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Persuasive speech topics usually have the purpose of persuasion, provocation, and information. Such a speech can be intended both for a professional audience and for a narrowly focused one (a particular audience). The purpose of the speaker is to attract listeners, draw attention and prove the correctness of his own beliefs. For this, the speaker needs to go through the basic stages of preparation and memorize cunning linguistic devices that increase the effectiveness of the oratorical speech. He or she also has to put a lot of effort to choose great persuasive speech topics.

Tips to help make the right choice on the unique persuasive speech topics:

  • the topic of the content should be useful, truthful, and informative;
  • its formulation should be concise and intriguing;
  • the topic should be interesting and meaningful to you and the audience;
  • if you come up with the subject yourself, it is possible to use actual examples of topics and general methods of preparation for specific cases.

Important aspects in preparing for public speaking persuasive speech topics:

  • the topic should be relevant to the event, revealing several points of view on the problem;
  • the speaker needs to argue his position with the help of life experience, illustrative examples, the use of convictions, and references to authorities;
  • the report should touch the personal feelings of the audience; people are always interested in justice, love, and patriotism;
  • the speaker should show where the truth is, and where the lies are, what is right and what is not.

Combine all possible methods for creative expression. There is no restriction in oratory activity, but always take into account the characteristics of the audience. The main principle of speaking is the ability to freely choose the features of the story and use any means of expressiveness of the speech.

The basis of easy persuasive speech topics is the plan. To compose a message plan, write down the abstracts that fit the topic, analyze and exclude unnecessary information from them. After processing, read each abstract again. If necessary, supplement the plan and support it with additional facts to make the plan look complete and consistent. Make the considered offers in the plan. If you are new to the oratorical sphere, do not cut down the sentence: write them down completely, so as not to stammer with pronunciation.

Having a plan of controversial persuasive speech topics is useful, but do not get carried away with verbatim copying of theses. Decide yourself how to use the records so that the speech is deliberate, consistent in intonation and in the appropriate pace of pronunciation. If you think that the plan is not enough for a successful message, write the full text. Verbal registration of a public speech can be learned in order to be able to look at the audience, rather than detaining a glance at the paper.

The structure of funny persuasive speech topics is a little different than all the others, so it should be familiar to you, and not just written down in the abstract.

Preparations of speech writing are interrelated. The language tools that create the consistency of the speech need to be worked out. This will help the public to form a clear concept of your problem.

There are a lot of the best persuasive speech topics, depending on the type of public speech:

  • Information statement: widely used in a rhetoric variety. Presented in the form of a report, lecture, message, verbal response.
  • Protocol-etiquette speech: it is a report in which attention is given to the mood and behavior of the speaker (a humorous component is practiced if it is ethically appropriate for an event).
  • Entertaining performance: primarily used for pleasant spending time listeners.
  • Persuasive speech: should incline the audience to your point of view at the expense of undeniable facts and evidence. The preparation will require a combination of your knowledge and experience.

persuasive speech topics for high school

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

Creating the speech, it is necessary to formulate the problem laconically, clearly, and intriguingly. There are always interesting topics that touch on memorable facts. For students, there are a vast majority of topics: they are limited only to the main theme of the lesson. Such problems are always relevant:

  1. Simple methods to save the ecology of the environment
  2. Death and birth rate: main aspects
  3. Is it possible to liquidate global warming?
  4. Learning to express your beliefs accurately
  5. How to speak beautifully and convincingly?

There are many common exciting themes for public speaking:

  1. How to overcome laziness?
  2. Things, they do not teach at school
  3. What is the secret of family happiness?
  4. How the spirituality of man can be expressed?
  5. What is true love?

Creative Persuasive Speech Topics

You can prepare an interesting oratorical speech on a topic from any field. The main thing is to clearly define the target audience and form the narrative in such a way, that each listener is interested.

Themes for public speaking:

  1. Kindness makes a person beautiful
  2. Are dogs really our best friends?
  3. Being decent: good or bad?
  4. Do we know how to be friends?
  5. How dangerous is an indifferent person?
  6. About human greed
  7. The need for respect for people
  8. The path of mercy warms our lives!
  9. Is it good to be rich?
  10. Is it good to live in a big city?
  11. Nature and man
  12. Ecology and you
  13. Is there a future for cloning?
  14. Stray animals: what to do with them?
  15. Why do you need to plant gardens and parks?
  16. Common human values
  17. What is “human rights”?
  18. Do I need to be "cool"?
  19. What is shame and is it useful to humanity?
  20. Smoking: benefit or harm?
  21. How to drink wine and not get drunk?
  22. What is patriotism?
  23. Does everyone have to go in for sports?
  24. Is there any benefit from a hobby?
  25. Should there be limits to freedom of speech?
  26. Does our future depend on our studies?
  27. Can humanity do without weapons?
  28. Is it possible to live a day without music?
  29. Does a person need a lot of money?
  30. Will personal weapons be protected?
  31. Plan your life or let it go?
  32. Do we eat to live, or live to eat?
  33. Is television the undisputed leader in the world of information?
  34. Did the Internet change the world?
  35. Is a mobile phone a toy for adults?
  36. Does a student need a car?
  37. Are students happy?
  38. Is it possible to improve prisoners?
  39. When is it better to have a family?
  40. Is it important to dress good?
  41. Do I need to learn God's law at school?
  42. Should the army be professional?
  43. Should education be paid?
  44. Do I have to fight against smoking?
  45. What is most important when choosing a profession?

