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Scientific research papers are created using the means of technologies, materials, and mechanisms, through which it becomes possible to create products of better quality and less cost, create methods for treating diseases or for dealing with natural disasters, etc. However, being engaged in science is a great luxury, since the probability of obtaining a practical result from the research is very small, and the cost of research can reach colossal values ​​due to the need for experimental equipment and raw materials. Thus, only a few commercial companies can afford to support their own research unit.

Creating the good research paper topics, keep in mind that the thought can be considered scientific if it goes through three stages:

  • statement of the question;
  • formulation of the theory;
  • carrying out an experiment confirming or refuting the theory.

The work report allows:

  • to clearly see the solution of the problem of which the research paper topic is pointed to (choosing the topics for a research paper, make sure you pick the one that you are able to elaborate);
  • use a theory or analytical model that was confirmed during the verification of experiment (the items "formulation of the theory" and "conducting the experiment") in other works and studies, while saving funds for local experiments;
  • exclude the theory and model, disproved during the confirmatory experiments, in the analysis of risks;
  • use the information about the results of the experiment (the "experiment" item) when testing other theories and hypotheses, saving money on duplicate experiments.

Let's try to classify the results that research can carry:

  • reference result: when, as a result of research, data were obtained on specific procedures or materials. For example, the reference result is the values ​​of the physical and mechanical characteristics of some material or quality characteristic of the part obtained at certain technological parameters;
  • scientific result: when, as a result of research work, some theory was confirmed or refuted. The theory can be in the form of a derived formula or mathematical models that make it possible to obtain analytical results with a high degree of convergence with real experiment;
  • methodological result: when, as a result of the research, optimal methods for conducting research, experiments, and performance of work were derived. Optimum methods can be developed as a secondary product in the development of rational methods for confirming the theory.

To create a prototype of innovative equipment, one has to choose one of the many unique controversial topics for a research paper or develop a new technology (including within the framework of ROC). The executor of the research work must have the results of studies confirming the possibility of implementing a new concept/idea. However, research often needs funding, which must be justified and supported by preliminary experiments. Scientific departments of universities, research institutes, and research enterprises do not have regular funding for conducting preliminary and exploratory experiments, as a result of which themes for the nomination of new works have to be drawn from literature. Therefore, the works initiated in this way will always be far behind similar developments that had a certain investment. However, if you’re a student, there won’t be such a problem, since high school research paper topics are usually quite simple and can be elaborated into a research work without any money.

A low interaction between scientific enterprises and universities can be a problem for English research paper topics creation and research paper topics for college student’s development. A low cooperation between universities and scientific enterprises is due to the fact that organizations perceive each other not only as competitors but also as potential customers - consumers of scientific products. The latter is due to the fact that scientific organizations in the vast majority earn money not by the results of the scientific activity, but by its implementation. That is why students choose easy research paper topics as they are much easier to develop and implement (meaning their results).

Creating the new interesting research paper topics, remember that they have to be time-relevant. Writing the work, use technologies and solutions of various branches of knowledge and sciences. Technologies and knowledge that could be obtained by working in only one direction are already known and developed. Today, new technologies are obtained at the junction of various methods and sciences, which requires the interaction of scientists from different fields, while active labor interaction between institutions is not observed. And if you have any problems with writing yourself, you can always ask a professional research paper writing service to help you.

We’ve created the list, to help you choose among the best research paper topics.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

psychology research paper topics

  1. Psychological principles of the communication genesis study among children during their first six years of life
  2. Theoretical approaches and basic paradigms of the personality role structure research of the future psychologist
  3. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for constructing a role relationship between teacher and elementary school students
  4. Psychological peculiarities of the personality role development
  5. Features of the formation of the personality role structure of a modern teenager by means of psychodramatic techniques
  6. Psychological and pedagogical conditions of the role structure development of the individual (junior schoolboy, teenager, senior schoolboy)
  7. Features of the social competence formation in elementary school students
  8. Psychological support of a personal formation of future practical psychologists in the conditions of a higher pedagogical educational institution
  9. Features of the manifestation and ways to overcome school mocking in elementary school students
  10. Psychologist's psycho-correction technologies while working with people with speech deterioration
  11. Formation of psychological stability of adolescents in crisis life situations by means of psychodrama
  12. Innovative forms of a practical psychologist work in the aspect of professional self-determination of high school students
  13. Social and psychological mechanisms of Internet communication and the phenomena of adolescents’ self-presentation in social networks
  14. The formation of assertive behavior skills and adolescent's non-adaptive reactions correction in a conflict situation
  15. Development of life strategies and perspectives of senior students (students) in the context of personal growth groups
  16. Psychological assistance to younger students with a violation of self-regulation and low intellectual activity
  17. Age-specificity of associativity training performance in adolescence
  18. Psychological readiness to choose a profile of education in a modern high school
  19. Psychological experience and its reflection in the development of vocational guidance work at the school

