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An important sphere of public consciousness is the perception of the relationship between the citizens and the government in its everyday, personally form - the interaction of the individual with the police. The symbol of the brave guardian of order is one of the main objects of ideology. If it is aimed at strengthening the state, a favorable image is fixed. If ideology works to destroy the country, it creates a black myth about the police.

In the United States, a whole industry of film and television was created. This genre is externally simple, designed for mass consumption, deeply developed, and affects many blocks of consciousness. It is much broader than the police concept presumes. Some modern American series about the law enforcement agencies have become the subject of major cultural studies because of their great influence on the thinking and aesthetic attitudes of urban youth from the middle class.

However, people know perfectly well that there were excesses and crimes in the police. The whole system of law and order protection is shown as a single body that operates in accordance with the pure and righteous aspirations. But this image is far from reality, which is proved by many research papers on police brutality.

The problems to discuss in police brutality essays

Examples of unworthy behavior of officers can be discussed without end. They are not a product of personal sadism of concrete policemen but the fruit of the very philosophy of society that generates such problems.

World statistics shows that representatives of different countries resorted to excessive use of force against protesters, maltreated persons in detention, persecuted minorities and committed other unlawful acts. This undermines public confidence in the state, social cohesion and the effectiveness of the work of law enforcement agencies which relies on cooperation between the police and local communities.

It is difficult to say whether illegal actions on the part of police have become more widespread in certain countries or this phenomenon is just more visible and recognized in global scale now. It is obvious that demonstrations are increasingly held in Europe and US. This creates new challenges for law enforcement. In addition, civil society has become more diverse, and police adapts to it slowly. In other cases, a significant part of the blame lies with the political elites. They give direct orders for illegal actions or make statements ostracizing some groups of the population.

Impunity should be eradicated – the main police brutality thesis

It is reasonable to start the punishments for police brutality essay exactly with this phrase. The world community has an important duty to combat impunity for violations of human rights committed by law enforcement officials. Victims should have access to justice to exclude the further illegal actions. The public confidence and cooperation with state bodies should be strengthened.

You may state in police brutality problem solving essay that all allegations of misconduct should become the subjects of effective investigation in order to identify and punish the persons responsible for disorder.

Unfortunately, many proceedings on human rights violations committed by law enforcement officers are ineffective. The fact is that the actions of colleagues are often investigated by employees of the same bodies and there is a certain "custom of silence".

One solution to this problem may be the establishment of independent complaints mechanisms for the police. They are well developed in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark. Another possibility is to give the national ombudsmen the authority to investigate lawsuits against officers.

It’s worth indicating in causes of police brutality essay that a significant share of the responsibility is borne by political leaders. Since the organization of law enforcement bodies is hierarchical, statements and positions of politicians, especially the ministers of the interior, are rarely ignored by ordinary employees. Therefore, public confidence in state institutions is severely damaged when a pardon decisions are taken in relation to law enforcement officers convicted for unlawful actions, including cruel treatment, or they receive simplified punishment.

Political leaders must send a clear signal that the responsibility for ill-treatment extends not only to those who commit it but to any person who knows or should know that such disorder takes place and does not notify about it.

research papers on police brutality

Strengthening of guarantees and restoration of trust – important goals to describe in speeches on police brutality

States should develop clear guidelines on the reasonable resort to force by the police in accordance with international standards, including the use of tear gas, pepper spray, water cannons and firearms during demonstrations.

In addition, practical and non-complex measures should be taken, such as the duty of officers resisting street riots to have an identification number that could be seen from a distance. Combination should be short enough to let the people remember and use it for reporting about abuses.

In addition, caution must be exercised when recruiting, hiring and promoting police employees. Special attention should be paid to reports about past misconduct, manifestations of racism and ability to withstand stress situations.

Another research proposal on police brutality: recruitment among minority groups could help to reduce the risk of racially motivated violence and ensure that the police represent the diversity of society. In this regard, constant, systematic training in the field of human rights is of fundamental importance.

Illegal actions of police are a matter of concern for a long time. But research paper on law enforcement should push the reader to the thought that the problem is not inevitable. Effective means to combat this phenomenon exist and should be used by states. This is a fundamental requirement for restoring public confidence in state power, ensuring human rights and the rule of justice.

To prove the relevance of the persuasive essay on police brutality, it is necessary to provide examples from real life. The incidents of improper behavior of policemen in different countries of the world which were well documented are described below.

Dispersal of demonstrations


Police mutilated the leg of the protest participant

In August 2007, in the state of Rhode Island, Alexandra Svoboda participated in a trade union protest against hard working conditions. Three policemen pulled Alexandra out of the mass of protesters for some reason, threw her to the ground and dislocated the girl's knee. Then one of the policemen sat down on Alexandra, thereby aggravating the severity of the injury, and handcuffed her. Other demonstrators were attacked with pepper gas.

The Alexandra's popliteal artery, ligaments and meniscus were damaged. The shin and tibia were broken. Although the doctors managed to save girl's leg from amputation, the restoration of health took more than a year.

