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Teenage pregnancy essay covers one of the most arguable topics of modern society. Although this issue had been addressed before by many students, it is never too late to discover some new and important perspectives of pregnancy papers. Broad research on this subject will help you to gain the smooth momentum. From this point, you may start thinking about your specific statement that you want to discuss. In this article, we will cover all the main aspects to be aware of when writing about such an important topic.

Teenage pregnancy research papers

Depending on your current academic level, teen pregnancy papers may vary in their length and, of course, the way that you unveil different sides of this societal problem. You may want to open your notebook and look at what questions have you been learning recently. This will help to select the right approach for this theme and formulate the thesis as succinctly as possible.

First, you may want to write down every single idea that comes into your mind. Later on, every idea like that may add some valuable details on creating a persuasive argument. Decide on your standpoint. whether you agree that teenage pregnancy should be widely regarded on a governmental level as a problem that they should cut? Maybe the more loyal approach would be helpful for our society? Try to think of new ways to look at the subject. Critical thinking principles and common logic strategies may help you to get to the point. Also, don’t forget to look through the most common logical fallacies to make your assignment look competitive.

As for teenage pregnancy research papers, they may need a little bit more of a research than just general references on this subject argued in other scholar materials. Interviewing people might become a part of a real scientific approach. Research the topic by adding some polls of real people’s opinions. Tell stories. Examine the subject just like any scientist, carefully and attentively. When you consider some other essential rules of writing academic essays described in this article and add your exclusive investigation results, your teenage pregnancy research paper will shine.

In some cases, you might interview your friends or even former classmates. Teenage pregnancy is a common thing today in many schools. Interview a girl who got pregnant when she was in high school and you will see the very personal approach to this problem. This might help you to shape the most compelling argument for your research paper. Statistics and careful referencing might help you to support the leading evidence, which has an information about real people dealing with this problem.

teenage pregnancy research paper

Before attending the interview, make sure you prepare the questions that you are going to ask in advance. Prepare a note in your smartphone and don’t forget to press play in the sound recorder app. Some of the main questions might relate to the sexual education. Why didn’t teenagers use contraception? What did they know about pregnancy prevention, about physical aspect of the sexual act, and about how their own bodies work? Consider asking them open questions that don’t require yes or no answers, but instead, encourage to tell a story. Make sure you also adhere to the so-called information balance that is applied by journalists of all the big media resources. This means that you want to listen to both parties of the conflict or the difficult situation, instead of making assumptions after you get to know only one point of view.

However, if you are still looking for research questions on teenage pregnancy, consider also looking through various forums and communities online in social media that help to deal with this issue for thousands of teens across the globe. In such groups, you may find a lot of useful information for your references. And of course, nothing can be a better source of personal opinions and stories about teenage pregnancy in our times. You can even formulate your own statistics relying on the information given in these sources. After you see this phenomenon from such a realistic standpoint, you will have no issues coming up with up to date and compelling new views on this area of knowledge, whatever discipline you are preparing it for.

Don’t forget that one of the key things to remember when writing your research paper is making it as literate as possible. Check and re-check the correct use of English grammar throughout the whole text. Another crucial thing to do is to verify all the formatting rules applied in your educational institution. Do your best to abide by university norms of formatting and you will never regret it. You might even stand out in front of your professor compared to students who lack that kind of knowledge. The structure of your research paper should be impeccable and meet all the aspects of academic standards including the newly established. Consult your teacher or professor before handing in the final version of your paper. You might as well find lots of valuable sources of information online about how to structure a paper for any academic level.

