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A thesis is a scientific and qualifying work written solely on a selected topic, containing a set of new scientific results and provisions put forward for public protection, which has an internal unity and testifies to the author's personal contribution to science. This type of work exists for awarding academic degrees. The core of any academic essay is the thesis (statement), which represents the main idea of the work. This is not just an author's’ opinion or attitude, but a statement that a reader wants to challenge. It is the thesis that makes the dissertation original and unique, unlike many other works on the same hot topic.

Senior thesis topics of a graduation qualification work are the final element of the process of teaching students of a particular specialty. This is an independent scientific-practical study. The quality of a thesis and the results of its protection are the main indicators of the assessment of the level of knowledge received and mastered by a student in the process of accomplishing the educational curriculum.

The subject of final qualification works is developed by the university/college department taking into account the prospects of development and actual problems in the field of a specific subject of a study. A department provides a list of the thesis statement topics, from which a student chooses a future topic of his thesis work. The student can also offer his own topic with the necessary justification for the feasibility of its development (in accordance with the scholarly interests of the student, the availability of his own material, obtained as a result of field research or industrial practice). The topic should be relevant, corresponding to the current state of science, and be of practical importance. Graduate qualification work of a bachelor can be both theoretical and experimental. The subjects of final qualification works of a bachelor can be connected both with scientific researches and with applied development.

We’ve created several lists of good thesis topics and master thesis topics to help everyone who have decided to obtain an academic (master) degree choose the necessary theme for the future work. And if you need a help with thesis statement writing, you can ask our professional writers to do it for you.

Philosophy Thesis Topics

philosophy thesis topics

  1. Dialectical theology: basic ideas analysis
  2. Atheism in the European philosophy of the XVIII-XIX centuries
  3. Being and nothingness in Sartre's philosophy
  4. Criticism of the European philosophy of the V century
  5. Nietzsche and Christianity
  6. Ontology of N. Hartmann
  7. The main problems of the Spengler’s philosophy
  8. The problem of being and the theme of nihilism in Heidegger's philosophy
  9. The problem of time in the philosophy of Bergson, Husserl, and Heidegger
  10. The problem of consciousness in the philosophy of modern times
  11. Paul Tillich: religious and philosophical views
  12. The religious and philosophical doctrine of God by Nicholas of Cusa
  13. Comparative analysis of the Plato and Aristotle doctrines about God
  14. Aristotle’s doctrine about the essence of a human being
  15. Kant's doctrine about the faith and the Church
  16. Kant's doctrine about the rationale of morality
  17. The doctrine of personality in the New European philosophy
  18. Plato's doctrine of truth
  19. Pavel Florensky doctrine about the Truth
  20. Friedrich Schelling: Christianity doctrine
  21. Philosophy of Hegel's religion
  22. Philosophical aspects of Freud’s psychoanalytic concepts
  23. Bioethics actual problems in the context of Christian anthropology: general overview
  24. Bioethical problems in the context of the evolutionary paradigm: theology, philosophy, science
  25. Genetic determinism and freedom of will: the natural, philosophical and theological discourse

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

criminal justice thesis topics

  1. Complex single crimes: concept, types, qualifications
  2. Crime complicity: criminal law issues
  3. Multiple crimes punishment
  4. Main features of juvenile criminal responsibility
  5. Conditional condemnation
  6. Exemption from criminal liability
  7. Exemption from criminal punishment
  8. Exemption of minors from criminal liability and punishment
  9. Juvenile delinquency crimes and their prevention
  10. Punishment system in the current criminal law
  11. Privileged types of homicides: criminal and legal characterization.
  12. Extortion: the criminal characteristic, questions qualifications
  13. Robbery: the criminal characteristic, problems of qualification
  14. Crimes in the sphere of illicit arms trafficking
  15. Crimes in the sphere of illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  16. Bribery: criminal and legal description, problems of qualification
  17. Crimes against justice committed by officials
  18. Extremist crimes
  19. Abuse of official authority and official power
  20. Fraud: the criminally-legal characteristic, questions of qualifications
  21. Preliminary investigation and its types
  22. The prosecutor and his procedural powers in the judicial proceedings
  23. The procedural position of the investigator in criminal proceedings
  24. Examination of cases in a special court order
  25. Examination of cases in court with the participation of jurors

