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The problem of teenage alcoholism becomes more relevant every year. Young guys and girls fall into the net of dangerous dependence not realizing the severity of the consequences. The seriousness of this phenomenon should be considered as the main argument of the age of responsibility persuasive essay. Let's figure out the causes of this trend and the characteristics of the addiction.

Overview of the problem of adolescent alcoholism for drinking age essays

75% of teenagers under the age of 15 have already tried alcohol, and by the age of 17, almost all young people are acquainted with spirits.

For adolescents, the systematic consumption of alcohol means the drinking of ethanol-containing beverages at least once a week for several months. And there is no significant difference what kind of drink it will be - beer, wine, brandy or alcohol-containing cocktail.

According to statistics, 5-7% of poisonings in childhood and adolescence fall on alcohol intoxication. At this age, it develops extremely quickly. Initially, there is a short excitement caused by alcohol. But it quickly passes into a deep sleep and can even lead to death. For a young organism not accustomed to alcohol, the dose which is usual for an adult can become lethal. So, your argumentative essay about legal drinking age in USA will consider the matter of life and death.

Why do teenagers start to abuse alcohol?

The introduction of age restrictions is a prohibitive measure. However, it is also worth explaining to the readers of drinking age debate essays what causes the need for such prohibitions. In the course of many studies, it was possible to establish some patterns of adolescent alcoholism, factors that stimulate young people to abuse alcohol.

The causes of this addiction are closely related to three aspects:

  • family problems;
  • influence of the environment;
  • personal characteristics.

1. Family problems

In most cases, family problems can be considered as the soil on which teenage alcoholism grows. Children who live in complete happy families, where they are loved and appreciated, receive enough attention, rarely become the alcohol addicts. Almost always, adolescent alcoholism occurs against the backdrop of family inaction: parents either set a bad example or can't influence the behavior of their child. So, it may be stated in minimum legal drinking age essay that, quite often, the problem is not at all in the legislative framework. There are much deeper reasons.

The majority of children addicted to a glass from a young age were brought up in single-parent families or families in which one parent was non-native. Such families are characterized by inadequate control over the behavior, pastime of a teenager. Necessary attention is not given to the development of his abilities, solving his problems. Parents, as a rule, are not respected by their children. They do not listen to the opinion of adults. That's why the company of peers occupies the first place in the value system of the adolescents who live in such atmosphere.

For a part of young alcoholics, a hereditary burden of narcological or psychiatric disorders can be detected: one of the parents, as a rule, the father, or even both suffer from alcoholism or mental illness (schizophrenia, epilepsy, borderline mental disorder).

2. Influence of the environment

Virtually no one tries alcohol alone. It is not interesting. For someone, first acquaintance with the heritage of Bacchus occurs in the family circle, at some holiday. In other cases, the first experience of drinking alcohol is the "merit" of the bad company.

The main patterns of group consumption of alcohol for binge drinking essay:

  • young men and girls begin to drink out of curiosity;
  • the group motive is always strong - to consume alcohol all together to keep up with the company;
  • adolescents often do not have enough money to consume alcohol regularly, and therefore, the drunk parties may be unsystematic;
  • intoxication is accompanied by increased motor activity: noise, dancing, aggressive reactions which result in the beating of random passers-by, violence;
  • use of alcohol in the company is often associated with early sexualization; it helps to establish contact, get rid of complexes, and hormones come into force.

So, the cause of early alcoholism is not so much an attractiveness of alcohol as the influence of the company. It may be stated in lowering the drinking age essay conclusion that authorities should not only tighten restrictions for young people. It is also necessary to create favorable social conditions for the proper upbringing, to promote such collective communication that does not push the adolescents to addictions.

3.Personal characteristics

Psychopathies (congenital or acquired character anomalies) create an unfavorable background for the development of adolescent alcoholism. Persons with unstable and demonstrative traits predominate among young people who abuse alcohol.

  • Unstable features are manifested by weak will, difficulties associated with planning own actions and foreseeing their consequences, inability to oppose own point of view to the opinions of others, the thirst for new impressions, pleasures, rapid changes in interests.
  • Demonstrative traits, as a rule, are typical for teenagers with hysterical accentuation or psychopathy. Such persons are characterized by the desire to constantly stay in the center of attention, emotional imbalance, demonstrative behavior, increased suggestibility and even mendacity.

