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Write a Biography For Me!

Academic writing


A biography is an excellent way to introduce yourself to complete strangers. Especially if you can benefit from it in any way. A good, professional biography is a task that requires a lot of brainstorming.

First, we would like to clarify what a biography is, so let’s go!

A genre known as biography is usually a detailed description of a person’s life with the most valuable, intriguing and interesting facts. Depending on a purpose of biography, on various occasions, a hint of fiction can be included in a biography. These biographies are usually used as scenarios for movies, for example. Nevertheless, if it is a business biography, this particular piece of writing should follow certain strict requirements and formatting rules. Below, you will find some tips that may help you with a biography writing task.

The biography written for employment purposes, or a business-oriented spheres, is presented as a marketing strategy developed for a particular person by this very person, or by someone else.  With the help of a biography, you advertise yourself to a target audience, for example, to readers of a book, viewers of a movie, or even to potentials employers or investors. This task is an integral part of the educational process at various stages of education – from the fourth-grade biography to employment biography, and it may help present you as a prospective and diligent employee, your potential employers or investors are welcome to discover if you are the perfect person for employment. Consequently, this type of paper must describe your personal traits, personal life facts and turning points of your life history, as well as qualifications, professional skills and work style in a succinct and clear manner. You should plan ahead what details and facts of your personal life history should be included and then fit them in a fundamental biographical format. “Write a biography for me!” call is not an option here. We would like to demonstrate you that you are absolutely capable of covering this kind of thing on your own.
Tip 1

Decide what kind of biography you need. If you write a business-oriented biography, review information and bios on the website to get a notion of what an employer wants from his or her staff and potential employees. If you are writing a bio for other purposes, but they are somehow related to your professional activity, review bios on sites that you frequently visit to get as many useful data as possible to use it in your personal bio.

Tip 2

Make a brief list of your academic and professional accomplishments and awards. List them in chronological order, if necessary, and add some facts about your education and career. You should also add all your degrees and certificates that you have ever received, as well as stating any useful volunteer jobs and internships. Everything depends on the purpose of a bio. Write down some intersecting and intriguing facts from your life to add some colors to a biography.

Tip 3

Divide the storyline into several paragraphs and each paragraph should tell about different periods of your life. In this particular task, a length of a biography matters a lot, as it determines how many facts can be added to it. A number of paragraphs will depend on a biography length, for example, if you need a brief bio, then a couple of short paragraphs with the total of 200-300 words will work just fine. But be sure to fit all key points into it. If you need a longer biography, there might be more paragraphs, and they can be longer with more details.

Tip 4

Start writing your bio from listing the contact information, such as your first, middle (if any) and last name (names), date and place of birth, telephone number(s), mailing address, e-mail, place of residence (if you live outside the country), etc. Further, state education and so on and forth, but write it all in a creative manner for readers be interested in what they read. This is extremely important or your bio risks to be turned into a boring CV. You may use additional meaningful words that attract the attention of a reader and makes him or her wonder what will happen next. But do not overuse them as it may create an unnecessary effect, especially if it is a business-oriented biography.

Make use of the lists you prepared and be ready to describe there a person with unique life history, with hopes and dreams, plans and expectations. You are absolutely welcome to add some hobbies or things that you do besides your main career and home activities. If you are composing an extended bio, add an enjoyable fact, or avocations in the end.

Tip 5

Be experimental. Be as creative as possible. This is not a mere representation of life events and dates, take it as a tiny novel, but the one that is called for assisting in your professional activity. Even if a belles-lettres style is inappropriate, mild humor and creativeness will not spoil the overall style of a bio. Besides, potential employers will also appraise your efforts.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles, it is better to write a biography, as well as a resume or a CV in the 3rd person, rather than in 1st. Imagine that you are describing another person to a customer or a co-worker in a face to face dialogue, when composing your biography. Well, of course, you can always turn it into one of “help writing a biography” tasks completed by custom writing services, but think whether you really want it.

Finally, remember to be yourself in your biography and you will be just fine!


Academic writing

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