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How To Write Papers About Veterans

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Nowadays, there are many important topics that need to be discussed. The world is full of events, and some of them change our lives in the most unpredictable and terrifying way. War is the most terrible expression of human nature. All attempts are useless when it comes to explaining how people managed to conquer the oceans, mountains, and space, but still haven’t evolved enough to understand how senseless the war is.


Nevertheless, there were always people who fought for peace. Veterans have changed and defined the world we live in. Undoubtedly, they need to be respected and remembered, and that is why essays about veterans are written in schools and universities. In this article, we will describe how to compose essays about veterans and emphasize the importance of remembering about the atrocities of wars.

Essays About War

Once you’ve decided to write about war, state that it is an armed conflict between opposing states, nations, or large territorial communities with the participation of armies, militias, or other combat-ready formations. It is an irreconcilable and uncompromising confrontation in the most diverse areas such as economics, culture, religion, information sphere, etc. War is the most effective means of increasing the popularity of any regime. War greatly allows the government to use the external enemy as a powerful compensator for the failures of peacetime, and the warring nations get a chance to return the territories they have been deprived of once.


War greatly changes the world and humanity overall. And the main argument against war should be the losses that it brings. That is what you can mention in the essay about making sacrifices.


Tip: writing about wars is a great chance to influence people’s minds. An essay is an expression of one person’s opinion, so don’t hesitate to portray all kinds of wars as an inexcusable and absolutely irrelevant phenomenon for the humanity of the 21st century. Thus, writing, for instance, what they fought for essay, don't afraid to be emotional, but wrap it around with persuasive arguments and facts.

what does veterans day mean to me essay

The Greatest Wars in The World’s History Essay

In the world’s history, there have been wars that burst in several countries at once. The First World War began in 1914 and swept the majority of countries. It involved more than 1.5 billion people. The armed struggle was conducted by enormous armies equipped with numerous and diverse weapons. An uncountable number of human reserves and material resources constantly entered the fields of military operations. In the course of the war, over 173.5 million people were mobilized, and new regularities, methods, and forms of warfare were used.


Writing an essay about appreciating veterans of The Second World War, you need to state some facts showing how terrifying that war was. It was the greatest, most destructive, and bloodiest conflict in history. In its scale, it surpassed all wars of the past. The Second World War lasted six years - from 1939 to 1945. It involved 61 countries with a total population of 1 billion 700 million people, including Germany, Britain, France, Italy, the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and Japan. Military operations were conducted on the territory of 40 countries on three continents, and 110 million people were mobilized.


All the above mentioned is valuable data for creating essays on bravery. The losses and destruction caused by the Second World War are unmatched. They are so large that they cannot even be accurately calculated. According to historians, human losses in the Second World War amounted to no less than 50-60 million people, which is at least five times more than the losses in the First World War and more than twice the losses in all the wars of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. The material damage was 12 times bigger than in the First World War.


Like the First World War, the reason for World War II was the division of the world, territorial acquisitions, and sources of raw materials and markets, but unlike the First World War, it had clearly expressed ideological content. In the Second World War, the fascist and anti-fascist coalitions opposed each other. The fascist and militarist states that unleashed war sought to enslave other countries, establish their own order there, and achieve world domination. All this can also be mentioned if you’ve decided to create the everyday heroes essay. The states of the anti-fascist coalition defended their freedom and independence, as well as freedom of the countries enslaved by the fascists.

Soldiers and their Life Essay

Not a single life lost on the battlefield can be justified. It is hard to believe how many young people were killed during the war. The most important thing to mention in the life of a soldier essay is that wars always take away the lives of the innocent and young soldiers. A soldier is considered to be a lower rank or non-commissioned officer of the army or guard, mostly from the local country’s population, taken by a recruit or serving under the law of general military service. The soldier is someone who can prevent the potential threat of war and protect the citizen of the country they serve.  


Picking up good argumentative essay topics about veterans, you have a chance to choose a topic that will describe their life. Soldiers are brought up in strict discipline, supported by widely used corporal punishments (usually, using rods) and hand-to-hand fist punishments, mostly applied by officers. In the conditions of a harsh life, severe and harsh people are brought up, and they are definitely worthy of our respect. A similar fate awaits those who desire to serve in the navy. But that is a huge theme about which you can create a navy core values essay. In general, the topic of the military is quite broad, so that you can always find what to write about.

What is a Veteran Essay

Creating an essay about war veterans starts with defining the term ‘veteran.’ Veterans is a social category, receiving special rights and benefits, due to the involvement in a particular war. A veteran is a person who took part in combat operations for the protection of a certain country or in providing military units of the active army in combat areas. This term is defined by the law, which guarantees their social protection. A participant in the combat operations is a person who performed combat missions both in the military and in peacetime and was part of the regular units or partisan detachments. They belong not only to those who fought during the Second World War, but also to all those who took part in the fighting, both in the military and in peacetime, and not only in the native country but also in the territory of other countries.


