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Good Thesis Topics and Ideas for Ph.D. and Master Students

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Without any doubt, a thesis is the most important paper in the academic life of a student or young researcher. Many of them may be a bit afraid of the scope of work that awaits or the inability to find good thesis topics. Do you find yourself in such a situation when you seem to have lots of thesis topic ideas, but a well-formulated topic does not come to your mind? Don’t worry! Our writing experts have got your back! In this post, we will share the list of thesis topics and provide you with the best tips and tricks for choosing the best one.

How to Choose a Thesis Topic

A choice of a unique title for a thesis is quite a challenging task. There are many under-researched and heavily debated topics in the world of science, but how to find the one suitable for your paper? Let’s review some secrets to finding a perfect topic:

  • In order to start working on a thesis, you don't need inspiration but a plan of action and a routine. After all, it's not creative writing. When you just start working, you'll see that inspiration comes as a result of daily work.
  • Choose a few research routes and read scientific publications on topics that interest you the most. Be sure to ask yourself questions on the material you reviewed, record your thoughts daily, and discuss them with other researchers or your advisor - and great topic ideas will not make you wait!
  • Maybe you already have some materials or have previously researched a topic you were interested in – just not as thoroughly as you need to do for a thesis. If it is so, go back to them and see if you can make a previous topic into something more elaborate.
  • The issue you have chosen as a central theme of your thesis should not be extremely challenging for you to research. Some topics are best left for your dissertation as they will require more time, effort, and knowledge of the subject.
  • It might not be a good idea to choose an overly popular issue that is currently studied by thousands of researchers over the world. You’ll hardly find anything new about this issue, and your thesis question won’t have this much-needed novelty.
  • Concentrating on a controversial issue is also not the best idea. A topic that has many avid supporters and opponents may cause an unpredictable reaction from your paper examiners. Who knows, maybe your paper will be reviewed by a person who has a polarized opinion on the issue under consideration.
  • Although young researchers often avoid feedback in the early stages of research, the advice of more experienced fellow researchers can help you understand whether you are moving in the right direction or not with your topic and, if necessary, direct your actions in a timely manner. And discussing your research with fellow graduate students like you will help you feel a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people and motivate you for further achievements.
  • Finally, it is best to select a topic that you can find lots of supporting literature for. As you’ll need to provide background information and conduct a literature review on the topic, you will require a lot of data.

What Makes a Thesis Topic Great?

It’s a good question each student should ask before deciding on a topic. What do ideal topics for a thesis look like?

  • They touch upon topical issues. Science is designed to study topical issues and find solutions to them. This is also the purpose of your thesis. Therefore, the topic for the work should be relevant, modern, and extensive.
  • They spark debates. In other words, these are interesting thesis topics. For example, if your major is Biology, writing about Covid-19 would be a perfect option. Besides, the working process would be much faster and more effective if you are genuinely interested in the issues you study.
  • They are neither too long nor too short. This tip concerns the way you formulate the topic. The title you come up with must be informative but not too long. Choosing an overly brief topic name is also not a good idea because it may fail to cover some important aspects of your research.
  • They must be related to your academic program. This one may sound a bit obvious, but it’s a common student mistake to go off-subject. If you choose a topic that seems interesting and well-developed to you but appears irrelevant to your professor/research advisor, you will have to change it. Seek advice on where you went wrong and what you can do to get back on track.
  • They concentrate on one central issue. A golden rule of writing a thesis is that your topic should be narrowed down. There is no use in concentrating on several issues at once. Instead, you have to focus on a specific issue and research it using the method that works best.
  • They can be supported using research. Generally, there should be enough suitable sources for you to study. Alternatively, you should understand the methodology you can use to obtain credible results and if you can really use it. For instance, you might not have a chance to visit another continent to gather data or interview hundreds of people who don’t use technology.

Best Thesis Topics for Students

It’s time for you to start working on the paper of your life, and you are in search of the best topic for a thesis, but nothing seems to come to your mind. Luckily, you’ve come to the right page! Our experts have created unique and interesting topics for your thesis!

