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What if your writing could engage all of the senses of your readers — smell, touch, sound, taste, and sound? Good news: this is not only a great dream — this can actually become real with a help of a descriptive essay. A descriptive essay is a tool to bring any subject to life, and every writer should try writing this type of essay at least once. A descriptive essay may seem like a hard task at first, but if you choose your topic right and put enough effort into writing an essay, you will succeed. But if you are not sure about the topic you want to write about, don’t give up — this article has got some interesting descriptive essay topics.

How to write a descriptive essay

Start with choosing an object or emotion you want to describe. Use our descriptive essay topics list to find the topic you like. Then, start collecting an information about it. Make a list of sensory details about it. To make the process easier form 5 columns: “touch”, “sound”, “smell”, “taste”, and “sight”. Then, fill up all of these columns with as many details as possible.

Before writing your essay, you should also think about your thesis statement. A Thesis statement is a single sentence that presents the main idea of an essay. It should be short and written in a strong language. Don’t use common words for a thesis statement.

The introduction should set the scene and context for the subject you are going to describe. Your opening sentence should grab your reader's’ attention and make them want to keep reading, so make sure that you work on that. For the first sentence, you could use an interesting metaphor or a description of a feeling. Be creative! You can also ask your readers a rhetorical question by telling them to imagine something. For example, if you are writing an essay about nature in mountains, you could ask your readers to imagine how it feels to wake in the alpine woods, breathe the fresh air, and hear the birds singing. This will definitely leave a nice impression on your readers. If you have chosen your topic among funny descriptive essay topics, you could start your essay with a joke or a funny story.

After introduction come body paragraphs. To make them more effective, use topic sentences in the beginning of each of the paragraphs. It is best to present an idea at first, and then to back it up with some evidence. Make sure to use smooth transitions between paragraphs — this way your essay will sound better. Do a research to find out more about which transitions are appropriate for descriptive essays. Don’t make your paragraphs to long — use a standard length, which is about 6 sentences. 

For conclusion try to rewrite your thesis statement and main argument using different words. The goal of a conclusion is to sum up the whole essay, but it should not repeat the main ideas word to word. To leave a lasting impression, you could also tell your readers a short story, joke, or make a call to action.

Descriptive essay topics for high school students

descriptive essay topics for high school students

There is always a big chance that a high school teacher will decide to give his or her students a descriptive essay as an assignment. If you are a high school student, then do your best to learn as much as possible about the assignment, and don’t forget to follow the instructions the teacher gave you. And if you don’t know what to write about, this article has a few ideas.

Here are some good descriptive essay topics for high school students:

  1. Describe a feeling of entering high school for the first time and meeting your new classmates
  2. How do you imagine yourself in 5 years: how has your appearance changed, are you at university or college, do you have a job?
  3. Describe the best book of your life that influenced your views
  4. Describe a film that made you think about something more deeply
  5. Describe a classroom of your favorite teacher
  6. What was the best gift that you ever got in your life?
  7. Describe your daily routine, what do you do before and after school
  8. What your ideal weekend should look like?
  9. Describe your friends. Are they your age? Do you go to school together? How do they look like? Do you share the same interests?
  10. Describe your childhood and toys you liked to play with

Descriptive essay topics for college students

descriptive essay topics for college students

College students might get a descriptive essay as an assignment as well. Even if a student doesn’t like writing, a descriptive essay is a great chance for him or her to review an experience from their past, feel great moments again and just think more deeply about important things in their lives. Take the most out of your assignments in college, because they might bring surprising results. But don’t forget about the instructions for the essay if there are some! And if you don’t know what to write about, here is a list of topics for descriptive essay writing for college students:

  1. Describe an event that has changed your life a lot
  2. What are you doing during your working day? Do you make a specific list of goals or just do everything that comes to mind?
  3. Describe your first day as a student. Which expectations did you have of college and how many of them turned out to be true?
  4. Describe a hobby you enjoy during your spare time. Why do you like it and how much time do you dedicate to it?
  5. What is the most embarrassing day of your life? How did you feel that day?
  6. Describe a food that you love the most. Is it sweet or spicy? How does it make you feel?
  7. Think of a moment when you met someone you did not see for a long time — for example, a friend or a family member. How did you feel about meeting them again?
  8. Describe your dormitory. Do you like living in a dorm and do you have good roommates?
  9. Describe a music genre you like. Does it inspire and motivate you?
  10. Describe the first year of college. Tell the most important things about the first year of college and what can be done to make the most out of it
  11. What is the best way to study at college? Describe your experience
  12. Remember the moment when you were accepted to college. Which emotions did you experience that day?
  13. What kind of job would you like to get after graduation?

Best descriptive essay topics about memories and associations

best descriptive essay topics about memories and associations

Memories are sometimes the most precious thing we have, and they can bring happiness as well as sadness. Memories help us learn from our past so we won’t make the same mistakes again. We can review things we have done or situations that happened to us to learn from that experience and become a better person. But sometimes memories just bring nice moments that would make us smile for a minute or two.

