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Writing about Blood and Organ Donation

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There are a lot of great stories about superheroes such as Batman or Superman, but when it comes to real life, we can say for sure that our real heroes are blood donors. Unfortunately, some people are scared of donating blood and are not aware of how it can make the world a better place. This is where you can actually help, writing an essay about blood donation.  

Blood donation essay introduction

Here are some tips on how to start your essay successfully:

  • First, choose one of the topics you could talk about; you can discuss why it is important to donate blood or be more specific or select something like an essay on blood donation camp in school. If you are fluent in any other language, try writing your essay in it too, and by combining the chosen topic and one of the languages you know, you can spread your ideas around the world, for example, by writing an essay on blood donation camp in Hindi. When you are done with choosing what exactly you are going to discuss, move on to the next step.
  • As soon as you decide on the topic, there is a need to determine who’s your target audience. The better you know your audience, the faster your introduction will capture the attention and gain more supporters.
  • Hook your readers. That could be literally anything. You could tell a sad or funny story from your life, a joke, an interesting fact or statistics, even ask a provocative question, but don’t forget that everything you pick should be related to your main topic. Engage with your audience, and they will be interested in you and your work.
  • Ask yourself why anybody should read your essay — and then answer this question in the first few sentences of your essay. These days, Internet users don't want to waste their time on things that are not curious for them, so if you’re going to make them stay and read your essay, be sure they know the reason why they should do it.
  • Your introduction has to present what the essay discusses so that your readers will know what to expect. Of course, you do not have to describe every single aspect of your writing, but get your audience prepared for your text. You could also give a little bit of background for your essay because this might help your readers to understand the main argument and the key points of your persuasive essay on blood donation.
  • While writing an introduction, slowly move on from the general topic to the specific one. For example, if you are writing an essay about attending blood donation, you may start from some facts about blood donation and its importance over the country and then narrow it down to why attending blood donation center matters.
  • The next important thing to do is to present your thesis statement. Be confident in your words — don’t hesitate to say why you think this discussion is important. Also, add a few words about how you’re going to prove your point in the essay.
  • In your it is better to give than to receive essay, you may try to persuade the reader that everyone can try blood donation as it is a good thing to do. You may choose this idea as your thesis statement.

Importance of blood donation essay

The main part of the essay

Alright, now it’s time to move to the body of the essay. But before that, you need to think about the transitional part for your essay on blood. So, what would you talk about in this part? One of the greatest things that you can include in this section is the popular quotes that are agreeing with your point in the text. That will also help your reader to understand which side exactly you are taking in this essay as well as the importance of blood donation essay you have presented.

As you already know, the body section is the one to care about the most as the reader is going to get all of the information from this part. Therefore, it is crucial to spend most of your time working on this paragraph. And of course, you will have to get prepared for writing. First thing first, it is important to research the topic you are writing about. That will allow you to give the reader only the essential information that they can even use in their texts. Also, writing about blood donation, essay must not include any false facts, so check whether the information you are using is true or not. The other hint that might help you with the information-seeking is to find as much data as you possibly can. In the future, that will allow you to spend way less time on looking for the info and checking it afterward. However, make sure that you are saving only the data that is suitable for your type of text and the topic.

How to write a research paper on blood donation

If you have a task to write a research paper, do not panic. Of course, it is a little bit more difficult than a regular essay because you will have to replace your thoughts with some facts (be careful with the information and details you are putting in your research). Therefore, try to look for some statistics that will help you get the best arguments and prove to everybody that your ideas are reasonable. Of course, that is a tough task. That is why you are welcome to use the examples of statistics below that will help you in your organ donation ethical issues essays and research papers:

  • Blood donation is simple: one donation can save around three lives;
  • Less than 40% of people on Earth are eligible to donate blood;
  • Only about 7% of people in the USA have the universal type of blood, O negative;
  • There are no policies for the LGBT community members that restrict them from donating blood or organs in the USA. However, in some countries, homosexuality can be an aspect, which would ban a person from donation. That’s a vivid fact to research in your essay about the donation of blood by gay;
  • Most major religions allow their followers to donate their organs and blood, considering it to be one of the good things to do.

Hopefully, with the help of these facts, you will be able to get a perfect text that will fit all of the requirements. If you have a more specific topic, you will need to go online and look for catching information on different credible websites.

Importance of blood donation essay and other essays

The blood donation has been discussed starting from the early 19th century. However, the first attempts to donate blood have been made during the late 15th century, when the doctors tried to save the life of the Roman Pope, transfusing the blood of three boys. Unfortunately, the experiment failed; nevertheless, that was the start of the history of blood donation. During the 19th century, many attempts to transfuse the blood have been made. However, there was no success in human blood donation until 1901, when the doctors found out that there were 3 types of blood, A, B, and C, which was later renamed to 0.