History Research Paper Topics

  1. Works by Herodotus as a source of the Ancient East history
  2. Sima Qian is an outstanding historian of Ancient China
  3. The Daily life of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians
  4. Ideas of the United States of Europe in the eighteenth and early twentieth centuries
  5. The Situation of the Jewish population in the nineteenth century - at the beginning of the twentieth century
  6. Jewish political and social movements in the nineteenth century - at the beginning of the twentieth century
  7. The Armenian Genocide of 1915 - 1932
  8. England foreign policy during the revolution of 1640-1660
  9. Confirmation of the constitutional monarchy in England: causes, stages, features, and consequences
  10. The economic policies of French governments during the French Revolution at the end of the XVIII century
  11. Napoleon Bonaparte: man, politician, warlord
  12. France foreign policy during the Consulate and the First Empire
  13. The struggle for parliamentary reforms in the 1930's and 1960's in Great Britain
  14. The fight for the unification of Germany
  15. Features of the unification of Italy
  16. The preconditions, causes, course, and consequences of the Civil War in the United States in the 1861 - 1865
  17. The Industrial revolution in the United States
  18. Napoleonic Wars. The crisis and the decline of the French empire (1799-1815)
  19. International relations at the end of the nineteenth century - at the beginning of the twentieth century
  20. US foreign policy in the last third of the nineteenth century
  21. Foreign Policy of Britain at the end of the nineteenth century - at the beginning of the twentieth century
  22. Foreign policy of Germany at the end of the nineteenth century - at the beginning of the twentieth century

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

criminal justice research paper topics

  1. General and special criminal law parts, their values ​​and interconnection
  2. Crime and criminal misconduct
  3. The doctrine of the crime
  4. The criminal consequences of the crime
  5. Prospects for the introduction of criminal liability of legal entities
  6. Mixed, double and complex faults in criminal law
  7. Specific object of crime and its significance
  8. Information as an object of a crime
  9. Victim of a crime in criminal law
  10. Negligent co-operation in criminal law
  11. Special subject of crime
  12. Forms of a multiplicity of crime: theoretical and applied aspects
  13. The concept of criminalization and decriminalization in the criminal law
  14. The notion of non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens as a criminal category
  15. Norms of the criminal liability peculiarities for corruption crimes
  16. Measures of criminal law applicable to legal entities
  17. The structure of the special part of criminal law and its genesis
  18. Cruelty as a criminal category
  19. Criminal liability for illegal deprivation of liberty or theft of a person and for the taking of hostages
  20. Criminal liability for rape and forcibly satisfying sexual desire in an unnatural way
  21. Criminal liability for crimes against the sexual integrity of minors
  22. Criminal liability for impeding the exercise of the right to vote or the right to participate in a referendum, election commission or referendum commission
  23. Criminal liability for bribing a voter or a referendum participant

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. The formation of junior pupils’ communicative skills in the process of education
  2. Formation of self-control of a junior high school student of a modern elementary school
  3. Socialization of a junior high school student in a modern elementary school
  4. Educational environment as a resource center for a student development
  5. Pedagogical management of family education of young school children
  6. Education of the national consciousness bases of junior school children in an educational activity
  7. Innovative technologies and methods of teaching in elementary school
  8. Social formation of the junior schoolboy personality in an educational activity
  9. Organization of independent work as a means of improving the efficiency of the educational processes in elementary school
  10. Influence of family relationships on the positive moral qualities formation of the personality of a junior schoolboy
  11. Developmental education of a junior student in educational activities
  12. The formation of self-esteem in junior pupils as a condition of their educational activity
  13. Independent work of junior pupils and its role in improving the learning outcomes
  14. The main directions of the modern lesson improvement as the main form of the educational processes organization
  15. Social and pedagogical activity in the elementary school
  16. Individual approach to the learning process for students who need help
  17. The culture of teacher communication and its influence on the student’s socialization as a person
  18. The interaction between a teacher and parents as the main factor in successful educational activities and the upbringing of a student in a modern school
  19. The development of creative abilities of elementary school students
  20. Influence of "parent-child" relationships on the educational process of a junior schoolboy

