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Every student understands the importance of writing about the consequences of consuming too much alcohol. Meanwhile, essays on alcoholism might appear quite a sensitive topic for many people. The hardest thing about alcohol abuse is to recognize the thin line between occasional drinking and real addiction. Unfortunately, multiple stories of alcohol consumption, self-mutilation, and domestic violence often happen not to be taken seriously. Therefore, an alcohol essay, which is assigned in most of the schools, colleges, and universities across the world, may help to educate students on probable consequences of this dangerous habit.

This article will provide you with valuable hints and insights about how to handle this challenging assignment. Of course, a topic like this may bring up intense emotions as the story of alcohol addiction might have happened with you, your friends, or family members. Even if you do not recall some alcohol experience in your past, the speech about alcohol might appear challenging to deliver to the audience. The reason could be in a touchy subject for most of the listeners or readers in your group. Alcohol abuse in college remains one of the significant reasons for adolescent death. For example, the beer-drinking contest, which is a popular campus game, poses a real danger for students. One of the effective ways to tackle this problem is to run your own research while writing the paper on alcoholism so that you and your peers know what the real menace of heavy drinking is.

Before sitting down to write an assignment like the alcohol abuse essay, you probably might be wondering where to start. If this question did arise, keep reading this article to find out our pieces of advice on the broadest range of alcohol-related topics, argumentative essays, and deeply touching speeches. 

Alcoholism thesis statement

Once you have the assignment to write an alcohol effects essay, you need to come up with a specific topic in which you will deploy the overall research. Describing all the medical consequences of heavy drinking is not enough to present the whole picture of this problem that touches severely not only adults but even teenagers. It is extremely important for you as a responsible student to write a high-quality essay that touches some specific inflection of this problem, to perform thorough research, and to come up with an alcoholism thesis statement that would prove to be maximum effective in fighting with one’s unpredictable behavior when drinking alcohol.

First and foremost, you can look at the consequences of excessive drinking of alcohol and explore in greater detail that specific area of threat. It is also necessary to examine the major effects of consuming alcohol when a person has a conscious goal to get drunk. First of all, the outcomes depend on the situation, age of people that are drinking, and the environment where they do it. The problem with alcohol, however, is that it is a socially and legally accepted kind of drug. Alcohol drinks are offered at restaurants as an addition to meals and served at family dinners and celebrations. An essay on alcoholism and family would focus specifically on raising questions of domestic abuse as a result of alcohol addiction and heavy drinking.

In addition to that, there are many essay topics on alcohol consumption that might sound familiar to every student that has got acquainted with college life. Most commonly, sorority and fraternity houses become places where large student parties with excessive drinking are held, which may lead to unwanted consequences. As you might already know, the thesis statement about alcohol use should be necessarily narrowed down to one specific area of research. For instance, you could start with a binge drinking essay. This topic would focus specifically on the issues of drinking at college parties. In case you are writing an argumentative essay or a smaller expository essay for in-class writing activities, you would need to build a perfectly logical line of reasoning. You also have to include contradictory views explaining your ideas and add them to one of the evidential paragraphs following your supporting standpoint. A well-rounded argumentative essay about binge drinking must include claims of opposing opinions that add the validity of your argumentation. In order to support your point, the only thing that you have to do is to find the turning point where that opposing ideas appear to be less informative, outdated or having illogical conclusions.

The other significant area of research is drinking and driving essays. As we all know, teenagers can get their driving license at the age of sixteen, and in some countries, the minimum age for allowing teens to drive a vehicle rises to only eighteen years old. After getting a car, a teenager usually uses it for driving to and from parties. Consequently, driving a car after drinking alcohol might be an especially dangerous experience because when the alcohol diffuses in blood, it leads to poor judgment, inhibitions, and release of control over person’s body and mind. As a result, such irresponsible behavior potentially brings up the risk of car accidents, injuries, or even lethal accidents. Examining this issue will help you understand the picture from an academic point of view. This is also a great practice for learning how to prove your point if you want to persuade other students to behave more responsibly and to evaluate the dangers of drinking alcohol on the parties.