Adolescents with epileptoid personality disorder sometimes overdo with alcohol. They try to muffle the dysphoria (attacks of sad and angry mood), unrealized ambitions, but it’s still impossible to achieve the desired effect. Together with this, maliciousness, a tendency to sudden, groundless negative reactions and a habit of combining alcohol with other stupefying agents (for example, glue, acetone or barbiturates) rapidly grow.

Among all types of personalities, schizoids are the least predisposed to alcoholism. Reticence, reduced need for contacts, passivity and inexpressiveness of emotions are their strengths, and such individuals are not inclined to dependent behavior.

Almost all teenagers are uncritical in relation to own addictions. They do not appreciate and control own feelings and motivations, and therefore, do not realize the full danger of regular alcoholization, opportunities for the development of dependence in the shortest possible time.

Alcoholism often appears in lives of children who have suffered brain injuries, neuroinfections, organic damage to the central nervous system. In case of alcohol consumption, the disease develops quicker, proceeds malignantly. There is a threat of the abstinence syndrome.

Taking into account all the above, it can be written in lowering drinking age essay that adolescents do not always resort to alcohol because of irresponsibility. Sometimes, the help of doctors is much more reasonable than strict limitations.

In an ideal world, where all people are healthy, both mentally and physically, there would be no need to protect population from alcoholism, since a healthy person will not consciously change a happy life for addiction. The author of “Why the drinking age should stay at 21” essay may claim that the ideal world is unattainable, and strict limitations are needed in order to fight the inevitable imperfections. But, definitely, this is a goal to which authorities should strive. Creating an atmosphere in which an alcohol is not needed is much more important than limiting its use.

Beer alcoholism

Recently, beer alcoholism began to acquire an increasing prevalence among young people. Compared with wine, brandy or champagne, beer is much cheaper, and therefore, it is an affordable drink. The invitation to drink beer constantly sounds from the TV screens. Its consumption is perceived as fashionable, courageous, pleasant and safe action.

Some people believe that, because of the relatively small percentage of alcohol, beer does not harm the body of teenagers. In fact, with regular drinking, alcohol dependence develops exactly in the same way as with any other ethanol-containing beverage. So, you may push forward the following drinking age essay thesis statement: equal rules should be applied to all types of alcohol products.

Features of teenage alcoholism

The important peculiarity of teenage alcoholism is the rapid growth of social maladjustment. Education, former hobbies are abandoned. Conflicts (family, educational) emerge or increase. Problems with the law may arise (if young people start committing thefts or due to aggressive behavior). Some adolescents addicted to alcohol do not stop at this point and start combining drinks with medicines, household chemicals.

However, in young age, the reversibility of the symptoms of the disease is more pronounced than in period of maturity. If to abandon the addiction in due time, to seek for medical help, the person can fix everything, start new life from the scratch.

Fortunately, this is exactly what the majority of misguided young people do: only 42% of those who were diagnosed as alcoholics in adolescence get the same diagnosis after 10 years.

Is the establishing of drinking age the only way out?

How to combat adolescent alcoholism? Is it possible to cope with it? This question is asked by many parents, doctors and social activists. Is the ban on the sale of alcohol the most reliable preventive measure?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that dependence on alcohol at any age is a very serious illness, so it's almost impossible to give up such addiction without support. Reasonably chosen medications in combination with psychotherapy are required. It may be written in drinking age controversy essay that age restrictions have the positive aspects, but they can't be considered as the answer to all questions.

If a teenager is already an experienced alcoholic, first of all, it is necessary to conduct detoxification therapy, which will help to remove from the body all toxic products accumulated due to drinking alcohol. At the same time, it is necessary to saturate the young organism with vitamins and other useful substances. It's worth not forgetting about the maintenance of normal operation of the brain, cardiovascular system, liver, because they already had a hard time owing to addiction.

But medical treatment will not be enough. It's necessary to understand that the teenager is addicted to strong drinks not without a reason. Personality characteristics of the adolescent, the existing problems in the family and the influence of the company are also of great importance. It is necessary to work painstakingly in all these directions:

  • to promote the improvement of relations in the family, increase of trust, mutual respect between the child and parents;
  • it's inadmissible to ignore the personal problems of a young person; this question must be approached individually; work with a psychologist may be necessary;
  • it's necessary to minimize the negative impact of the company; some parents, if there is an opportunity, even resort to relocation.

minimum legal drinking age essay

Prevention of alcohol addiction

Adolescent alcoholism never develops on the empty place. A young person who has hobbies, goal in life and feels the support of close people will not ruin his life "in wine". It's another matter when there is a lot of free time, there are no plans for the future, and the company turned out to be not the most favorable. This combination of circumstances, as a rule, does not lead to good.

