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Teenage Pregnancy Writing Guide

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Stuck with writing pregnancy papers? Do not worry! Let us guide you through the process of writing about teen pregnancy step by step!

Teenage pregnancy topics for research  

  • The issue of teenage pregnancy in the US
  • The ethical considerations of teenage abortion 
  • Research paper on teen pregnancy influence on mother’s quality of life
  • The problem of bullying of teen mothers
  • Sexual education in different countries 
  • Research paper about teenage pregnancy prevention programs and campaigns
  • How pregnancy affects the mental state of the teen 
  • How to reduce the rates of teenage pregnancy research paper 
  • Is teenage pregnancy only common in marginalized communities?
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights of teenagers across the world
  • Link between education and teenage pregnancy

teenage pregnancy research paper

How to write a research paper on teenage pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy papers may vary in their length and depth of research. However, there are a few common rules that you need to follow to write a good one regardless of the length: 

  • First of all, write down every single idea that comes to mind. It may be something that you think about the topic or facts that you have previously heard about it. Review what you have written and focus on the points you find to be the most interesting. 
  • Do a research on the abovementioned points. If you like the factual information that you have found, decide on the focus of your research. 
  • Find a few clincher ideas for teen pregnancy research paper. These should be the facts or statistical data that proves certain points you are planning to make, and leaves the reader without any doubts that your findings might be non-credible.
  • Pregnancy research papers cannot be rushed. Therefore, make sure that you leave ample time for writing. 
  • Create a detailed outline. You can use the one provided in the section below as a basis and add to it as you decide what points to cover.
  • If you are not sure how to present your ideas, find some sample research paper on teenage pregnancy on the Web and check the flow of information. You may also see how the outline changes depending on the research methods used. 
  • Think about a creative title for teenage pregnancy essay. Choose something that briefly describes the purpose of your research without revealing the results.

Teenage pregnancy research paper outline 

Having a well-detailed outline is the best way to write a decent teenage pregnancy paper as you will have clear understanding on where your discussion on the topic is going. Here are some of the most essential parts that you need to include in your outline: 

  • The section that always comes first is a teenage pregnancy research paper introduction. Here, you should briefly describe what your paper will be about. Once you provide the reader with some background information on the topic, you need to show why it is important to discuss it.
  • Next thing to consider is a teenage pregnancy thesis statement. This would be the last sentence of your intro. Here, you should formulate your opinion on teen pregnancy topic that you’ve chosen and indicate the points you are planning to discuss or prove further in the paper.  
  • The next crucial part that is useful to include in your outline is the literature review. Here, you will place all the facts that you have collected about studies on teenage pregnancy. Additionally, you will have to compare the opinions of credible researchers and show why there might be significant differences in them.
  • Depending on the requirements of your professor, you might have to add methodology, results, and discussion sections. Methodology will reveal how you have gathered data, while the results and discussion parts will show your findings and thoughts on what you have read.
  • One of the challenges of writing a teenage pregnancy research paper conclusion is that you have to rephrase the thesis statement you have initially made, and summarize the information presented in the body of the paper. It takes a lot of skill to make sure you have conveyed the most important info from the whole paper in just a few sentences. Therefore, before writing a conclusion, highlight some keywords from the main part of the text to understand how to better summarize what has been discussed.

Teenage pregnancy research questions 

There are quite a few research questions on teenage pregnancy that you can choose depending on what aspect of the problem you decide to focus on:

  • Lack of sex education
  • Societal influences
  • Factors contributing to the problem
  • Lack of governmental intervention
  • Programs available to pregnant teens
  • Adoption and termination options for teen moms
  • Reproductive health outcomes and issues
  • The ability of teenagers to be parents
  • Pregnancy risks
  • Further education available to young mothers
  • Availability of support systems
  • Influence of young mother’s future
  • Career opportunities for pregnant teens and young mothers

How to find sources for pregnancy research papers 

  • Use Google Scholar when searching for credible sources.
  • Use keywords when doing the research, e.g. pregnancy, teen, teenager, and others depending on the specific topic of your research.
  • Try finding the most recent articles (preferably within the last 5 years, 10 if needed).
  • If you review articles on websites, make sure these are governmental or healthcare organizations whose research you can trust.

research questions on teenage pregnancy

Essays on teenage pregnancy

Before writing any teenage pregnancy essays, it is crucial to understand how to approach this task, what topic to choose, and how to create an effective outline that will help you submit an A+ paper.  

