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How to Write Papers about Smoking

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There is an opinion among the students that writing an essay is quite an easy task. So young people pay great attention to the design of a title page and bibliography, trying to meet the professor’s requirements, while the content of the paper does not always appear to be flawless. Getting a low mark, they definitely ask a question, “How to write an excellent negative effects of smoking cigarettes essay?” Don’t worry! You won’t get in the same situation because in this article prepared by our papers writing service, you can find out all the useful tips and interesting information to make your assignment worth the excellent mark!

To begin with, you have to recollect your English language lessons in high school. An essay is a presentation of your thoughts and ideas substantiated by one or several sources. So you need to think thoroughly how to formulate your vision of the issue to convey the message clearly and efficiently.

Approximate structural plan of an essay or research paper on smoking

The first question that may come to your mind is how to structure your paper. Actually, a research paper or an essay on smoking should have a strict structure. It includes:

  1. Smoking essay introduction. Here, you give a brief description of your ideas as well as mention your goals and objectives. It is also necessary to indicate which sources your paper is based on. One more important point to consider here is a thesis statement on smoking, which your essay will be based on.
  2. Main part. This is the biggest part of your paper, where it is necessary to present and elaborate on your arguments. The central part should not consist of a long continuous text, so it is necessary to add sub-headings into the chapters. It should also be remembered that a thesis about smoking set in the introductory part should be supported and build upon here.
  3. Final part. This section should be consistent with the stated problem. If we are talking about a short essay about smoking, you should briefly restate the thesis and the main arguments, as well as leave the reader with something to think about. If you are writing a research paper, you need to present a general conclusion based on goals or questions raised in the introduction. What is common for most types of papers is that you need to rephrase the thesis about smoking that was made in the intro to remind the readers what the focus of your work was.
  4. Bibliography. It is a list of literature used in the paper. It’s worth remembering that only scholarly sources should be used if you want your work to be credible. Questionable websites and even news will reduce the credibility of your paper, especially if it’s a research paper about smoking, not just an essay.

How is an anti-smoking essay assessed?

We all know that writing is a challenging and time-consuming process. Of course, the simplest way to cope with the paper is to download a sample essay about smoking cigarettes on the Web. However, you should not be surprised by a low mark for your assignment if you do so. Moreover, downloading a ready-made essay from any website, you will get a paper with a high plagiarism index.

So, the best way to cope with the assignment is to write an essay on your own. It is recommended to write a paper only after careful study of the problem and taking into account the current state of the tobacco campaign. Sure, you can find a sample of a cause and effect essay on smoking just to see how it is structured and how the author frames the argument. However, your final paper should not be based on any of the info you read there.

Next, you will find out key ideas that can be used in your research.

Smoking Essay 1

Content for a quit smoking essay

It is better to start a persuasive essay about smoking with statistical information. Mention that each smoker who consumes 20 cigarettes per day voluntarily shortens his or her life by five years. The mortality among smokers is approximately 50% higher than among non-smokers.

Sooner or later, keen smokers develop pathological changes in airways, heart, vessels, and gastrointestinal tract, which lead to serious illnesses. According to the report of the World Health Organization, smoking kills one million people each year.

Moreover, this habit is one of the leading causes of cancer in the United States. About 85% of lung cancer cases are results of tobacco consumption. You may use all these facts to come up with the topical effects of smoking thesis statement.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are more and more proponents of a healthy lifestyle. They bring health awareness, smartness, and sportiness into fashion. Moreover, many famous singers and actors also advocate healthy living, influencing the habits of their fans positively.

Dangers of smoking

Writing a smoking cause and effect essay, you can describe the psychology of tobacco addiction.  When a person first smokes a cigarette, he or she does not think about severe consequences. Being careless about their health, smokers consider themselves invulnerable, especially since the effects of smoking appear after a few years.

Most people tend to be optimistic. Being healthy, they usually believe that they will always feel good, and diseases are inherent to others. But, unfortunately, this opinion is not justified. The smoking effects essay should lead readers to the idea that it is worth taking preventive measures and abandoning bad habits because cigarettes seriously affect one’s health.