Senior Thesis Topics

  • The role of public image in modern US politics
  • Banking data breach and the ways to prevent it
  • The ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can be adopted on a country level
  • Tax evasion in developed countries: is the problem real?
  • The use of drones in military operations vs. environmental research
  • Human rights in dictatorship countries
  • Modern USA diplomacy: challenges and perspectives
  • Security aspects of EU foreign policy
  • The Syrian refugee crisis in Europe
  • Prerequisites for 2022 Sri Lankan protests
  • Corruption is Singapore, and the ways of its elimination
  • Innovations in the USA international logistics
  • Anti-bullying laws at schools: are they effective?
  • The BLM movement: the changes it brought

MBA Thesis Topics

  • The reasons behind the stock market’s worst performance in 2022
  • The fight against unethical advertising
  • The concept of a Smart city: is it possible in the nearest future?
  • Shaping an organizational culture during pandemic times
  • The ways of measuring and assessing employees’ loyalty in post-pandemic times
  • The reasons for US construction companies’ sales decline
  • Latest gun control issues and their impact on arms production and selling in the USA
  • US housing crisis trends and solutions
  • The case of Amazon in civil workers’ rights enforcement
  • The possible impact of monkeypox on the world economy
  • The impact of Covid-19 on airlines in developing countries
  • Economic consequences of recent lockdowns in China: local and world perspective
  • World economy shortage due to Russian 2022 invasion of Ukraine: long- and short-term perspective

Ph.D. Dissertation Topics

  • The impact of climate change on coffee production shortages
  • Influence of e-cigarettes on health
  • Modern ecological issues in the United States (or any country of choice)
  • Mad cow disease and its impact on blood donation in the UK and Australia
  • The issue of compulsive buying in the 21st century: predispositions and solutions
  • Vulnerability prediction in corporate systems
  • The lack of work-life balance among the corporations’ workers (Amazon, Apple)
  • The prevalence of online sales over brick-and-mortar stores: the case of Zara
  • Employees onboarding in pandemics and post-pandemics times

Thesis Topics for Office Administration Students

  • The effectiveness of regular organizational changes and rotations on workers’ productivity
  • The issue of time management in pandemic times
  • Facilitating teamwork during lockdowns: challenges and ways out
  • The impact of stress on office manager performance in big corporations
  • Processes of aggregation and globalization of office activities
  • The change of perception towards office work in post-pandemic times
  • Financial incentives and employee retention
  • The impact of the glass ceiling on Chinese female office workers

STEM Thesis Topics

  • Ethical considerations in modern genetics studies
  • The issue of space junk and long-term solutions
  • The challenges in developing the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Stem cell treatment: dangers and perspectives
  • The link between global warming and soil temperature
  • Risks and perspectives of electronic voting
  • War technologies in the Ukrainian-Russian war
  • Research and modeling of the process of the spread of pollutants in the air
  • Genetic algorithms with valid coding
  • Challenges of genetic programming

Thesis Topics on Education

The topic of education doesn’t lose its relevance and importance these days, especially after the spread of distance learning because of the global lockdown. There are lots of interesting and topical themes to touch upon in your thesis. See if you can find a perfect thesis title for an education paper in this list:

Thesis Topics on Education

Elementary Education Thesis Topics

  • The link between smartphone usage and performance in elementary school students
  • The challenges of distance learning for students of elementary school
  • The effectiveness of family involvement in elementary school learning
  • Bilingual education of toddlers: pros and cons
  • Private vs. public schools and distance learning
  • The relevance of the Montessori methodic in a modern elementary school setting
  • The link between socio-economic background and academic performance in elementary school students
  • Facilitating out-of-school reading in younger students