Police arrested people for dancing

You may also mention in police brutality persuasive essay that in May 2011, a group of activists decided to check whether the norms of the Constitution were observed in the US and started dancing in the Jefferson Memorial - a monument of freedom and democracy. According to the laws of the United States, dancing in a public place is not a crime. All participants of the action were immediately arrested.

The police attacked the sitting students with pepper gas

During a peaceful protest at the University of California, the policeman poured gas into the faces of quietly sitting students so that colleagues could easily handcuff them. After the outbreak of outrage wave in the media, all the participants in the incident were compensated. The head of the local police and two policemen that sprayed gas were removed from office.

84-year-old woman was attacked with pepper gas in Seattle

Another shocking plot for informative essay on police brutality: during the peaceful rally, the officers used pepper gas to disperse the protesters. Among other, 84-year-old Dorli Rainey and one pregnant woman were affected. After that, the police said that pepper gas is safe for health.

Young girls were attacked with the pepper gas in New York

In September 2011, during the protest action "Occupy Wall Street" in New York, assistant inspector Anthony Bologna used a pepper spray against a group of unarmed young girls who clearly posed no threat to others. He was deprived of 10 days of vacation and transferred to Staten Island, the most remote area from the center of the New York.

Violent dispersal of the protest in Oakland

In October 2011, police brutally dispersed hundreds of demonstrators in Oakland, California. The officers used tear gas, non-lethal firearms (bean bag guns) and flash grenades. There were many children, elderly and disabled people among the "rebels". In the process of dispersal of the manifestation, at least a few people were injured.

The bombing of the organization MOVE

This incident should be mentioned in African American police brutality essay. In 1985, the Philadelphia officers dropped a bomb from the helicopter at the headquarters of the MOVE organization. The movement consisted of black supporters of returning to Africa. They abandoned modern technology.

In a result of the bombardment, 11 people were killed, including five children. The outbreak of fire destroyed about 60 houses. According to the testimony of one of the survivors, the police fired at those who tried to get out of the fire.

The dispersal of the rally against the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota

Police in the state of North Dakota have arrested more than 120 people including filmmakers, journalists and minors for participating in protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in October 2016. Law enforcement officials were accused of violating freedom of speech and using excessive force against peaceful demonstrators. According to the latter, the police behaved aggressively, used batons and gas cartridges. Arrests on charges of "mass riots" and "illegal penetration" were made indiscriminately.

The dispersal of protesters against the bombing of Syria

A videotape that shows how policemen used violence attacking the protesters against the bombing of Syria was published on Twitter by @ValLisitsa in April 2017. It was not reported where and when exactly the incident took place. On the video, the protesters stood with the flags of Syria.

Mass use of weapons during detention

Use the information from own investigation of The Washington Post for police misconduct essay. Representatives of the publication stated that, in 2017, the US police shot dead 987 people that exceed the figure for 2016. At the same time, in 2016, 963 people were killed, and a year earlier - 995. This statistic is not officially published in the US, so the employees of the newspaper had to conduct a large-scale analysis of judicial documents and police reports.


Students protesting against budget policy were attacked with tear gas

March 27, 2015, in Quebec, hundreds of students went out to protest against the budget policy and other government decisions. In response, the Quebec police attacked the protesters with tear gas. Some received a powerful dose right in the face.

European Union

The police injured the eyes of an elderly German engineer

In October 2010, 66-year-old engineer Dietrich Wagner was among the opponents to the construction of a new railway station in Stuttgart. The police used water cannons against the demonstrators.

The water blow directly affected the Dietrich Wagner's face. His eyelids were torn. In one eye, the retina was torn and the ocular fundus was damaged. The lenses of both eyes were also injured. The Wagner's left eye is completely destroyed. The right eye sees 8% (what is already insufficient for reading or driving).

The police explained their cruelty by the fact that Wagner threw a few chestnuts in them. Thanks to such examples, your abuse of power essay will tickle the readers' nerves and assure them of the seriousness of the topic.

Policemen damaged the eye to the worker in Strasbourg

French police used a rubber bullet which knocked out the eye of a young Belgian metallurgist who participated in a peaceful protest near the building of the European Parliament. Protesters opposed the planned large-scale dismissal of employees of the metallurgical concern ArcelorMittal which reduced its production capacity in Europe. The people were dispersed with batons, tear gas and shooting with rubber bullets.

Spanish police used batons against unarmed women

Demonstrators protested against the new law restricting abortion. The police began to grab the women, dragged them to the sides, threw on the asphalt and beat with batons. Three ladies were arrested for resistance and attacking a police officer.


Aggressive ensign

In July 2010, during the arrest of opposition rally participants, an ensign from St. Petersburg struck one of the protesters with a baton on the head. A criminal case was opened. As a result of the trial, the court sentenced the ensign to 3,5 years conditionally imprisonment.

Concentrate the attention on such incidents in against police brutality essays to assure the reader that unworthy behavior can and should be punished.

Pregnant hipster

In May 2012, the OMON policeman kicked one of the participants of the opposition protest who resisted detention. Opposition bloggers called the OMON employee "May sadist" and stated that he kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach. Later, however, it turned out that it was not a "pregnant woman" but the man with a small (beer?) tummy. He was detained because someone from behind threw stones at the OMON troops. The OMON worker himself, unfortunately, was never found and did not bear the due punishment for excessive cruelty.