Another essential aspect when writing a research paper or an essay on alcohol abuse is creating the points crucial for answering the questions that you are pondering over. As we already mentioned before, if the structure of the academic assignment is dedicated strictly to the research, you will be looking for the answers rather than persuading in the credibility of your own opinion. Thus, argumentative and persuasive essays and speeches, on the contrary, present facts, data, and opinions that revolve around the statements and arguments that prove the main thesis statement proposed in the introduction. Essays on alcohol abuse are not an exception when we are talking about the academic norms of structuring the papers. In this topic, you can choose one of the aspects that appeal to you most, since the alcohol abuse, in general, is quite a broad topic for research. To narrow it down to a specific thesis statement, first of all, pick the so-called target audience for this research since results for different groups of people would also be greatly variable. For example, you could examine the effects of heavy drinking on young people or adults, retired or underage, and people with low, middle, or high social status. Look closely at their own reasons for drinking, their behavior, and how they get into this dangerous habit.  

If you were assigned a task to write a teenage alcohol abuse essay, it is essential to state that the problem of alcohol consumption among teens is underestimated. Unlike any other drug widely known to humanity, alcohol is dangerous because it is socially accepted and not prohibited for the massive sale at all. Moreover, it became a method for socialization for teens. It is considered normal to drink alcohol, and not everyone realizes the dangers that regular consumption brings. In regards to the underage drinking essay, it is also worth mentioning the causation system that triggers the desire of the young audience to consume alcohol in excessive amounts. This could be complicated relationships in family, difficult financial situation, or on the contrary, wealth that comes suddenly or is passed down by parents, and of course, peer pressure. Finally, the young person drinks in order to feel comfortable within their environment as it helps them to socialize. You could focus your research on either analyzing one or two such aspects or focus on analyzing all of the effects in general. 

alcoholism essay

Essays about alcohol

It is no wonder that the excessive use of alcohol brings about undesired consequences, especially for young people. Daunting implications range from aggressive behavior and deterioration of academic performance to more severe consequences like injuries and even death. That is why students of various specializations often get the assignment to write essays about alcohol. Such a task helps them to realize all the dangers of heavy drinking and also develop useful research skills. As we already mentioned before, papers on alcoholism can vary in their types and academic rules of formatting. It is important to know how they differ from each other and how you can complete assignments by following just a few simple rules that can make it stand out among other students’ write-ups.

Read this article to the end, and you will find lots of insights for your essay writing. You will learn how to write essays about alcoholism by yourself without using any expensive services. Also, these simple tips and tricks will encourage you to write high-quality papers practically for every subject.

There is one more important principle that will make your cause and effect on alcoholism essay stand out from all the rest; this is the method of your research. The information that you collect and analyze is the most important part of the overall academic result. Where you get this information and how you make it fit into the context of your thesis statement remains the most crucial aspect of your working process. It is not enough to follow the first three links in your Google search result for your topic as those sources may even be not relevant for your field of study or contain misleading information that you would additionally have to purchase for a subscription. One of the most reliable sources for a good reference list is your university academic online database. Most students underestimate this resource, while indeed, it contains more valid sources than you might find in Google.

The most common mistake that students make is that they choose the poor reference list for their research. As a result, they fail to provide relevant and reliable data for their topic because the sources are too outdated or not informative enough. You may wonder how to avoid it when you are writing a very important assignment, like the essay about alcohol addiction. The first and foremost advice is not to follow the links to the websites that offer you to buy essays or the ones that provide ready-made papers. Most likely, those essays have already been submitted by a few or even a dozen students before, and such work cannot be called original. If you don’t want to be accused of plagiarizing, avoid sites like that. Next, when you are writing an academic assignment that has to do with current burning questions of our society like the essay about drinking alcohol, it is important to remember that the information stated in polls, surveys, experiments, and theories that you provide as evidence to support your arguments must be of the most recent studies. If you pick the results of the survey that was conducted in 2008, the real situation is that the data might have significantly changed for twelve years passed since that research. You have to understand that every essay on alcohol addiction of different years of study includes only recent rates and statistics since factors like demographic situation, economic growth, etc. keep changing with every new generation growing up.

