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The best way to find out about the best topics that you can use in your essay is to get acquainted with this type of writing. Many people do not consider it to be that important, but in general they are mistaken. It is crucial to know what type of essay you are going to write and what is the best way to write it. Therefore, let us move on to the explaining what is an informative essay and what components it consists of.

First of all, this type of text is meant to explain something to you, but nowadays texts go far beyond the genre, so we have to look at the realities of what this genre offers to authors and their readers. So, to start with, it is crucial to say a couple of words about a default meaning of an informative essay. That will help us find the best informative essay topics for high school and college. So, under normal circumstances, you will have to find a lot of info on the subject that you want to tell about. This will let you be prepared for any question that you will get throughout the process of writing. Also, you will be able to find the best options for your essay, which means that you can choose only the best information, allowing readers to get the best possible knowledge.


How to write texts on interesting informative essay topics?

This is not the easiest question that you might have during writing such a text. But in general, it will only be difficult at first for an author of any level of experience. The reason for this is that this text will require a lot of calmness. And this only comes with the experience of writing such types of texts. But as for the actual writing advice we will need to tell about the most important ones. First make sure that you are ready to write a text. It does not just mean that you need to clean your workplace. You also need to clear your mind. Forget about all the problems that surround you. It must be another world for you. In this place you cannot talk about what you think. Instead, you will try to describe everything as good as possible.

Another thing to worry about is a structure of your text. Many people make a huge mistake in this part just because of a laziness that most of us have. They do not want to check this information on the Web, believing that having some ideas for informative essay topics will be enough. In a typical college assignment, you will be asked to express yourself quite often. However, this is not what you would like to do in this type of text. Instead, try to focus on providing new official information which nobody has ever heard of. This will greatly help your text. After this comes such a thing as parts of a text. The first one will be a beginning, where you show a background of the situation and also tell some basic information on the topic of the text that you write. This part is often not so interesting, but if you pick the best informative essay topics, there may be a chance that even the beginning of your text will be interesting for readers. The best scenario for this situation is if you find a topic that has not been researched by students or even scientists. After that you should add the main part of the text. It is the most informative and interesting part. To make these words come true you need to do some work. And, as already mentioned, this will be a collection of information. The last part of the structure is a final part or conclusion. It is often considered to be a place where you can express your thoughts only once in the text. Well, it is not true. This part as well as all texts on informative essay topics for college students should be literally without personal opinion. And whatever you find on the Internet, do not trust it if it says that you can add your own thoughts. After you are done with this part of writing, make sure that you have checked everything. This part is often missed by those who have been writing for quite some time. But even these authors make mistakes. Moreover, if you are one of the aspiring writers it is best to check everything. It includes not only the part with the grammar and style of writing. You should also check whether your text matches the topic that you have picked from the list of informative essay topics. This almost certainly guarantees you a good grade even if you have some mistakes in writing. It is time to think about some other things. And these will be topics for informative essay that you will use in your text.

Topics for your informative essay

These topics can save you more than once. For a start, we will not go into details and touch on more difficult themes. Instead, we will focus on topics that are not just more interesting to read for a reader, but also easier for young authors to write. However, do not misjudge their easiness. They can become something for which you simply do not have enough knowledge. This means that you cannot fully explain this topic to a reader. And in these cases, even easy informative essay topics can turn into something that you just hate to do. Therefore, do not just look at it as something that will be a cakewalk for you as a novice writer. Another thing about easier and more general texts is that you will simply have something to talk about.

Fun and short informative essay topics

These topics will be written pretty fast, since you have a lot of room for your creativity. And the best part of these topics is that you do not need to search for a lot of additional information on the Web. You can just tell everything that you know about the things you write. Here are some fun informative essay topics:

