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How To Write Papers About Veterans

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Nowadays, there are many important topics that need to be discussed. The world is full of events, and some of them change our lives in the most unpredictable and terrifying way. War is the most terrible expression of human nature. All attempts are useless when it comes to explaining how people managed to conquer the oceans, mountains, and space but still haven’t evolved enough to understand how senseless the war is.


Nevertheless, there were always people who fought for peace. Veterans have changed and defined the world we live in. Undoubtedly, they need to be respected and remembered, and that is why essays about veterans are written in schools and universities. In this article, we will describe how to compose essays about veterans and emphasize the importance of remembering the atrocities of wars.

Best veterans essay topics

There are various veterans essays on bravery and sacrifices, and while you might choose a similar topic, there is a wide variety of options that you might want to check before you do. Here is our top pick of war and veterans day essay ideas:

  • Essay about homeless veterans and HUD-VASH
  • Act of bravery essay
  • Essay on homeless veterans and PTSD
  • Veterans day essays
  • Essay on courage and bravery
  • What does veterans day mean to me essay  
  • Honor definition essay
  • Honoring veterans essay
  • What is a veteran essay
  • Essay about war veterans
  • Essay about making sacrifices
  • Essay about appreciating vets
  • Everyday heroes essay
  • Life of a soldier essay
  • Navy core values essay 
  • What it means to be a veteran and what Veterans Day means to me essay
  • What they fought for essay

what does veterans day mean to me essay

Good argumentative essay topics about veterans

Argumentative essay is one of the most frequently assigned tasks in schools and universities. Besides, it is also among the most interesting ones. That is why we decided to present some interesting argumentative essay topics about veterans:

  • Why do we celebrate Veterans Day essay
  • Why are veterans important essay
  • What makes someone a hero essay
  • Why is it important to remember war deeds?
  • Is US government doing enough for the war heroes?
  • Why many veterans end up homeless?
  • Should screening for PTSD and mental disorders be mandatory for veterans?

Tips for Writing Essays About War

When writing veterans day papers and about war in general, it is important to remember a few simple tips:

  • Mind the style. The essay writing style should be semi-formal or formal. Do not use slang and word abbreviations, for example, instead of can’t write cannot, instead of wanna - want to, etc.
  • Stay polite. As you might have to talk about politics, religion, death, and other controversial topics, it is important to stay objective. Do not use hate speech and fact-check any information that you plan on including.
  • Use abbreviations carefully. There are a lot of abbreviations used in the military sphere. Before using an abbreviated version, be sure to write down a full one for readers to understand you better.
  • Leave some time for proofreading your paper. Manage your time in such a way that at the end of the day, you will have some time to reread your essay and correct the mistakes and typos.
  • Read some veterans day essays examples. These essays may inspire you to write your own or give you a better understanding of how to do it. Search for samples on a few specific topics, such as veterans and PTSD or memorial day essay examples to see the variety of arguments that can be presented in the paper. However, never plagiarize any of these texts because you will receive a 0 on your assignment.

Veterans day essays

Veterans research paper topics

  • Research paper on veterans’ rights
  • Homeless veterans research paper
  • The post-traumatic stress disorder in the soldiers of the Iraq war
  • Programs for veterans in the US
  • Veterans employability in the United States
  • Women veterans and PTSD
  • Affordable housing for veterans in the US
  • Long-term psychological effects of wars on veterans
  • High rate of suicide among Vietnam veterans
  • Study of mental problems of veterans in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder scholarly articles

Writing Research Papers on Veterans

  • Choose the topic of interest. This advice seems obvious, but it is really important to stick to it. If you conduct research on a topic that you really like, you will be more likely to create a decent paper and finish it faster.
  • Use only credible sources. Evaluate the credibility of the materials you find, especially online. Remember that Wiki-type websites, blogs, and forums are not the most reliable sources of information. Stick to scholarly sources such as books and journal articles instead.
  • Check your sources. War is difficult subject, and it is easy to manipulate the audience and distort facts to evoke certain emotions in readers when talking about it. Check the background of authors and read their texts carefully to make sure they are trying to be unbiased.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Your professor and, most likely, some of your friends, will be able to help you on different stages of the assignment completion. If you are not sure your topic is suitable, run it by your professor before you start working on the paper. When you finish writing, ask your friends to read your text to see if it makes sense.

