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Problem solution essay is one of the most common academic assignments. The aim of this paper is to discuss a particular problem and provide some ideas on how to solve it. There are various options for writing this type of essay. For example, if you are working on one of the problem solution essay topics about education, you can analyze the history of the current issues in the sphere and explain why they require urgent actions. Moreover, in such a way, it will be easier for you to show how these issue progressed and if there are any solution to them.

Looking for some information on this assignment, you may come across different types of themes to write about. An excellent choice would be one of the environmental problem solution essay topics. In the work on such topic, you can mention the problem of water pollution, deforestation, or single-use plastic bags usage. In order to write an interesting paper, you need to research the chosen matter carefully and offer real solutions. You can also compare the countries and regions that suffer from environmental troubles the most. Afterward, you may examine how they have been developing solutions to these problems. As you can see, there is a lot to talk about when writing about environmental issues as this sphere is full of easy problem solution essay topics to choose from.

Why choose to write problem essays?

Nowadays, students tend to think that the problem solution essay is not the best one to pick if you are a newbie writer. However, there is nothing to worry about because this paper is not that difficult even for starters. The challenges might only occur if you need to create a text on one of the college problem solution essay topics, which are a little more complicated to write on if you have just begun to work on the papers of such kind.

So what are the pros of writing such an essay? First of all, you will have a great opportunity to find a new solution or analyze a problem from a different perspective. Moreover, if you pick good problem solution essay topics, there will be no problem for you to create a perfect text without spending too much time on writing. Finally, you have a chance to write a unique essay on a topic that has not been researched thoroughly enough, and it will allow you to bring something new in the sphere under consideration.

How to write a problem solving essay?

Firstly, you have to find out how to structure the text because it will simplify the writing process greatly. The introduction is standard for all essays; here, you have to describe the problem shortly and try to explain it. After that, write a thesis statement, briefly mentioning what you will be talking about in the paper. You will also need to provide information which will be new and interesting for your readers, so make sure that your ideas are original. And remember, you have to approach this part as seriously as you did picking one of the best problem solution essay topics.

As soon as the introduction is ready, you need to move to the body of the paper, which is an extremely important part. Let’s consider how to approach it. First of all, try to understand the root of the problem and its possible causes. After that, you will need to tell a little about the topic that you have picked. Make sure to find reliable sources that will allow you to create an informative text and provide the readers with all the details which can help them to solve the problem by themselves. The last thing to take care of is the conclusion part, where you have to outline the information stated in the introduction and body and provide all the solutions to the problem under consideration.

Now you know how to write a problem solution essay, so it’s time for you to start your work. In the beginning, you will have to collect all the needed information for your text. But before that, you have to choose the right theme out of the best problem solution argument essay topics. Even though it sounds like a tough task, you can find many great topics. Let us help you with this and provide some interesting ideas for discussion. We hope that you will find something worthy of your attention.

First of all, we offer you to look through the list of problem solution essay topics for high school because they are often considered one of the most interesting and relevant for students. What is more, these topics are quite easy to write on even for those who are new to academic writing. However, mind that some of the topics can be quite complicated and require profound and time-consuming research. So, let’s get started:

  • How to break the ice when talking to a stranger?
  • How can social media affect our lives?
  • How can the schools solve the obesity problem?
  • Can online education replace traditional schools?
  • Should schools stop using paper books?
  • Can anything be done about texting while driving?
  • How to make a city friendlier for pedestrians?
  • How to fix the problem of freedom of speech in closed countries?
  • How to make teenagers drive more carefully?
  • Ways to help homeless people
  • How to solve the problem of pollution?
  • How can you help others with their life choices?
  • How can we solve the problem of racism?
  • How to move away from the old ways of teaching?
  • How to prevent people from becoming homeless?
  • How to make online education more popular?
  • How to get rid of social media addiction?

These are the main topics that can be discussed in high school. Now it is time to move on to more difficult themes, which will be problem solution essay topics for college. They are usually a little more challenging to write about, but at the same time, some of them might be even more interesting than the other ones in this article. So here they are:

problem solving essay

  • How to eat healthily in college?
  • What are the ways of saving money in college?
  • Ways to go through a long-distance relationship in college
  • How to help your friend who is feeling suicidal?
  • How to make politics more interesting for the students?
  • How to get into politics while in college?
  • How to manage your money in a better way than right now?
  • How to get the best problem and solution essay topics for college essays?
  • How to cope with stress at college?
  • Is it a good idea to buy a car while in college?
  • What are the best ways to make your house a calm place without quarrels?
  • Ways to make your favorite sport more popular?
  • Why are e-sports not broadcasted?

These are just a few problem solution topics for college students that you can choose to write about. If you would like to really challenge yourself, our next picks will greatly help you.  

The other set of topics that we need to talk about are the topics for problem solution essay on sport issues. This theme is considered to be the most interesting one among those who do any kind of sports. Let us give you a little hint: if you pick a less famous sport, you might get a really interesting essay. Therefore, make sure that you find something more “unique” than football or volleyball. And here are some original essay ideas:

  • How much money should sportsmen be paid?
  • What should be the salary caps in sports?
  • How to prevent injuries in sports?
  • Should parents push their kids to do sports against their own will?
  • Why and how should coaches give the interviews after the games?
  • How to deal with the gained injuries?
  • How to make money from an unpopular sport?

Now it is time to move on to the more serious problem solution essay topics for the business that will help those who have their own enterprise or are just interested in this sphere:

  • How to increase sales without spending too much money on advertising?
  • How to create and run a family business?
  • How to work with logistics companies?
  • How to deal with bad workers?
  • Ways to deal with child labor
  • How to create a business that will be useful for others?

The next thing that we are going to talk about is the funny problem solution essay topics; people enjoy reading such essays because it’s an opportunity to relax and find out something really interesting. Besides, it is a great way for a student to have some fun while completing the assignment for school or college. That is why such topics are among the most interesting problem solution essay topics both for the readers and writers. Here are some ideas for your consideration:

  • How to make money playing games?
  • How can a person eat a lot without paying too much?
  • How can a shy person become famous in a short period of time?
  • How to skip classes without consequences?
  • How can an introvert start communicating with the people they do not know?
  • How can a non-professional turn a hobby into a job?

Our research paper writing company have made this good problem solution essay topics list that you can refer to while choosing a theme for your paper. Of course, there are some more interesting themes on the Web, so if you still haven’t picked the one you like, don’t worry! Just keep searching and you will find your perfect topic!


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

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