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Top 100 Informative Essay Topics for Writing

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All students, irrespective of their academic levels, are regularly assigned essays to write. Informative essays, without a doubt, are one of the most interesting to work on. However, just like with any other kind of task, learners face certain challenges, such as finding good informative topics to write about.

Selecting among so many great informative writing topics or a lack of inspiration overall may become a serious stumbling point for a student. If this situation sounds familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will tell you what’s a good topic to write about and how to choose a perfect one for your essay!

How to Pick Proper Informative Essay Topics

If you were assigned to write an essay on a topic of your choice, it’s good and bad news at the same time. How to select the topic that really works for you? And if you love it, will your teacher and professor like it too? Read on to find out how to choose topics to write an informative essay on and get the best grade!

To begin with, remember the main criteria for choosing a good topic. It should be:

  • Relevant for your school level. Writing about engineering bridges is a bit too much if you are in a middle school. At the same time, writing about a favorite hobby might not be a good idea for a senior student. Your topic should concern things that are topical for you at this or that period of life and studies. Aim for something advanced enough for your academic level that you can realistically cope with at the same time.
  • Inspirational and thought-provoking. Of course, you can write a paper on something trivial in order not to spend too much time on research. However, it might be a good idea to choose something that would make both you and those reading your paper excited. A great topic is one that causes an emotional response and makes your readers want to learn more about it.
  • Broad enough to conduct research. Writing on a narrow topic may complicate the whole writing process because of the lack of literature to read and refer to. As a result, you may end up writing a rather small piece with a few arguments that will hardly look like a good paper worth an excellent grade.

Look what the world buzzes about

Covid-19 pandemics and its influence, Russian invasion in Ukraine, Taiwan crisis, monkeypox, new iPhone …The world is rather turbulent these days, and there is definitely a topic many of us talk and want to find out more about. Visit news websites and read the hottest topics in various categories, such as politics, economy, technology, culture, and so on. You can also visit forums like Reddit and look through the Popular section. Something will definitely catch your eye. 

And the best part of writing on a burning issue is that not so many students have done it before, so you will have an opportunity to amaze your teacher with something fresh.

Don’t choose a topic that is too broad 

The reason is very simple – you may get lost in the flow of unnecessary information and fail to write anything coherent. For example, instead of choosing the Covid-19 topic, which is so multifaceted and can concern almost any aspect of our life, select “Covid-19 and its impact on college students,” which is more specific and is focused on one aspect instead of many.

Search for sources 

If you have some ideas on your mind but struggle to make a choice, look for sources you can use in order to write a compelling informative essay. If one topic was not covered enough in literature or media, then perhaps, you should avoid wasting too much time on digging a meager amount of info. Instead, try to choose something that you can find at least 3 sources about. After all, how will you know barely anything credible about it?

Create the list of the best topics

It’s a normal situation when you have several options to choose from. Collect them all in one list, leave it for some time, and switch your attention to something else. The topic that won’t leave your mind is the one you need. When you are researching something you are genuinely curious about, the working process will be fun and easy for you.

Try to impress your audience

There is nobody who knows your audience better than you. Think about the topic that can serve as a great base for an informative essay for those who are going to read it. It may be some event in another country your readers have a little idea of or some unique perspective on a seemingly ordinary issue. Don’t be afraid to act boldly in this case!

Ask for help when needed

If you are completely out of ideas, it’s not the end of the world. We all experience a lack of inspiration sometimes. Why don’t you ask your family what topic would be interesting for them to find out more about? Or maybe you can address this question to your teacher and give them a few of your ideas so that they can give you some useful advice. Finally, some great ideas may come to your mind during your conversation with friends.

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

Have you been assigned to write an essay on any topic you like but don’t know what is the best theme to touch upon? Don’t worry! We’ve got some great informative paper topics for students in middle school!

  • Why wearing a school uniform is important?
  • Behaving in the woods in emergency situations
  • What video games are the most popular these days?
  • Impact of TV shows on teens
  • Main rules of hiking for starters
  • Why is music so important in teens’ lives?
  • Importance of mental health
  • How technology has made students’ lives easier
  • How to get over shyness and meet new friends
  • The most popular mobile applications these days
  • Internet addiction and the ways to overcome it
  • What was the most powerful civilization in ancient times?
  • Who is the most powerful person in the world today?
  • Is vegetarianism good for your health?
  • When will humans travel to Mars?
  • The impact of the greenhouse effect on ecology
  • How to study better?
  • Dogs are the best animals on earth
  • Why is too much homework harmful to students?
  • How to fight insomnia?
  • The most exciting conspiracy theories
  • How to avoid obesity?
  • The most toxic social media today
  • Why should students read books?
  • The best fast food chain in the world
  • How to get along with teachers and parents?
  • How to study well?
  • How to create a compelling presentation?
  • Why is it important to wear a mask during pandemics?
  • The best movie of the 21st century and what makes it the best
  • Why are fizzy drinks unhealthy?