Khimki forest

In June 2012, police pulled away from the construction equipment the environmentalists who threw stones and tried to stop it. The video camera recorded as one of the builders hit the ecologist with his fist.

Dispersal of the Dissenters' March

In April 2007, the OMON rudely dispersed the so-called Dissenters' March in St. Petersburg. According to the testimony of the journalists present, the participants of the rally were beaten with batons, as well as random passers-by, journalists (including people in waistcoats with the Press inscription and, according to some sources, representatives of foreign publications).

Unfortunately, numerous journalists did not manage to present to the public any convincing video evidence of police brutality during the dispersal of the named march.

Dispersal of rallies near Moscow

In December 2008, OMON took an active part in dispersing unsanctioned rallies related to raising customs duties on the import of used cars from abroad. According to witnesses, dozens of people were beaten. Also, numerous detentions of the press representatives took place. There are no video recordings of this dispersal.

A rally in the village of Miskindja

In April 2006, a protest rally near the Dagestan village of Miskindja connected with the dissatisfaction of the protesters with corruption in the local authorities was dispersed with a special cruelty. The people blocked the road with a barricade and began throwing stones at the policemen.

During the clash between the protesters and the forces of law and order, an OMON policeman was shot in the leg. Another 11 police officers received injuries of varying severity in a result of using stones and sticks against them. One of the protesters was shot dead.

police brutality problem solving essay

Examples of everyday cruelty for essay on police brutality

USA and Canada

Indicate in police brutality against African American essay that, according to ICM Research conducted in December 2014, less than a third of the black people consider their safety to be a merit of the law enforcement agencies. Only 46% of all respondents trust it. While reading the news, it becomes clear what the reason for such mistrust is. By the way, if to believe the statistics, it is 58 times more likely to be killed by the police than to die from the terrorist attack. On the average, the US police kill 928 people per year while there were only 16 deaths as a result of terrorist attacks for the entire 2013.

Police shot dead the car thief

In January 2014, police in Arizona stopped the car thief. After the unarmed hijacker got out with his hands up, he was shot cold-bloodedly. The police claimed that the criminal was trying to use a weapon. But an amateur video record showed that nothing of the sort happened.

After studying the video, the sheriff of the district stated that the actions of his colleagues were justified. And this is not the only case. Such incidents regularly cause serious indignation which should be expressed in essays on police officers.

The teenager was shot in the head in a police car

November 19, 2013, in Durham, North Carolina, a 17-year-old teenager Jesus Huerta died of a shot. He was killed in the back seat of the car near a police station. At the same time, the Huerta's hands were handcuffed behind his back and a policeman was sitting behind the wheel. After the investigation, the police announced a suicide: somehow the boy was able to hide a 45-caliber pistol from which he shot himself. This case repeats the circumstances of the death of Chavis Carter in Arkansas a year earlier.

Probably, this crime had racist motives, so, it would be appropriate to describe it in police brutality and racial profiling essay.

A policeman raped a detainee with a service weapon

In October 2012, employees of Chicago police have beaten Angel Perez to get the information about crimes in their territory. During the interrogation, Angel's eyes were squeezed out. He was raped with a pistol. Also, Perez was promised that later he would be raped by thugs in the prison cell and that not only he but all members of his family would get behind bars.

Beating the detained

In September 2013, in California, policemen knocked out the teeth of the detained man and beaten him with batons to half-death in front of passers-by. The man lay on the asphalt and did not give any resistance. The police wasn't stopped by the outraged exclamations of surrounding people and the mobile phone cameras recording their actions.

A policeman in the US detained a sixteen-year-old teenager and tore off his balls

In Philadelphia, a sixteen-year-old black teenager, Darrin Manning (without police records, an excellent student) was returning from the basketball section. There was a severe frost in the street and he wrapped his face with a scarf. This seemed suspicious to the policeman. The cop decided to search the boy, handcuffed him and then literally tore off the genitals. Darrin got a disability and can't become a father now.

Such examples of unreasonable claims and sadistic violence in relation to black citizens should become a palpitating plot for the racism and police brutality essay.

Guards of American prisons sold children to convicts for rapes

Guards of Michigan prisons brought young offenders to adult prisons, allowed the convicts to rape them in a children's cell for money. Sex slaves were also sold to other prisons and exchanged as an internal currency. Some victims have not reached puberty. Kids were sent to the punishment room for complaints. A scar on the face was cut with a knife. This meant that the child can now be raped free of charge and at any time.

Half of the crimes of a sexual nature in American prisons are committed by guards

And 37% of such crimes are committed with regard to women. Experts believe that the full picture of what is happening behind the prison fences still can't be seen. Also, there is no certainty that the guards commit only half of the crimes. Many prisoners do not complain because they are afraid of revenge on the part of the guards. However, the acuteness of this problem is beyond doubt. So, it can become a good soil for the essay police brutality essay papers.

The police beat the homeless to death

In July 2011, in California, police beat a mentally ill homeless person to death on the street. The beating continued for a long time during which the man begged to spare him. The investigation revealed that the main accused, the police officer Manuel Ramos, was familiar with victim and knew about his illness.