So what to touch upon in your essay on alcoholism? First of all, you can study social reasons for persons getting drunk regularly. This topic is especially relevant for causes and effects of alcoholism essay. It is a good idea to include some sociological, psychological, and perhaps philosophical studies in your paper. Your task here would be to study the reasons that explain why an individual or a certain group of people tend to use this publicly accepted drug regularly and why they consider such actions to be appropriate.

Meanwhile, the alcohol should be illegal persuasive essay would mostly touch economic and political problems that should be resolved with the help of the government. Be patient and careful to support your ideas with substantial evidence in this case. Reading lawyers’ persuasive speeches for various cases often helps students to come up with a perfectly logical argumentative line for their claims. It would be relevant here to provide insight into the methods used to conduct your research. While literary sources like books, academic journals, encyclopedias, and other references would sound reasonable, nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the empirical research. By this, we mean interviews that you could conduct yourself. If you are writing problems with drinking and driving essay, you could interview one of your friends that happened to have a car accident as a result of drinking too much alcohol at the party and driving afterward. This information would give you some specific reasoning as well as a unique source of information about causes that led to real adverse outcomes.

Persuasive essay about teenage alcoholism would be an especially soar topic for students because it might have affected their friends, peers, parents, or just random people they have seen on the streets. The positive attitude towards alcohol accepted in our society inevitably influences the younger generation in their decisions about consuming alcohol. You may develop this idea and restate it in your alcoholism essay conclusion. Of course, alcohol may impact each person differently. If we take two families with alcohol abuse, their children could be affected in different ways depending on their genetic background, psyche, financial and emotional well-being, as well as a number of other factors. That’s why one child of alcoholic parents could grow up leading a healthy lifestyle, while another could view alcohol as salvation from difficulties in life, negative emotions, and depressive thoughts.

As you may already know, the persuasive essay on teenage drinking involves presenting your own point of view that you are going to defend. Moreover, this assignment requires you to relate to the emotions and values of your target audience. In the case of the teenagers, the obvious value would be their perspectives, aspirations, and dreams for the future adult life that might be broken in this race for feeling high. However, if the target audience for your persuasive essay about alcohol abuse is older, you should better relate to health issues that could be brought about by the uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. The greatest value, in this case, would be their own life that they might lose. However, if you are assigned to write an argumentative essay on alcohol abuse, you will have to take up a different approach to this topic. In this case, we’d recommend you to look for some information about this type of essay.

Research paper on alcoholism

It is also worth mentioning that drinking and driving research papers are slightly different from what is called argumentative or persuasive essays. In this case, you are searching for strong ideas and facts to state the problem. Of course, in this regard, it is also worth mentioning that research papers have less to do with the author’s opinions than argumentative and especially persuasive essays.

Writing a research paper on alcoholism requires a thorough investigation of all the aspects that are related to the group of people that you are going to write about. It would be improper to say that alcohol provokes cardiovascular diseases among the vast majority of people who consume it more often than three times a week. In this situation, it will be better to look at the specific facts about each individual. Writing an alcoholism research paper is quite a tricky task because it is difficult to summarize all of the factors that matter and make an ultimate conclusion that would relate to every person in the group under consideration. As alcohol affects each person differently, you have to be concerned not only about the amount, type, and frequency alcohol beverages are being consumed, but also the gender, age, weight, and genetic issues if any.

However, when you are working on the alcoholism and its effects on the body research paper, you can talk about its effects on human health in general and then organize all the probable outcomes that are proven to be valid. Students mostly relate to medical research on this issue because they are interested in the effect alcohol has on the human body if taken in large amounts. Usually, the effects of alcohol are divided into two types: short-term and long-term effects. You can either talk about one type or base your research on comparing and exploring both of these types. Short-term effects include slurred speech, clumsiness, poor judgment, slow reflexes, memory loss, or unconsciousness. Long term effects include serious diseases like liver cirrhosis, which is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Other long-term effects to explore in your research paper on alcohol abuse are those that damage heart, liver, brain, kidneys, and digestive system. Some doctors believe the chronic use of alcohol is the cause of throat, mouth, esophagus, liver, and stomach cancer.

