Inequalities in health care and social classes
  • Health and illness - a question of values. Mental illness
  • The problem of euthanasia from a sociological point of view
  • Personal and collective responsibility for health and society
  • Ethical values as the basis for planning a health care system
  • Life with chronic diseases
  • Women as patients
  • Prestige of health and illness among young people
  • The modern role of the doctor in changing the attitude of the population towards health as a social value
  • Physical and psychological health support of the society
  • The development of new ways of treatment
  • Health values
  • Social statuses: patient, doctor, junior medical staff, student of a medical university, researcher, head of health care institution
  • Legislation on the organization of the healthcare system
  • Characteristics of medicine as an institution
  • Problems that determine health
  • Problems in protecting motherhood and childhood
  • Pre-drug patterns of illness
  • Agrarian patterns of disease
  • Industrial patterns of diseases
  • Levels of health by Robert Dilts
  • Health factors
  • Levels of research in the sociology of medicine
  • Types of research in the sociology of medicine

Sociology Research Topics on Family

Family is one of the most important things in our life, so creating the topics for sociology research paper, consider writing about it.

  • Family in the system of value orientations of modern youth
  • Disciplinary practices in single-parent families
  • Sociological analysis of premarital behavior and marriage choice
  • Factors of the success of marriage
  • Combination of family roles
  • Combining women's professional life and family roles
  • Peculiarities of the socialization of young men from incomplete families
  • Intrafamily violence in the modern world: sociological analysis
  • Social parenthood as a phenomenon of modern society
  • Parenthood/paternity/maternity: sociological analysis
  • Voluntary/forced childlessness as a social phenomenon
  • A large family: sociological analysis
  • Retrospective perception of the single motherhood experience
  • Fathers and children after divorce: the specifics of the child-parent relationship
  • State family policy with regard to incomplete families: the experience of descriptive and analytical research
  • Poor family as an object of sociological analysis
  • The birth of the first child as an object of sociological analysis
  • Family as an object and subject of the universal processes of civilization and modernization
  • Monitoring the transformation of the childhood
  • Sample design in the family subculture
  • Realization of the rights and interests of children in the field of information support
  • Construction of intrafamily relations through a contract between a child and parents
  • Traditions of celebrating and organizing leisure activities in a family with children
  • Features of childhood socialization in families with pets
  • Agents and institutions of non-family socialization of children and adolescents

Sociology Research Topics for College Students

  • The role of historical science in the formation of social thought
  • Aristotle's teaching about the middle class and its role in the management of the state
  • Comparative analysis of social views of Plato and Aristotle
  • Basic principles of social attitudes of the Middle Ages
  • Religious basis of social development
  • Social concepts of T. Aquinas
  • Machiavelli, on the role of a political leader ("Emperor")
  • Humanist views of T. Mor and T. Campanella
  • The idea of utopian-socialist concepts in social thought
  • Socio-philosophical system of T. Hobbes
  • Socio-political doctrine of D. Locke
  • Social Theories of S. Montesquieu
  • Socio-philosophical views of Zh. Zh. Russo
  • Social essence of labor
  • Contents of work and ways of its enrichment
  • Adaptation of workers: a sociological analysis of the problem
  • Satisfaction with labor as a sociological category
  • Social guarantees and unemployment in the labor market
  • Socio-psychological climate of the labor collective and factors that affect its formation
  • Strike as a sharp manifestation of a productive conflict
  • Professional career and factors that determine it
  • Sociological aspects of labor migration
  • Motivation of work as a mechanism for regulating the employee's behavior
  • Labor behavior: components, strategies, models
  • Forms and models of labor stimulation
  • Sociological analysis of the factors of socio-economic development of enterprise
  • Enterprise as a sociotechnical system
  • Impact of leadership style on labor efficiency
  • Discipline of labor as an object of managerial influence
  • Basic approaches in the assessment and certification of personnel at work
  • Conflict situations in the labor collective and ways of their settlement
  • Sociological support of innovative processes in the production
  • Production organization as an open system
  • The problem of free time in the sociology of labor. Socio-economic factors of labor stimulation
  • E. Fromm’s theory of social nature
  • Social typology of personality
  • Social status: concepts, typologies, constituents
  • Social role as an aspect of identifying social status
  • Role structure of personality and role conflicts
  • Person-role conflicts, ways of their solution
  • Motivational structure of a person
  • Needs as a component of a motivational structure of an individual
  • Installations as a component of a motivational structure of personality
  • Values as a component of a motivational structure of an individual
  • Social norms and social sanctions
  • Socialization of personality: concepts, types, factors
  • Personification and unification as directions of socialization of a personality
  • Culture as a component of socialization of an individual
  • Resocialization of a personality
  • Agents of socialization of an individual
  • Small groups as a social micro-personality
  • Nature and upbringing: components of socialization of personality
  • Socialization and individual freedom