A policeman shot dead a mentally ill young man

In January 2014, the parents of a schizophrenic 18-year-old guy who walked around the house with a screwdriver in his hands called the police. Arriving at the place, the officer seized the young man, struck several times with a taser and laid him on the floor. After that, a policeman who came from another city took out a pistol and shot helpless boy cold-bloodedly with the words "we do not have time for this".

The guard beat the prisoner to death

State of North Carolina, USA. In June 2013, a prisoner in custody died in hospital of injuries sustained in a fight with a security guard. A prison officer beat the offender's head against the floor until he stopped moving. The court found the killer guilty of manslaughter, prescribed 3 months in prison and 3 years conditionally.

The policeman handcuffed an eight-year-old child

Police brutality research paper topics are extremely relevant in modern society since no one is protected from abuses by law enforcement. For example, the amateur video captured the scene where policeman from Ohio State handcuffed a frightened eight-year-old child. When the video got to the Web and a scandal broke out, the police authorities announced that the officer was completely right.

The policeman hit the teenager's head against the concrete wall

In May 2011, a policeman from Arizona struck a head of a teenage girl against the concrete wall. She posed no threat to him or to others.

Anal search

In January 2013, the police stopped the car and subjected its owner to a multi-hour, humiliating anal search. The policeman thought that a man was suspiciously squeezing his buttocks. No drugs were found. As a result of the lawsuit filed by the victim, he was paid $ 1.6 million in compensation.

Police terrorized the "color" district

It's quite a bright story for police brutality and racism essay. For several years, Los Angeles officers maintained constant fear in a whole district of ​​the city: they broke into houses without a warrant, conducted illegal searches and detentions, and got the testimony they needed by force and threats. Negroes and Hispanics have been bullied, so no one reacted to the complaints of citizens for a long time.

Beating a girl in Philadelphia

During a festive parade, a policeman struck a girl in the face because he thought that she was spraying water at him. After that, the victim with the bloodstained face was handcuffed and arrested.

Attack of bikers on the driver

In October 2013, a video was distributed where a gang of bikers attacked a SUV driver in whose car his wife and little daughter were also traveling. A month later, the attackers were captured. It turned out that the gang included four policemen from New York. At least one of them was directly involved in the attack.

A Russian student was beaten in Canadian detention center

In August 2012, Canadian police detained a Russian student Denis Telyakov, allegedly for threatening other students and teachers. A few days later, Denis got to the hospital with serious brain injuries. The guy was in a state of coma. According to the police version, inmates brutally beat sleeping Telyakov for nothing.

Relatives believe that if the protest had not been filed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denis would not have been treated in Canada, which would probably have led to his death.

Shooting in New York

In August 2012, there was a murder: a 53-year-old fashion designer shot his colleague. Arriving at the scene of the incident, the police opened a random shooting, which resulted in injuring 9 innocent passers-by.

Amputation of the limb due to handcuffs

In Pittsburgh, the 35-year-old Amy Needham, the mother of three, had to amputate her hand because the policemen tightened the handcuffs too much. In December 2013, the officers arrested her for failing to appear at a preliminary hearing on hooliganism charges.

Needham was washing herself in the bathroom when the police got into her house. They broke the bathroom door, hit Needham with a taser, tightened the handcuffs and threw the woman in jail. While Amy was imprisoned, she applied to the police officers 16 times with a request to call a doctor, but she was refused. The lack of blood in the hand led to septic shock. Physicians had to amputate Needham's limb to save her life.

Cannibal from New York

Among law enforcement officers, there are not only ordinary sadists but also individuals with the most perverse psychological abnormalities that can be described in police brutality in modern society essay. For example, in October 2012, a policeman was arrested in New York. He planned to rape, dismember and eat several dozen women. The list of future victims of the offender included his wife who turned to the FBI.

Murder of a black teenager

In the evening of February 26, 2012, Zimmerman, a public patrolman who made a detour around the area, called the 911 service and said he saw a "suspicious guy". A couple of minutes later he told the dispatcher that the guy ran to the rear exit of the residential complex. Despite the fact that the dispatcher asked the patrolman not to pursue the guy, Zimmerman continued the chase. As a result of the struggle, he shot the adversary in the chest at close range from semi-automatic pistol Kel-Tec PF-9 ruen and killed him.

Murder was qualified as self-defense. This case caused a wide public response. The jury was accused of racism. A wave of demonstrations swept across the United States. So, write about this case in police brutality and racial violence essay.

Detention of a visitor to a cafe in Atlanta

In March 2013, during the detention of an unarmed visitor to a cafe in Atlanta, policemen began to beat a woman with a fragile physique in the face. Having broken the resistance of the victim, the officers laid the beaten lady with her face to the tile and handcuffed her.

Murder of an elderly war veteran

In August 2013, a 95-year veteran of the war, a former pilot, was in a nursing home in Illinois. The patient came into conflict with the doctors because he did not want to take the prescribed tablets. The medics called the police. The officers saw a metal spoon for shoes in the hands of the veteran. Just in case, they shot a rubber bullet from the shotgun into his stomach. Soon, an elderly man died of internal bleeding.