Anyway, research paper on teen pregnancy in many ways requires a lot of preparation. It is a good idea to start actually writing it only after the stage when you get all the extensive preparation done. Come up with a persuasive argument, find valuable references, perform a deep analysis and a broad research on the given question that you are going to highlight regarding your theme. Don’t forget to make notes along the way. Don’t restrict yourself in opinions, just write down anything that comes across, as later you will shape and reshape it, and you might need even every little piece of information to defend your point of view. Create a succinct outline in the first place and don’t forget to add an acknowledgements page, contents list, and references page along the way. Only after that, you can be sure you will write undoubtedly the best teenage pregnancy paper. Start writing it little by little, even if it looks quite challenging right from the beginning. If you are thinking that you are lacking some of the professional academic tone, the great advice is to read some of the teenage pregnancy essays online. Just don’t copy those texts! They might serve you as a great inspirational resource. What you can do is to write down some of the most professionally sounding phrases and use them in your research paper.

Research questions on teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy might pose a lot of questions regarding different areas of knowledge. Think about what aspects can be the most important for the current discipline that you are writing this essay for. For example, if you want to touch teenagers giving birth as a societal challenge, you might want to describe whether society, in general, suffers from benefits from this phenomenon. If you want to touch on some governmental aspects of this problem, discover why non-marital births impose considerably high public sector expenses. Why Governments want to reduce them and how are they going to reduce the costs?

research questions on teenage pregnancy

The social aspect of teen childbearing in your teen pregnancy essay might also touch another broad subject to explore. That is the sexual education. What do we have now and how effective are the sexual educational programs for teens in schools and colleges? What do we need to change to make it work better? At first, you might state the traditional division of two main types of this kind of knowledge. That is, Abstinence-Only and Abstinence-Plus Education variables. Make sure to perform an extensive research of these two. Maybe even attend a class or two to know what makes them different. What makes them less or more effective than the other one? Don’t forget to make notes along the way and write down your every thought, as you will need them later on when shaping your thesis, argument stages, outline, body, and the conclusion of your essay on teen pregnancy.

The main difference between those two is the core approach that teachers apply. Abstinence-Only approach requires telling teenagers to fully distract themselves from any intersexual communication when it gets more intimate. This method had been applied for centuries and decades before. Many parents all over the world are still teaching their children to behave, not to stay up late, not to hang out with bad companies. They refuse to talk about sex making this question look shameful, a kind of taboo. That being said, such an approach had proved itself to lead to a so-called reverse effect, when a forbidden fruit is the sweetest one. Especially for teenagers who are being at the peak of their sexual development and hormonal surge. And the teenage pregnancy statistics show us, that the Abstinence-Only approach has the lowest effectiveness for the teenagers’ sex education.

Another approach for teaching teenagers about sexual relationships is the Abstinence-Plus Education. When you are writing an essay on teenage pregnancy, you might find it highly relevant to examine this one especially precise. Although this kind of programs teaches teenagers to delay their initiation to the sexual activity, it doesn’t deny the probability of having sex as a teenager at all. Instead, it focuses on educating teens on contraception methods and all the most modern and effective ways to prevent an unintended pregnancy. However, the quality of this sexual education might vary as well. Everyone knows that it is difficult for the older generation to gain trust and involvement of the younger audience. Hence, reckless teen may just laugh and mock at the idea of wearing condoms on bananas without taking it seriously. In this case, you might focus on exploring the potential of sexual educational programs for teenagers. What is the best way to develop them? What should the teacher look like, in what manner should they speak? What information should they involve and in which order to encourage teenagers to take the problem of unintended pregnancy seriously? You can also focus on the latest research on male-only and female-only educational programs.

When you are writing just a short essay about teenage pregnancy, it should be enough to cover one side of the subject. There are lots of the areas of knowledge regarding this subject. You can search for them online and pick one. Good idea is to choose one where you can tell that it is possible to perform an extensive research and also show your student passion for thinking anew, create a new perspective, which has not been addressed before in other scholar works. For example, you might choose between “how to prevent teenage pregnancy” essay and “causes of teenage pregnancy” essay.

