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Writing Papers About Marijuana Legalization

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One of the most hotly debated topics in the world right now is marijuana legalization. This issue is discussed in different circles, and more and more people speak out about it. Consequently, there are a lot of articles on the Web in which interested parties talk about the importance of legalizing marijuana. Unfortunately, many writers tend to neglect to study this subject well enough to make a great educational article that will stand out among others. If you choose to write ‘Why marijuanas should be legal?’ essay, you should be ready to expose your opinion to the world, backing it up with some facts and statistics. Of course, it is not going to be an easy task, but there’s nothing impossible. Fortunately, in this article, we are going to help you in accomplishing your goal, so don’t wait, read it and take notes!

General Facts

As many of you already know, marijuana is the most common illegal (in most states) drug used in the United States. Moreover, about 750,000 people are arrested each year for marijuana offenses, but not all of the arrests lead to prison sentences. Besides, marihuana usage in the USA is three times higher than the global average. There are many myths and legends about this drug these days, and most of them assume that if marijuana is a drug, it’s as bad as all other popular narcotics. Of course, marijuana should be used carefully, as well as alcohol and cigarettes, but is it actually that harmful? Definitely no, but only if you know how to avoid situations in which you could harm yourself and others.

According to the statistic, only 9% of people who try marijuana become addicted to it. Let’s compare this fact with the following figures: 15% of people who have tried cocaine and 25% of those who had experience with heroin become addicted to it. As you can see, the percentage differs considerably. Also, some studies state that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, but many people still believe that it causes more damage to the body and psychic.

Still, the most important thing about marijuana is that some of its compounds can freeze and stop the spread of aggressive types of cancer. It means that legalization of marijuana could help doctors treat people with this terrible disease. Remember it because this detail should be definitely mentioned and discussed in your essay about legalizing marijuana. Also, you could write one more medical cannabis research paper to gather all the benefits of marijuana legalization for medicine. And if you wish to write even more on this topic, you could dedicate your time to write a specific essay on medical marijuana to help people learn more about that subject.

So now you know some general facts about marijuana. Next, you will find out how to write a decent paper on this topic.

Organize Yourself

Before you start working, think of all of the rules of self-organization and make sure that you follow them. There’s nothing better than a self-organized writer!

First of all, never multitask. These days, many people believe that multitasking will help to do the task faster, but the truth is that you lose your attention quickly, and the quality of your work becomes even worse. Don’t hurry; it’s best to complete one task at the time so that you will be confident in its quality and less stressed out.

Organize your desk. Some people think it’s not a necessary thing to do, but who needs tons of unimportant papers, documents, and trash on the table? Clean up your workplace and make sure that everything you need is reachable so you won't kill your time trying to find any files or records. Also, have a bottle of water and some snacks next to you so that when you get hungry or thirsty, you don't have to leave your workplace and look for something to satisfy your needs.

If you are working on a research project like the marijuana legalization research paper, you have to keep in mind the plan of your work so that you don’t fall behind the deadline.

Write a list of everyday tasks that you need to complete; divide the work into parts and fulfill each of them every day. It’s important to have a schedule with all of the plans and dates because it helps you organize yourself.

Additionally, exercise your writing daily. You won’t be able to complete any project well without a set of writing skills, so if you want to become a great writer, you have to find time for daily writing. Let it be 5 or 10 minutes, but still, you will write at least something. Trust us, small exercises like this will help you to improve your skills even faster than you think.

And last but not least, remember to go on short breaks, especially when you feel stuck and out of ideas. Such breaks will boost your creativity and productivity. For example, you may have a healthy lunch or snack to get necessary nutrients to help your organism work even better. Marijuana argumentative essay is a pretty serious matter to write about, and it’s okay to pause for a moment to get fresh thoughts on a topic.

Plan Out the Essay

So, now you are ready to start writing your argumentative essay about marijuana. After you’ve done some research, you probably know a thing or two about the main topic you’re writing about. But don’t immediately sit down to write your marijuana legalization paper.  Before that, take a few more steps. Make sure that you’ve prepared everything you need, so you don’t have to leave your working place. Check if all of the resources you’re going to use are put together in one document. Review the plan of your essay and check if everything sounds right. And finally, make sure that you are full of energy and ready to work!