Detention of a girl for crossing the street in the city of Austin

On February 20, 2014, officers in the state of Texas used the violence against a girl who crossed the street improperly. She was thrown on the asphalt, handcuffed and taken to the police station.

Murder of the homeless

On March 16, 2014, Albuquerque policemen showered the homeless man with grenades and, when he turned his back to officers, he was shot.

Murder of a businessman

September 24, 2014, at about 23:00, based on the testimony of drug addict Rodney Garrett, the US Army Special Forces undertook a search operation in house of 59-year-old businessman David Hooks to find drugs. Previously, Garret stole the David's SUV. So, when there was a noise at night of September 24, David went to meet guests with a shotgun thinking that the thieves returned.

Further, the testimony of special forces and a lawyer varies: the first insist on the clear execution of the protocol, the second says that officers broke in without introducing themselves and immediately opened fire. The result of the operation was the death of David Hooks from gunshot wounds. During the 44-hour search, the drugs were not found. There is also a version that the murder was ordered.

A policeman beats a girl in the face

Arizona, student excitement caused by sports. The policeman strikes a passing girl in the face with such force that she flies across the bench.

Arrests of schoolchildren

In the United States, pupils are detained and taken into custody by the police for things that all children have done since time immemorial: use of too strong perfumes, throwing paper airplanes, inscriptions on desks. An 11-year-old kid can get a prison sentence for bringing a plastic knife to school. Sometimes even 5-year-old children are arrested. That’s why law enforcement essay topics have a deep significance for modern youth.

8 policemen shot 46 bullets at the homeless

Police officers in the US state of Michigan shot a homeless man for refusing to hand over a penknife. The US Justice Department refused to bring charges against the guards of the order motivating it by the fact that they performed their duty and acted in the face of threats.

Policemen shot a mentally ill pregnant woman

In July 2014, policemen shot and killed a mentally ill pregnant woman who was suffering from drug addiction. Her husband brought her to the doors of a psychiatric hospital, but she snatched the knife and did not hand it over at the request of the police. It became known about the tragedy only in the next year when the video with the incident fell into the network.

Murder of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson

This is another high-profile case for police brutality and racial violence short essay or extensive research paper. August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, policeman Darren Wilson shot dead an unarmed 18-year-old black boy Michael Brown. Some witnesses claim that there was a dispute between the officer and the young man as a result of which Wilson started shooting at Brown and did not stop though he raised his hands. The police and other witnesses claim that Brown attacked Wilson.

The murder caused widespread riots in Ferguson which lasted a long time - there are a significant number of African Americans in the city. On November 25, 2014, a panel of 12 jurors (9 whites and 3 blacks) decided not to bring charges against Wilson on this occasion. This decision caused a new powerful wave of unrest during which at least 100 people were detained, at least 12 buildings were burned. Demonstrations were supported in more than 170 American cities.

On March 4, 2015, a report was published by the US Justice Department stating that police officers and judges in Ferguson are biased against African Americans, in particular they use excessive force during detention, stop and search black drivers more often and more carefully, and only 68% of cases opened by blacks are examined in the court.

The policeman shot dead a 12-year-old teenager

November 22, 2014, in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, the police received a call with information about an armed man. Arriving at the place, the officers noticed a boy with an unknown weapon and ordered him to raise his hands. When he did not do this and put the hand in his bosom, one of the policemen shot the guy in the stomach. It turned out that the child's gun was not real but pneumatic. However, he did not target at the police and did not threaten them.

Shooting in the park occurred within a day after the massacre of seven people by an unknown shooter in Cleveland. A pregnant woman and a 17-year-old girl were among victims. A 10-year-old girl also was hurt.

Lawyers stated that the teenager was killed due to own recklessness. In their opinion, he did not take proper care to avoid injuries. In addition, they believed that the Cleveland police did not violate the rights of the murdered boy. As a result, the policeman who shot him with a pneumatic gun escaped accusations. Court also demanded $500 from the family of the child for calling an ambulance and transporting the victim to the hospital.

Murders by policemen in Utah

Interesting fact for police use of force essay: in Utah, the law enforcement representatives commit 15% of all murders. This is more than the number of deaths from the hands of bandits, drug dealers and as a result of cruel treatment of children. The use of force by the Utah police is the second most common cause of forcible life deprivation. It is inferior only to the number of murders in the result of violence between spouses.

More people died due to misconduct of the police in Utah than due to the actions of any other social group. What is even more outrageous, most killings were justified by the court.

The secret prisons of the CIA used inhuman torture

It should be mentioned in argumentative essay on police brutality that torture is still practiced in the prisons of America. In December 2014, the US authorities published a shocking report on the CIA actions and the disappearances of people after the September 11 terrorist attack. More precisely, the abridged version with the 525-page study was published (90% of the report remained in secret). The full version of the five-year investigation worth $40 million takes nearly 7,000 pages and contains information collected from 6 million internal documents of the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to the report, the CIA spent millions of dollars in bribes to foreign governments to organize a network of secret prisons where "non-standard" interrogation methods are practiced. Up to a quarter of the world's countries somehow participated in the organization of this network. Also, the services of intermediary firms were used for the execution of torture. At the same time, the US State Department had virtually no control over foreign CIA prisons.

