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Family Bonding Essay Writing Guide

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Essays about family ​​is a popular assignment because family values are considered to be the essential aspect of human relationships. The complex economic situation, as well as the dramatic changes that have occurred in people’s lives in recent years, have exacerbated the problem of family ties. There is no wonder that a ‘what causes a family to have close relationships’ essay is a fairly popular type of research work like racism or abortion essay. Of course, there are various opinions on what should constitute family values, and their formation depends on each person’s background. In this article, you will find useful information about families as well as some tips on how to write a good essay about family relationship. Moreover, you will discover some curious facts and statistics on this topic.

Information for an essay about the family in modern society


Before writing an essay on family relationships in modern society, let’s consider the concepts of marriage and family. Historically, marriages were arranged mostly due to economic reasons, especially in the Medieval Ages. As the main goal of marriage was to create an alliance between families, most couples formed the union not because of mutual love but for economic liaisons.

Now let’s talk about the concept of family. Firstly, let’s review the definition of
the word “family”.

Generally speaking, family is a group of people who live together and have very personal level of relationship. The traditional family, which is shown in the media, advertising, and TV, consists of a father, mother, and children. However, in practice, it is not always that way. There are different types of families; for example, nuclear, extended, complex, single-parent, childless, etc. It is a good idea to mention them in your research paper on family values.

Due to the fact that there are different kinds of families, each of the households has its own problems. However, family relationships essay should describe general problems that are topical for each type and propose effective solutions.

Researchers note that nowadays, the modern family is in a state of profound changes that affect all aspects of life. There are clearly observed trends in birth rate (which is decreasing), conscious childlessness, and big number of divorces over the world.

Inform the readers of your importance of family relationships essay that nowadays, we are the witnesses of new and complex stage of evolution, which is a transition from a traditional family model to a new one. This change is explained by the entirely new lifestyle of current generations. The former foundations are being destroyed, and the structure of the family is simplified.

Statistics for essays on family values

Scientists often use surveys in order to track any changes in a society. Here are some curious sociological polls that revealed a very interesting picture which may be represented in essays about family relationships:

  • The typical American family consists of 3 people on average, while in Europe there are approximately 2.3 persons.
  • 36% of divorces happen during first 5 years of living together. Unions concluded by spouses under the age of 20 years are terminated in 99.9% of cases.
  • More than one-third of respondents can’t formulate a convincing motivation for marriage, which suggests that this union is not a priority in their personal value system.
  • Both men and women consider a favorable family climate their main value.
  • The opinion of husbands and wives does not coincide when it comes to sexual harmony in marriage. Sex is the third most important factor in the family hierarchy of needs for husbands and the fourth – for wives.
  • The pregnancy period was a happy one only for three women out of a hundred.

It can be stated in a short speech about family that the values ​​of people of different age and sex reflect the specifics of a certain period of life. Moreover, they contradict each other in a number of scales. Of course, one of the reasons for the significant differences in the hierarchy of family values ​​was the transformation of the patriarchal family, which continues to this day. The causes of this phenomenon lie in the process of family evolution, which should be considered in the essay on importance of family relationships.


Transformation of family values in the evolution of marriage

There is a significant number of marital relationships forms. However, it is impossible to consider all of them in a short essay about family. But for actual contemporary research, the most important notions are ‘the patriarchal model’ and ‘the modern family’ (which is called a ‘transformed’ one by some researchers).

According to some sociologists, there are several types of relations functioning in society: patriarchal or traditional; focused on children or modern; marital or postmodern. Modern family is a ‘marriage of good friends’ united for the common organization of life and upbringing of children. Let’s consider what was before such democratic changes.

For many centuries, the absolute parental power and authoritarian system of upbringing was adopted in the patriarchal family. The slightest violation of these principles led to inevitable sanctions. Children were subjected to corporal punishment if they talked to their parents rudely or refused to follow their orders. Moreover, according to sociologists, there was no concept of responsibility of parents towards kids.

At the same time, along with the irresponsibility of adults, there were excessive demands on kids. They had to stick to the main rule ‘Honor thy father and thy mother.’ So, you may note the positive changes in upbringing that we experience now in your relationship between parents and children essay.

Next, there was compulsory collectivism and centralism in the patriarchal family. The interests of community did not just dominate the family realm – they were of a tremendous value, while individual interests were not taken into account.