Prevention essay might base on the traditional as well as the modern ways to achieve an effective contraception. The problem is that most of the teenagers are too shy to buy condoms at the local pharmacy so they think that an interruption of the sexual act might work for preventing the pregnancy. While it is widely proved that interruption is an ineffective method of contraception. Thus, your essay might focus on the most comfortable ways to ensure an effective protection even in cases when a sexual act is not planned.

Meanwhile, if you choose to research on the causes of teenage pregnancy, you might deal with variety of studies which examine it. You can look at this problem from a medical point of view like endocrinology, sexology, obstetrics, gynecology, and genetics. Apart from that, the causes might also lie deeply in psychology matters. there are also special areas of psychology in regards to pregnancy issues in general, meaning prenatal and perinatal psychology areas of knowledge. Make sure you don’t strive in too many directions at once. You need a strong and persuasive argument. Given that the topic is very modern, interesting for students, and widely discussed, it’s especially challenging to maintain one single focus on the point of view that you wish to examine and describe.

Teenage pregnancy research paper outline

When thinking about an argumentative essay about teenage pregnancy, you might find yourself lost in different approaches for this subject. You can address not only social and medical sides of the teenage pregnancy, but also cultural, academic, and parenting aspects. Should you highlight one side of the problem or apply a mixed approach shaping your unique argument out of many fields of study?

teenage pregnancy research paper outline

When you have completed your freshman year long ago and continue with your study, the teenage pregnancy thesis might be indeed a serious academic assignment to burn your midnight oil on. This work should include a few sections performing an extensive research in your chosen area of knowledge. Thus, you want to divide your persuasion into different areas and gradually lead to your point through all of them. Don’t forget to apply a critical thinking strategy to make the most out of your opinion on teen pregnancy. Creating a strong outline in the first place is one of the most effective approaches to further getting your A+ grade.

First off, you want to create a strong introduction to your assignment, whether it is a broad research of your thesis paper or just a small essay in the middle of the semester. Your introduction should, in turn, include minimum two essential sections. That is the broader disclosure of your particular research question. The next part would be the brief description of the whole thesis that you want to argue in this assignment. Make sure you surf online for the newest teenage pregnancy topics for research so that you don’t end up writing about something that has been addressed by other students many times before.

The next crucial part that is useful to include in your argumentative essay outline is a background information part. Her you will place all the facts that you have collected about studies on the teenage childbearing question. Some accurate statistics data fits the best in this section. Here you can include birth rates among teens in the USA, for example. You can also divide the statistics result by ethnic groups.

Your data can also be based on other aspects, such as birth control issues. Examine the availability of contraception among teenagers in different areas of the country. State in what grades exactly, or what ages do most of the teenagers take a risk of performing an unprotected sexual act? Explore the numbers and try to describe the systematic approach for the figures that you state. What is the progression of the teenage pregnancy? What factors affect it the most? For making your statement more visual, take some time and design different types of charts like a pie chart, histogram, line chart, bar chart. Also prepare little sheets with explanations, preferably formatted into bullet lists. You can then make virtual presentation sheets or paper posters to support your evidence when you will have to defend your essay in front of the class.

In cases when you have completed your teenage pregnancy research paper outline but still not sure where to start or how to shape your assignment with a professional academic style, don’t worry. Consider starting to prepare in advance, way before the deadline hits you. Many students want to avail of essay writing services but this way won’t lead them to a sufficient educational level that we all are aiming for. Instead, you might want to think about an outline for your thesis, essay, or term paper way before the deadline occurs. This way, you may continuously perfect your thesis, not to hurry, and study different sides of your given subject. When you have done all that, the writing part will come much easier. If you have a powerful outline and still need some more inspiration to get started, then you can look for some example of argumentative essay about teenage pregnancy. Online versions for free won’t likely present the highest academic quality, but you can find lots of international websites that offer persuasive copies of essays on various topics in an online subscription form.

How to write a research paper on teenage pregnancy?