Apart from the effects that alcoholism has on health, there is another risk of alcohol abuse to talk about in academic assignments, and that is social problems. Writing a research paper on alcoholism and family would make an important contribution to helping thousands of people who have to deal with difficult outcomes of alcohol addiction. Domestic violence as a result of alcoholism is quite a complex subject to talk about. Nevertheless, it is worth exploring for the purpose of making more effective attempts to tackle this problem. Your research in this area could be focused on sociological surveys. Also, this is a good reason to start your own empirical research that would bring unique results.

Meanwhile, alcohol addiction research paper means that you would look at this problem as a systemic issue. Just like any addiction, alcohol addiction is believed to have chemical nature that the person is unable to resolve at once. The addiction itself also is worth exploring in the form of a psychological problem; nevertheless, you should also analyze its chemical nature. It is also a good idea to find example research paper on alcoholism to investigate what points are usually touched upon.

You may also state that such scholars as Cummings claim that from ten to twenty million Americans a year will die from their addiction unless they get help. This argument sounds more like a prognosis than a fact, but nevertheless, such shocking truth is worth a place in your research proposal on alcohol consumption. By the way, it could serve as a great example of the opening phrase for your essay introduction. As you might have already known, what is called the hook phrase is also an essential part of any introduction of the academic paper.

If you have a look at any academic paper, you may find how to structure it without an outline for a research paper. Usually, the paper may take up to three double-spaced pages, while a regular five-paragraph essay is counting the introduction, three evidential paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph, so a highly detailed outline might not be necessary. However, there are many other cases when the outline is needed. When writing an outline or any other section of the essay, the priority is to make your points clear and understandable in order to get approval from the professor as well as your readers. 

If you want to focus on science when writing an alcohol research paper, reinforcing your ideas with credible evidence that is practically impossible to disprove, it would be reasonable to concentrate on proven results of medical researches. These research data would appear close to the point of not only rationalizing about the morally wrong side of consuming too much alcohol but also stating that alcoholism is a disease that needs to be cured. As a clear example of that kind of evidence, you could say in the effects of alcohol research paper that chemical dependency is a proven disease with its own signs, symptoms, and treatment. A good proving of that statement would be the fact that in 1996, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that alcoholism was a disease, not the result of a person’s low morale. The definition of the alcoholism stated by the AMA is the following “a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations.” In addition to that, the National Council on Alcoholism states that alcoholism is a “chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease marked by repeated drinking that causes trouble in the drinker’s personal, professional, or family life.”
When you are working on the research paper on drinking and driving or a paper on health outcomes of alcohol addiction, it is worth mentioning the statistical data about the effects of the excessive alcohol use, including lethal ones. Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths annually, making the third leading cause of early death, apart from cancer and heart disease. When researching the statistics data like this one, you should necessarily learn whether the death was a result of the liver, cancer, or cardiovascular diseases brought up by alcohol being a strong catalyzing factor of it, or this data related to death from accidents caused by alcohol consumption. Some scholars believe that, like many other diseases, alcoholism is chronic and is lifelong. Nevertheless, there are numerous cases when people give up drinking. You can find a person with a story like that and conduct an interview showing the effort that you have put in the empirical research when working on the essay on alcoholism and its effects. 

What else can we add to the information provided? When writing a research paper on drinking age, it’s a good idea to include not only medical statistics but also facts that prove that threats of consuming too much alcohol really poses a real danger for people’s health. In this case, specific studies could serve you as a valuable background for proving your point about the importance of controlling the situation with underage drinking. These facts could be a relevant logical premise for deploying the conclusions and arguments that you wish to claim in your research paper on lowering the drinking age.