As the years pass by, those who fought for our freedom are forgotten. In this situation, the main source of memory for this war remains a family. Creating essay topics about veterans, you can write one about the importance of remembering those who rescued our world during wars. The war is actualized in the minds of those young people who know how it directly touched their families in the name of victory.

Veterans Day Papers

There are various options for creating content on wars and veterans. Whichever one you choose, all of them have to be objective and noticeable. You can create an article, or if you don’t have enough materials, start with writing a short essay. Anyway, veterans day papers are written with certain goals, and the most essential of them is to remind people of those who rescued them and, in turn, to prove all those soldiers that we remember and we are grateful.


Among all other dates, it is difficult to overestimate the significance of Veterans Day. Many military conflicts of local and global importance were resolved thanks to these courageous people. Having put a lot of health and strength, they deserve a right to be respected.


From the veterans day essays examples, we can learn that this holiday reminds us about the participants in the combat operations that live next to us and those who are no longer around. This day is on the calendar of memorable dates, as a tribute to everyone who defended the world with weapons in hand and who underwent rigorous trials through the war.

Veterans Day Essays Ideas

Choosing a topic for your essay, consider writing about veterans days in different countries of the world. For instance, in the US, this date is called the Memorial day. Whatever county you live in, it would be useful to come up with some veterans day speech ideas examples. It can be as the following: “Dear veterans, accept the sincerest congratulations. I would like to express my gratitude for your fearlessness and tireless work in the difficult years of wars. I wish you strong health, peace, and tranquility!”


Today, we are particularly keenly aware of what it means to be able to defend

our family and preserve the world we live in. Creating the why do we celebrate veterans day essay, remind everyone that as the years pass quickly, the memory of those terrible days lives in our hearts and carefully sent from the generation to a generation. Veterans are the only living witnesses of those grievous years when the world needed protection.

Memorial And Veterans Day And Its Meaning Essay

Memorial day is another opportunity to give thanks to the veterans. Celebrating the Memorial day became an international tradition, which continues to influence the socio-political atmosphere in our world. There are many memorial day essay examples, but most of them don’t say anything about the modern youth and the importance of preserving the historical memory in its mind by honoring veterans on this important day. Still, many people do not know the history of their country and even the history of their family. But the worst thing is that people forget about the war and its heroes.


On November 11, the United States celebrate Veterans Day. This may be a good pick if you cannot come up with any veterans day essay ideas. This date was the day of the end of the First World War for the States, after the signing of the Compiègne Armistice in 1918. Each year, the whole country honors American veterans. The United States took an active part in the military and political actions of this war on the side of the Entente. In total, the First World War lasted more than 4 years, with 38 countries involved. The number of deaths, according to official figures, exceeds 10 million people.

Honor Veterans Essay

Honor is one of the intangible goods belonging to a person from birth; it is inalienable and inexpressible. This quality began to manifest itself in people with the allocation of privileged groups from the community. Honor meant following a system of rules that differentiates this group from others and emphasizes its high status. The person of honor has many merits, such as sincerity, honest and direct intention to adhere to previously reached agreements, conscientiousness, decency, valor, and a clear conscience. You should mention this information in what veterans day means to me essay. Reading your essay, young people have to realize why veterans are so honored in the whole world.


Writing the honoring veterans essay, you can state that with each passing year, there are fewer and fewer living participants of the Second World War. However, remembering the veterans and their deeds, we know that there is such a thing as honor. This is what you should write in your honor definition essay.

Veterans day essays

Veterans’ Lives in Different Countries Of the World

Once you’ve written your essay on courage and bravery, wars, losses, and so on, it’s time to write about something just as important. For instance, how do veterans of the Second World War live in different countries? It is indeed interesting to compare the lives of veterans in several countries for your why are veterans important essay.


  • Wehrmacht veterans are provided with comfortable and high-level social protection. Depending on the rank and merit, they receive a decent pension. Payments are also guaranteed to people of German origin who served in the Wehrmacht and “performed statutory military service in accordance with the rule of its passage until May 9, 1945.” It is interesting that veterans of other countries, who were seized during war and are still living in Germany have the right for a pension as well as social security. Veterans of war can count on a free two-time hospitalization for one year, and if it comes to the prisoners of war, the number of hospitalizations is unlimited.
  • Creating what does veterans day mean to me essay, state that the size of the pension for veterans of the Second World War in the UK directly depends on the military rank and severity of injuries. Monthly payments fluctuate between 2000 and 9000 euros. If there is a need, the state will additionally pay for the nurse. Moreover, any Briton who suffered during the Second World War has the right to receive a pension. There is also a supplement to the basic pension for the widows of veterans.
  • American participants in the Second World War are honored twice a year by the US authorities. Fallen soldiers are remembered on Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May, and veterans are honored on November 11 at Veterans’ Day. American veterans are added an extra $1200 to their pension, which on average is $1500. Participants in the Second World War in the United States are supervised by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, which manages 175 hospitals, hundreds of nursing homes, and thousands of district clinics. If the illness or disability of a veteran is a consequence of military service, then the state takes all costs for their treatment.
  • The number of veterans of the Second World War in France is about 800 thousand people; 500 thousand of them are former military men, 200 thousand are members of the Resistance, and 100 thousand were deported to Germany. French veterans have their own department; their problems are handled by the Ministry of Affairs of former servicemen and victims of war.