Brainstorm Ideas for Essay

Try to brainstorm all of the ideas for 20-30 minutes. Brainstorming helps you to find more creative ideas that you could use to choose the best marijuana research paper topics and write a really decent research paper about legalizing marijuana. Of course, this task is not that easy, but there are some hints that can make your writing process easy. For example, there are many brainstorming techniques you could choose from such as freewriting, bulleting, mapping, cubing, and breaking down the topic into levels to write your marijuana legalization argumentative essay. Choose at least one of them, and you will see that the working process is not a challenge anymore!

Do Some Research

As it was previously mentioned, writing marijuana legalization essay requires a lot of effort. Before starting the actual project, learn how to research the topic you are going to write about. If this is your first time doing any serious scientific work, especially something like a research paper on the legalization of weed, you have to learn how to do research first. Read articles online and ask your friends or other college students who may have experience in doing projects like this. Don’t be shy — you might actually get a valuable piece of advice.

Next, you need to be aware of your deadline. Prepare a project timeline and state targets you need to achieve during the project. If you want to, you can make a timetable for upcoming deadlines and write out all of the steps you need to take to complete every single task.

So, now you’re writing legalization of weed essay. What should you do first? Go to different websites that are academically approved to find out any sort of useful information for your research paper on marijuana. Use some academic resources to find info that you will definitely use in your essay. Don’t use the information which hasn’t been confirmed because you might confuse your readers.

Hook Your Readers

Marijuana essay introduction should begin with some facts or hook phrase that will make your potential reader interested in your essay on legalizing weed. You have to realize that there are numerous articles on this topic on the Internet, and your readers are probably acquainted with them, so you have to make sure that they will click on your article and read it. There are several tips on how to make legalizing marijuana essay introduction interesting for everyone.

First of all, get a habit of writing in short sentences. No one wants to spend too much time on understanding long marijuana essay outline, so try creating easy and short phrases that will be easy to read.

So how do you grab a reader’s attention? It’s actually pretty simple: say something unusual! There are too many articles that start with the boring introduction, so why not making your legalizing marijuana persuasive essay stand out among them? There are numerous ways to make your intro part really creative. Think of a joke, interesting fact, or just a cool story that could attract readers to the legalization of cannabis essay.

There are other crucial things to keep in mind that make your introduction excellent. Briefly talk about what’s going to be covered in your essay; in other words, make your marijuana thesis statement. Then, explain why this topic is so important to talk about. Even if it seems obvious to you, it might not be the same for others, so it’s essential to cover that part of your essay appropriately.

And one more thing. To establish the connection with your reader, do one simple trick: use the word ‘you.’ This way, you will make your audience engaged in a discussion of your persuasive essay on marijuana.

Enough talks! Let us consider the actual question of what to write in your research papers on marijuana. And we will start with something that has taken over many minds across the country.

research paper on the legalization of weed

Reasons why marijuana has to be legalized

Writing why marijuana should be legal essay, you need to prove many points wrong and give enough reasons that your point is actually right. The argument to substantiate your position is statistics that have been displayed previously in this text and, of course, actual facts. However, take some of your time to check if the facts are true to make sure that your facts do not go against your statements. So, what are some great reasons for marijuana to be legalized in your country?

It is way healthier than most people think

Have you ever heard a statement that marijuana literally kills your brain? Well, this fact has been proven wrong by scientists. If you go online, you will find out that almost any medical marijuana research paper outline tells how beneficial the weed is. For example, cannabis comes out as one of the best ways to handle diabetes. It is a well-known fact that diabetes is an incurable disease, but with cannabis, this condition may be alleviated. By the way, diabetes does not make up the whole list. It was found out that weed helps people fight such conditions as obesity and overweight. And it actually makes this fact a great way to show people how useful marijuana might be when a person is facing some health problems. This argument is actually so strong that you can even use it in your medical marijuana research paper thesis. In this way, you will be able to hook your audience and engage them in reading the following article.

Cannabis helps to fight against cancer

There have been held over 100 studies that show that marijuana helps fighting cancer cells. It is also another topic to use in a medicinal marijuana essay. However, remember that any argument needs to be explained carefully, so try not to leave this just hanging in your text. Consequently, provide some credible data such as figures and statistics. Generally, there are many proven ways of how weed can kill the cancer cells, and you can describe some of them in your paper. This fact is definitely worth to be included in any argumentative essay on medical marijuana.