Such prohibited methods of interrogation as torture by water (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was subjected to it at least 83 times), sleep deprivation during a week, deliberate undercooling, "rectal feeding", direct threats of sexual violence, continuous interrogation during several days, threats of reprisal against relatives, torture with loud sound, stripping naked, shackling were applied to detainees in secret isolators. Not only suspects but CIA informants were tortured. About two dozen prisoners disappeared from the CIA's lists without a trace.

There is also evidence that basic medical care was not provided in the CIA prisons. Several people froze to death. There were cases of blood infection due to bullet wounds, loss of vision, hearing and the possibility of independent movement. People were forced to stand still with hands tied over their heads. Detainees with broken legs had to sit in poses causing unbearable pain. The information obtained in the result turned out to be of extremely low value.

The day after the publication of the report, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said that these incidents should not stay unpunished. For the official justification of torture in terms of law and ethics, the CIA used the services of the American Psychological Association (APA). In 2015, the world news agency Reuters reported that not all cruel tortures of the CIA were included in the report published in 2014.

A policeman shot dead an unarmed music lover in Utah

In 2014, in the Salt Lake City, a policeman Bron Cruz shot dead unarmed Dillon Taylor who simply listened to the player and posed no threat. The policeman was completely acquitted.

Police shot dead 74-year veteran

In North Carolina, officers killed a 74-year veteran of the Korean War. His relatives called the police and asked to visit the sick old man. However, when the policemen came to the address, he slept and therefore did not open the door. It was broken. When the veteran woke up and grabbed the gun, he was shot.

A policeman wounded a 15-year-old teenager

In Los Angeles, perceiving a toy gun as a real one, policeman shot a black teenager, shackled him with handcuffs in which the boy was taken to a hospital bed.

San Diego residents were "grateful" to the police for beating and arresting

In 2015, in the city of San Diego, California, police saw that two men, Luis and Diego Lobaton, smoked cigarettes "suspiciously" next to the house and the place of their business from which they had keys. The police broke into the building, beaten and then arrested the men, injured their mother and 3-year-old brother. This is confirmed by the available video.

In the report, the police wrote that the grateful residents of the City Heights area appreciated their actions. The affected family was allegedly thankful for the falsified criminal charge.

Police shot a psychopath in Dallas

In Dallas, Texas, mother called the police saying that her mentally ill son was traumatizing himself and needed help. Arrived policemen saw a psychopath with a screwdriver in his hands, panicked and shot him.

In March 2015, the US police killed more people than the British police in 100 years

This shocking statistics will be helpful for your use of force research paper. In March 2015, the US officers killed 111 people. This fact indicates the excessive use of authority by US law enforcement officials. Compared to the situation in the UK, it turns out that in just one month more people died at the hands of policemen in the United States than were killed by British guards of the law in more than 100 years.

In total, the US police shot dead 385 citizens for the first 5 months of 2015. At the time of shooting, 49 people were unarmed, and 13 had toy guns in their hands. Approximately half of the deceased were whites.

A patrolman shot a black man

In North Charleston, South Carolina, April 4, 2015, there was a scuffle between police officer Michael Slager and 50-year-old African American Walter Scott who was detained for driving with a broken rear lamp. Unarmed Scott tried to escape. But after making only a few steps he was shot 8 times in the back.

According to statistics, 47% of citizens are blacks and 37% are whites in North Charleston, but there are 80% of whites among police. On April 7, protests began in South Carolina in connection with this event. Write about it in police brutality against minorities essay.

Thousands of people were killed by the police, but only 54 policemen were charged, most are justified

According to the leading American newspaper The Washington Post, since 2005, thousands of people have died in the US from police hands, but only 54 officers have been charged. However, as a result of the investigation, most of the charges were dropped or actions of officers were justified.

$ 5.5 million for the victims of police torture, suffocation and cauterization

In May 2015, the Chicago City Council voted to pay compensation of a total of $ 5.5 million to victims of police torture. From 1972 to 1991, an American officer, Jon Graham Burge, and his subordinates subjected suspects to bullying in order to knock out confessions from them. More than 200 people suffered from the actions of police, 100 of whom were blacks from poor areas.

Torture of detainees with mental disorders

In May 2015, Human Rights Watch published a report describing the sadistic actions of American jailers in relation to prisoners with mental disorders. The list of torture included the use of gases and electric weapons, the enchaining of prisoners to beds and armchairs for several days. Convicts received burns, lacerations and internal injuries. Sometimes the use of force led to death.

The police broke the thigh-bone of 82-year-old veteran and left him without calling the doctors

In May 2015, in Texas, police got into the house of the 82-year-old veteran, broke his thigh-bone and then, realizing that there was a mistake, disappeared without even taking care about calling the doctors. The next day, a man who lay on the floor was found by his family. He survived but got to the hospital where undergone two surgeries.

The policeman saved the man from the flood and then shot him

This incident occurred on May 31, 2015 in Oklahoma. Two men called the police during a downpour when they could not get their car out of the water. However, there was a conflict between them. One of the men was shot. The police wasn't injured. The second man was detained for attacking an officer. He was in a state of alcohol intoxication. The details of the incident were not fully disclosed.