  • How to buy something online? What are the best websites for shopping?
  • What is the best game to play when you feel bored or tired?
  • Do you play sports? Which sports games do you play and why?
  • What does your family usually eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Do you talk to each other during mealtime? What are the eating habits of your family?
  • What are the most popular movie genres today? What do children and young adults watch the most? Do adults watch as many movies these days as they used to?
  • What is your favorite hobby? Why do you like it? How much time do you spend on it weekly?
  • What was the last vacation you and your family spent together? Where did you go and what did you do together?
  • What was the last book you read? Did you like it or not? Would you recommend it to others?
  • Do you have pets? Who are they and what kind of relationships do you have?
  • Do you think comic books should be valued the same as usual books? Do you personally like reading comics books? Which ones are the best?
  • How to turn your hobby into a job? Should everyone’s job be their hobby?
  • How did e-sport evolve from nothing into a huge discipline? How popular is it nowadays?
  • Why should you brush your teeth every day?
  • What healthy foods should you eat every day? How often can you eat fast food?
  • How to become rich if you earn not so much money?
  • How to succeed in stock trading?
  • How does social engineering work?

Social and controversial essay topics

Sometimes you feel like discussing issues that exist in our society, and express your thoughts and opinions on this matter. Here are some good informative essay topics on social issues:

  • What is the impact of smartphones and other technologies on society? Should we reduce the amount of electronics we use today?
  • Is it ethical to donate organs? How important is organ donation?
  • Caffeine addiction — how dangerous is it?  How much coffee should we consume daily? How to decrease the level of caffeine in our organisms?
  • What are the causes of global warming? How can humanity change its behavior to reduce the effects of global warming?
  • How do people start procrastinating? Can it be called a problem of our century? What can people who suffer from procrastination do to prevent it?
  • Vegan lifestyle — should everyone become vegan to live more eco-friendly? How can a vegan lifestyle become more popular?
  • What is the harm of domestic violence? What can be done to prevent it from happening in all families?
  • What is the importance of cybersecurity these days? How can we protect ourselves online?
  • Why do some people become homeless? What are the ways to solve the problem of homelessness in society?
  • How does the teenage pregnancy affect a teenager emotionally and academically? How to reduce the teen pregnancy rate?
  • What does life look like in the colonized countries nowadays?
  • How did humans start fighting cancer? Can it be defeated for good?
  • How can a war affect citizens of a country?
  • What are the modern ways to prevent pregnancy?

Informative essay topics for college


If you are a college student, you can write an informative essay about college and modern education in general. Here are some informative essay topics of a college level:

  • Should college textbooks be substituted by e-books due to the high cost of regular textbooks?
  • How can college students get a nice job while still in college?
  • How can college campus violence be stopped and prevented?
  • Is having a gap year necessary for every college student? Can it actually help their studies?
  • How to write the best college application essay to get accepted to a college of your dream?
  • Is college education as important as it was 20-30 years ago? Should everyone decide whether they want to study at college or not?
  • How can students travel more while still in college?
  • Should all subjects and classes be optional in high school and colleges?
  • What is the impact of electronics on the studying process?
  • Should college provide students with free food?

Informative essay topics for high school


An informative topic can also become your assignment in high school, and if you are a high school student and you have no idea what to write about, here are some great informative essay topics for high school students:

  • Should physical education in high school be optional for everybody or should it be mandatory?
  • Should schools exclude all fast food and soda and sell only healthy food, or is it better to give students a chance to choose between both?
  • Is dress code in high school still relevant these days?
  • Should sex education be mandatory in all schools?
  • Should every high school student learn a second language while in school?
  • Art and Science: should students learn them at the same level or should every student decide what he wants to learn more?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional learning? Does it give the desired result?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of online learning?
  • Is it necessary to allow female students to play in male sports teams?
  • Should there be specific rules of behavior in high school to discipline students?
  • Should high school students study on weekends?

Some other good informative essay topics

In the end, there will be a few more topics that you may want to use when writing an informative essay. They are not so difficult, but at the same time, they are not the easiest ones, so beware of that.

  • Video games
  • School uniform
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Sport facilities
  • The best inventions
  • Presidents that were not popular
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Violence on TV
  • Ethical Fashion
  • Childhood obesity
  • Feminism
  • Racism
  • Space colonization
  • Prostitution
  • Anorexia
  • Tattoos
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Computer viruses
  • Dating
  • Similarities between different religions
  • Plastic surgery
  • Modern art
  • Time management
  • Illegal immigration
  • Student exchange programs
  • Forest fires


Essay paper writing

Academic writing

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