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Topics for a Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive speech topics are an excellent choice, regardless of who your audience is. However, this assignment is quite challenging because the aim of the speaker is to attract listeners, draw their attention, and prove his or her points. In order to achieve these goals, you need to go through the basic stages of preparation and use specific linguistic devices to deliver a really powerful speech. And of course, you have to put a lot of effort to choose among great persuasive speech topics. In this article, our research paper writing service will present some interesting ideas for your consideration.

Some tips on how to make the right choice on the unique persuasive speech topics:

  1. The topic of the speech should be useful and informative;
  2. Its formulation should be concise and intriguing;
  3. The topic should be interesting and meaningful to you and the audience;

Important points to consider while preparing for public speaking on persuasive speech topics:

  1. The topic should be relevant to the event, revealing several points of view on the problem;
  2. The speaker needs to argue his or her position referring to the life experience or providing illustrative examples;
  3. The report should touch the audience; for example, people might be interested in justice, love, or patriotism;

Remember that the speaking performance needs to be prepared properly. It is necessary to work on the consistency of your speech so that the audience could follow your ideas and get them clearly. Moreover, when working on controversial persuasive speech topics, make sure that you have considered the issue from different perspectives so that nobody will be hurt by your words. 

Choosing among the best persuasive speech topics, mind that they are classified by the type of public speech:

  1. Information statement
    Presented in the form of a report, lecture, message, or verbal response.
  2. Protocol-etiquette speech
    It is a report in which attention is given to the mood and behavior of the speaker (a humorous component is possible to be included if it is appropriate for the event).
  3. Entertaining performance
    Primarily used for special occasions and intended to communicate a clear message.
  4. Persuasive speech
    You have to incline the audience to your point of view providing undeniable facts and evidence. The preparation will require a combination of your knowledge and experience.

persuasive speech topics for high school

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

For students, there are numerous issues to talk about. Such problems are always relevant and interesting to discuss:

  • Simple methods to save natural resources
  • Is it possible to stop global warming?
  • Learning to express your beliefs
  • How to juggle study and work?
  • How to find the job of your dream?
  • How to speak confidently?

There are also many easy persuasive speech topics for students to prepare an excellent speaking performance:

  • How to overcome laziness?
  • How to be healthy?
  • How to succeed in life?
  • What is like to be a millennial?
  • What is the secret of family happiness?
  • What is true love?

Creative Persuasive Speech Topics

You can write a great speech on a topic in any field. The main thing is to clearly define the target audience and form the narrative that is interesting for each listener.

Here is the list of good creative topics for public speaking:

  • Are dogs really our best friends?
  • Do we know how to be good friends?
  • How dangerous is an indifferent person?
  • Is it good to live in a big city?
  • Is there a future for cloning?
  • What is patriotism?

  • Does everyone have to do sports?
  • Do we eat to live or live to eat?
  • Did the Internet change the world?
  • Does a student need a car?
  • When is it better to have a family?
  • Is it important to dress well?
  • Should education be paid?
  • What are the most important points to consider when choosing a profession?

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

persuasive speech topics on ecological problems

Ecological Problems

  • The use of natural energy sources such as wind power, hydropower, and solar energy
  • How does the acidification of the ocean jeopardize marine organisms?
  • Advantages of the farming industry
  • The ozone layer of the Earth: ways to save it
  • Global warming: ways to prevent it
  • How overconsumption kills the planet?
  • Influence of biomagnification on nature
  • Consequences of oil spills in the ocean
  • The effect of plastic recycling


  • Training programs abroad
  • Online training is equal to regular training: true or false?
  • Sports life of students
  • The importance of sexual education
  • Encouraging creativity among students
  • How to increase studying efficiency?
  • Students of various cultures: ways to interact
  • The most effective methods of teaching in college
  • Importance of religious education

speech topics on law and ethics

Laws and ethics

  • Human rights protection
  • Free medicine: a dream or a reality?
  • Animal testing: how to stop it?
  • Abortion: the legal status in the world
  • Regulations governing euthanasia
  • Copyright legislation
  • The death penalty or a life sentence: what is a better option?
  • Preventing juvenile delinquency

speech topics on social and family

Social issues/Family

  • Ways to prevent domestic abuse
  • Reasons for supporting incomplete families
  • Surrogate motherhood: good or bad?
  • Challenges of global immigration
  • Methods to solve family quarrels/challenges (avoiding divorce)
  • The importance of freedom of speech
  • The importance of family celebrations
  • Trust in long-term relationships

persuasive speech topics on work and businss

Work and Business

  • Implementing new rules into corporate culture
  • Settling the formal relationships with co-workers
  • The proper arrangements for retaining an employee
  • Managing office workflow at all levels
  • Handling stressful situations at work
  • Successful franchise business agreement
  • How to find a perfect candidate for a position?
  • The main tasks and goals of advertising
  • Best ways to start a successful business
  • Office etiquette rules
  • Signing a confidentiality agreement

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The challenges of being a high school student
  • The most mysterious natural phenomena
  • Artificial intelligence and its importance
  • College examinations: how to get prepared?
  • The global sport challenges
  • Blood donors saving the lives
  • Internet censorship
  • Security of communication via the Internet
  • Privacy rights of celebrities


  • Can there be advantages in the shadow economy?
  • The Internet as a separate environment of economic crimes
  • Internet frauds
  • Victims of financial cybercrime
  • Social and psychological causes of corruption
  • Motives of corruption crimes
  • What should be an effective system of anti-corruption measures?
  • Is there an adequate punishment for corruption?

As you can see, there are numerous issues to talk about. A persuasive speech can be based on any issue: you can even choose among funny persuasive speech topics. Remember that picking the one you consider the most powerful is a great start for writing a fantastic speech that will definitely interest your audience.


Academic writing

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