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Imagine that you need to deliver your message to a big number of people. How to make your speech more effective? In this way, presentation comes in handy. Presentation is an effective tool for a student or a professor to introduce the information in a way that will interest the audience. It is also one of the most convenient and effective means to acquaint the target audience with the product or service. With the help of creative presentation ideas, it is easier to train employees, instruct listeners, or increase the loyalty of customers and business partners. Moreover, it is an apt way of demonstrating the company’s achievements, informing about the trends or development plans of the firm, and attracting investments. In this article, we are going to share some presentation topics ideas for you to choose the best one!  

Nowadays, everybody has to know how to make a good PowerPoint presentation for college; it is important both for studying and business development. In this way, while coming up with business presentation topics, remember that it is necessary to elaborate on the creative visual presentation of products or services because the level of competition on the market is really high. Also note that your presentation should not be limited to simple advertising images.

If we talk about informative presentation topics, the main goal of this type is to enlighten the audience. The information presented should always be accurate, engaging, and relevant. The presentations can be divided into several types, depending on topics for presentation and the purpose of creating one. For example, electronic presentations can be posted on the company’s website or used at conferences.

There is a wide choice of powerpoint presentation topics, and the range of ideas is almost unlimited. The main advantage of this format is the possibility of making changes to the presentation, adapting it to different purposes and interests of the audience.

When thinking of interesting presentation topics, you should bear in mind the importance of the visual part. You have to achieve a balanced combination of precise information and top-notch visualization that consists of images created for your presentation.

Electronic presentations can also include video pieces. This type of presentations provides a wide range of possibilities for funny presentation topics ideas. However, you should remember that presentations lasting for more than 5-7 minutes are poorly perceived by the audience.

Picking a topic for your presentation is an important step of the whole working process. Good presentation topics will help you present your idea or product in an effective way. However, if you are not a businessman or don’t need to create something ambitious, you can always choose easy topics; for example, “Computer technologies in office work,” or “Importance of teambuilding.” These ideas can help you come up with your own perfect presentation topic.

Finally, creating a decent business presentation is of top importance since the customers’ first impression and the company’s general image depend on it. While working on such presentations, mind the accurate introduction of data and do not neglect the design part. Business presentations give an opportunity to introduce the leadership topics for presentation in an attractive form, as they can be performed in any of the formats

Sociology Topics for Presentation

sociology topics for presentation

  • Revolution and the transformation of societies
  • Norma and deviations
  • Unity and diversity of cultures
  • Cultural integration
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Subcultures and countercultures
  • Cultural evolution
  • The importance of socialization
  • Nature and upbringing
  • Social communication
  • Characteristics of a personality
  • Childhood
  • Adolescence
  • Early maturity
  • Social statuses
  • Social roles
  • The theory of cultural transfer
  • The theory of conflict
  • The theory of stigmatization
  • Gender inequality and social stratification
  • Theories of social inequality
  • Races, ethnic groups, and minorities

Persuasive Presentation Topics

  • Crime and criminal justice system in a particular country
  • The system of law enforcement agencies
  • Imprisonment
  • Social differentiation
  • Open and closed stratification systems
  • Stratification measurements
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Politics of the dominant group
  • Types of families
  • Forms of marriage
  • Working mothers
  • Dynamics of marriages and divorces
  • Caring for the elderly
  • Types of religious beliefs and practices
  • Social forms of organization of religion
  • Functions of religion
  • Dysfunction of religion
  • Confirmation of traditions: The Islamic revolution in Iran
  • Problems of relations between the state and the church
  • The functionalist approach to healthcare
  • The conflict approach to healthcare
  • Effects of overpopulation
  • Population growth in the world
  • Factors affecting population change

Technical Topics for Presentation

  • Ways of measuring the equatorial Kerr effect
  • Optical properties of metamaterials
  • Porous silicon photonic crystals: manufacturing, characterization, and optical effects
  • Investigation of cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries using Mossbauer spectroscopy
  • Investigation of iron-oxide nanoparticles obtained in the process of bacterial synthesis with the help of the Mossbauer effect
  • Physical properties of graphene on metal substrates
  • Investigation of wetting and non-wetting of surfaces by liquids and the lotus effect

Psychology Topics for Presentation


  • The problem of violent behavior in children and adolescents
  • Socio-cultural notions of marriage and family in mythology, religion, art, traditions, rituals
  • Psychology of loneliness
  • Psychological characteristics of men and women and their relationships
  • Conflicts in the family
  • Psychology of experience
  • Attraction: factors, causes, and stages of formation
  • Psychology of human relations
  • Forming and maintaining positive relationships
  • The impact of negative emotions on a person
  • Gender aspects of emotions
  • The psychological effect of advertising on the young audience
  • Perception of advertising
  • Creative thinking and creative personality
  • Psychology of aggression
  • The relationship between aggressiveness and other personal characteristics (anxiety) at different ages
  • Dynamics of personal relationships in adolescence
  • Psychological analysis of the crisis of adolescence
  • Psychological features of assessing knowledge and skills


Academic writing

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