Here are great descriptive essay topics about memories and associations:

  1. Describe the most memorable concert that you have attended
  2. How many times did you travel around or outside the country? What is your most memorable trip?
  3. Who is the teacher that you liked the most and who inspired you? What is the best lesson that you had with that teacher?
  4. Describe a special moment that you had with your family. What did you do and how did you feel?
  5. Describe the time when you met someone famous. Did you enjoy meeting that person?
  6. Describe a moment when you felt sad. What made you feel that way?
  7. Describe a moment when you were happy. What made you feel happy?
  8. Describe your best summer vacation. Where have you been?
  9. Describe the oldest memory you have. How old were you?
  10. Which associations do you have with Christmas? Do you celebrate it? If you do, what is the best Christmas you had?
  11. Remember a time when you performed in front of a crowd. How did you feel: nervous or excited?

Common descriptive essay topics about daily life

You may not find your day-to-day life interesting, because you are used to it, but actually, it may turn out that your daily life hides more great moments than you thought. Writing about your daily and weekly routine will help you take a look on our life from another perspective and you will start enjoying every moment of your day, even if it’s just a morning coffee or a conversation with your colleagues. Here is a list of descriptive essay topics about daily life.

  1. Describe your morning routine before school, college, or work. What do you usually do and how long does it take you to get ready?
  2. What do you cook for yourself during the day? Which type of food do you eat most often?
  3. How do you get to your school, college, or workplace? What do you think about on the way there?
  4. What is your favorite sports activity? How often do you participate in any sports activity?
  5. How do you spend time with your friends? How often do you meet and which places do you visit together?
  6. How do you spend time with your significant other? How often do you see each other and what are you doing together?
  7. How often do you go grocery shopping? What do you usually get?
  8. How often do you read? Which genres of books do you prefer?
  9. Do you watch movies and TV show and how often? What is your favorite genre?
  10. Describe your bedroom. Which furniture do you have in your room?
  11. Do you like your neighbors? How often do you visit each other? What do you do together?
  12. How often do you go out? Where do you like to spend your time? Describe your favorite place
  13. How often do you talk to your classmates or colleagues? Do you go out together and where?

Easy descriptive essay topics

easy descriptive essay topics

Sometimes you understand that you feel tired or exhausted, and have no will to write about anything complicated. And the only thing you want is to use homework help online. If that is your case, don’t worry, because writing can be a form of relaxation too. If you want to only relax and write about something nice and easy, here is a list of easy descriptive essay topics for those who need some time to reduce stress. These topics can also be used as short descriptive essay topics for short essays.

  1. Describe the best dream you had. How did you feel after you woke up?
  2. Describe your worst nightmare. Were you scared? How did you feel after you woke up?
  3. If you have a pet, describe it, its habits and favorite toys to play with
  4. Describe people on the street. What are they doing and what do they look like?
  5. If you have a favorite restaurant in your town or city, describe it. What kind of food do they serve?
  6. Do you like art? What is your favorite painting, sculpture, or another piece of art? Describe it in details
  7. Are you into photographing? What is the best photo you have taken?
  8. Describe your favorite bookstore. Is it big or small? How often do you visit it?
  9. Describe waiting in a line. How do you feel: annoyed or excited?
  10. Do you like picnics? Describe a time when you went on a picnic. What food did you prepare? Where did you go? How was the weather?
  11. Do you like flowers? Describe a bouquet of flowers that you liked the most. What were the colors of the flowers?
  12. Do you like camping? Describe the best camping trip you had and a place where you went
  13. Have you ever flown in an airplane? Describe your feelings when you were traveling by plane

Descriptive essay topics to write about places and objects

Sometimes things that can inspire us are just in front of our eyes. The can lay next to us, and we won’t even notice it. It can be a toy or a book, or a place where we are at the moment — literally anything. Just look around and you will notice that a lot of inspiration hides so close to you. Here are some descriptive essay topics ideas about places and object that surround you:

  1. Describe a park in the middle of the day and in the evening. How many people are there and what are they doing? How is the weather?
  2. Describe an art exhibition: what did you see and what did you like?
  3. Describe a house in which you spent your childhood. How many rooms were there and which furniture was there?
  4. Describe a garden full of flowers, plants, and trees. How does it smell there? Which kind of fauna is growing there?
  5. Describe a beautiful landscape. How does it look like? How does it make you feel?
  6. Describe the house of your dream. How does it look inside and outside?
  7. Describe the most beautiful place that you have visited. Which feelings did you experience?
  8. Describe the school or college you studied in. What kind of atmosphere was there? How many people were studying with you?
  9. Describe a perfect place for vacation. Is it in a hot or cold country? Do you want to spend your time in nature or go to a big city?
  10. Describe your favorite store. How often do you buy something from it? Is it small or big?
  11. Describe any type of transport you often use. It can be a car, a train, and even an airplane
  12. Describe a thing that is very special to you. What is it? Is it big or small? Why is it special to you?
  13. Give a tour around the room you are in and describe a few pieces of furniture that you can see
  14. Describe your favorite toy from childhood
  15. Describe your favorite outfit. On which occasions do you wear it and how often?





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