Informative Essay Topics for High School

Writing for the high school level is a bit more challenging than for middle school because you need to conduct more research. But don’t fret! We’ve got some interesting informative report topics for your consideration:

  • Why is nuclear energy a danger and bliss at the same time?
  • Fighting depression in high school
  • What are the reasons for unemployment in developed countries?
  • What is the solution to poverty?
  • Why is gender inequality still an issue today?
  • Is higher education a privilege?
  • Why is frequent use of antibiotics harmful?
  • Should sex education be adopted at all schools?
  • Why is it so hard to live in a capitalistic world?
  • The dangers of smoking for teenagers
  • Do we need religions in the modern world?
  • Online shopping and compulsive buying
  • Should the rich share with the poor?
  • The world after Covid-19
  • Should monarchy exist in modern times?
  • How to deal with procrastination and improve academic results
  • How to prevent peer pressure and bullying in schools?
  • Ways of dealing with generation gap in a family
  • Does the way we eat impact our health?
  • How to fight world hunger?
  • Is poverty about money or the way one thinks?
  • The most popular music styles today
  • Simple meals that each student has to learn to cook
  • What will the world be like in a technological sense in 100 years?
  • Is distance education really effective?
  • How to manage stress and panic attacks?
  • How to save money effectively?
  • What is the most difficult language in the world, and why?
  • How does it feel to live in a closed country?
  • The virtue and vice of social media

Informative Essay Topics for College

Studying at college, young people learn to conduct extensive research on more serious and specific matters than they used to in high school. We have compiled the best college-level topics for informative writing, which are both interesting and multifaceted.

  • Latest issues with gun control in the US
  • Surviving world economic crisis
  • The phenomenon of adult ADHD and its impact on academic performance
  • Fighting workplace harassment
  • The impact that bloggers have on young people’s self-image
  • Should the US abortion ban be lifted?
  • Nazism in modern history: a thing of the past or a real issue?
  • Is there a safe dose of alcohol?
  • Modern eco-activism
  • Art movements in the 21st century and their sources of inspiration
  • The words that changed the world
  • Traditions that are preserved today
  • The most dangerous cults
  • World’s richest women
  • Becoming a self-made man in the 21st century
  • The phenomenon of the most popular child books series
  • How can one master time-management skills?
  • Learning to work in teams
  • E-cigarettes and the dangers of smoking
  • Child labor today: a thing of the past or a modern problem?
  • Clothes recycling
  • Living a sustainable life
  • Gender controversy
  • Major political issues in the world today
  • Artist’s characters and their masterpieces
  • Propaganda today and during the WWII
  • Ocean pollution
  • Current HIV management options
  • The Doomsday Clock
  • The maternity leave should be longer
  • Being a college student in the age of technology: virtue or vice?

Easy Informative Essay Topics: 30 topics

If you don’t really feel like touching on some serious or difficult topics, you can always work on some easy and somewhat funny ones. Just check out our list of cool topics to write about:

  1. McDonald’s or Burger King: who is more successful?
  2. The most useless technological advancements
  3. Why cybersport is a real sport
  4. Craziest startups that can actually work out
  5. The weirdest TV show ever
  6. Dogs vs. cats: who is better?
  7. What is the future of cryptocurrency?
  8. The most confusing and unrealistic conspiracy theories people actually believe in
  9. When will we be visited by aliens?
  10. My perfect day
  11. The weirdest reality show ever
  12. Best school pranks that won’t offend anyone
  13. Why is modern music so shallow?
  14. My biggest fears
  15. Addiction to candies
  16.  The most disgusting foods
  17. The tastiest cuisine in the world
  18. The superpower I wish I had
  19. Flat Earth Society
  20. Why a lot of those who studied badly at school are successful in life?
  21. Life imitates art
  22. What’s wrong with politicians?
  23. Why families like Kardashians are so popular
  24. Instagram is the most toxic social media
  25. The worst trait of character in a person
  26. Introverts vs. extroverts: who's usually more successful?
  27. If I could live eternally
  28. The celebrity I wish I met
  29. Social media make us stupid
  30. What if you became a millionaire just in a day?

Good Informative Essay Ideas

And finally, here are some interesting informative topics about anything in this world.

  • We must save our planet as soon as possible
  • Why is it so hard to choose a dream profession?
  • Why are NFTs useless to this world
  • How to find what you are really good at
  • The most important profession today
  • The easiest languages in the world
  • How I see my country in 50 years
  • How do cryptocurrencies make crimes easier?
  • Issues that modern families face
  • How marketing influences the way we think
  • How to deal with cases of domestic violence
  • Technologies make us smarter but lazier
  • Passing exams without stress: fantasy or reality?
  • How to find your first job?
  • What is the safest country in the world?
  • What are the most dangerous counties in the world?
  • Is traveling the world alone as a woman possible?
  • How to run a party of a century?
  • The most useless subject at school
  • How can a student make some money?
  • Learning to drive at the young age
  • How to survive lockdowns and not lose productivity?
  • What makes a person a leader?
  • Football is the most popular sport in the world
  • Overcoming bad habits
  • Modern-day feminists
  • How to learn to cook
  • Living in a single-parent family
  • Problems of contemporary society
  • What helped Marvel to become so popular
  • Marvel vs. DC: what's better and why?
  • Best methods that help you to study more effectively




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