In papers like this, it is also appropriate to mention other fields of research closely related to studies about society. For instance, you should study what social factors force young people to start drinking and how the applicable law proves to be ineffective for banning the selling of alcohol to adolescents. It would also be relevant to put forward economic studies that show how marketing campaigns aimed at selling alcoholic beverages are being targeted at a younger audience and how they manage to get through all of the prohibitions to increase their sales.

In addition to that, you may mention another field of study in your research paper on alcoholics anonymous. In this paper, it is more relevant to mention psychological studies and trace the cause and effect connection between different events in the lives of people and why they choose to deal with it consuming alcoholic drinks. Supporting your ideas with valid and credible references, you can prove that mostly neurotic people regard the excessive amounts of alcohol as a cure to calm down the ever-restless mind and the way to stop worrying about various situations happening in their lives.

Cause and effect alcoholism essay

One of the most popular types of academic essays on the topic that we are talking about in this article is the alcohol cause and effect essay. Along with such papers as definition, expository, or narrative essay, as well as the contrast and comparison essay, the cause and effect essay refers to the principles of logical analysis. In case you haven’t missed your Logic and Critical Thinking classes during the first year of university, this type of essay would be especially easy for you to write.

As soon as you choose to write on the topic of alcoholism and use its particular structure, the most important decision at this point is to realize in which direction you are going to move with your argument. Some people prefer to base their evidence strictly on medical researches, others would like to support the ideas on the sociological and psychological basis, and finally, some students can provide extensive evidence on the political and economic studies. You might even decide to apply all of these variants, placing each evidential body per paragraph. In this case, your title might sound relatively simple and general, as the cause and effect of alcohol abuse essay. The essential part here is to plan where and what evidence are you going to put. If you choose to focus your essay on something more specific, you could dedicate your title of the paper to one field of knowledge, for example, it could be the effects of drinking and driving essay.

As you can see now, the cause and effect relation might touch a number of different sections to learn about. Remember that in each academic paper, you are required to propose your own idea, wrapped in the form of the thesis statement that hasn’t been addressed by any other student before. The whole reason for writing these papers is research with the help of which you can contribute to the field of studies, offering new solutions to problems. This seems to be an exciting but difficult process. Most of the students and teachers believe that the more general your topic is, the more difficult it will be to propose new arguments in that field. For example, the effects of alcohol essay sound not that unique or unusual. However, you can concentrate on medical research or sociological studies, describe the applicable law preventing underage drinking, or look more closely at the problem of alcohol abuse in families of a certain level of income.

Meanwhile, many students choose more specific topics like cause and effect of drinking and driving essays. It would mean that you have to look for more specific scholarly journals and books to support your ideas, exploring only the drinking and driving problem. For not getting overwhelmed with too much information and not claiming too intricate and hard to understand statements, you should focus only on one cause and effect relation like driving accidents as a result of excessive drinking of alcohol. As soon as you start researching, you will find numerous opportunities to branch off your topic in order to find new details that no one has introduced before.

If you are considering yourself an experienced writer, you could perceive the straight cause and effect relation of drinking and driving essay too simple to work on. In this regard, you could look for more advanced topics and choose to start working on the alcoholism causes and effects essay. You could find one cause and one direct effect growing out of addiction; you could talk about one reason for alcohol abuse leading to the many negative consequences or about many causes that result in one effect. If you are going to think of one cause leading to many consequences for your effects of drinking alcohol essay, it is evident that it would be the excessive drinking of alcohol. If you look at the effects of it, there could be many. As we already mentioned before, you could talk about the medical side of the problem and research cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and cancer to discover the effects of the addiction. You could also take a reversed approach for this topic and see what are the effects of alcoholism on a certain social group of people.

Finally, you can be more creative with your causes of alcoholism essay. In case you are conducting research on one real story, you can imagine yourself a private detective and describe the accident night in detail. What events did the drunk driving person experience before he or she decided to get drunk? What was the situation in their family? It also could be possible that they were experiencing bullying, discrimination, or social isolation from their environment. You might even think why did that person get to the car while drunk?

So these were the main tips on how to write a paper on alcoholism. We hope that these pieces of advice were useful, and now you can approach this soar topic and write a really high-quality essay!


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