Science Research Paper Topics

science research paper topics

  1. Interaction of particles, waves and electromagnetic fields with a condensed medium, atmosphere, magnetosphere, nanostructures, and metamaterials
  2. Influence of external physical factors on molecular processes in soft matter, relevant for nuclear energy, medicine, and nature conservation technologies
  3. Investigation of the electromagnetic interaction, acoustic and magnetic fields with nanostructured objects for the latest biological and information technologies
  4. Investigation of electron-rolling processes in composites and nanosystems promising for solar power engineering, low energy consumption sources of light, and medicine
  5. Research and statistical analysis of the asymptotic behavior of complex stochastic inhomogeneous dynamical systems
  6. Research of fundamental problems of nucleus physics, elementary particles, and cosmic microphysics
  7. Electronic, magnetic, microwave and optical properties of micro and nanostructures on semiconductor and dielectric surfaces
  8. Coherent and correlation methods for controlling and influencing the course of atomic and nuclear processes in physical and biological systems
  9. Cosmic factors of planet cataclysms. Observation, analysis, informatization
  10. New approaches to the production of optical glass-ceramic materials based on hybrid micro/nanostructured oxide-carbon composites
  11. Development of algorithms for modeling and optimization of dynamic systems for defense, medicine, and ecology
  12. Development of logical-algorithmic methods of formal models study of natural languages
  13. Development of new mathematical methods of system analysis and the theory of optimal solutions and their applications
  14. Development of new polymeric nanocomposites with hybrid fillers and controllable electrophysical properties as elements of microwave equipment
  15. Creation of informational and analytical technologies for modeling and optimization of structurally specified systems
  16. Physical bases of the functioning of a new generation, high-performance detectors based on solid-state nanostructures
  17. Physical processes in the bit and the complex plasma for technological applications
  18. Formation and physical properties of nanostructured composite materials and functional surface layers based on carbon, semiconductor, and dielectric components
  19. Fundamental physics and models of high-energy astrophysical phenomena
  20. Qualitative analysis and management of evolutionary systems of complex structure
  21. Electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of nanostructured materials and low-dimensional systems
  22. Synthesis and research of complex oxide and various metallic coordination compounds as the basis of new polyfunctional materials
  23. Design of new multifunctional polymers, nanosystems, and nanocomposites for innovative technologies in informatics, energy conservation, ecology, and medicine
  24. Design, synthesis, and research of new heterocyclic compounds for the creation of promising drugs with a wide spectrum of action
  25. New functional nanomaterials and nanocomposites based on heterometal systems
  26. Computer simulation and experimental research of biological nanocomposite complexes
  27. Mechanisms of metabolic processes regulation in an organism in terms of pathological conditions development
  28. Molecular typing and mechanisms of evolutionary adaptation of the cultural and wildlife flora viruses
  29. Psychophysiological mechanisms of news perception of audiovisual mass-media content
  30. Development of new layered nanocomposite systems with high resistance to high-speed shock loading
  31. Generation, detection, and processing of electromagnetic signals of the microwave and terahertz range in magnetic nanostructures

Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Soil microbiota and its part in the soil-forming act
  2. Biologically active sludge and its use in wastewater treatment
  3. Morphological and cultural features of closed rooms with air microbiota
  4. Morphological and cultural features of soil microflora
  5. Morphological and cultural features of aquatic microflora
  6. Morphological and cultural features of actinomycetes and its value
  7. Morphological and cultural features of prokaryotes
  8. Microorganisms and transformation of basic nutritive elements
  9. Biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen with symbiotic nitrogen fixators
  10. Biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen free-living nitrogen fixators
  11. Microorganisms of the soil and their part in the evolution of higher plants
  12. Microbiological transformations of the soil under perennial grasses
  13. Relationship of plants and soil microflora
  14. Effects of vegetation on the soil microbial formation
  15. Fungal diseases of field and garden plants
  16. Plants bacteriosis
  17. Transformation by microorganisms of nitrogen organic substances
  18. Bacterium, virus, or fungus and modern biotechnology
  19. Microorganisms are friends and enemies of humanity
  20. Microorganisms: pathogens of plant illness
  21. Microorganisms: pathogens of human and animal diseases
  22. Microorganisms: the defenders of the harvest
  23. Genetically modified organisms and their effects on human health
  24. The part of microorganisms in the protection of the environment
  25. Soil bacteria: characteristics and significance
  26. Pathogenic microorganisms and their features
  27. The part of domestic scientists in the construction of soil microbiology
  28. Sewage microflora
  29. General characteristics and features of the bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae family
  30. History of microbiology evolution
  31. Gastrointestinal tract microflora and its role in human life
  32. Microbiology and sanitation of food products
  33. Main directions and achievements of biotechnology
  34. Morphology of microorganisms
  35. Influence of environmental factors on microorganisms
  36. Physiological period of the history of microbiology development
  37. General features of crushed stone and its classification
  38. Cyanobacteria. The structure and forms of cells of these bacteria
  39. Means of feeding and reproduction of bacteria





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