Employees of public utilities in New York have to wear orange vests in order not to be shot by the police

In June 2015, it became known that the janitors and lifters of New York should wear orange vests. So police officers understand who shouldn't become their target without special provocations. Also, public service employees have to wear their identification cards over the orange vests. Thus, when an employee is stopped by a policeman, he will not need to put the hand into the back pocket to pull out an identity document thus provoking the policeman to shoot.

The US police kill more people per day than the police of other countries in a few years

According to statistics collected by the newspaper The Guardian, police officers in the United States kill more people for several days than police of other countries for several years. In the US, only in March, 2015, there have been recorded significantly more deaths of citizens from the hands of policemen than in Australia over the past 19 years. And for the first 24 days of 2015, American policemen shot dead more people than Welsh and English together in the last 24 years.

In 2017, due to the use of weapons, US officers killed 987 people. This level is 21 people more than a year earlier. These figures will give the ground for reasoning to the readers of your essay on police brutality injustice.

The US police kill 20 psychiatric patients each month

In the first half of 2015, US policemen shot dead 124 mentally ill people. Most of them were not armed with real weapons. The police were called by relatives.

Juvenile inmates are often subjected to ill-treatment by warders

In the United States, according to federal statistics, up to 10,000 children are held in correctional facilities for adults. In addition, the recently published report refers to cases of ill-treatment of minors in American prisons. For example, the girl spent 24 hours in an immobilized state.

The shooting of unarmed teenagers by policemen

In California, on the evening of June 2, 2013, the Gardena police received a report about the theft of a bicycle left near the pharmacy. However, the dispatcher told wrong information to the patrol - that a drugstore was attacked. As a result, the guards of the order collided with the victim and two of his friends, suspected them of robbery and began shooting. Three officers shot at once. The brother of the victim was killed with 8 bullets and one of his friends was injured in the back.

American police beat a pedestrian for moving in the wrong place

November 16, 2015, in Austin, Texas, police detained pedestrians crossing the street in the wrong place. Guardians of the order used the force against the arrested man. The injured woman was not allowed to take the medicine during an asthma attack.

Two policemen severely beat a suspect in car theft

November 17, 2015, two law enforcement officers brought down to the ground and were brutally beating a suspect in car theft during more than 13 minutes.

Police expelled the elderly black woman from the hospital and she died

In December 2015, in Florida, a 57-year-old black woman died after the police expelled her from the hospital. She was discharged by doctors but felt difficulty in breathing and refused to leave the medical facility.

The San Francisco police brought the founder of Debian to suicide

Write in police brutality problem solution essay that this topic concerns not only ordinary citizens but also famous personalities, successful businessmen. No one is protected. For example, in December 2016, there was news about the death of Ian Murdock known as the founder of Debian GNU / Linux.

In his Twitter account, there have been several reports of suicide preparations as attempts to reach out to the public and pay attention to police lawlessness: "I will not commit suicide today. First I will describe all this [the case of police misconduct which he faced], so that everyone would know about the police brutality, MASS DISEASE which struck this so-called free country."

The version of the ordered character of his death is also not without grounds. Still, GNU / Linux "bites off" more and more of the software market, and Debian is one of the most popular and largest Linux distributions.

In Pennsylvania, a policeman shot dead a 12-year-old girl

In January 2013, a policeman in Pennsylvania came to confiscate property of a defaulter. When the owner of the house targeted an automatic rifle at the policeman, the officer opened fire and accidentally shot the 12-year-old daughter of a defaulter.

In New York, police repressed the witness of murder of black man by cops

On July 17, 2014, Ramsey Orta photographed the strangulation of Eric Garner by police officers during the arrest and published a video. He was accused of illegal arms and drug trafficking. That is, an attempt to frankly fabricate a criminal case against an innocent witness took place.

A policeman in the United States shot a deaf-mute driver

The patrol wanted to stop and fine the Volvo car which exceeded speed on the highway. Driver who could not hear the siren did not stop. The pursuit during which two cars collided continued. Then the man got out of the vehicle. A shot was heard in ten seconds. According to US media, the driver tried to explain something in sign language.

Police arrested a 10-year-old autistic

In April 2017, the American public was outraged by the video of the arrest of a 10-year-old boy suffering from autism. Police officers handcuffed him and dragged from the classroom, after which he spent the night in the center for juvenile offenders. The child was accused of kicking a school employee.

In the US, a teacher was arrested after a salary complaint

In January 2018, an English teacher Deyshia Hargrave from Louisiana was dragged from the educational institution in handcuffs. At the school meeting, she pushed forward a complaint about salaries not in accordance with the established procedure. Enforcement officer threw the teacher on the floor, put handcuffs on her and pulled Hargrave out of the school building.

South Africa

The taxi driver was tortured to death

In February 2013, the taxi driver began to argue with the police proving that he had parked his car correctly. Then the officers enchained the man to the rear door of the van, beat him and pulled along the street behind the truck. Unhappy man died in the police station.

Useful tips for writing a quality what is police brutality essay

Of course, it’s always easier to buy police brutality essay. But if you decided to write it independently, our instructions will help you.

