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How to Write a Killer Essay on Gun Control

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What is this all about?

The topic of gun control has always been a subject of heated debates. However, this issue became a burning one in the 20th century, with the new gun laws released. The two sides have been arguing on some smaller topics, but the main one has always been the same – should the government ban the guns for anybody except the military or not. Every new political party usually changes the law to indulge the interests of their supporters. So, every time liberals get are in the office, they try to restrict the laws, thus making it harder, in some cases even impossible, to get guns legally. On the other hand, every time the republicans get to rule the country, they make access to guns easier again. So, as we can see, there are many sides of this problem, which makes it a great topic to write about. With the help of some historical background facts, you will be able to write a great pro gun control essay, providing substantial facts why gun ownership should be legal. However, we are considering both sides of the issue in our article. So, if you are an opponent of guns, you will find enough information to write a nice against gun control essay.

How much information is needed for this essay?

Well, first of all, before writing anything, you would need to find as much info on the topic as you can. There is never too much information. The more facts you have, the more variety there is to choose from. Writing papers on gun control topic is not as easy as it might seem at first. An important thing to remember in this case is to check every source that you have. You surely do not want your essay on gun control to be crashed by just one false fact that you found on the Internet, do you? Also, avoid getting any information from small websites and blogs. It is better to check on the sites that have proven to be posting true info over the years.

How about the content?

After getting all the information that you needed, you have to think how to start your gun control essay properly. The first thing you have to approach when writing is the structure. Every type of academic paper has a specific structure. The details may vary, but, generally, there are just a few types. A great way to have your text structured properly is to look for examples online. With most of the articles published online, we have full access to the best works. Therefore, spend some time and check out how to divide your text into paragraphs and how to start and finish the essay properly. Also, you need to find some phrases that might be useful when writing about such a specific topic. For example, when writing a research paper on gun control, you have to remember that you need to explain all of the unknown words used in work. A great way to avoid all of the explanations is to change them to the other expressions, but you will have to make sure that they are exactly the same meaning. That is probably everything you have to know before writing the actual gun control research paper. So, what do we have to include in the essay?

essays on gun control laws

Before you start writing

We have all heard that it is important to impress the reader from the start. To make a good first impression, you will need to do a lot of things in your paper, but the main one is to have a hooking header. For example, you would definitely like to show both sides of the argument in the first words when writing a research paper on gun control laws. However, you will still need to look if the header fits the following content. You surely do not want to have a serious title when your paper is a satirical essay on gun control, do you? Therefore, ask your friends or colleagues whether the topic of the text fits the content. And, of course, you will need some examples of a good header when writing the essay. As mentioned before, it might be a pro-gun control header, a neutral one, or one against gun control. Here are some pro-control ones:

  • More guns bring more violence
  • How is the line between self-defense and deadly force crossed every day?
  • Stop the guns getting to wrong people

And, of course, some headers that may be useful if you are working on one of the articles against gun control:

  • Think more of education, not the gun control
  • Laws are not created for criminals
  • Murder as a route to fame, mass media to blame?

A couple of neutral ones will finish it:

  • Can the Second Amendment and gun control co-exist?
  • Who needs to be blamed, the people or the guns?

Indeed, you can find much more of these online or create your own, but with one of the headers, you will be able to make an awesome first impression on the reader. The only thing you have to do is make sure that you pick the right one.

Thesis statement for gun control essay or how to start the essay

You probably know that the thesis statement is a core part of an introduction. It is really important to have your gun control essay introduction written in a great way that hooks the reader right from the start, but still, it has to provide the needed information about the further text and be detailed enough. Moreover, reading your thesis statement, the audience has to understand what is the difference between your essay and tons of other papers on this topic. So how to come up with a gun control essay hook? Here, we will need to use the techniques that are used for all types of texts, not just for this specific topic. The great way to attract the readers is to write about a fact that has not been widely known so far. You can try to find the facts about the recent findings on the websites, where people are getting to the point of every problem. The only thing you need to do is to be aware of erroneous facts, but they can easily be checked online, and if you are not sure about the origin of a claim, it is better to leave it behind and choose some other arguments.

Talking about more specific things, you might provide the facts about mass shootings in a specific place or just generally. For example, you can start with the fact that America is a country with the highest percentage of weapons per person, with almost 89 out of 100 people having a gun. This fact might seem interesting, and for someone, it might be surprising. You can also leave one part of the fact in the thesis while promising to tell about the actual numbers later on. That would be a good motivation for someone to read your article. Another great thing to use is the double fact method, which offers you to extend the current statistic into something that will shock people even more. Continuing the example of 89 out of 100 people carrying guns, you should say that actually one-fifth of gun owners own over 60% of the guns out there, meaning that definitely not every person that you meet outside will have a gun on them or will be owning a gun at all. This technique will be useful for writing pro gun control articles. And the best thing about this method is that you can easily get as many interesting facts online as you want. The only advice is not to use more than two or three facts at the beginning, as it may make the thesis hard to understand, while you want it to be as short as possible and offer some crucial information.