If we are talking about infantile young people who become mature and realize the value of life later than they should, you may reflect on the tightening of control measures in “Raising the drinking age to 25” essay. However, as was noted above, not all goals can be achieved through prohibitions.

It is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the interests, abilities of the adolescents, their self-realization and employment. All sorts of music, art, sports schools, clubs on interests, tutors may become the faithful assistants here. Perhaps, the parents will have to sacrifice something, spend a large sum to let the teenager visit sections which interest him. They should understand that all this money is invested in the child's future, his personal development.

Adolescence is always a crisis in the relationship between children and parents, speaking more globally, between children and society, because parents are only the closest representatives of the adult world. It may be written in closing paragraph for essay on lowering the drinking age that it is necessary not to impose bans but to observe what example adults give to children.

If parents regularly come home in "tipsy" state, how can they require other behavior from the child? Despite any prohibitions, he will follow their example. This happens unconsciously. If someone thinks that a teenager can be taught with words, he is mistaken. Children tend to copy actions.

The best prevention of teenage alcoholism is the maintenance of friendly and warm relations in the family, educational institutions. Whatever happens, whatever errors the child has committed, he should know that parents will always love him, and he can count on their support. And then it's possible to overcome any problem, including alcoholism.

Influence of alcohol on the adolescent organism to describe in legal drinking age essay

You may write in argumentative essay on why the drinking age should not be lowered that the teenager's organism gets used to alcohol 6-8 times quicker than the body of an adult person. Kids who become addicted to alcohol quickly develop chronic alcoholism. A child who started drinking spirits from the age of 13-15 can become an alcoholic in just one year.

Alcoholization of boys is different from female addiction. It is characterized by rapid rates of development, intensity. On average, boys get acquainted with alcohol two years earlier than girls. By the age of 16, the number of adolescents who do not drink or rarely consume alcoholic beverages falls sharply. Most of them drink on holidays and family celebrations, in a company of friends, because it's nothing to do, in order not to lag behind comrades, etc.

It should be mentioned in essays on teenage drinking that alcoholism among young people is usually associated with other types of risky behavior: dangerous sex (which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases), teenage pregnancies, leaving the school, violence and crime. Alcohol abuse is one of the causes of suicide which is widespread among adolescents.

Adolescent (pubertal) age is a transition from childhood to adulthood, a period of formation of a mature organism. In accordance with the norms of the World Health Organization (WHO), it covers the age from 10 to 20 years. This period is characterized by rapid growth of both separate organs and the body as a whole, the beginning and end of puberty, the perfection of the functions of the organs and systems of the organism.

Considering the negative arguments for “Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?” essay, it’s worth stressing that, during this period, the nervous-regulatory mechanisms intensively develop, some parts of the brain are most actively formed, new connections arise between the nervous and endocrine systems. Also, the activity of the thyroid gland increases. Its hormones provide the acceleration of oxidative processes necessary for the growth and differentiation of tissues, especially for the development of the brain. The adrenal activity evolves. The obtained hormones play an important role in adaptation and plastic processes.

In adolescence, internal organs develop intensely. The mass of the heart increases almost 2 times. The volume of blood ejected by the heart for one reduction increases. The heart reaches a maximum of working capacity by 15-16 years for girls, by 17-18 years for young men. The pulmonary system rapidly grows and improves. Changes in the structure of the lungs are manifested in an increase in the parameters of external respiration. Respiratory rate decreases: by the end of the puberty period, it reaches 16-18 times per minute.

At the very beginning of the adolescence period, morphological and functional changes in the digestive organs are completed. By 12-13 years, the replacement of milk teeth, the development of the esophagus, salivary glands and stomach end. However, you may write in persuasive essay on legal drinking age that the instability of the autonomic nervous system leaves an imprint on the secretory and motor functions of the stomach. By 14-15 years for girls and by 15-16 years for young men liver and gall bladder are finally formed, the processes of filtration in the kidneys already do not differ from similar processes in adult body.

The development of the psyche in adolescence deserves particular attention. Further improvement of the functional activity of the central nervous system takes place. The structural and morphological maturation of nerve cells ends. This period marks the transition from the individual to the public consciousness. Perspective thinking is formed, which, in particular, manifests itself in the typical reflections of adolescents about the meaning of life, infinity, place of human in the world, and so on.