As soon as you have pointed out major turning points in your outline, it’s time to fill out every paragraph with carefully structured content. Make sure you use the professional tone of voice because no academic essay is accepted without applying the right lexis. Watch out of the phrasal verbs and slang words, even if you’re dealing with information that you took from the interview with one of the teenagers that you know. Don’t forget to use your charts throughout the text to support your evidence. Writing research papers like these may seem difficult when you first think of it and even when you look at the attentively crafted outline that you have just created. Nevertheless, just start slowly. start from writing at least one sentence. Watch your thoughts to unfold in a proper, logically structured way, and don’t try to hurry, even if you’ve got a lot of pages to be written in the next few days. Just calm down and relax and thoughts will flow by themselves. Try to focus on the point that you want to argue, fill it with a valuable information, and build a clear, persuading evidence around it. You might first want to write a plan of what you are going to write and then follow up with writing actual paragraphs, one at a time.

Any teenage pregnancy essay example that you will find on the internet will show that you can apply multiple attitudes to describe this social phenomenon. We suggest you look closely at this situation from the teenagers’ point of view in order to propose an effective solution and to argue your thesis in the most efficient way possible. You might want to describe, for example, challenges that will be met by child born by a teenager girl. Some of these are abuse or neglect issues, poverty, health problems, delinquency, also probable relationships difficulties and tendency to teenage pregnancy. On the other hand, when forming an informative speech on teenage pregnancy, you should not forget the challenges that young parents face, too. Among these are the lack of proper education to succeed in their lives, missing out on adolescent experiences, unemployment, and low self-esteem, relationships problems because of little or no experience of creating a family.

When writing an essay, thesis, or a term paper, it’s a reasonable way to choose a linear method, meaning that you first write your teenage pregnancy essay introduction, and then you move on to all the other sections as they appear in the text, one by one, one paragraph at a time. But it is also no wonder if it appears that you have an inspiration to write some section from the middle of your essay in the first place. After that, you might find some interesting piece of the information for your introduction or conclusion for teenage pregnancy essay as well.

At some point, especially when looking for the persuasive references and other scholar sources you could use, you may find that this subject has been largely discussed in the professional literature. Don’t worry because such a modern theme for discussion will be discussed for a long time and in the future, and there are still lots of questions to think about, apart from the societal challenges that teen pregnancy poses. For example, you can focus on the economic factors caused by this problem.

All kinds of persuasive essays on teenage pregnancy benefit from teen pregnancy and parenthood issues highlighted from an economic point of view. First of all, you might discuss medical welfare conditions that thousands of young mothers must apply for because of the lack of funds to cover their medical insurance. If they don’t receive money from donations, their own and their kids’ health problems might stay unresolved and even lead to lethal results. That being said, the Government needs to donate more money each year into this sector of the economy. That is why, having that kind of information and data, you can write a successful teenage pregnancy problem solution essay and get the highest grade for it. At first, you need to pose the problem and support it with relevant data from all the credible sources of the latest time. Make sure you follow the common sense and strict logic because any teenage pregnancy persuasive essay has to necessarily comply with the academic standards of critical thinking.

This problem also largely contributes to poverty of young families. Teen parents don’t have the higher education. In order to make money for living, they have to interrupt their studies in schools and colleges and go to the lower-class jobs that don’t mean getting much money. They work for long hours and as a result, these young parents have little or no time to take care of their children. In turn, putting education on hold often results in not getting education at all by young mothers and fathers. Such actions lead to increasing statistics on poverty level in the country, crimes based on this problem, and many other issues that are based on the inability of teenagers to maintain healthy relationships and to earn enough funds for the living of their newly created families.

Also, when looking at any sample research paper on teenage pregnancy, you might come across another interesting issue to explore and investigate in your own research paper, essay or thesis paper. That is the single marital status of young mothers. Teenagers don’t end up being in a traditional marriage after they know about the pregnancy. Most commonly, mothers stay single and have to raise their children by themselves. The situation gets even tougher when teen moms, for many reasons, can’t get any support from their parents and friends. As a result, teenage pregnancy brings a very tough financial situation in lives of young mothers, adding to problems of the lack of education and possible health problems.

