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The importance of friendship in the lives of many people is not lost with time. You may start the essay about friendship for students from the statement that this is one of the most significant spheres of life for young people. All psychologists are concordant with the idea that communication with friends plays quite an important role in the formation of the personality in adolescence. This period is especially significant for a teen because the development of the mature individual depends on the way he or she communicates.

Therefore, writing essay about friendship is a great chance to research the topic as well as discuss the rapid change in social relations and the nature of modern personal interactions.

Some theory for the essay on friendship

Communication is one of the basic human needs. It allows people to connect with each other, share information, and feel united. And of course, it should be mentioned in your value of friendship essay that friendship really makes our lives better.

It is unlikely that there is a person in the world who did not think about the essence of friendship. We start to think about this phenomenon in early adolescence when the relationships with schoolmates and friends is in the first place. This may seem naïve to the adults who have greater life experience, but teenagers really consider personal communication the most important aspect in their lives. To prove the importance of this topic, you can write Friendship Day essay dedicated to the holiday established by the UN and celebrated annually on July 30.

The psychology of friendship, which emerged in the late XIX century, as well as other human sciences, initially (and until the middle of the 20th century) considered some general questions: what is the source of friendship, how do its rational and emotional components correlate, and what maintains the relationship that was once developed? You may provide answers to these questions in your friendship definition essay.

What else can you say about friendship? For example, in your meaning of friendship essay, you may include the main virtues of friendship defined by psychologists:

  • the tendency to desire what is best for each other;
  • sympathy and empathy;
  • honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth;
  • mutual understanding.

By the way, you may describe these features in your qualities of strong friendship essay. Along with that, you may also state the vices that can ruin even the strongest friendship.

the importance of friendship essay

Writing the importance of friendship essay

Youth friendship differs from the adult one a lot. Since such assignments as an essay about my friendship are often performed by schoolchildren and students, in this article, we will provide some useful tips for these groups. In addition, adolescence is a period of a very intense social life and emotional communication with peers.

Many teenagers believe that happiness is being surrounded by people who understand you. One of the main “functions” of youth friendship is the maintenance of self-esteem. State in your friends and friendship essay that such interpersonal relationships and communication with the peers. It allows young people to express the feelings overwhelming them and to find confirmation that someone shares their doubts, hopes, and worries.

It may be noted in a bad friendship essay that, experiencing the need for strong emotional attachments, young people sometimes do not notice the real qualities of a friend. In such cases, friendly relations are usually short-lived. You may also include this fact in your advantages and disadvantages of friendship essay.

Adolescence has always been considered as the perfect age of friendship. Early adolescence involves increased autonomy, emancipation from parents, and a reorientation towards peers. This is a period of the rapid growth of self-awareness and the consequent need for intimacy. All feelings and attitudes in this age have extremely bright emotional coloring.

In the course of essay writing on friendship, you should mention that the need for a peer society is typical for teenagers. In addition to organized groups (for example, school class), informal communities that are formed outside the “official world” have a great importance for young people.

There are a lot of qualities that are important for friendship. Of course, true friendship is impossible without trust. Each person wants to feel free to say what he or she thinks without wearing masks. You may write in loyalty in friendship essay that the ability to keep a secret and fidelity are the most important criteria for evaluating a friend at this age. Maybe, exactly because of this fact, the search for a friend and the dream of sincere friendship take an ever-greater place in the life of the teenager.

For 13-14-year-old teens, the basis of friendship is common interests and needs. It’s worth writing in qualities of friendship essay that close relationships are mainly associated with talking, arguing and exchanging opinions, which is confirmed by its communicative and personal character. However, relationships in adolescence are often egocentric: the need for self-expression is higher than the interest in the interlocutor. That is why, sometimes, it is easier for a teen to dream about friends than to understand them.

One more interesting fact: even though teenagers of 14-16 years are interested in friendly relations with older people, their desire to make friends with a peer is even stronger. You may add in your cause and effect of friendship essay that the age of an ideal friend reveals hidden and not always realized psychological needs. Friendship with the peer speaks of the desire for more or less equal relations. The choice of the older friend, on the contrary, expresses the need for trusteeship and guidance.

Due to the fact that a teenager is constantly concerned by the impression he or she makes on people, his or her behavior might seem tense and unnatural. You may note in true friendship essay that this is a serious obstacle for the self-disclosure and understanding of another person. Teenage egocentrism narrows the possibilities of interpersonal communication and generates a kind of pseudo-intimacy when friends do not actually hear each other even when they are close.