Scientists provide the following data: if tobacco tar is extracted from one thousand cigarettes, up to 2 milligrams of a strong carcinogenic substance will be found in it. This dose is sufficient to cause a malignant tumor in the body of a rat or rabbit. If we consider that some people smoke up to 40 cigarettes per day or even more, they need only 25 days to smoke 1000 cigarettes.

When do people start and quit smoking?

In most cases, people start smoking in high school or college. You may write informative smoking on college campuses essay describing psychological factors that push young people to start smoking.

A slight decrease in the number of smokers is observed after people reach the age of 25 years. A lot of men begin to limit the consumption of cigarettes when they reach 40-44 years. After 45, they may refuse to smoke at all. This happens with most women after 50.

Mention that it is not so difficult to quit a bad habit in your persuasive essay on smoking. Sports, traveling, and lack of contact with smokers will help to get rid of tobacco addiction, as well as cancer risk, chronic bronchitis, and other diseases.

Smoking Essay 2

Composition of tobacco smoke

When people inhale the smoke of a cigarette, the temperature on its tip reaches 60 degrees and more. In such thermal conditions, tobacco and paper smolder. About 200 harmful substances are formed, including carbon monoxide, soot, benzopyrene, formic, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and acetylene. Smoking one cigarette is equivalent to staying on a busy highway for 36 hours. It is undoubtedly a shocking fact, which can be used as a hook for your   smoking persuasive essay.

There are a lot of ways you can elaborate on the hook. For example, you can introduce more factual information. It is well known that carbon monoxide influences the respiratory pigment of blood – hemoglobin. As a result, the respiration process is disordered. It is observed that, when a person smokes a pack of cigarettes, the concentration of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood increases to 7-10%. Thus, all the organs of smokers continuously suffer from the terrible lack of oxygen.

Passive smokers get only a quarter of a toxic dose from the smoke. However, it is already a sufficient reason to write smoking in public places essay. Unfortunately, many people just do not agree with the fact that their health, as well as a well-being of others, is gradually aggravating due to this habit. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness about the risks smoking poses not only to smokers, but also those who fall victims to the choice of the former. Writing a “Smoking should be banned in public places” essay is one the ways you can educate the public.

Smoking Essay 3

The effect of smoking on the human body

Nicotine reaches the brain after less than 10 seconds from the first inhalation. At first glance, it improves the transfer of nerve impulses. Eventually, the brain gets used to constant inflows of the drug, which facilitates its work to some extent. Then the body begins to demand the nicotine and does not want to work on its own. Otherwise, the anxiety, irritability, and nervousness will appear. “Stop smoking” persuasive essay should encourage the readers to avoid this insidious trap.

Respiratory organs are first to suffer from tobacco use. Passing through the respiratory tract, the smoke affects mucous membranes of the throat, as well as nasopharynx, bronchus trachea, and pulmonary alveolus. The constant irritation of a bronchial mucosa can trigger the development of bronchial asthma. Chronic inflammation of an upper respiratory tract and bronchitis accompanied by debilitating coughing are the destiny of all smokers. Moreover, there was established a direct link between smoking and lip, laryngeal, and trachea cancer.

Furthermore, in the past decade, scientists and practitioners were concerned by the detrimental effect of the tobacco smoke components on a cardiovascular system.

Numerous experiments have shown that the level of corticosteroids, adrenaline, and norepinephrine increases sharply after a person smokes a cigarette. These biologically active substances induce the cardiac muscle to work in a more rapid rhythm. The volume of the heart and the speed of myocardial contractions increase, and blood pressure rises.

It is observed that the heart of a smoker makes 12-15 thousand more beats a day than the heart of a non-smoker. Excessive constant loading leads to ‘wear and tear’ which may cause heart failure. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the myocardium does not get the amount of oxygen that is necessary for such intensive work.

All this contributes to the early development of coronary heart disease. It is fully justified that scientists and practitioners call smoking one of the first risk factors for myocardial infarction. It is confirmed by the statistics of developed countries that infarction at a relatively young age (40-50 years) almost exclusively happen with smokers. This is definitely worth mentioning in an argumentative essay about smoking.