Interesting Facts for Veterans Day Papers

Story of Chris Kyle

  • In February 2013, in the district of Erat, Texas, more than 30 thousand people came to say goodbye to the national hero of America, military sniper Chris Kyle. He took part in the military operation in Iraq and became the most effective shooter in the history of the US Army. He had more than 150 confirmed murders on his account.
  • A reward of $20,000 was offered for Kyle’s head in Iraq. However, he died four years after the demobilization. The sniper was shot by another veteran of Afghanistan, whom Kyle tried help with PTSD.
  • Kyle became a national hero. A movie about his life was released at the end of 2014, grossed $ 280 million, and was nominated for six awards in the American Film Academy.
  • Nowadays, there are more than 1.5 million American veterans. About 20% of them were shell-shocked, 50% were injured by bomb explosions, and 73% suffered PTSD.

Job search and rehabilitation

  • For several years, the US managed to build an effective system for the rehabilitation of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. At the same time, the state essentially refused public donations.
  • The US economy is not able to provide jobs for all those who returned from the war. And according to the US Department of Defense, 57% of people who have gone through military operations cannot normally continue to serve. It’s not just about physical injuries - most of them are not ready for a new war psychologically. However, it is also hard for them to get back to the “normal” life.


  • According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development of the United States, as of January 2016, there were more than 13,000 veterans who were forced to live regularly on the streets. About 40 thousand at the same time noted that they had to spend at least one night on the street because of the lack of overnight accommodation.
  • On August 1, 2016, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the US Veterans Affairs Department, and the Interdepartmental Council for Homeless Affairs noted that this indicator decreased by 47% since 2010. Representatives of the White House also stressed that from January 2015 to January 2020, the number of homeless veterans decreased by 17%.
  • American soldiers replenish the ranks of the homeless. The commercials of the American army promise life full of adventures, career growth, and even American citizenship. It sounds tempting, but recruiters don’t always tell the whole truth about what awaits new soldiers on the battlefield and what they can expect after military service.

Veterans day speech ideas

  • Why we need to remember wars and veterans
  • Society without wars is a utopic idea
  • My father (or any other relative) is a war hero
  • Why veterans are our asset
  • ‘In valor there is hope’
  • While we were sleeping peaceably in our beds…
  • Why Veterans Day is so special to me
  • We can do more for the veterans

When is Veterans Day Celebrated?

On November 11, the United States celebrates Veterans Day. This date was the day of the end of the First World War for the States, after the signing of the Compiegne Armistice in 1918. The United States took an active part in the military and political actions of this war on the side of the Entente. In total, the First World War lasted more than 4 years, with 38 countries involved. The number of deaths, according to official records, exceeds 10 million people.

Veterans’ Lives in Different Countries of the World

Have you ever thought how veterans of the Second World War live in different countries?

  • Wehrmacht veterans are provided with comfortable and high-level social protection. Depending on the rank and merit, they receive a decent pension.
  • It is interesting that veterans of other countries who were seized during war and are still living in Germany have the right for a pension as well as social security benefits. Veterans of war can count on a free two-time hospitalization a year, and if it comes to the prisoners of war, the number of hospitalizations is unlimited.
  • The size of the pension for veterans of the Second World War in the UK directly depends on the military rank and severity of injuries. Monthly payments fluctuate between 2000 and 9000 euros.
  • American participants in the Second World War are honored twice a year by the US authorities. Fallen soldiers are remembered on Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May, and veterans are honored on November 11 at Veterans’ Day.
  • American veterans get an extra $1200 to their pension, which, on average, is $1500. Second World War soldiers in the United States are supervised by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, which manages 175 hospitals, hundreds of nursing homes, and thousands of district clinics. If the illness or disability of a veteran is a consequence of military service, the state covers all costs for their treatment.
  • The number of veterans of the Second World War in France is about 800 thousand people: 500 thousand of them are former military men, 200 thousand are members of the Resistance, and 100 thousand were deported to Germany. 


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