This trend can be clearly seen in the example of marriage. Young people married not for love but at the will of parents, which in this case would satisfy the interests of the family as a whole. Marriage was considered as something like a transaction. Later, there was a rigid consolidation of roles in the family. The domination of the husband took place due to the concentration of economic resources in his hands.

There are four main patriarchal priorities which should be indicated in scholarly articles on family values:

  • Family and economy are inseparable concepts. Production depends on demographic indicators. The social roles of men and women are strictly differentiated in this case.
  • The power of kinship, its dominance in social life.
  • Inseparable dependence on the land. In the past, most families were peasants, and the whole life of the society depended on the land they owned.
  • The creation of large families was a consequence of the adoption of socio-cultural norms of early marriage and high birth rate due to the high mortality and a short lifespan of the population.

The change in economic relations and egalitarian tendencies in a society gave rise to two trends that radically transformed the patriarchal system of values:

  • The first one is the liberation of children from their parents. The young generation could finally enjoy independence and experience life on their own. Therefore, modern sociologists associate the effectiveness of socialization with the preservation of a certain moral and psychological distance between parents and children. You may describe this positive trend in what makes a family happy essay.
  • The second movement is the liberation of women from men. In the middle of the twentieth century, women actively explored areas of activity that were unusual for them before: social, political, and cultural. Men lost their monopoly in industries with low skilled labor (for example, telephone solicitor) and service sphere (for example, nursing).

Thus, the features of the new marriage model are connected with the transformation of patriarchal values. The modern type of relationships is determined not by kinship (as in patriarchal society) and not by the next generations (as in the family focused on children). You can mention this fact in your essay on family relationships and conflict.

Finally, one more idea that was adopted during the transformational period is that sexuality can’t be reduced to procreation only. It should be mentioned in essays about family love that eroticism is the main feature of postmodern unions.

Now you know a lot about the transformation of family values. So you can highlight the main points of the transition from traditional models to modern ones in your argumentative essay on family relationships. Note that the principle of kinship is characteristic of ‘traditionalism.’

The agrarian society regarded a family household as its main economic unit. As a rule, all adults used to work at home planting crops. The modern model involves the division of the house and work. There is a hired labor in large enterprises with an individual payment regardless of the status in kinship ties.

However, some aspects of the patriarchal family still remain unchanged. Due to the socio-cultural division of family responsibilities, women who finally started working continue to conduct household activities without any help. This double workload is interpreted as the result of male domination. Therefore, the desirable equitable distribution of household functions between husband and wife is declared the ideal for family democratization. You can discuss this fact in your what makes a happy family essay as well.

So as you can see, there are a lot of aspects to touch upon in such type of paper. By the way, you may finish the importance of family values essay with the following conclusion: the essence of the modern social transformations lies in changing the hierarchy of family values.

family bonding essay writing guide 2

Useful tips on how to write quality importance of family essays

As you definitely know, an essay is an academic paper on a certain topic. The main features of such paper are unique author’s style, relatively small size, subjective interpretation of the topic, and ease of narration. Essays about family values is a frequent assignment in schools and colleges, so you have to do your best to deliver a really quality paper to your teacher or professor. Luckily, in this part of the article, we will consider the basic writing rules.

To begin with, you need to determine the content of your “why family is important” essay. It means that you have to think what ideas you will convey in your paper. The presence of the following details in the essay is a must:

  • Relevant topic. In some cases, teachers provide students with good family essay ideas. If there is a choice, it’s better to take the topic that interests you or the one you are well-versed in.
  • Proper format. Do not underestimate the importance of proper margins, citations, and the font you use when writing. The requirements of the teacher should be taken into account in order to get a good grade.
  • Conformity with a readership. Think about the target audience of your paper. Why do you want to convince the readers of your point of view? What arguments will you use for that? Study the most suitable material in order to provide proof of your arguments.
  • Credible sources. Find out what references can be used in the article about family love. Do you need to specify the number of main sources and additional ones? Can you use Wikipedia in search of material? This is a fairly good choice for acquaintance with a great variety of family essay topics. But, in some cases, references to more authoritative sources are required.
  • No plagiarism. Use quotes in accordance with the rules so that there will be no need to redo the paper last night before the submission.
  • Open-mindedness. Do not ignore statements and facts that contradict your arguments. Good researchers mentions the points of view opposing their opinions for comparative purposes or modify them. For example, imagine you are writing the “what effect social media has on family relationships” essay. It’s important to determine whether you will describe only positive/negative factors or simply make a review without supporting a certain side. If you are inclined towards a certain viewpoint, search for information that contradicts it and include it in your text.
  • Learning from the best. Conduct an analysis of quality speeches about family importance. There are a lot of informative speech topics for college students on the Web. Most likely, you will find good papers on your topic.
  • Unique ideas. Of course, it is possible to cite other people’s arguments as evidence supporting statements that you make. But in some cases, it is required to make the speeches about family a bit more unique.