The nicotine and other components of tobacco also affect the digestive system. Scientific research and clinical observations unequivocally testify that long-term smoking contributes to the occurrence of peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Abdomen vessels are in a state of constant spasm if a person smokes a lot for a long time. Organs are poorly supplied with oxygen and nutrients, and secretion of gastric juice is aggravated, which results in gastritis or a peptic ulcer. A survey showed that for 69% of patients with a peptic ulcer, the development of the disease was a direct cause of smoking.

Furthermore, women of middle age could keep their teeth in much better condition if they avoid smoking at a young age. According to the results of the research, only 26% of non-smoking ladies aged 50+ needed dental prosthetics, unlike 48% of smokers.

In addition, smoking adversely affects human hearing organs. Even 20 cigarettes consumed per day lead to a weakening of the normal perception of a spoken language.

Finally, it’s a common fact that smoking harms the health of a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, the negative effects of tobacco manifest much faster and affect the embryo. It is proved that if a mother smoked before childbirth, the weight of a newborn is 150-200 grams less than the average.

Trisomy, which is the presence of an extra chromosome in a person’s genetic code, often leads to serious hereditary diseases. Scientists have been studying the causes of this phenomenon for a long time, and physicians from Columbia University discovered a direct link between smoking and trisomy in pregnant women. Statistical calculations showed that the risk of this deviation for female smokers is much higher than for non-smokers. This is a serious basis for writing a good “smoking should be banned” essay.

Smoking Essay 4

Teenager and cigarettes

Nowadays, many young girls and boys smoke cigarettes. It has been observed that most of them tried smoking for the first time at the age of 15. Quite often, it is connected with the behavior of adults, mostly parents. The example of a non-smoking father is much better than any prohibitions and explanations that should convince us of the uselessness and harm of smoking. Conversely, a child who is accustomed to seeing parents or relatives with a cigarette perceives smoking as something casual. Moreover, according to the erroneous ideas of teenagers, this bad habit is a sign of courage and independence to which they aspire due to their age.

Parents should know that the younger a child is, the more sensitive their organism is to tobacco. First of all, nicotine and other harmful elements disrupt the regular activity of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Not only actual smoking but also passive one contributes to sleep disturbance, irritability, and neuroses.

While a person is young and full of strength and energy, he/she usually does not think about future illnesses. It seems that health and youth are eternal. But unfortunately, it is not true.

Smoking Essay 5

Get rid of addiction

To quit smoking, a person must say goodbye to this bad habit once and for all. Otherwise, no medication will help.

It is relatively easy to give up tobacco to a smoker with a little experience as the nicotine addiction is not that serious. By the way, there are some useful and interesting means of reducing the craving for cigarettes, which you may mention in your paper.

In particular, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with a drinking soda solution (1 teaspoon per glass of water), oak bark infusion, or tannin. The process of quitting can also be alleviated by healthy diet, long walks, physical exercises, and respiratory gymnastics.

Those who decided to say goodbye to cigarettes after many years of smoking, especially in old age, or suffering from cardiovascular diseases, should resort to the help of an addiction medicine physician.

Moreover, health statistics have concluded that the vast majority of smokers are not strong-willed people. They surely understand that tobacco is harmful and agree that it is necessary to stop smoking, but do not take any actions.

To help such people, Swiss engineers have created a programmable cigarette case. During the first week, it may be opened once an hour, then every 1,5 hours, and eventually, once in 3-4 hours. What is more, it is possible to pull out only one cigarette. And when you try to get an extra cigarette, the mechanism breaks down without any possibility of further repair.

Italian researchers offered another tool – a gas lighter with liquid crystals and a logic block. Figures on display show the number of cigarettes smoked per day according to the set plan or beyond. The daily rhythm (the amount of time between smoking cigarettes) is also calculated. If this period is shorter than the programmed one, the inscription appears on display: “Do not hurry!”

The Japanese also offered a lighter for those who want to quit smoking. The built-in miniature device plays the first chords of a funeral march each time the accessory is used.

Finally, representatives of one American company nested a sound device in an ashtray. When users extinguish a cigarette, pressing it to the bottom, a strained cough with loud and gurgling sound is heard. Such devices really help people to reduce the number of consumed cigarettes. But of course, the main thing that allows one to quit smoking is willpower.

Now you know how to write an argumentative essay about the harm of smoking. We hope that your scientific work will be successful. Good luck!


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