Heroes of War Essay

In what makes someone a hero essay, begin with that the victory in The Second World War was achieved at the cost of innumerable victims as well as selflessness and the courage of the soldiers.


The phenomenon of loss and new acquisition is difficult to comprehend by the people of our generation. Veterans day essays are written to remind one more time about their heroism and courage. In order to realize its importance, we must read and learn about war and its heroes. There must be a deeper qualitative analysis done. In any case, while individual participants and witnesses of the wartime are alive, it is important to investigate and understand the reasons that caused it.


Essay on Homeless Veterans

American soldiers replenish the ranks of the homeless. The commercials of the American army promise full life adventures, career growth, and even American citizenship. It sounds tempting, but recruiters don’t always tell the whole truth about what awaits new soldiers on the battlefield and what they can expect after military service. They lure people, promising them a good life, and a person eventually wastes their life somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan and returns to the US as a drug addict without a place to live and job. The war destroys both the body and the consciousness of the soldier. The US media are tired of showing the war, and Americans are less and less thinking about soldiers who are in the conflict zone, paying little attention to the consequences of the war.


To be honest, this theme is so huge that once you’ve chosen this topic, you should consider writing the homeless veterans research paper. Today, veterans are quickly becoming homeless as never before. Some receive food and clothing from the National Fund for Assistance to Veterans. This non-profit organization manages to do what the Veterans Affairs Department and other state organizations could not do. But, unfortunately, some of them end up on the street. It is expected that the situation will become worse with time as the soldiers are returning from the wars and struggle to find work.


According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development of the United States, as of January 2016, there were more than 13,000 veterans who were forced to live regularly on the streets. About 40 thousand at the same time noted that they had to spend at least one night on the street because of the lack of space for overnight accommodation. At the same time, on August 1, 2016, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the US Veterans Affairs Department, and the Interdepartmental Council for Homeless Affairs noted that this indicator decreased by 47% since 2010. Representatives of the White House also stressed that from January 2015 to January 2020, the number of homeless veterans decreased by 17%.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Scholarly Articles/h3>

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is also called “Vietnamese,” “Afghan,” “Iraqi,” and “Chechen” syndromes. For the first time, the conceptual linkage of PTSD to the psychological consequences of a specific war emerged after a military conflict in Vietnam, when the corresponding symptoms began to be observed in the returned US military personnel. Perhaps, the veterans day essay topics shouldn’t only describe their honor and war-time life. It should definitely concern their lives in the world without the war.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a so-called “Vietnamese syndrome,” which is usually experienced by war veterans or victims of terrorism. This diagnosis resonates with the veterans’ intuitive understanding of their suffering. This is what you can write about in the act of bravery essay. When they realize that their sense of congestion initially appeared as a normal instinctive reaction to their traumatic experiences, they begin to get rid of the thought that they are insane, hopelessly sensitive, and incurably defective. The problem is that complex post-traumatic stress disorder is not yet listed in the International Classification of Diseases.

Writing Papers on Veterans’ Rights

The topic of veterans’ rights is huge and important. It cannot be described fully in an essay. So, for a better portrayal of this theme, you can create a research paper on veterans’ rights. Here is some interesting information for your research.


For several years, the US managed to build an effective system for the rehabilitation of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. At the same time, the state essentially refused public donations. In February 2013, in the district of Erath, Texas, more than 30 thousand people came to say goodbye to the national hero of America, military sniper Chris Kyle. He took part in the military operation in Iraq and became the most effective shooter in the history of the US Army. He had more than 150 confirmed murders on his account. For the head of Kyle in Iraq, a reward of $ 20 thousand was awarded. But he died four years after the demobilization. The sniper was shot by another veteran of Afghanistan, whom Kyle tried to train on behalf of a private organization to dispel his depression.


It is still unclear what became the reason for the murder. But, according to doctors, Eddie Ruth, who shot Kyle, suffered from post-traumatic syndrome after injury and hostilities. Any event could provoke him to aggression. Kyle became a national hero; a film about his fate, released on the screens at the end of 2014, has collected $ 280 million and was nominated for six awards of the American Film Academy.


Nowadays, there are more than 1.5 million Americans who survived the war. 20% of them were shell-shocked, 50% were injured by bomb explosions, and 73% suffer from post-traumatic syndrome. Only a universal and standardized system of working with soldiers helps to socialize them.


However, the US economy is not able to provide jobs for all those who returned from the war. That is what you should add to your essay about homeless veterans. And according to the US Department of Defense, only 57% of people who have gone through military operations cannot normally continue to serve. It’s not just about physical injuries - most of them are not ready for a new war psychologically. They are also very difficult to adapt to a peaceful life. Nowadays, the US is gradually trying to smooth the contradictions of former soldiers with ordinary life. So it’s a good idea to state in your essay that veterans are normal people who can still benefit the country’s economy, but only if they are given jobs and socialized.



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