Psychology Thesis Topics

psychology thesis topics

  1. Individual psychosocial features of family members of individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease
  2. The level of emotional intelligence as a factor of professional burnout and job satisfaction
  3. Organizational identification and emotional intelligence of managers as a condition for effective implementation of managerial functions
  4. The questionnaire for assessing the "Big Five" character traits based on the international pool of personal characteristics
  5. The problem of psychological security of the individual in women of homosexual orientation
  6. Ability to recognize emotions in children with autism disorders
  7. Personal characteristics as predictors of leadership
  8. Personal qualities of a child of primary school age in connection with the frequency of visits to various Internet sites
  9. The level of subjective control and associated psychological protection in patients with schizophrenia
  10. Features of meaningful orientations and the level of personal maturity of youth.
  11. Value-motivational sphere and characterological features (Big Five)
  12. Sports trauma as a life event
  13. Individual psychological resources of human resistance to the experience of a terrorist threat
  14. Psychological orientations in the system of factors of professional success
  15. Individual psychological characteristics of adolescents with different types of deviant behavior and their relationship to the value orientations of parents
  16. Psychophysiological factors of students’ and schoolchildren’s educational success
  17. Peculiarities of behavioral regulation in adolescents with personal helplessness
  18. Psychophysiological analysis of individual experience actualization patterns in the moral assessment of actions
  19. Dynamics of human self-relationship with changes in appearance
  20. Perception of emotions by facial expressions: the role of emotional characteristics of an observer
  21. Dynamics of self-determination in early adolescence
  22. The role of work memory subsystems in the insight process
  23. The concomitant behavior of HIV-infected people
  24. Psychophysiological characteristics of perception of music by children and adolescents
  25. Intellect, creativity and personal qualities as factors of real achievements

History Thesis Topics

  1. American-German relations
  2. Armenian Diaspora in the USA
  3. Armenian lobby in the USA: formation and main directions of activity
  4. The struggle of the North American colonies for independence
  5. Buddhist Church of Mongolia in the XIX-early XX century as a socio-political and economic basis of society
  6. Military knowledge of early Byzantium in the post-Stalinist era
  7. The entry of the Austrian Republic into the European Union
  8. The gender discourse of the historical and publicistic works of the British enlighteners of the 18th century
  9. The 1936-1939 Civil War in Spain
  10. George W. Bush and the formation of the policy of the US government
  11. Diplomatic service of Norway: formation and stages of development
  12. The search for national identity in the public discourse of Canada in the 1950s-1960s
  13. The British policy towards the creation of a single European market space
  14. The political elite of the Epirus kingdom in 1205-1261
  15. The problems of US immigration policy in 1990-2015
  16. Early Reformation in Sweden
  17. The role of the monarchy in the domestic and foreign policy of Great Britain in the late XX - early XXI century
  18. Romano Prodi is a politician of Italy and the European Union
  19. Transformation of ideas about childhood in British society in the late XVIII - first half of the XIX century
  20. Financial reforms in Athens IV century. BC
  21. Formation of foreign policy instruments for regulating immigration to the European Union in 1992-2014
  22. Man of the ancient Bosporus: worldview and image
  23. Czech political conservatism in the late XIX - early XX centuries
  24. Evolution of the party political system of Great Britain
  25. The evolution of the North Korean nuclear program in the context of nuclear non-proliferation in Northeast Asia

Political Science Thesis Topics

  1. Symbols of political protest
  2. The folklore roots of the political slogans
  3. Political rhetoric as a way of creating the image of a leader
  4. Strategies for creating the non-verbal image of the policy
  5. Political ritual as a mechanism of modern communication
  6. Anti-IM strategy in the structure of political communication
  7. The theatrical methods of creating a media image
  8. Myths of the modern advertising creativity for the politics
  9. Gaming techniques in advertising and public relations
  10. The image of time in the journalistic and advertising text
  11. Texts of Internet advertising: specifics and varieties
  12. Corporate site as a means of communication: types, structure, forms interaction with the audience
  13. Mass media as a brand: the specifics of its creation
  14. International civil society evolution in the twentieth century
  15. Knowledge and power in the Leo Strauss political philosophy
  16. Conceptualization of political parties’ functionality problems
  17. Concepts of the political cycle: the methodology for their study and scientific application
  18. Features of social policy in the English conservative thought of the XIX century
  19. The problem of bureaucracy in the context of political changes
  20. The problems of using military force: a comparative analysis of theoretical approaches in the writings of representatives of the US political and academic community
  21. Modern political technologies of human consciousness manipulation
  22. The concept of organic communism
  23. The concept of a social state in Swedish political science. Genesis and Evolution
  24. Political leadership as a mechanism of social integration
  25. Constitutionalism as the basis of a culture of democracy