Teenage pregnancy essay ideas

  • Reflective essay about teenage pregnancy: how can we help young mothers? 
  • Governmental role in the prevention of teenage pregnancy essays 
  • The effects of teen pregnancy on children.
  • How to prevent teenage pregnancy essay 
  • The struggles that teen mothers face
  • Causes of teenage pregnancy essay
  • Teenage pregnancy problem-solution essay
  • Essay on teenage pregnancy problem and the role of social media in it
  • Abstinence education vs. sexual education
  • Causes and effects of teenage pregnancy essay

Teen pregnancy essay outline

When working on an essay on teen pregnancy, outline creation is of the utmost importance. Here are the sections that you need to include in one:

  • Teenage pregnancy essay introduction. This is a very important part of your paper as you have to present the issue you are going to consider. You will also need to formulate a strong thesis and hook your readers with some interesting facts or ideas. 
  • Teenage pregnancy essay thesis statement is the central idea of your essay. It would be the final sentence of the introduction for teenage pregnancy essay, and would cover the main arguments that you will later discuss in the body of the text. 
  • Body paragraphs. It is necessary to write at least one paragraph per each point in your thesis statement. Start a paragraph by introducing the point, add some statistical or factual data to prove it, provide and cite examples if applicable, and finish with a transitional sentence to smoothly move to the next point.
  • Teenage pregnancy essay conclusion. Here, you need to briefly synthesize all important points and restate your thesis. Make sure that the conclusion for teenage pregnancy essay does not include any new information. 

We recommend you to make an outline even if you are working on a short essay about teenage pregnancy. Having such a plan, you can write a really well-structured and decent paper. If you still feel that you struggle to compile an outline, find a teenage pregnancy essay example on the Web to see how it is structured.

teenage pregnancy research paper outline

Argumentative essays ideas on teenage pregnancy

Argumentative essay is quite a popular work type, which is why there can be numerous topics to choose from. How to find the best one?  We recommend choosing the one that interests you the most. However, if you have no idea where to start or what topics can be covered, check out our top pick: 

  • Argumentative essay about teenage pregnancy and challenges of teen motherhood
  • Should parents be allowed to prohibit children from visiting sex ed classes?
  • Should parents be allowed to stop their children from getting an abortion?
  • Does peer pressure to have sex influence the rate of teen pregnancies?
  • Do shows on teen pregnancy affect teenagers?

If you don’t feel like working on these topics, you may find some example of argumentative essay about teenage pregnancy online and see what topics other students are working on. You can also find some informative speech on teenage pregnancy to learn some factual information on the topic and get a few insights about what you might be interested in working on.

Persuasive essay ideas on teenage pregnancy 

The formula of all persuasive essays on teenage pregnancy is all the same - you need to put forward an opinion and support it with relevant data from all the credible sources. What this opinion would be is up to you. If you find something that you can relate to, feel free to choose from the options below:

  • Parents are usually responsible for teenage pregnancy persuasive essay
  • Teen moms should receive more financial support from the government
  • Teenage pregnancy is a result of poor sex education
  • Contraception should be provided in schools for free
  • Sex education should be mandatory
  • Teenagers can/cannot be good parents
  • If a girl is too young to be a parent, she is not too young to have an abortion

If you aren’t sure what kind of tone you need to use, check a few persuasive speeches on teenage pregnancy. They will give you an idea on the types of words that can be used to persuade the readers to support your opinion. Alternatively, look up the samples of persuasive essays on teenage pregnancy, specifically those related to the topic of your choice to get more specific examples on how to frame your arguments. 

teenage pregnancy essay example


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