To make the task easier for you, we are offering you some of the facts that can be used in a gun control informative essay. They will fit any part of your essay on gun control. So, here is the most interesting information for your paper on gun control:

  • Almost 17 thousands of murders have been committed in the United States during 2016. 73% of them were committed with the guns.
  • Over 371 million guns were owned by Americans in 2014. This number is getting higher every year.  
  • The USA has the biggest percentage of deaths from guns in the world. People are getting killed mostly with handguns (roughly over 50%).
  • America holds only 5% of Earth’s population. However, over 30% of mass shooters are Americans.

You can find more facts on the Web from some well-known sources, but look carefully as any gun control argumentative essay will require the facts to be checked and the sources to be linked. The great thing to add to this part would be a nice graph to support your facts. That would be even more useful when writing persuasive essays against gun control because it is hard to give counter-arguments nowadays. Therefore, the best way to support your ideas is to have a perfectly written essay. Fortunately, there are tons of information for any of your gun control essays. Still, you can try to come up with your own ideas to add in the paper. The main thing is to follow the rules of writing and formatting of all papers, even an essay on gun control laws.

What to write in the main part of your gun control essay

Generally, writers tend to bomb readers with numerous facts, but you need to start your main part in a slower manner. Yes, it is important to come back to the general statements to realize that writing the main part is not that much of a job. All you will need to do is just have enough information. If you spent enough time and have been searching for gun control scholarly articles for quite some time, you will be happy with what you have, but if not, you will have to come back to searching once again.

A big mistake that a novice writer can make is creating a title that does not fit the body of the paper. So, imagine you are writing an essay, and at the beginning, you have a nice header and a great gun control argumentative essay outline that allows you to have an awesome start to the text, but after the fast start, you slow down at the place where you have to connect your main part to everything that has been written previously. This does not mean that your middle part of the text is bad or something, but it simply starts floating away from the actual topic. So, if you are writing some kind of research papers on gun control, try not to go in a slightly different direction. Always focus on the main idea and build your argumentation on its basis.

Now let’s be more specific. How about the actual content of an essay on gun violence in America? Well, things start getting a little more complicated, as there are three sides to this situation in the US, and you will have to mention each of them. For example, in a why guns should be legal essay, it is important to give as little arguments for banning the weapons as you can. Afterward, give some strong arguments about why guns should not be banned and why you think that it will be better if they are allowed. However, just like with the thesis statement on gun control, you have to remember that you should not overload your paper with the numerous arguments and facts. Just imagine yourself reading a text like that. Most likely, it will be really hard to get anything useful from that article as the quantity does not ever mean the quality. Try to keep up with this statement, and your middle part of the essay will be all right.

So, what is there to write about in a simple gun control essay outline? Well, as we already mentioned, there is a lot of information on this topic. It’s awesome to have such a variety of sources for research, isn’t it? Indeed, the variety of information is good, but as soon as you start filtering everything, you will find out that most of the texts on the topic of gun control are the same, and will you will have to spend a considerable amount of time searching for interesting facts that can be used in your gun violence and gun control essay. And now, let’s talk about actual topics.

When writing an argumentative essay about gun control, it is especially important to remember to check the info. With this topic being the most argued one nowadays, there are many ‘new facts’ that have just come out, but as soon as you go online and search for them, you will be surprised to find out that these words are false and you have just been fooled. An essential thing to write for the support of gun control laws is such a terrible phenomenon as school shootings. You might have read some kind of a guns on college campuses essay, but all you have to do to get the actual historical facts is to read about the event from the sources published at that time. After analyzing all of them, you will get an independent point of view that will allow you to write most of the text without even using the experts’ opinions on the topic.

So, school shootings have been a topic brought to our generation from the end of the 20th century when the Columbine High School shooting made the whole world talk about gun violence in the United States and, of course, write numerous essays on gun control laws. Researching this topic, you will see that there is a small boom in the newspapers and mass media after every school shooting, but after some time, everything goes down, and the routine topics start taking over the publishing sources. But if we stop writing about the problem, it will not just go away as some would think. Eventually, new mass shootings will happen again, and people will be suffering from it again. You may include this argument in your gun control research paper outline.

guns on college campuses essay

Guns are the instrument of self-defense

If you are a person who is up-to-date with all of the current news, you must have heard about the situations when somebody was shot, and the shooter was not sentenced to prison because the death was qualified as the self-defense case. Indeed, self-defense is the reason for most of those shootings, but in some cases, you will be surprised that people are getting killed just for walking by the shooter’s house because they are just looking suspiciously. These cases are sadly happening more and more as people are getting the new guns every year. The question of the line between self-defense and a deadly weapon is among all of the gun control debate articles. Therefore, think of adding this topic to your essay. The reason why it is an awesome topic to write about is that people hear about these situations happening in their states, and they will most likely get involved in this theme. You will also find this topic in many gun control persuasive essay examples, reinforcing its importance. If you don’t feel like working on these types of essays, luckily, there are more topics you can write about.