In this period, higher ethical and moral categories, aesthetic concepts are being formed. The complex reappraisal of the phenomena of the surrounding reality has inconsistent, disjointed character; the first impression is undeniable; emotions are extremely unstable. Specific psychological features and reactions are characteristic for this time, such as emancipation, grouping with peers, hobbies and their frequent changes, etc.

It should be stated in research paper on underage drinking that, in general, the activity of organs and body systems in the pubertal period is characterized by functional instability. In connection with this, the increase in the reactivity of tissues to many factors of the environment is observed, especially to harmful ones. It is no accident, therefore, that the body of a teenager is vulnerable to the influence of alcohol.

The toxic effect of spirits on the body of a teenager is several times stronger than on an adult organism. This is primarily due to the fact that young people have a rapidly growing body with an intensive metabolism, a higher rate of absorption, a stronger blood flow and a greater lumen of blood vessels, a relatively larger mass of blood. In addition, the tissues of the body of a teenager are richer in water, which enhances the damaging effect of alcohol, since it has an unlimited ability to dissolve in water, greedily absorbs it drying out the tissues.

Thus, one does not need to have a great imagination to see all the damage that a teenager can incur due to, at least, one-time consumption of wine or even beer. Scientific facts sound convincing enough to make a negative conclusion in “Should the drinking age be lowered?” essay.

Getting into the body, alcohol slowly disintegrates in the liver with a speed of 0.1 g/kg of body weight per hour. And only 10% of harmful substances are excreted from the body in unchanged form. The rest of the alcohol circulates with the blood throughout the organism until the full disintegration. Given the high permeability of tissues and their saturation with water in adolescence, alcohol quickly spreads throughout the body.

It also should be mentioned in “Is lowering the drinking age a good idea?” essay that the toxic effect of alcohol, above all, affects the activity of the nervous system. If the alcohol content in the blood is taken as 1, then it will be 1.45 in the liver and 1.75 in the brain. Even small doses of alcohol disrupt the exchange in the nervous tissue, the transmission of nerve impulses. Small doses pathologically accelerate the process of excitation transmission, and moderate doses hinder it.

At the same time, the work of cerebral vessels is disrupted: their expansion, increase in permeability, hemorrhage into brain tissue is observed. All this contributes to an increase in the flow of alcohol to the nerve cells and leads to an even greater disruption in their activity.

Repeated or frequent use of alcohol has a devastating effect on the adolescent's psyche. At the same time, not only the development of higher forms of thinking, ethical and moral categories, aesthetic concepts is delayed, but the already developed abilities are lost. The teenager becomes "stupid" intellectually, emotionally and morally.

The second target of alcohol in the body which should be described in essay on underage drinking is the liver. The disintegration of alcohol takes place in it under the influence of enzymes. If the rate of alcohol intake into the liver is higher than the rate of its decay (0.1 g/kg per hour), an accumulation of alcohol takes place, which leads to toxic damage to the liver cells. In this case, alcohol acts as a solvent of biological membranes of liver cells, causing structural changes in them.

A dangerous consequence is dystrophic processes in accumulation of fat. With the systematic consumption of alcoholic beverages, fat changes in liver cells are complicated by their necrosis followed by the replacement of liver cells with a connective tissue. Cirrhosis of the liver develops. It’s a terrible disease which is almost always accompanied by chronic alcoholism.

It’s important to stress in “Drinking age should not be lowered to 18” essay that the effect of alcohol on the liver in adolescence is even more devastating, since this organ is at the stage of structural and functional formation. Toxic damage to liver cells leads to a violation of protein and carbohydrate metabolism, the synthesis of vitamins and enzymes.

Alcohol has a pronounced toxic effect on the epithelium lining the esophagus, stomach, disrupts the secretion and composition of the gastric juice, which, in turn, leads to a violation of the digestive capacity of the stomach and various dyspeptic phenomena. Disturbance of digestibility of food adversely affects the growth and development of adolescents.

It should be mentioned in “Why the drinking age should not be lowered?” essay that lungs are also extremely vulnerable to the harmful effects of alcohol in adolescence. About 10% of the consumed alcohol is removed from the body through the lungs. Alcohol and the products of its decomposition have a direct toxic effect on the tender epithelium of the adolescent's bronchi and the forming walls of the lung alveoli, simultaneously disrupting both the permeability and the tonus of vessels. The negative influence on the epithelium, which opens the "gate" for secondary infection, causes stagnant phenomena in the lungs due to vascular dysfunction and can lead to respiratory diseases.

