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Research Paper Topics

Academic writing

Research paper writing


The challenge of the research paper writing lies in the fact that you have to apply both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and what is more, make your own scientific contribution. But the main problem you may encounter getting this task is choosing a unique and complex issue to consider. In this article, we will provide some original and compelling topics for a research paper so that you may find something that really interests you or come up with your own ideas.

Creating the new interesting research paper topics, remember that first of all, they have to be up-to-date. This way, you will be able to make some outstanding scientific discoveries. Moreover, if you want to impress your research advisor or other students, you may choose among some controversial topics for a research paper. Such themes usually spark numerous debates in class, and professors and teachers often appreciate the efforts that were put in writing, so you will definitely get an excellent mark conducting this kind of research.

Finally, we’ve created the list of the best research paper topics to help you choose the one that will help you to write a perfect paper.

Easy Research Paper Topics

If you have never written anything more complex than an essay, writing an RP will be a challenge for you. Luckily, as this task is new to you, it would be fine to choose one of the high school research paper topics that will be both easy to study and write about. Here are some ideas of such themes:

  • Is being vegan really beneficial for human health?
  • Simple steps that should be taken to save the environment
  • Why mobile phones and other devices should be banned in schools
  • How does advertising affect consumer behavior?
  • How to live an eco-friendly life?
  • How does music affect our mood?

Do not worry if your research skills are not that great! Working on easy research paper topics will help you to develop your writing talent, and next time you will definitely create the original and outstanding research! Just remember that practice always makes perfect. And if you have any problems with writing yourself, you can always ask a professional research paper writing service to help you.

There is also some more good news for you! Although this article provides English research paper topics, you can always translate them into other languages and make a perfect assignment for your school or college.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

psychology research paper topics

  • Features of personality development
  • Antisocial behavior in adolescents and its influence on academic performance
  • What are the impacts of stress on human health?
  • Social and psychological features of Internet communication
  • Psychological assistance to younger students with a self-regulation disorder
  • Supporting students who suffer from depression or anxiety
  • The issue of eating disorders in adolescents
  • How to tackle bullying in schools?

History Research Paper Topics

  • The daily life of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, or Assyrians
  • Jewish political and social movements in the 20th century
  • England foreign policy during the revolution of 1640-1660
  • Confirmation of the constitutional monarchy in England: causes, stages, features, and consequences
  • The economic policies of the French government during the French Revolution
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: politician and warlord
  • France foreign policy during the Consulate and the First Empire
  • The struggle for parliamentary reforms in the 1930s and 1960s in Great Britain
  • The fight for the unification of Germany
  • American Civil Rights Movements
  • The preconditions, causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War
  • The Industrial revolution in the United States
  • Napoleonic Wars. The crisis and the decline of the French empire (1799-1815)

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

criminal justice research paper topics

  • Crime and criminal misconduct
  • The issue of identity theft
  • How Internet frauds may be prevented by law enforcement agencies?
  • Corporate criminal liability
  • Disinformation as a crime
  • Human trafficking in the USA
  • Legal status of the victim in criminal law
  • The concept of criminalization and decriminalization
  • Cruelty as a criminal category
  • Criminal liability for rape
  • Criminal liability for crimes against the sexual integrity of minors
  • Criminal liability for bribing a voter

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  • The development of elementary student’s communicative skills
  • Educational environment as a center of student development
  • Innovative technologies and methods of teaching in elementary school
  • Independent work of junior students and its role in improving the learning outcomes
  • Individual approach to the studying process for students who need learning support
  • The interaction between a teacher and parents as the main factor of student’s academic success
  • Deviant behavior among adolescents
  • The development of creative abilities of elementary school students
  • The issue of child delinquency
  • Modern youth subcultures

Science Research Paper Topics

science research paper topics

  • Fundamental problems of robot-human interaction
  • The issue of animal cloning
  • Biologically active additives: are they really useful?
  • Main factors of groundwater pollution
  • The potential of computer imitation of a human
  • The impact of stem cell research on human health
  • Is it possible to develop the anti-AIDS vaccine?
  • Are low-carbohydrate diets beneficial or harmful to human health?
  • Can the advances of medicine make human life expectancy considerably longer?
  • Are vaccines really dangerous in some cases or all the fears are unconfirmed?
  • The most dangerous computer viruses and the damage they may bring

Biology Research Paper Topics

If you were searching for Biology research paper topics for college students, it is your lucky day! This list includes options that are both advanced enough for your academic level and easy to find information on:

  • Biologically active sludge and its use in wastewater treatment
  • Effects of vegetation on the soil microbial formation
  • Fungal diseases of field and garden plants
  • Bacterium, virus, or fungus and modern biotechnology
  • Microorganisms: pathogens of plant illness
  • Microorganisms: pathogens of human and animal diseases
  • Microorganisms: the defenders of the harvest
  • Genetically modified organisms and their effects on human health
  • Soil bacteria: characteristics and significance
  • Pathogenic microorganisms and their features
  • Sewage microflora
  • History of microbiology
  • Microbiology and sanitation of food products
  • Main directions and achievements of biotechnology
  • Influence of environmental factors on microorganisms
  • Means of feeding and reproduction of bacteria

We hope that you’ll find something interesting among the topics provided above. If you choose the right matter for discussion and dedicate enough time for writing, then you will surely create a high-quality paper! But if you still struggle to decide on an issue to consider, do not lose heart! There are many other good research paper topics to choose from, and you will definitely find the one you really like.


Academic writing

Research paper writing

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