Information for essay on the value of friendship in modern society

First of all, considering the changes in modern society in the power of friendship essay, it is worth asking whether the transformations that occur with intimate relationships led either to their weakening or to strengthening. In order to answer this question, it is necessary to determine what stimulates these transformations of friendship.

First of all, we are talking about spatial factors of the environment, such as the density of population, the level of information saturation, openness or isolation of space because all these details have a strong influence on the mechanisms of communication. This thesis is confirmed by a multitude of studies which report that about 30% of friendly relations develop on the basis of the neighborhood, and over 40% of friends are colleagues at work.

Given that many polls were conducted in the 1970-1980s, it should be noted that, at present, the situation has changed. Nevertheless, according to data collected recently, 26% of the interviewed persons met their friends at work, 24% at school and 14% became friends when they were neighbors.

In addition, researchers insist that, despite many pessimistic theories proposed by the sociologists, people of modern society do not seek to isolate themselves and renounce friendship. Only 10% of respondents have no people whom they could call their friends. 40% of respondents have 2-3 close people. In other words, we see that people really do not abandon friends today. On the contrary, friendship is given more and more importance. You may include it as one of the positive facts in your generosity in friendship essay.

What to write in virtual friendship essay?

A significant occurrence that can’t be overlooked when we talk about online friendship in modern society is the emergence of a new type of communication that is associated with the development of technologies, the Internet, and social networks. As it seems to researchers, online friendship somewhat reduced the significance of the word ‘friend,’ since any person whom the individual may have never seen (they only exchanged a couple of phrases in the network) can become a friend. However, social networks also allow people who were close but now live in different cities or even countries to maintain their communication, and their friendship becomes somewhat virtual as well as they do not see each other very often or even at all. If you decide to write a long-distance friendship essay, this is the aspect you will likely have to cover.

As you can see, there are different views on the phenomenon of online friendship. Moreover, it’s worth stating in “What does friendship mean to you?” essay that the traditional understanding of intimate relationship as something that emerges between equal individuals is not widely accepted. For example, some people do not treat such a friendship seriously.

Another problem is that social networks are full of different programming tools that help users to choose friends. Once a person registers in a social network, he or she immediately encounters a proposal to add someone to the friend list. On the basis of the user’s e-mail address, the website synchronizes his or her e-mail contacts with the database of already registered users who are offered as friends.

Next, the user needs to fill out the profile, which is a good example of a menu-driven identity. The person can provide only that information about themselves, which is defined by the fields in the questionnaire. All this is done in order to make it easier for the system to categorize, classify, and sort people. Otherwise, if each user decided what to write in the profile, the site would not have comparable data with which it would be possible to perform various algorithmic actions.

Based on these and many other examples, it can be concluded that online friendship is ‘tuned’ by certain software that encodes values ​​and decisions about what is important, useful, necessary, and what is not. All this is opposed to the traditional understanding of friendship.

If you write a short essay on friendship, summarizing all the above, it’s worth drawing the attention of the reader to the two main points of the collision of traditional ideas about friendship and the form of its existence in social networks:

  1. Online friendship will never be a relationship only between two people. It includes a huge number of actors. Different algorithms are important components of communication, as they help user to find friends, keep in touch with them, and remember everything that happens in their life.
  2. Distant friendship is contrary to many cultural prerequisites of offline communication, in particular, joint pastime. You do not need to do anything together to be a distant friend, especially if this is not possible due to geographical conditions.

essay on the value of friendship

Review of the gender factor for opposite sex friendship essay

Considering the ideas for a friendship essay about children and teenagers, we didn’t cover the gender aspect mainly because it becomes more important as the individual matures. There is a stereotype that there can be no friendship between men and women since one of them will inevitably fall in love. Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to maintain a balance of relationships and not to cross the line between love and simple communication. If the decision to get closer eventually develops into true romantic feelings and the creation of a strong family – it’s great; if not, then, as a rule, friendship ends.

In human relationships, there is no place for division based on gender. One way or another, only the integrity of the individual can serve as an assessment of whether a person is able to make friends or not. When writing honesty in friendship essay, you may state that sincerity is the main criterion of any close communication. Only a true friend can tell a bitter truth and support in a difficult moment. Only sincere relationship is valuable. All other factors, including gender, are of secondary nature.