The heart of a growing person is also very responsive to the consumption of alcohol. The rhythm, rate, metabolic processes of the heart muscle unfavorably change. At present, direct toxic effects of alcohol on the myocardium have been proven: a profound metabolic disorder in the muscle cells of the heart. Alcohol forces the heart muscle to move to a disadvantageous energy balance. It’s important to stress in drinking age argumentative essay that, naturally, under such conditions, there can be no correct and full-fledged formation of both muscular and nervous apparatus of the adolescent's heart, and this can painfully echo later.

Finally, the toxic effect of alcohol spoils the blood itself. The activity of leukocytes playing an important role in protecting the body decreases, the movement of erythrocytes carrying oxygen to tissues slows down, the function of platelets important for clotting of blood changes pathologically.

Thus, you may write in legal drinking age argumentative essay that alcohol has an extremely detrimental effect on the growing and developing human body during adolescence. It weakens the organism, inhibits and depresses the proper development, maturation of its organs and systems. In case of abuse, it completely stops the development of certain functions: higher forms of self-consciousness, abstraction, aesthetic concepts and ethical categories, etc.

It is proved that the younger the organism, the more harmful is the effect of alcohol on it. This is due to anatomical-physiological and socio-psychological characteristics of childhood and adolescence. In particular, the rapidly developing changes in the central nervous system, internal organs, endocrine system, associated with the growth and maturation of the organism, contribute to increasing its reactivity. As a result, many harmful influences (internal and external), including alcohol, can lead to the rapid development of a particular pathological process. For example, it has been established that adolescents become addicts much faster than adults.

Taking into account all that has been written above, it may be concluded in “Drinking age should not be lowered” essay that consumption of alcohol by the younger generation is not only undesirable but also unacceptable.

binge drinking essay

Data of different countries for drinking age research paper

The relevance of legal drinking age research paper connected with the fact that the problem of alcoholism is acute in many countries. Therefore, governments try to protect the younger generation from the temptation to try insidious, addictive drinks in every possible way. But nevertheless, there are still countries in which there are no age restrictions on the sale of alcohol, including Albania, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Togo, Tongen, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros and Solomon Islands.

The most interesting thing is that, despite the absence of ban on alcohol in these countries, their population rarely suffers from alcoholism, and they even did not get into the top ten "most drinking" countries of the world.

From the age of 16

Write in age of responsibility essay that there are quite a lot of countries that allow their citizens to buy alcohol at 16 years old, including Georgia, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Morocco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Jamaica. In Germany, it is allowed to buy beer and wine from the age of 16, and stronger drinks - from 18 years old.

From the age of 17

You can buy alcohol at the age of 17 in Cyprus. But authorities have already started talking about the fact that easy accessibility of alcohol for adolescents is a big problem. According to social surveys, 68% of teenagers aged 13-17 years have already tried alcohol. But the Cypriots are still on the 49th place in the list of the most drinking nations.

From 18 years old

Mention in teenage drinking age essay that most countries allow to purchase and consume alcohol from the age of 18: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Israel, Spain, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Estonia and others.

From the age of 20

The purchase of alcohol from the age of 20 is allowed in Iceland, Paraguay, Finland (strong alcohol), Sweden, Norway and Japan.

From the age of 21

In Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Micronesia, USA and Fiji, the age of consumption of alcohol begins at 21 years.

Full ban

In Brunei, Gambia, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (for Muslims) a complete ban on the purchase and consumption of alcohol was introduced. In many Muslim countries, drinking and selling alcohol is punishable as criminal act. In Iran, Jordan and the UAE, a drinker can be publicly humiliated or even killed. Remember this if you are going to travel to these countries.

Interesting fact for argumentative essay on drinking age: China became the first fighter for sobriety. Here, there are laboratories in which it is possible to pass a free test for diseases caused by alcohol.

The most drinking countries of the world

According to the results of 2017, the international research company Ipsos compiled the list of "most drinking countries". According to the received data, alcohol is consumed most intensively in Belgium. Here, the amount of drinks consumed by one person per year is 12.6 liters. On the second place is France, where, according to experts, every citizen drinks about 11.5 liters of alcohol per year. The third place was given to Germany. Its inhabitants drink 11,03 liters of alcohol per year.

Also, the following countries got to the top: Hungary (10.88 liters), Poland (10.71 liters), Great Britain (10.66 liters), Russia (10.12 liters), Australia (9.7 liters), Denmark (9.64) l) and South Korea (9.33 liters).