Sociology Topics for Research Papers

  • Conflicts in the youth environment
  • Ways and methods of overcoming interpersonal conflicts
  • Features of intergroup conflicts and ways to overcome them
  • Socio-economic relations
  • Socio-economic problems as an object of economic sociology
  • Organization of socio-economic research
  • Methods of economic sociology
  • Technology of economic sociology
  • Relationship between economic sociology and other sciences
  • The concept of culture and its evolution in the XX century
  • Individual, external, and social culture: the levels of interaction
  • Contradictions between scientific-technical and humanitarian culture in the countries of the Western world as a phenomenon of the XX century
  • The culture of communication in the student environment and the basic requirements for it
  • Modern "mass culture" and its negative influence on consciousness and the formation of aesthetic tastes in people
  • Crisis phenomena in domestic culture as a social phenomenon
  • Scientific erudition and intelligence of a person: do these concepts coincide?
  • Science and culture as the most important components of the spiritual life of society
  • Political socialization of a person
  • Youth in the field of work and employment
  • Deviant behavior of youth as an object of sociological research
  • Strategies for youth entering public life
  • Youth subculture: concept, research directions
  • State youth policy and sociology of youth: features and trends of interactions
  • Sociological studies of marriage and family
  • Student family problems
  • Social problems of intergenerational relations
  • Problems of marriage stability
  • Repeated marriage
  • Changes in family models
  • Non-standard families
  • Violence in the family
  • Child sexual abuse and incest
  • Alternatives to marriage and family
  • Basic family theories
  • Sociology of religion as a special sociological theory
  • Philosophical and sociological approaches to the study of religion
  • Place of sociology of religion in the complex religious studies disciplines
  • Place of religion in the system of regulation of the spiritual life of a person
  • The problem of gender and physicality in the context of religion
  • Family and marital relations and religion
  • Modern religion and family prospects
  • The place of religion in the system of socio-historical communities: ethnos, nationality, nation, civilization
  • The role of religion in the process of preserving ethnic identity and self-awareness in modern society
  • Religion as a factor of communicative community and national life
  • Inter-confessional contradictions and processes of national consolidation
  • The role of secularization in the transformation of social structure
  • Religious cults and their role in the life of society
  • "Youth" religion in modern society
  • Religion and social dynamics
  • Problems of ecumenism in the modern world
  • The role of the concept of social design in explaining the gender system
  • Modern stereotypes of masculinity and femininity in youth
  • The role of mass media in shaping gender stereotypes
  • Tender as a parameter of vertical measurement of social stratification
  • Gender asymmetry of political participation
  • The patriarchal nature of the modern political sphere
  • Gender aspects of employment and unemployment
  • The problem of violence against women and ways to overcome it
  • Changing the structure of gender roles in the modern family
  • System analysis of I. Walsertain.
  • Theoretical integration in modern sociology
  • J. Ritzer, J. Alexander as ideologists of theoretical integration
  • The structure of social conflict
  • Classification of conflicts
  • Models of behavior in conflict situations
  • Conflict as a motive for the development of the social system

Environmental Sociology Research Topics


Creating the sociology research paper topics, remember that you have an opportunity to influence a lot of people who will read it. Thus, keep in mind that in such an important field as environmental sociology, there are many important things to talk about.

  • Ecological culture
  • Ecological education
  • Social and environmental actions
  • Overview of global ecological movements
  • The environmental impact on society
  • The elaboration of ecological consciousness
  • Ensuring the participation of citizens in the implementation of state ecological policy
  • Ecological condition as an exciting problem of modern society
  • The processes of human-nature relations
  • Consumer attitude towards nature
  • Man as the determining factor in establishing rational relationships with nature
  • The level of negative impact of industrial wastes on the environment and on people's health
  • The level of anthropogenic pressure on the environment in the XVI-XVIII
  • Super-industrialization, super-chemicalization, super-militarization
  • Atomic energy, computerization, and re-consumption of natural resources
  • Eco-sociological concept genesis
  • Ancient Chinese and Indian concepts of the harmony with the world
  • Paradigms of humanity exclusivity and new ecological paradigm
  • Ecological consciousness as a direction of studying the sociology of the environment
  • Ecological culture as a direction of studying the sociology of the environment
  • Topography of ecological movements
  • Ideological differences and a range of ecological movements
  • Eco-feminism and its view on social development
  • Social ecology and anarchism
  • Bioregionalism: the emergence and main ideas
  • Global changes and environmental crisis


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