It is worth starting with what is an essay in general. As a rule, many people ask this question at university. But there are also school programs that involve this format of the text. Moreover, some employers require writing an essay during an interview.

Essay is a kind of academic paper that has a small volume and focuses on some particular issue. Its feature is a free form of writing which is performed in an individual author's manner. This work can be described as a philosophical, artistic, critical or journalistic genre.

Essay expresses your personal thoughts and views on certain things or events. In this case, you do not have to explain your point of view exhaustively or go into deep details. That is, scholarly articles on police brutality have to consist of personal thoughts expressed in free form but composed in the right format and correctly structured.

What for should you write how to stop police brutality essay? This is a very useful practice if you want to learn to critically reflect and correctly express your point of view while relying on certain facts. Police violence assignment also will be helpful for your personal development. Such tasks are able to open the writer's potential for building a career in various fields related to journalism, authorship, law, publishing, marketing and even business.

Let's sum it up. The essence and purpose of the solutions to police brutality essay is to develop such important qualities and skills of a person as:

  • creative thinking;
  • the ability to make police brutality thesis statement based on personal opinion in writing;
  • critical assessing of different situations using reliable facts;
  • compilation of certain police brutality essay conclusion and proposals for the problem eradication - the real practical benefit of academic paper.

You will learn how to express the thoughts beautifully not only in written but also in oral form, to structure information, to formulate thoughts as short as possible and to convey the law enforcement essay ideas in such a way that the interlocutor can easily understand it. But the most important is that a person learns to present relevant facts and evidence. This quality is very important for leaders who have assumed the management responsibility. Essay practice can help you motivate others to act.

Features of the essay

Now we turn to the question of the combating police brutality essay content. By the way, how could we know that we read this type of composition? Any good essay usually may be recognized by certain characteristics that clearly reflect such text:

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the volume. Such a paper, as we have already said, is distinguished by its short form.
  • In this work, only one problem is touched upon. So, you have to be careful when choosing among the police topics for a research paper.
  • The free form does not always correspond to the generally accepted logic.
  • Spoken language predominates, however, with the exception of slang (if you do not have to write a satire essay on police brutality). It is worthwhile to use simple and accessible words that we meet in everyday life but to observe tact and avoid frivolous tone. This will help you not to make a bad impression of yourself.
  • The next important feature is a tenacious hook for police brutality essay that immediately attracts attention and reveals the main problem concerning a particular topic.
  • This form of composition is also characterized by expression and high emotionality. They increase the response to the text. It’s advisable to use research questions on police brutality to invite the examiners to reflection. Thus, author affects the feelings of people making them feel the problem stronger and better.

If you decided to write a police brutality or reasonable force essay, try to observe all the above rules. This will help you on the way to getting the most classic and clear version of personal paper.

Types of essays

To start writing an essay, you first need to find out what categories of such papers exist. The difference is important because the college essay topics on police brutality can differ in genre, be aimed at various goals and tasks.

There are the following types:

  • philosophical;
  • literary;
  • historical;
  • analytical;
  • artistic;
  • publicistic.

The most common options that could be met in our everyday life are literary and publicistic. They, in turn, are divided into reviews, short articles for the blogs, extensive researches, etc.

There are also many historical works. Although the enumeration of events without expressing the author's personal opinion is not inherent to essay genre. It is much better to provide real facts as a basis for own point of view.

Analytical paper serves for performing an assessment of certain social or economic processes. For example, writing effects of police brutality on ethnic minority victims, family and community essay, you will have to consider a complex set of phenomena and their consequences in the global perspective.

Police brutality argumentative essay outline

Starting to write, you should begin with the drawing up of police brutality essay outline. Why do you need this? What can it affect? The structure and the plan allow to compile a paper correctly, to make it more understandable, concise and simple. It is difficult to read a text that does not have a clear plan. It is necessary to structure your thoughts in order for the reader to see the course of their development.

The proper essay outline on police brutality has a common pattern that is suitable for any occasion:

  • introduction;
  • theses and arguments;
  • conclusion.

The main idea and the problem of the material written by you should be touched upon in the introduction and in the conclusion to essay on police brutality. Starting the paper, point out the essence of the issue, invite the examiner to consider it in more detail paying attention to the theses. With their help, summarize your point of view and the arguments which prove that this problem is real and requires attention.

The argument is the real fact that helps to convince the reader to believe you. While compiling outline for police brutality essay, allocate the separate paragraph for each thesis and argument so that a reader can better perceive information. In the end, also point out the problem and summarize it, that is, give your conclusions.

Since we are talking about a fairly free genre, presence a header is the most formal rule to consider. Police brutality essay titles should be tenacious, intriguing and, at the same time, revealing the topic. Further there are no clear limitations. It's just worth keeping in mind the structure and the plan from which you will bring the police brutality essay arguments and then prove them.

With this all, you must remember that the essay is not aimed at readers. It expresses your point of view. In this regard, do not change your opinion because of other people and necessarily list the personal conclusions in the end of the text. We hope that this instruction was useful and it will be easy for you to consider research topics on police brutality. Good luck!


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