Pros of writing an essay on true friendship

 “I believe in friendship” essay and others papers about friends are extremely popular today. This kind of written work suggests the disclosure of the author’s view of the phenomenon under consideration in a laconic form. If you are not sure why an essay is the best way to express yourself when writing, check out the advantages of the essay as a genre:

  • Small volume. So, with proper preparation, you will not have to spend much time. However, if you need to combine all the significant facts in work such as “benefits of friendship” essay, where the topic is quite broad, you have to cover each point you will be presenting briefly.
  • Freedom of creativity. In addition to the title page, introduction (0.5 pages), the main part (2-8 pages), conclusion (0.5 pages), and references (4-5 sources), there are no specific requirements for the content. Express your opinion as you like (of course, within the reasonable framework). If you feel like it, consult your teacher to see if you can turn your essay into more of a friendship speech.
  • An argumentation of own point of view. Writing an essay, you have a chance to present the evidence supporting your viewpoint, which is a great exercise that will help you in real-life arguments in the future. For example, in a “why is honesty important in a friendship?” essay, you may not only reflect on your personal experiences, but also provide statistical data on how many people believe that honesty is of the utmost significance to prove your point.
  • The choice of the mood. If you are free to choose any type of essay, you may also decide what you will convey to readers in terms of emotions. For example, you may write a sad story about friendship essay, and narrate your heartbreaking experience. Or, you may choose to reflect on certain happy memories with your childhood buddies. Alternatively, you can write something neutral, such as a cause and effect of friendship essay.

Requirements for writing a friendship paper

  • Conciseness. As the paper you are writing is rather short, the information should be presented clearly, logically, and, at the same time, concisely.
  • Creative style of presentation. For example, you may use aphoristic and imaginative language in a funny friendship essay.
  • Structure. As you know, the main parts (introduction, main body, and conclusion) can be formatted as a single text, with subheadings and small paragraphs. For example, the first paragraph is a friendship essay introduction where the author formulates a thesis, which is then supported in the body. At the end of the paper (the last paragraph), logical conclusions are made.
  • Originality. It is a must to make sure your paper is plagiarism-free. Unfortunately, as such papers as respect in friendship essay and other works on similar topics are all over the web, it might be hard for you to avoid a certain percentage of similarity. However, if you paraphrase the info from the sources well enough, and keep it to minimum, you should face no issues.
  • Ethics. Make sure that what you are saying will not offend your readers. For example, if you’re writing a “How to end a friendship?” essay, saying that “ghosting” someone is a good option will not be suitable.

Tips for writing a friendship essay

Finally, some tips on how to write a good paper:

  1. Remember that the most important thing is to start. Do not rush to choose the creative title for a friendship essay or lose heart if you can’t write a perfect text at once. It is quite normal that the first version may be unsuccessful. You will certainly have some errors which, however, can be corrected at the next stages of work.
  2. The first thing you need to do is to create an outline for a friendship essay. But it is not necessary to adhere to the usual order of writing; on the contrary, it is worth starting from the central part. Having compiled the list of theses, you should write down the brief explanations. A few lines for each point will be enough.
  3. Create a good hook for friendship essay. Find an interesting fact or write a controversial statement in the first sentence of your introduction to catch the eye of your readers. However, try to avoid cliché phrases. For example, in a broken friendship essay, it’s best not to use idioms about broken heart, dreams, promises, etc.
  4. Proceed to the introduction. Provide some background information on the topic, and write down your thesis statement. Make sure to address all the points presented in your thesis in the body of the paper.
  5. Once you’ve written the main part, you can create a friendship essay conclusion. Restate the thesis and summarize what you have said previously.  
  6. After creating the ‘foundation,’ you can add ‘decorations.’ Check you text and make the examples more vivid or use a scientific language if necessary.
  7. Come up with a few friendship titles for essay and choose the one that sounds best. Try to convey the main ideas from the paper in a few words.
  8. Revise your work. Proofreading and editing are very important stages. Imagine that you admire the painting of the famous artist but notice the huge blot. This is an unacceptable negligence for a true master. You should make sure that there are no semantic and grammatical mistakes.

A wise decision is to consider finding a sample essay about friendship if you are going to write a paper on this topic for the first time. Reading other people’s papers helps not only to learn important information but also to develop your own style. We hope that this article was useful, and now you will write a perfect the role of friendship essay. Good luck!



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