The last topic that will be covered here that could be used in a pro gun control argumentative essay is the topic of American gun culture. What exactly is American gun culture? Well, that is the way Americans treat weapons and want their laws to be implemented. If you were able to ask anybody outside of the US how they feel about gun control in this country, they would all agree that the laws have to be changed immediately as people have too many rights for guns nowadays. The culture actually was the product of the first laws in the United States. That was the time when people were still fighting the local inhabitants, and that was the reason why many people had to use their personal guns to be able to stop their enemies. Things have changed quite a lot from that time, haven’t they? But the gun laws have been almost the same since that time until today.

This topic is a great choice to write about in a gun violence essay. It would also work out greatly if you combined the previous part of the article about the self-defense with this one. That will be a mix that is interesting to read as it is bringing a huge amount of information to the reader. Gun culture has been evolving, and nowadays, it is at its highest point when even children are taught how to shoot from a young age. That might come as a surprise for some, but teens themselves are used to this kind of talks, and nobody would be able to recognize a mass-shooter among the ‘gun club’ because they are just like everybody else. However, if most of them are aiming at the bottles, the shooters are aiming at other people.

Alternatively, you might be writing an argumentative essay against gun control, which is a highly debated topic in the US. Do you remember the facts from the beginning of this article? Well, almost all of them show that in the US, people hope to defend themselves using their own utilities. And that has always been the point that all of the Americans were proud of. It might have been seen as the fact that people of their country are ready to take a fight and that nobody is afraid of nothing. However, the situation has changed throughout the years, and now people have all different thoughts on this topic. That is why any arguments for and against gun control need to be double-checked and picked carefully. So, what are those arguments you can write about in an essay against gun control?

Defending the gun owner’s side, you can mention the old but useful argument – people in the US really value their freedom. The freedom of choice is a part of it. Yes, some might want to give up their freedom in order to be safe under the country’s guards. However, it is almost impossible to know if the country will be able to defend you on time. Maybe, it is way easier to stay alive when you are left on your own with your personal gun. However, some people may decide to ‘defend’ themselves from innocent individuals. This is the argument to mention in benefits of gun control laws essay.

Of course, this side is one of the hardest to support with the right arguments that will be well understandable for all parties. However, that is not everything that you can opt from when writing an essay on the topic that is against gun control. So, one of the ways to support your thought while not saying anything bad about the opposite side is by providing a neutral argument. Those are the arguments where you have to include information on both pro-gun control and anti-gun control topics. The trick to this way of writing is that you will have to include some of the information on the opposite topic as well. It should not be anything too shocking or new. For example, if you are writing one of the articles supporting gun control, you will need to tell some of the interesting statistics that you can find online or at the beginning of this text. It will be helpful to show the reader that the essay is not one-sided, but at the same time, you will support your ideas with another argument without even having to create anything new on the topic you have picked to write about. By the way, these arguments will be really useful in a should guns be allowed on college campuses essay.

The topic of guns has always been a bit controversial, as some tend to think that guns are the factor that changes the person who has never thought of anything linked with guns. That is also associated with the modern false mass-media coverage. Any persuasive essay on gun control that you will find online will be somehow linked with these arguments. But in this case, you have to put a lot of effort to prove yourself right, no matter what side you are defending.

How to make your main part even better?

Before writing the gun control essay conclusion, you have to approach your main part once more to see if everything seems right about it. Remember that every piece of art has to contain something that makes it unique. You may have an awesome main part, but without some extras, it will not be worth anything. The thing here is to know what kind of detail you need.

Probably the most important ones are the quotes. You will find many quotes in any gun control essay example on the Web. Quotes are a way to support the statement you have just made in the text. And the hint to have the best quote that you can is to have it from somebody who is both famous and an expert in the field. Since it is hard to find some of the good quotes, we will give you some that would support both sides that were mentioned in this article:

  • Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror. –Elliot Spitzer
  • In 1939, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, six million Jews and seven million others unable to defend themselves were exterminated. – Joe Wurzelbacher

Hopefully, these quotes will inspire you and help to get the best grade on your research paper on gun violence.

Good sources for gun control essay

Probably the most interesting source that you will find on the Web is Guns by Stephen King. The best thing about this source is that you can find a huge amount of factual information. Moreover, as we all know, Stephen King is a master of the word. That means that we can get many nice quotes for our essay from his book. Still, it does not mean that you should use only one source. More sources presuppose that there will be more ways to make your article unique.

The second source you would use is The National Rifle Association. Usually, the national associations are a great source of data because their statistical information is checked and sometimes used by the officials, so it will have to be up-to-date and true. And, of course, nobody gives away the fact that you can find some relevant quotes.

How to finish your essay?

People underestimate the power of the conclusion. Here, you have an important task of retelling the facts and most important statistics used in the text. Apart from that, you have to restate the thesis by making the same point with other words. Also, mind that this part of the text should not include any new information or quotes. All you have to do is just prove your point in a small number of sentences using everything that has been mentioned in the text before. We hope that this information was useful for you, and now you will write a perfect essay on gun control!


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