Age of adulthood in US

First of all, it’s worth drawing parallels with age of adulthood in “Why the drinking age should be lowered to 18?” essay. Most of American states stopped exactly at the figure 18. At this moment, young people become full-fledged citizens and receive a set of certain rights, responsibilities. However, in US, if the teenager is 18 years old but still continues to study at school, he is not considered an adult until the end of training.

The state of Alabama, as well as Wyoming and Nebraska, determine the legal age as nineteen years, New York and Mississippi - twenty-one. Moving this status to a more distant point is quite understandable. This is a struggle for morality. Only with the onset of a certain age, person can buy alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, visit night clubs.

Separate full age is singled out in the country's legislation. In America, it comes only at 21. From this moment, a person has the right to enjoy all civil rights: to vote, to work in the police and so on. This rule may serve as an argument for “Keeping the drinking age at 21” essay.

In the United States, compliance with law is the duty of everyone. Sellers should not provide some goods without checking the documents. This sometimes leads to falsification of certificates for the sake of visiting clubs and drinking alcohol. After all, it is very difficult to visually determine the exact age.

You may write in “Should the drinking age be lowered in the US?” essay that the current legislation may undergo certain transformations, but it is still unknown what exactly.

History of the issue for age of responsibility essays

The main document regulating the age rules for alcohol distribution in US is the National Minimum Drinking Age Act adopted in 1984. The American states faced a difficult choice: they had to approve the bill or to lose a significant part of federal funding. It was about 10% - quite a serious sum. So the states submitted to the will of the highest government.

Quite interesting is the interpretation of the law itself. It does not prohibit the very consuming of alcoholic beverages. Teens just can't buy them publicly. It is allowed to drink in the framework of religious practices. Also, if the older companions, family members or guardians are with a teenager, he can drink alcohol staying under their supervision. Legal employment provides some indulgence too. However, the full ban was adopted in Kansas, Alabama, Indiana, the District of Columbia, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Many people can't understand why the number 21 was chosen. You can trace the parallels with the ancient English traditions in appropriate drinking age argument essay. A few centuries ago, a 21-year-old citizen could become a knight and vote. Adulthood has always been associated with accessibility of alcohol.

In the 1970s, in some US states, the age of buying alcohol was reduced from 21 to 18 years, but then, due to the increase in the number of "drunk" road accidents, this figure was raised to 21 years again.

When the country did not have a single legislation in the issues of alcohol, borders appeared between states. Young people massively went to neighboring lands with less strict rules to buy booze. This was the reason for the high statistics of road accidents, which should be mentioned in drinking and driving research papers.

Even if the control over the car was entrusted not to drunk teenagers but to their sober older brothers, intensive movement at a fast speed created quite dangerous conditions. The drivers did not keep safe intervals. In addition, fatigue due to a long stay at the wheel had a negative effect.

News about the bloody incidents forced the public organizations (for example, Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to take an active part in promotion of the idea of increasing the drinking age to 21. As a result, Ronald Reagan signed the act of 1984, which was mentioned above.

This measure turned out to be effective. According to experts, during the period of 80-90th, about 25 thousand lives were saved; the rate of deaths due to alcoholic intoxication among drivers younger than 21 years has decreased by 61%. A brief and catchy statement about the effectiveness of the legislative changes of that time can serve as a hook to start off your essay about why drinking age should stay at 21.

However, some critics believe that the effectiveness of this legal act was somewhat exaggerated. They argue that the statistics could improve due to other reasons (for example, the use of seat belts). In addition, a positive role could be played by raising the level of education, tougher control over drunken drivers of all ages, etc.

Arguments for lowering the drinking age essay

It should be written in lowering the drinking age essay introduction that there are many opponents of the current legislation. These people think that it requires significant adjustments. If you want to support this point of view, use the following arguments:

  • At 18, Americans already can take part in military service and elections. These are no less serious things than drinking alcohol. Therefore, there should be no discrimination. Of course, service in the army and elections are associated with honor, patriotism, higher values. However, the rights and obligations must remain in balance.
  • Some experts say that at 18, a person is not yet sufficiently developed in moral sense, is not a full-fledged individual. However, you may state in “Lowering drinking age to 18” research paper that it is worth paying attention rather to the individual characteristics than to global statistics. Some children work and realize the key social values already at the age of 15, ​​while adult people may remain infantile and reckless even the age of 30. Therefore, the ability to bear responsibility for own life and to consume alcohol in reasonable doses depends on upbringing and individual inclinations.
  • The prohibition of alcohol increases its attractiveness. Imagine that you have to wait 3 years to try orange juice. In your fantasy, it turns into magical nectar. At the first opportunity, you will drink as much orange juice as you can, despite possible negative reactions (for example, an allergy). If there is no prohibition, you will drink a glass and return to the usual life. The attitude to alcohol is exactly the same. Many teenagers try it because of curiosity and not because they really like to drink.
  • The next argument for essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 is the extreme impulsiveness of young people. They are capable of doing rash things to get what they dream about. For example, if a college student has the opportunity to secretly drink alcohol with his older friends, he can significantly exceed the reasonable dose. When you walk through the desert and see an oasis with water, you will drink until your stomach is full, even if it causes pain. The fact is that you do not know when you will meet the next oasis. If the student knows that he can drink a glass of beer today and one more tomorrow, he will not drink 5 glasses in one evening. Sometimes it's better to just give young people what they want.
  • An overview of different countries with dividing by categories depending on the drinking age was provided above. It may be noted in cause and effect essay of lowering the drinking age that many of those states which allow citizens to drink at 18 can't be called unfavorable. They do not differ by the large number of alcoholics. Statistics shows that increasing the age of responsibility is not at all a guarantee of increasing responsibility itself. People have found ways to bypass prohibitions at all times. And the more obstacles appear, the stronger the excitement of overcoming them.
  • If citizens over the age of 18 will be allowed to buy alcohol, this will lead to its public consumption. In turn, this will contribute to closer monitoring of situation by the police and medical workers. They will always be near to restore a public order fight or to provide first aid. When prohibitions are imposed, people often do not stop doing certain things. They just turn them into a secret.
  • There are sad cases from life of colleges and universities which should be mentioned in “Lowering drinking age to 18” essay: young people had to drink huge doses of alcoholic beverages in order to join secret student brotherhoods. Sometimes such tests led to hospitalization or even death. Consumption of alcohol is considered a distinctive merit, a challenge to society precisely because it is prohibited. Only the bravest and most daring student can take this step. The authorities should think about the following question: why does not this happen with orange juice? Perhaps, because it is easily accessible in each store.
  • Emphasize in “Lower the drinking age” essay that 18-year-old citizens can be called in to court in case of committing a crime or giving false testimony. If young people bear full responsibility for own actions, are they not adult enough to drink one glass of beer and stop? All these double standards look hypocritical. A democratic state ceases to seem free if a person can't make decisions related to his own organism.
  • The same applies to the right to conclude a marriage. If you marry at 18, you can't even drink a glass of wine at your own wedding. Does not it sound weird? Many people can say that 18 years is too early age for a family life. But the law states the opposite things.
  • Use the scientific data in your “Lowering the drinking age to 18” essay. Studies have shown that 22% of students under 21 years old drink alcohol. At the same time, only 18% of citizens over 21 years old are drinkers. This once again proves that the attractiveness of alcohol is caused mainly by its prohibition. 32% of drinkers are younger than 21, while 24% - older.
  • In the history of the United States, there are enough examples proving that prohibitions on alcohol do not bring the desired effect. The dream that citizens will fully comply with such rules may be called utopia in satire essay on drinking age. Usually they provoke the appearance of other, no less serious problems. There is no need in trying to make such laws work if they turned out to be useless in the past. Many experts believe that the choice of 21 years as the age of responsibility is not an effective controlling measure but rather accentuation of attention on the limited rights of young people.

These arguments should be enough to write persuasive lowering drinking age essays. All you need is to add personal attitude to the above facts.

“Why the drinking age should stay at 21” essay

Features of the essay

At the university, teachers often expect the high level of essay writing skills from students. During the first year, young people sometimes confuse the academic rules with school recommendations. The approach to performance of such assignments should be serious, since the teacher determines his attitude towards the student largely on the basis of works written independently.

In order to write an essay properly, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the genre. The term "essay" has a French origin. It is translated as "a sketch", "a test". It can be understood that writing an “Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased?” argumentative essay means expressing own view of the problem, conducting an assessment, compiling the conclusions.

The difference between an abstract and an essay

Students often confuse the requirements for these two university assignments. In essence, these works are very similar, because they have descriptive nature. The issues under consideration do not need to be investigated in order to confirm that the material has been studied. However, the abstract refers mostly to analytical work, in which it is necessary to systematize the received and processed information. A distinctive feature of the essay is that the personal opinion of the author comes to the fore.