Science Thesis Topics

  • The impact of antibiotic overuse on bacteria development
  • Modern methods of molecular genetics
  • Modern methods of plant breeding
  • Modern methods of animal breeding
  • The role of genetic engineering in modern biotechnology and medicine
  • The dangers and virtues of genetically modified organisms
  • Genetics as an important component of biological science
  • Hereditary diseases of a person and prerequisites for their occurrence
  • Genetic engineering and its main issues
  • Endangered species and ways to protect them
  • The specifics of developing immunity after Covid-19 recovery
  • Seed banks and their role in the future of the humanity
  • Hereditary human diseases and their possible methods of prevention
  • Major biosphere threats in the 21st century
  • Study of the levels of acute-phase proteins as a diagnostic tool

Computer Science Thesis Topic Ideas

  • Hardware and software problems of organizing access to information resources in the distant education
  • The challenges and perspectives of machine learning
  • The use of electronic spreadsheets in management
  • Management of the development of information technologies in big organizations
  • Latest and future trends in the use of information technologies
  • The effect of the electromagnetic field on the human body

Finance Thesis Topics

  • Real estate market volatility: current trends and perspectives
  • Housing prices crises in the US in 2022: main trends and reasons
  • Coca-Cola acquisitions: latest cases and further perspectives
  • The challenges of the microfinance sphere in developing countries
  • Budget allocation of US public schools: main challenges

Physical Education Thesis Topics

  • The importance of physical activity among medical students
  • Emotional state during physical activities
  • Weight control in everyday life and sports
  • Modern principles of training and nutrition to increase muscle mass
  • Adaptation to aerobic and strength training
  • The link between sports and dopamine levels
  • Physical culture and a healthy lifestyle in different age groups

computer science thesis topics

Information Technology Thesis Topics

  • DNA-computing - a new paradigm of computing
  • Implementation of the algorithm of minimization of deterministic Muller automaton
  • Creation of corporate projects on Java2Enterprise
  • Development and optimization of universal web interfaces using the React or Angular library
  • Application of artificial neural networks in applied problem-solving
  • Research on technologies for improving access to video content

Art Thesis Topic Ideas

  • The influence of religious and mythological ideas on the artistic culture of Ancient Egypt
  • Prehistoric art of Europe (Stone Age)
  • Origins of the artistic tradition of the ancient Celts
  • Syncretism of Ancient Greece and the countries of the East traditions in the art of the Hellenistic era
  • Features of residential architecture of Pompeii
  • American abstract art in the second half of the 20th century
  • Freudism and neo-Freudism in the art theory of the 20th century
  • The role of color in the art of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin

Easy Thesis Topics

Sometimes a good topic should not necessarily be a difficult one. The most valuable thing about a thesis is the issue you are going to review. It can seem quite simple but be very useful for your field in actuality. We have compiled interesting topics that are not too challenging yet still worth covering.

Communication Thesis Topics Examples

  • The impact of neurolinguistics programming on human safety
  • Online advertising and consumer behavior
  • Targeted advertisement and its effect on compulsive buying habits
  • Social media and employee productivity in the post-pandemic era
  • The pros and cons of electronic books on children reading habits
  • Social media and interpersonal relationships in teenagers
  • Politics and social media: research on democratic rights
  • Data privacy on social media
  • Influence of social media on election results

Public Administration Thesis Topics

  • A comparative study of neighborhood relations in the middle of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century
  • Maternal benefits for stillbirth cases in the United States
  • For-profit and non-profit colleges: an impact on community wealth
  • The effectiveness of non-profit health organizations during the pandemics
  • The issue of police brutality in the USA in various communities

Financial Management Thesis Topics

  • Competitive analysis of the specific industry in your country and abroad
  • Modern US tax policy and taxation system
  • Elimination of government debt of a specific country
  • Property and personal insurance and their influence on the financial system
  • The relevance of the requirements for managers of an international company
  • Motivation to create multinational corporations in the 21st century

