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A thesis is considered the most important assignment in academic life of a student or novice researcher. If you are a freshman and wondering what this notion means and how to write a perfect paper, you are lucky to have found this article written by the top writers of our paper writing service! A thesis is a kind of paper submitted by a candidate to receive bachelor’s degree; such work comprises research data and allows the author to make his or her own scientific contribution to the field he or she studies. Writing such a serious paper usually takes at least one year.

If it’s time for you to start writing your own thesis, and you still struggle to find an issue to research, do not lose heart! In this article, we will share some interesting senior thesis topic ideas for your consideration.

Before writing this kind of paper, you have to find a topical issue and formulate it in the thesis statement. Topics or, at least, certain ideas for research might be provided by your supervisor. If you feel like you can come up with your own topic, the main thing you have to remember is that the problem under consideration should be relevant, correspond to the current state of science, and be of practical importance.

We’ve created several lists of master thesis topics to choose among. If you can’t find the one that interests you, you can narrow down one of them and come up with your own idea. There are many good thesis topics in this article, and we hope that you will find the one that suits you the most! And if you need a help with thesis statement writing, you can ask our professional writers to do it for you.

Philosophy Thesis Topics

philosophy thesis topics

  1. Atheism in the European philosophy of the XVIII-XIX centuries
  2. The concept of being and nothingness according to Sartre
  3. The problem of time according to Bergson, Husserl, and Heidegger
  4. The problem of consciousness in the philosophy of modern times
  5. Paul Tillich: religious and philosophical views
  6. The philosophical doctrine of Theosis by Nicholas of Cusa
  7. Comparative analysis of doctrines about God by Plato and Aristotle
  8. Aristotle’s doctrine about the essence of a human being
  9. Kant’s doctrine about the faith and the Church
  10. Kant’s doctrine about moral rationalism
  11. The doctrine of personality in the New European philosophy
  12. Plato’s doctrine of truth
  13. Friedrich Schelling: Christianity doctrine
  14. Philosophy of Hegel’s religion
  15. Philosophical aspects of Freud’s psychoanalytic concepts

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

criminal justice thesis topics

  1. Crime complicity: criminal law issues
  2. Multiple crimes punishment
  3. Main features of juvenile criminal responsibility
  4. Conditional condemnation
  5. Grounds for the exemption from criminal liability
  6. Juvenile crimes and their prevention
  7. Types of homicides: criminal and legal characterization
  8. Robbery: general overview
  9. Illicit arms trafficking
  10. Bribery: criminal and legal description
  11. Crimes against justice committed by officials
  12. Extremist crimes
  13. Abuse of official authority and official power
  14. Fraud: general overview
  15. Preliminary investigation and its types
  16. The prosecutor and their powers in the judicial proceedings
  17. The jury trial stage of a criminal case

Psychology Thesis Topics

psychology thesis topics

  1. The level of emotional intelligence as a factor of professional burnout and job satisfaction
  2. The link between emotional intelligence of managers and effective implementation of management functions
  3. Perception and identification of emotions in children with autism disorders
  4. The level of subjective control and associated psychological protection in patients with schizophrenia
  5. Value-motivational sphere of deviant personality
  6. Sports injury as a life event
  7. Individual psychological resources of human resistance to the experience of a terrorist threat
  8. Individual psychological characteristics of adolescents with different types of deviant behavior and their relationship to the value-motivational sphere of parents
  9. Psychophysiological factors of students’ and schoolchildren’s academic success
  10. Dynamics of human self-relationship with changes in appearance
  11. Dynamics of self-determination in early adolescence

History Thesis Topics

  1. German-American relations during World War II
  2. Armenian Diaspora in the USA
  3. The fight of the North American colonies for independence
  4. The 1936-1939 Civil War in Spain
  5. George W. Bush and the formation of the domestic policy of the US government
  6. The political elite of the Epirus kingdom in 1205-1261
  7. The problems of US immigration policy in 1990-2015
  8. The role of the monarchy in the domestic and foreign policy of Great Britain in the late XX - early XXI century
  9. Transformation of ideas about childhood in British society in the late XVIII - first half of the XIX century
  10. Formation of foreign policy instruments for regulating immigration to the European Union countries in 1992-2014
  11. Man of the ancient Bosporus: worldview and image
  12. Czech political conservatism in the late XIX - early XX centuries
  13. Evolution of the party political system of Great Britain
  14. The development of the North Korean nuclear program and nonproliferation policy in Northeast Asia

Political Science Thesis Topics

  1. Symbols of political protest
  2. Political rhetoric as a way of creating the image of a leader
  3. Gaming techniques in advertising and public relations
  4. The image of time in the journalistic and advertising text
  5. The issue of impeachment in the USA
  6. Mass media as a brand: the main features of its creation
  7. Knowledge and power in the Leo Strauss political philosophy
  8. Concepts of the political cycle: the methodology for their study and scientific application
  9. Features of social policy in the English conservative thought of the XIX century
  10. The issue of bureaucracy in the context of political changes
  11. Modern political manipulative techniques
  12. The concept of organic communism
  13. The concept of a social state in Swedish political science
  14. Political leadership as a mechanism of social integration
  15. Constitutionalism as the basis of a culture of democracy

Architecture Thesis Topics

architecture thesis topics

  1. The architectural concept of complex low-rise housing
  2. The architecture of a modern home: the example of Mediterranean countries
  3. Design and construction of multifunctional sports facilities
  4. Principles of architectural modernization of medical hospitals
  5. Design and construction of energy-efficient residential buildings
  6. Redevelopment of rural dwellings
  7. Innovative building construction techniques
  8. Design and construction of mobile homes
  9. Developing public places in small cities
  10. Eclecticism in modern architecture
  11. The concept of design feasibility
  12. Low-income housing construction in developed countries
  13. The use of alternative building materials in developing countries

Computer Science Thesis Topics

computer science thesis topics

  1. Development of logistics information system for choosing rational ways of promotion and delivery of goods
  2. Online store development and creation
  3. Development of an automated management system for small businesses
  4. User interface modernization
  5. The feedback system in personnel management
  6. Development of an automated workplace
  7. Development and production of a taxi service website
  8. Development of an automated system for managing food purchases
  9. Development of a mobile application
  10. Features of development of an online laboratory for students
  11. Informational system development for an Internet enterprise
  12. Use of neural network technologies for personality recognition
  13. Development of methods and informational technologies for modeling and recognition of emotions
  14. Development of methods and information technologies for creating systems of gestural communication
  15. Signal separation algorithms in 2-microphone systems
  16. Estimation of acoustic parameters of rooms
  17. Signal processing algorithms for compact microphone arrays

Economics Thesis Topics

  1. Models of financial management of high-tech projects
  2. Factors determining the market value of the business
  3. The ways to increase the market value of a business
  4. The role of business valuation in the global financial system
  5. The role of a market value of a business in corporate finance
  6. Mechanisms of export financing of investment projects
  7. The financial effect of import substitution
  8. Mechanisms of project financing in structuring investment projects
  9. Institutional and contractual ways of implementing a partnership between the state and a business
  10. Mechanisms of export financing of investment projects
  11. Mechanisms, forms, and tools for the implementation and development of public-private partnerships between countries
  12. Forms of interaction between the state and business in various sectors of the global economy
  13. Influence of volatility of world commodity markets on financial stability
  14. Cost-based methods of pricing and their application during a financial crisis
  15. The company objectives and their reflection in a pricing policy


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