Drinking age essay outline

There are the following parts from which the paper must necessarily consist:

  • Introduction.
  • The main part that is usually not divided into chapters.
  • Conclusion.
  • List of used literature.
  • In addition, the essay may contain a title page and a table of contents, as well as applications, if necessary.

Characteristics of an essay as a kind of scientific work

If you have questions about how to write “Should drinking age be lowered?” essay, consider the characteristics applicable to this type of scientific work:

  • The paper should be written not about a topic as a whole but about a specific issue which is not kept away from the writing process.
  • The content of the essay reveals the author's position, his personal assessment of the question under consideration, which is the main value of this type of work.
  • There should be a few general phrases and references to the topic. As a rule, the main part of the work consists of own judgments, assessment, criticism, conclusions and other elements of the expression of the author's opinion.

The value of an essay for the teacher and the student

This kind of work is useful for both the teacher and the student. The educator receives effective tools for assessing the author's creative and analytical abilities. Proper performance of the assignment allows the writer to raise his authority in the eyes of the pedagogue. In view of this, it is necessary to know how to write an essay that will characterize you from the best side.

During the essay check, the teacher pays attention to the author's judgments, his attitude to the topic. Pedagogue determines whether the writer actually worked with the material, evaluated it and expressed own opinion or simply outlined the general phrases without deepening into the essence of the problem.

It is very important for a student to write an essay qualitatively, because the opportunity to convince the teacher that the subject is very interesting to the author and he felt happy while performing such work can turn into some indulgence in the future.  If this is the main profile subject, then you can't miss this opportunity.

Do not hesitate to contact the teacher with a request for advice, ask if he has a list of drinking age essay titles or propose own original topic. Pedagogues feel pleasure if students are genuinely interested in their discipline.

legal drinking age essay

Stages of writing an academic paper

In order for the essay to meet all the requirements, it is necessary to approach the task in an organized and phased manner.

1. Collection and analysis of material

As writing of the essay involves assessing of the problem, author's opinion on the issue, it is necessary to understand the matter thoroughly. You can search for information both on the Internet and in printed sources. The main thing is to have a clear idea of ​​the subject. No unsolved questions should be left when you start writing.

There is a kind of conditional relationship between quality and amount of reading material. In general, it is better to read less but qualitatively than to read more but worse. The latter approach leads to misunderstanding, misjudgment and destruction of the connections between arguments and facts.

This means that the choice of the material for reading is a very important point. For each specific topic, you should first read two or three key articles or chapters of books. Your task is to find a clear conceptual framework, theoretical arguments, comprehensive and most recent empirical data, a wide range of reviewed and evaluated literature on the topic.

Such strategic reading will provoke the formation of key reference points (including various interpretations and discussions) that will serve as a basis for the development of your further research.

Depending on the subject matter, it is very important to include one or two studies with the opposite point of view to the reading list. For example, if you write “Drinking age should be lowered to 18” essay, it is also useful to read the articles on why the figure 21 is the best choice and why the current legislation is correct. So you can make sure that your position is right or find logical omissions in order to fix them.

Effective use of thematic sources and data will help the author to avoid the typical error of excessive generalization of the theoretical material in the essay.

2. Forming your own view of the problem

After analyzing the information that the student has found, it is necessary to determine what position does he occupy in the matter, with what statements does he agree, what theories may be questioned and what conclusions may be made on the given topic. It is important to note that the opinions of the author should be submitted in the form of theses. It's worth supporting them with evidence. So, the justification with reliable facts should be present in the essay.

3. Writing the paper

The final stage is structuring of thoughts in a logical sequence. The author indicates a certain opinion and refers to evidence. In the drinking age essay introduction, you may focus attention on the main problem, provide some theoretical information. The main part is based on the mock-up "thesis - arguments". In the end, the conclusions to which the writer came during the disclosure of the given topic are indicated.

The technique of essay writing also includes the correct design of the work. Usually, the requirements for this type of tasks are standard, as for the rest of the academic papers. But in some educational institutions, unusual recommendations may be proposed. So, this detail should be clarified.

You can choose the good title for essay about drinking age at the very end of the work on the text when a complete understanding of the main idea and conclusions to which you have come is formed.

We hope that these simple recommendations will help you when writing the academic paper. Do not be afraid of complex tasks and reveal own creative abilities. Good luck!


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