Following these tips, you will definitely deliver a quality essay! But if you struggle to write a paper on your own, it is better to use thesis paper writing service.

family bonding essay writing guide 4

Writing an essay about how technology affects family relationships

A lot of essay questions about family relationships usually cover the aspect of the use of technology and how it influences communication between family members. Particularly, it’s hard to deny the fact that the new generation is more tech-savvy than the older one, which may cause certain misunderstandings between them. Primarily, parents are often concerned that their children have more interest in their phones than in anything else whatsoever. There are many essay topics you can choose to address this. For example, “spend time with a family” essay can cover the importance of family gatherings at least once a week with a ban on phones during this time. You can list the pros of such approach or find scientific evidence on the significance of such practices. If you want to reflect on your own experiences, you can write a family bonding essay and describe what you and your parents do to strengthen your relations and how, if ever, technology affects it. The effect of technology should not necessarily be negative. For example, with a lot of streaming services available, you can now choose something interesting to watch together and discuss the movie or the show later.

However, usually, when talking about effects of technology on the quality of time families spend together, people imply that it is a hindrance. The easiest way to highlight it would be writing a social media effects on family relationships essay. Lately, people have become so consumed by different social media that they barely communicate in the real life. Moreover, this issue does not just affect kids. Many parents become addicted as well, and might sometimes neglect their own needs and the needs of their children. If you find enough information about it, it can even be enough to write a research paper about family relationships.

How to write a paper about family?

First thing first, compile a plan of work and carefully consider how you will structure the text. Determine the introduction to your narrative, what will be reflected in the main part, and what family relationships essay conclusion will be presented in the end.

The next important thing to talk about is a thesis statement. Identify a few good ideas among those that were expressed and include them in your thesis to later cover them in the body of the paper. Afterward, write the main part of your work. At this stage, you should consider the size of the essay in order to cover every point without going over the word limit. By the way, it’s a good idea to use the free-writing method in order to create a paper. You can make the text more coherent a bit later.

Here are some more tips to consider in order to submit a paper that will stand out among other works:

  • Do not use ambiguous or vague phrases. The main idea in each paragraph should be specific and understandable. For example, if you’re writing a positive family relationships essay, make a list of what exactly you think makes such relationships positive. Once you’re done, make it into a thesis statement.
  • When writing a paper on a controversial topic (for example, “step-family relationships” essay) remember that the reader may not accept your point of view or be particularly fond of your arguments, so it’s very important not to seem incompetent or tactless.
  • It is necessary to avoid such pronouns as I, you, your, we, etc. Topics that imply the disclosure of the author’s personal experience or ideas can be considered an exception. For example, in such papers as “the best lesson my family taught me” essay, it would be impossible to avoid using the abovementioned pronouns  
  • Do not be afraid to be sincere and open-hearted. For example, if you are writing a “what does family mean to you” essay, you can tell some nice stories about your family or recall some moments when you were really close.
  • Choose a suitable title and compile the introductory part. In the end, these parts will determine the desire of the reader to get acquainted with your paper. As well as the conclusion, the introduction should focus the reader’s attention on the problem under consideration.
  • Avoid using obvious statements like ‘I am writing this what family means to me essay about.’ They are self-explanatory and redundant.
  • Write the final part. It is necessary to sum up all the arguments presented to show that you have covered the topic thoroughly.
  • The arguments should prompt the reader to draw certain conclusions. In the final part of the work, the thesis statement should be mentioned again in order to remind the audience what they are reading about.
  • Thoroughly formulate the final sentence summarizing all of the ideas presented before. For example, if you are writing why is family important essay, you can finish it by reiterating why your family is important to you.
  • Reread your paper carefully the day after its completion. Your essay must be finished a few days before the final deadline so that you have enough time to make the necessary corrections and adjustments.

We hope that this article was useful. Now you know how to write an essay about your family and the importance of kinship values as a social phenomenon. Good luck! 


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