Marijuana keeps HIV from turning into AIDS

Over a million people in the United States suffer from HIV and have no clue about it. Unfortunately, it is one of the diseases that does not leave a chance for a normal life for most people. However, weed is said to have psychoactive chemicals that help those who suffer from HIV to alleviate this severe condition, making it almost impossible for the disease to turn into AIDS. You can also use this fact in your legalizing marijuana essay introduction. Still, that is not everything great about marijuana.

Marijuana helps your mental health

Even though there is no direct evidence that smoking marijuana helps in treating mental health conditions, the attention to this method is sharply increased during the past years. Some authors of research paper on medical cannabis state that smoking marijuana regularly can alleviate depression or anxiety. Therefore, nobody should underestimate the importance of marijuana as a medical drug.

Money from taxes

Marijuana legalization brings economic benefits as well. It will most likely come as a surprise, but the government can make tons of money by legalizing something that has been going on illegally for so many years. Yes, you can make money from simply letting people smoke cannabis. For example, Colorado state got 116 million dollars of clear profit just from the taxes on marijuana selling. This example can be included in your marijuana legalization argumentative essay as well.

So these are the main reasons for marijuana legalization that you can include in your essay, but you can find many others online. Just like always, the more information you have before writing the text, the easier the task becomes. However, you have to make sure that all of your facts are true and that the statistics are not made up by those who want other aims to be achieved. The other thing you need to check right when you are writing your essay is if all of your words hook up together. So as you can see, there is nothing difficult about writing this kind of assignment. Just do your best in writing a decent paper! Who knows, maybe one day, people will quote your persuasive essay on marijuana during some discussions or debates. Isn’t it great?

What else to write in your main part?

We all know that the body of our essay is the most important part. Therefore, it is crucial to add as much information as you can. However, it does not mean that you have only to take care of the number of words for your essay; therefore, pay attention to the quality of information you provide. As this topic is relatively new, there won’t be too many essays on why marijuana should be legalized, giving you all the cards that you need to make your essay outstanding.


Quotes may be useful when you are writing an argumentative essay about marijuana. In that case, you will need to find a perfect quote that will fit the context. For example, a famous quote by Bob Marley ‘Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction’ will be a good supplement to your essay.

Moreover, many American presidents have mentioned that it is crucial to change the laws in order to make the life of those who smoke cannabis easier when it is used for private aims. Do not forget to use these statements in your marijuana research paper outline as they will show the reader that you are really well-versed in this topic. So you can always go online and find some quotes of the presidents to make your point even stronger.

Studies and researches used when writing the paper

It’s not a surprise that teachers and professors pay a lot of attention to the origin of information as well as its credibility. Therefore, they will certainly ask for the full list of used works when writing the text. So, surf the Web and find some credible sources of information that you can use in your paper. Those might be some popular magazines, research papers, scientific articles, etc. However, be careful when searching for a good source, as nowadays there are many websites with fake information, so do not get caught and check everything. Most likely, any ambiguous information that is given in one source should appear in at least another one. So, look up online and try to find some other sources that hold such information. If there are none, the best thing you can do is just skip this piece of info and not use it in any of your essays on legalizing marijuana. Remember one thing – there is a lot of information on the Web, so you will be able to replace anything.

How can we finish our essay?

Congratulations! You have finished the introduction and body of your paper. Now you can start working on the conclusion. The final part of all research papers on legalizing marijuana is relatively the same. So what should you do? Simply summarize what you have said before in your essay. However, it should be written not to generalize everything, but to explain the topic to the end and give the reader some food for thought after they finish reading your marijuana legalization paper.

Any other hints? Well, you have to know that the conclusion of legalization of cannabis essay needs to be strong. The thing is that your essay is a key to solving the existing problems with weed being illegal. So, you have to make an impression on your readers and demonstrate that you master the topic really well.

Now you know all the secrets of writing a research paper about legalizing weed. Following the advice, you will definitely create a decent essay and get an excellent mark. Just take your time, be attentive to details, and you will succeed. Good luck!



Academic writing

Essay paper writing

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