Persuasive topics on speech culture:

  1. What is speech etiquette? What is politeness?
  2. How is speech etiquette related to the basic situations of communication?
  3. Are the culture of behavior and ethical norms of communication interconnected?
  4. Can the behavioral and speech culture have specific national characteristics?
  5. Grammatical means of expressing the politeness?
  6. What role does the name of the addressee play in the communication process?
  7. What role in the implementation of the courtesy in verbal communication is played by verbal forms and particles?
  8. What are euphemisms? Do euphemisms fit the principle of courtesy?
  9. How does politeness appear in non-verbal means of communication?
  10. Social aspects of the culture of speech
  11. How much does the style of speech, choice of linguistic means depend on the position that a person occupies in society?
  12. What is the difference between the style of speech of women and men?
  13. Does the profession influence the style of human speech?

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

persuasive speech topics on ecological problems

Ecological Problems

  1. The use of natural energy sources such as wind power, hydropower, biomasses, and solar energy
  2. Acidification of the ocean jeopardizes marine organisms
  3. Advantages in the farming industry
  4. Ozone layer of the Earth: ways to save it
  5. Global warming: ways to prevent
  6. How overconsumption kills the planet?
  7. Influence of biomagnification on nature
  8. Consequences of oil spills in the ocean
  9. CO2 and its influence on nature
  10. The effect of plastic recycling


  1. The importance of higher education
  2. Advantages of higher education
  3. Training programs abroad
  4. Video conference as a helper for learning at home
  5. Online training is equal to regular training: true or false?
  6. Sports life of students
  7. Art as a method to promote a deeper understanding of the world
  8. The importance of sexual education
  9. Encouraging creativity among students
  10. How to increase students studying efficiency?
  11. Students of various cultures: ways to interact
  12. The most effective methods of education in college
  13. Importance of religious education among students
  14. Education based on religion and nationality

speech topics on law and ethics

Laws and ethics

  1. Children protection
  2. Human rights protection
  3. Free medicine: a dream or reality?
  4. Clinical trials on animals: how to stop?
  5. Abortion: the legal status in the world
  6. Feminism can enhance the status of women in Africa
  7. Regulations governing euthanasia
  8. Copyright legislation
  9. The death penalty for fighting crime
  10. Human rights variations in different parts of the world
  11. Preventing juvenile delinquency

speech topics on social and family


  1. The meaning of marriage in the 21st century
  2. Divorce in the 21st century
  3. Domestic abuse: ways to prevent
  4. Reasons for supporting incomplete families
  5. Surrogate motherhood: good or bad?
  6. Difficulties of global immigration
  7. Methods to solve family quarrels/challenges (avoiding divorce)
  8. The importance of freedom of speech
  9. The importance of family celebrations
  10. Trust in long-term relationships
  11. The right relation towards your child's groom
  12. Cost of living management

persuasive speech topics on work and businss

Work and Business

  1. Implementing new rules into the corporate culture
  2. Settling the formal relationships with co-workers
  3. The right arrangements for retaining an employee
  4. Managing office workflow at all levels
  5. Handling stressful situations at work
  6. Successful franchise business agreement
  7. How to find a perfect candidate for a created position?
  8. The main tasks and goals of advertising
  9. Best ways to start a successful business
  10. The rules of behavior in the office
  11. Signing a confidentiality deal

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The positive effect of the older people in social networks
  2. The challenges of being a high school student
  3. The most mystical natural events
  4. Thin models in the world of fashion
  5. Futuristic artificial intelligence and its importance
  6. College examinations: how to get prepared?
  7. The global sport challenges
  8. Blood donors saving the life
  9. The importance of the institute of marriage
  10. The relationship between society and a child
  11. The significance of morality and ethical values of journalists
  12. Censor of the Internet
  13. Security of communication via the Internet
  14. Immense internet use influence
  15. Privacy rights of celebrities
  16. The prohibition to smoke in public/social spaces


  1. Economic freedoms and the role of the state in their defense
  2. Can there be "pluses" in the shadow economy?
  3. State intervention in the activities of economic entities subjects: is it an obstacle to the development of entrepreneurial activity or forced necessity
  4. Positive and negative experience of counteraction to economic crime
  5. Withdrawal of capital: lawful behavior in a market economy or economic crime
  6. Modern information technologies as a means of committing economic crimes
  7. The Internet as a separate environment of economic crimes
  8. Internet economic fraud
  9. Victims of economic cybercrime
  10. Corruption: a historical pattern or the result of historical errors?
  11. Social and moral-psychological causes of corruption
  12. Motives for the commission of corruption-related crimes
  13. Features of corruption in the era of electronic payments
  14. Psychological portrait of the corrupt
  15. What should be an effective system of anti-corruption measures?
  16. The fight against corruption is the duty of society or the state?
  17. Influence of socio-psychological characteristics of an individual on the formation of anti-corruption behavior
  18. How to create an anti-corruption legal sense of a citizen in modern conditions?
  19. Moral foundations of the formation of anti-corruption behavior
  20. The role of personal and public moral values ​​in the formation of anti-corruption behavior of employees of law enforcement agencies
  21. Corruption: criminal responsibility
  22. Is there an adequate punishment for corruption?
  23. Education as the main tool for combating corruption
  24. Prohibition to engage in commercial activities for relatives’ officials: is it necessary to expand the circle of such persons and to what extent?
  25. My view on the application of global experience in preventing corruption
  26. How to measure the level of corruption?
  27. Gratitude and bribe: is there a clear boundary between them?
  28. Creative ways to combat bribery in modern conditions
  29. Artistic images of bribe-takers and bribe-givers in literature and art
  30. Arguments on the subject of the statement: "Those who buy power for money get used to profit from it "


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