In your work, you can also mention that in 1924, there were first blood banks created in London. The donors with blood type O were invited to donate blood and were helpful in case of emergency. In the USA, every 2 seconds someone needs blood, meaning that the blood you have donated is for sure going to save some lives. Thinking about how to end persuasive essay about blood donation example, you have to note that it is important to explain why blood donation is so essential. In this regard, you may provide statistics to support your research.

In your short speech on blood donation, mention that during World War II, the first blood banks helped to save the lives of British soldiers. After the war, the work on blood transfusion continued as people started creating more and more blood centers, and after the blood diseases have been found, many types of research were initiated. One of the leading organizations that work with blood donors is the Red Cross, which was founded in 1863. The research studies on the importance of donating blood have shown that due to the information available, the young generation is learning the importance of blood. Moreover, donating blood has turned into a good trend among youth. So, in order to encourage the people who might read your paper to donate, mention in your blood donation persuasive speech essay that 1 pint of blood can save 3 lives.

Okay, now you have enough information about blood donation. And it is time to move on to another important topic – organ donations. However, you will need to remember that even though these themes are quite similar, there are still many differences.

How to write the main part of the organ donation essay?

Even though the topics are not exactly similar, we can still use the same structure of the text. First of all, you would need to estimate the importance of organ donation speech as it might require you to leave some of the smaller facts behind to be able to concentrate on the things that will help you explain the whole topic to the reader. And of course, it is essential to briefly describe some important milestones in the history of organ donation. So, what to write in your organ donation persuasive essay? We are going to lend you a helping hand with this question by providing you with the information that will be useful for your text.

The history of organ donation

The organ donation history started in the 19th century when in 1869, the doctors made the first successful attempt to replace the skin of one person with the skin of another. In your persuasive essay on organ donation, state that this event can be put as the start of the history of organs transplantation. However, only in the middle of the 20th century, the actual transplantations have started being completed. You may also include the fact in your organ donation paper that the first kidney transplant was performed in 1954. Even though the surgery was done between two twin brothers, and it was a huge success for the doctors to handle such a procedure. It’s no surprise that at that time, any become organ donor persuasive speech would make people interested. But in modern times, you need to think carefully what to write in your paper to engage your audience.

The facts about organ donation

In most of the essays on organ donation, it is almost impossible to find interesting facts and statistics about the donations. However, with the help of this article, you can create perfect importance of organ donation essay that will persuade people to donate their organs:

  • By donating, you can save up to 8 lives.
  • Every 10 minutes, another person who needs a transplant is added to the national waiting list.
  • There is no cost to donors or their families for organ or tissue donation.
  • Any person, regardless of age or medical history, can sign up to be a donor.

How to end persuasive essay about blood donation

Let us present you some tips on how to conclude your essay successfully:

  • Before writing an actual conclusion for your essay, simply ask yourself why is it important to donate blood essay and why exactly your essay is worth attention? Write down your ideas — they will help you create a more meaningful conclusion for the essay and, as a result, give your readers even better explanations of why your ideas are crucial. 
  • Also, think about using transitions between the main part and ending to make your text sound smoother. Remember that you should not overuse common transitional phrases like “To sum it up,” “In conclusion,” and others, because they make your essay on blood donation sound clichéd and boring. 
  • Also, make sure you included your thesis statement in your conclusion. If it is something like “become organ donor” persuasive speech, then point out why it matters to be an organ donor. If it is a research paper about the importance of donating blood, say why blood donation saves people’s lives. Just remember that there should not be any new information added — your thesis statement should be still and steady.
  • Simplicity is actually a key to readers’ hearts. The more complicated you write, the harder it’s going to be to win the audience’s attention. Remember one golden rule: there is no need to write a conclusion for more than 5 sentences long. Your essay on “blood donation a great service” is going to be perfect even without a huge ending. 
  • Try ending your essay in an interesting way. Use metaphors, irony, a call to action, or even an appeal to emotions. However, not every essay or research paper requires it, so consider carefully. 
  • If you are still wondering how to do conclusion persuasive essay about blood donation, example in the Web can be really helpful. In general, remember that in this section, you have to systematize all the facts you’ve presented before.

Finally, here are some mistakes that many novice authors do while writing the essays, so try to avoid them:

  1. Using quotes in conclusion. As said previously, it is recommended not to add anything new to the ending, including quotes. They are fine for the main paragraph, but definitely not for the last one.
  2. Focusing on small details. Going through minor issues at the ending of an essay will only bore a reader.
  3. Restating main point word to word. It is crucial to keep that in mind. Moreover, repeating things that have already been mentioned will definitely not be accepted at all. Remember, failed conclusion equals failed essay.

Use all of these tips, and success will be in your hands. Good luck!


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