However, there is a silver lining regarding the education of teenage parents kids. They are subject to getting the school education for free. Although, the Government tries to reduce teenage pregnancy because they are not happy with providing the free type of education. In most cases, schools have to pay for such kids’ education, hence increasing costs in this sector are highly undesirable by all parties except teenage mothers.

The US government encourages all types of teenage pregnancy prevention methods, including some very intricate and interesting ones. By knowing them, you can create an excellent argument for your research paper about teenage pregnancy. Consider watching television above all. Don’t just restrict yourself to thinking about the rare lessons about contraception that occasionally happen in high schools. Why? It’s easy. There you will find many TV shows that show teenagers what happens if they don’t know or don’t want to use the pregnancy prevention methods. Simply switch on one of the most popular television channels for younger audience, and you will find answers to many questions that can be clarified in your research paper or argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy.

For example, the MTV channel. Watch for shows like “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” to see all the real challenges that young moms have to deal with when they become pregnant and especially, when they decide on being a young parent, even seeing a perspective of staying a single mom. All shows like this could be really a very convincing evidence for your argument. But don’t focus on that shows as the main evidence. Just because they are made not specifically for educational purposes and they don’t apply academic sources to investigate the problem, your professors might not be happy with your paper focusing simply on evidence like the TV shows, even knowing that they are based on real stories and they show real problems and challenges from a teen mom’s point of view.

teenage pregnancy essay example

Teenage pregnancy essay example

Let’s say you’ve got to write an essay about teenage pregnancy. You have found an example of argumentative essay about teenage pregnancy online and figured that it’s quite much work to do to write something like this. But don’t be too fast with your assumptions. You can actually look at this example more closely and use it in your own favor. For a better result, you might want to take a few essays like this serving you as a good example for writing your own assignment, even if they cost some money on the internet. How they can be useful for you? Let’s find out.

If, typically, you are that student losing sleep over their assignment and trying to fit in the tight deadlines, you will especially like this method because it saves you so much time and effort. It also helps you sound professional and get high grades without sweating blood to get your assignment done by yourself. First of all, as we already mentioned before, you need to go online and find a sample persuasive essay on teenage pregnancy or any kind of research paper written on this topic. Now, you need to download a few of them and carefully read each and every piece. Point out especially academically sounding phrases and pieces of valuable data along the way, that correlate to your specific area of interest, especially your thesis question that you are going to investigate from different standpoints. You will need these notes of yours later when you start working on your own assignment.

Also, don’t neglect your own research. The most successful research paper or any kind of an academic essay might simply be based on one unique evidence that you have found for yourself. Thankfully, the internet today is full of teenage pregnancy stories. Try to think of your own perspective on this question in the first place. What do you feel when you think of it? What it makes you think about? Maybe you had a similar experience or one of your friends did? When you are carefully thinking about your opinion you might come across a few ideas about forming a creative title for teenage pregnancy essay.

Don’t hesitate and write down all of them as well as different variations that you might come up with. Later they will be a great list of possible titles to choose from. You can also use them as one of the sections in your essay outline. Your creative title can be a basis for your research question that you will discuss throughout the whole paper, as well. Different sample essays might inspire you to come up with your own titles and questions. Our recommendation is not to copy some great idea right away just like you found it on a prepaid ready essays database, for example. Instead, try to think of them as an inspiration and as a grease-slide start for your own questions and argument, especially if we are talking about a reflective essay about teenage pregnancy.

After you found your own perspective that you want to discuss in your paper, that’s where comes the time to creatively use examples that we were talking about before. Useful academic phrases are good to have when you are starting to actually write any paragraph. Just make sure they look quite natural and professional in your particular context. You can even use the examples of essays or other papers that you have found online for creating your own approach on other types of assignments, for example, like persuasive speeches on teenage pregnancy. The next thing that you want to do is to look carefully at every aspect of your newly collected examples outlines. You will find there a lot of useful and interesting ideas on how to gain a perfect structure of your own essay. One by one, they unveil the questions that you want to investigate regarding your thesis statement, in a perfectly ordered manner. These outlines also contain some of the great ideas on the types of data that you will need to include in your own paper.