Marketing Thesis Topics

  • The link between cultural differences and consumer behavior
  • The relevance of using branding technology in developed and developing countries
  • Social advertising and its relevance in the 21st century
  • The effectiveness of the use of mass media in international advertising
  • Ethical considerations of corporate advertising
  • Latest trends in online advertising and their effect on consumer behavior
  • Brand equity and methods of its evaluation
  • Communicative aspects of interactive marketing
  • Selling items to teenagers: a shift in trends
  • The impact of child goods advertising on family consumer behavior

Hospitality Management Thesis Topics

  • Drastic changes in the tourist sphere in 2020-2022
  • Sustainable tourism in 2022
  • The impact of global warming on tourism over the world
  • Risk management in the hotel sphere during the pandemics
  • The future of tourism agencies and tour booking
  • The link between the brand name and the tourism industry
  • How have tourist top destination choices changed in the 2020s?
  • Safe travel for women in Asian countries
  • The role of the Internet in the hotel management
  • Logistics and hospitality in the mountain regions
  • The impact of natural disasters on tourism in Asian countries (China, Thailand)
  • World religions and hospitality: the case of Muslim countries
  •  Airport staff shortages in the Netherlands: predispositions and solutions
  • Tourism and closed countries: the case of North Korea

Thesis Topics for Business Administration

  • World banking system crisis: is the problem real?
  • Risk management during the Covid-19 pandemics
  • Can technology take over human management?
  • E-commerce in 2022 in the USA
  • The main soft skills of 21st-century managers
  • The issue of working conditions of employees in fast fashion factories
  • The feasibility of running an ecological business in 2022
  • The challenges of running brick-and-mortar stores during national lockdowns
  • The best strategies for finding the target audience for online business

Nursing Thesis Topic Ideas

  • First aid in emergencies for new nursing practitioners: burns, frostbite, and suffocation
  • Budgetary issues in the low-income community hospitals
  • Preventing diabetes Mellitus in children
  • Nutritional value of veganism vs. other diets
  • 2022 anti-abortion laws and their impact on women's health
  • Ethical considerations of euthanasia
  • Post-partum depression: modern methods of prevention
  • Cultivating healthy eating behavior in children
  • The link between eating disorders and family food behavior
  • Is the danger of carbs proved in modern medicine?
  • Modern principles of CPR training
  • The link between life span and regional dietary traditions
  • Preventing physical and mental burnout of office workers: a medical perspective
  • Curing ADHD in adults: modern trends and prospects
  • The shortage of male nurses in the US: predispositions and solutions

criminal justice thesis topics

Criminal Justice Thesis Topic/Ideas

  • Prevention and countermeasures against domestic violence
  • Modern trends and issues of juvenile delinquency
  • Illegal weapon trafficking in 2022
  • School shootings in the US
  • Preventing vandalism in low-income communities
  • Environmental crimes prevention
  • Criminological characteristics and prevention of embezzlement
  • Social predispositions of hate crimes in the US
  • Looting during protests: the case of the BLM movement
  • The method of profiling and its relevance in 21st-century criminology
  • Death row and human rights: can they co-exist?

Dissertation FAQ

Where do I find good thesis topic ideas?

There are many places where you can find a perfect topic for a thesis. First of all, you can visit your local library and search for some ideas in the books. You can also visit the writing center of your university or college and ask for some help. Another good option is to search for inspiration on the Web. Finally, you can take a topic from our lists above without having to worry about its uniqueness, as all of them were compiled by our top writing experts.

How do I begin research for thesis topic ideas?

You should begin searching with the keywords that correspond to the sphere you are interested in the most. You can do it in Google Scholar or databases that your educational institution gave you access to. Once you’ve found some books and articles, read excerpts from them to see if any idea catches your attention. You may also ask your professor what direction you should take in your search.

How do I know if my thesis topic is unique?

The simplest way to check it is to google the topic and see whether there are options that match your choice. There can be many other topics similar to yours, and it’s fine, especially if you want to continue researching some issue that was studied before. However, make sure that your topic and the one on the Web are not identical; otherwise, it may look like you attempted to plagiarize someone’s paper. And if you decide to write a paper on one of the topics presented by our experts, rest assured that they are unique!



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