Architecture Thesis Topics

architecture thesis topics

  1. The architecture of low-rise apartment houses with renewable energy sources
  2. The architecture of low-rise residential buildings in territories prone to emergency situations of natural disasters
  3. The architecture of a modern home: the example of Eastern Mediterranean cities
  4. Architectural planning and organization of a school building in the conditions of the informational society
  5. Architectural formation of multifunctional sports complexes
  6. Residential buildings of medium height, built by industrial methods for the hot-dry climate zone: the example of the major cities
  7. Features of architecture in the conditions of municipal financing
  8. Principles of architectural and town-planning design and modernization of physical culture and sports complexes
  9. Principles of architectural modernization of medical somatic hospitals complexes
  10. Principles of formation of architectural solutions for energy-efficient residential buildings 
  11. Principles of forming the architecture of urban residential buildings in modern Cambodia
  12. Perfection of the architectural organization of roadside recreational complexes
  13. Trends in the development of temporary public facilities in a large city environment
  14. Formation of color-composite solutions for the facades of residential buildings and complexes
  15. Functional and spatial organization of a modern individual dwelling
  16. The architecture of low-rise residential buildings in the developing countries
  17. Low-rise individual residential buildings for the construction of the largest cities in Vietnam
  18. The architecture and structure of a housing stock of a city
  19. The architectural and planning organization of peasant farms
  20. Architectural and spatial organization of recreation and tourism in the floodplain-delta formations
  21. Architectural and typological formation of business clubs
  22. Architectural formation of rural dwellings
  23. Architectural methods of school modernization and their systems in the structure of a large city
  24. Fundamentals of the architectural education of protected soil crop plants
  25. Principles of architecture of the innovation centers buildings

Computer Science Thesis Topics

computer science thesis topics

  1. Development of logistics information system for choosing rational ways of promotion and delivery of goods
  2. Online store development and creation
  3. Development of an automated management system for small businesses
  4. Development of an informational and trading system for a women's clothing boutique
  5. Information system development using the C ++ programming language
  6. Development of the informational and reference system of a sportswear and footwear store
  7. Simulation modeling of physical processes
  8. User interface modernization
  9. The feedback system in personnel management
  10. Development of an automated workplace
  11. Development and creation of a taxi service site
  12. Development of an automated system for managing food purchases
  13. Development of a mobile application
  14. Using IT-marketing technologies to automate the business of an enterprise based on Web technologies
  15. Features of development of an online laboratory for students
  16. Informational system development for an Internet enterprise
  17. Algorithms and devices of a system warning about the approach of a train on vibroacoustic oscillations of a rail
  18. Use of neural network technologies in personality recognition problems by biometric characteristics (in the form of face, eyes, lips, eyebrows, nose, cheeks)
  19. Recognition of bilingual speech based on Cyrillic alphabet
  20. Development of methods and informational technologies for modeling and recognition of emotions on a person's face
  21. Development of methods and information technologies for creating systems of gestural communication
  22. Signal separation algorithms in 2-microphone systems
  23. Estimation of acoustic parameters of rooms (room print)
  24. Signal processing algorithms for compact microphone arrays
  25. Optimizing the geometry of microphone grids

Economics Thesis Topics

  1. Models of financial management of high-tech projects: world experience
  2. The methodology of a company's value management
  3. Factors determining the market value of the business. The ways to increase a market value of a business
  4. Financial management based on a value of a company. Goals, objectives, and ways to maximize a market value of a business
  5. Modern methods of determining a value of a business and the features of its use in the conditions of an economic crisis
  6. Methods for assessing an impact of an innovative development of a company on its market value
  7. The mechanism of interdependence of the company's innovation activity and its market cost
  8. Evaluation of an impact of risks on a company's market value. The structure of risks and methods of their evaluation
  9. The management of a company's value in the global economic crisis, aimed at increasing its market value
  10. The role of business valuation in the global financial system
  11. The role of a market value of a business in corporate finance
  12. Mechanisms of export financing of investment projects
  13. The financial effect of import substitution
  14. Mechanisms of project financing in structuring investment projects
  15. Project finance and integrated investment development planning areas. Methods of evaluating complex projects
  16. Institutional and contractual ways of implementing a partnership between the state and a business
  17. Mechanisms of export financing of investment projects
  18. Mechanisms, forms, and tools for implementation and development of public-private partnerships between countries
  19. Forms of interaction between the state and business in various sectors of the global economy
  20. Influence of volatility of world commodity markets on financial stability
  21. Cost-based methods of pricing and their application during a crisis
  22. The company's objectives and their reflection in a pricing policy
  23. Valuable approaches to assessing the country's agriculture and methods of capitalization of its value
  24. Financial means of eliminating the infrastructural limitations of an economic growth (in a specific the country)
  25. Budgetary efficiency from the implementation of integrated investment projects development




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