Let’s say, in “prevention of teenage pregnancy” essays you might want to use charts that describe the number of teenagers that got pregnant in a certain area during the recent year. You might also want to know their social status, their financial situation, their ethnic origin, how many teenagers became parents and what percentage of them went for a risk of abortion, and different kinds of data like that. After you examine your examples, it’s time to structure and write a final draft of your own essay outline. Just remember not to waste too much time to perfect this part of the essay. You might change some plans and details on the way, so prepare your draft and keep going. It is better to craft the perfect outline when you have all the pages of your assignment already written down and you are sure you are not going to change anything whatsoever.

The next thing to look for when writing a research paper on teen pregnancy is your teenage pregnancy research paper introduction. This part is perceived by many students and teachers as almost the most important one among all the parts of your assignment. In this section, you can briefly describe what your thesis question is all about. Make sure you highlight all the major facts and turning points. Try to sparkle a reader’s interest so that they want to keep on reading your assignment until the very end. Your main argument will look good at the very beginning of this section, while all the supporting details you can add after arguing your major point. Experts of academic writing also insist that you shouldn’t start your introduction, and hence, the whole essay or research paper, from stating some common facts that everyone knows without any academic approaches.

For example, writing that teenage pregnancy has been largely regarded as a societal problem for many centuries. Or that young women giving birth is an issue that has been known from ancient times. Instead of this common openings, try to make your point clear right from the start. Pose your own question or your unique perspective in the light of the whole problem but don’t write sentences that your teachers might have already seen in thousands of essays before you. Your introduction for teenage pregnancy essay must be sharp, bold, and clear. Not to mention that, ideally, it should involve issues and approaches that have not been addressed in professional literature before. Also never forget to write it using an academic style of language. At the same time, watch to not make it too formal and unappealing.

Many students mention that writing a teenage pregnancy essay conclusion, as well as a teenage pregnancy research paper conclusion, is nearly as challenging as writing the introduction that we have talked about up top. The thing with conclusion is that it is also a very important part of your assignment. It is proven by scientists, that physiologically human’s brain works in a way that it remembers most the information that has been given first and last. That’s why, your teacher or professor is more likely to remember the most how good your introduction and conclusion was, missing out on the rest of the text. So you want to make sure that those two parts are crafted by you in the best way possible.

Don’t shy away from spending most of your time on it. You can search online some articles on how to write a research paper on teenage pregnancy to avail very valuable advice on how to write the most persuading essay introductions and conclusions ever. Easy step by step guides are especially useful when you are trying to get your assignment done as fast as possible. One good advice that I once was told is to search online for the less popular search queries. For example, search not for the teenage pregnancy essay conclusion, but for the clincher ideas for teen pregnancy research paper. By doing this, chances are, you will find a great example of an essay that no one of students or teachers has ever read before. And of course, there are much less chance to be suspected in borrowing other people’s ideas when you come across a copy that nobody has seen yet.

The whole research paper about teen pregnancy may seem challenging to write right from the start mostly when you are thinking about the amount of text that you need to write and even starting to order essay paper online. Nevertheless, practice of many students of the best universities shows that the more time you spend on little things like teenage pregnancy essay thesis statement, the more you benefit when your professor reviews the whole thing. Notwithstanding, the whole text should meet the rules of critical thinking and the norms of proper university formatting norms. Otherwise, your essay won’t even be accepted. But at the same time, when you’ve got all that rules covered, you can focus solely on persuading others in your point. Because, after all, the most important part of any academic work is to appear convincing enough in your effort to present a new argument regarding some certain field of study.






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