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Writing About Domestic Violence

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Writing essays, speeches, and research papers on domestic violence requires a lot of skill and knowledge. You need to pick a suitable topic, create a detailed outline, and do a thorough research to write domestic violence papers that can get you a top grade. If you are struggling with any of the abovementioned stages, you are on the right page. We have gathered the best topics and writing tips from experts that will help you cope with your task quickly and effectively.

Domestic violence essay topics

The key to writing A+ physical abuse essays is choosing a topic that would spark your interest:
1.    How to prevent domestic violence essay
2.    Effect of domestic violence on family essay
3.    Essay on how to stop domestic violence
4.    Essay on domestic violence in families: same-sex vs opposite-sex couples
5.    How to reduce domestic violence essay
6.    Dangers of abusive relationship essay
7.    Social work and domestic violence essay
8.    Stop the violence essay
9.    Essay about children witnessing adult domestic violence and whether they are at more risk of becoming abusers as adults
10.    The cycle of violence essay
11.    Victims of domestic violence essay
12.    Essay on children who witness domestic violence and how it influences their development
13.    The effects of child exposure to domestic violence essay
14.    Essay on the emotional impact of domestic violence on a woman
15.    Domestic violence cause and effect essay
16.    Does arrest reduce domestic violence essay
17.    Domestic violence and child abuse essay
18.    Domestic violence and gender roles essay
19.    Ways to prevent domestic violence essay
20.    Domestic violence against women essay
21.    Domestic violence against women in America
22.    Effect of domestic violence on family essay
23.    Cause and effect essay on domestic violence: is violence genetic? 
24.    Domestic violence and substance abuse essay 
25.    Essay on why victims of domestic violence return to their abusers
26.    Curbing the effects of domestic violence on children essay 
27.    Alcohol and domestic violence essay
28.    Parental neglect and violence against children essay
29.    Does the level of education influence the rate of domestic abuse?
30.    How often does domestic abuse escalate to murder?

domestic violence essay

Domestic violence argumentative essay topics

Here are the top 15 topics for an argumentative essay on domestic violence: 
1.    Domestic violence is a cause of divorce essay
2.    Police corruption with domestic violence essay
3.    Is arrest of an abuser a way to reduce domestic violence? 
4.    Argumentative essay on domestic violence and the effectiveness of counseling in this case
5.    What type of violence is the most dangerous: physiological, domestic, or emotional?
6.    Is there a link between substance abuse and domestic violence?
7.    Why we should never ignore the fact of domestic violence
8.    Is violence gender-based?
9.    Is it necessary to teach children to recognize domestic violence argumentative essay
10.    Are men suffering from domestic abuse?
11.    Low literacy levels in parents lead to violence against children essay
12.    Is there a link between domestic abuse and social class?
13.    Fragile masculinity is a cause of family violence essay
14.    Do mental health issues influence the rates of domestic abuse essay
15.    Should there be a harsher punishment for domestic abuse?

Tips on writing domestic violence essay

Writing a decent essay requires investing a lot of time and effort. In order to make your writing process easier, we have collected the best tips on how to create top-notch domestic violence essays:
•    Make an outline. Having a good plan where you include all the important points and interesting ideas, you will definitely craft an interesting and comprehensive essay.
•    Use only credible sources. Almost any type of essay requires using some material. Make sure that all the sources you use are credible, e.g. academic journals and books, and, preferably, recent. 
•    If you are planning to use examples, find articles on domestic violence cases where specific real-life situations are described.  
•    Do not use any ready-made essays about domestic violence . Seriously. Not even a part of them. All the papers you submit will likely be checked for plagiarism so why risk it?
•    Proofread your writing. It’s always a good idea to reread everything you write. This way, you will make sure that your grade won’t suffer because of typos that could have been easily corrected during the proofreading stage.
Domestic violence essay outline
•    Domestic violence essay introduction. Your first task is to create a hook, i.e., some phrase that is directly related to the main topic and will spark the reader’s interest.  Then you should gradually develop the idea of the hook to come to the main part of the work. In a few words, describe the problem posed, but do not make the introductory part too voluminous. Add some background information necessary to understand the topic and finish your intro with a domestic violence essay thesis.
•    Domestic violence thesis statement. This is the most important part of your introduction, in which you have to present the essence of the problem you are going to consider. Remember that a strong thesis statement is brief, clear, and shows which arguments you will review in the body of the paper.
•    Body paragraphs. In this section, it is necessary to show that you have done a good research on the topic. Cover only 1 point per paragraph or a few, and support each point with credible data from reliable sources. 
•    Domestic violence essay conclusion. In the last section of your essay, summarize the arguments and briefly repeat the thesis, but never include any new information.  

Choosing a title for an essay on domestic violence

It is much easier to choose domestic violence essay titles when the text is ready, and you clearly understand every issue that you have covered in it. When brainstorming titles for domestic violence papers, consider posing a question, making a statement, using the word play by rephrasing the well-known sayings, or just reusing your thesis.

argumentative essay on domestic violence

Writing a persuasive speech on domestic violence 

Persuasive speeches on domestic violence are extremely popular nowadays among journalists, human rights activists, and even students. Here is what it takes to create a good persuasive speech on domestic violence:
•    Use a lot of facts, figures, and statistics. Credible information will make your speech more convincing. 
•    Keep your ideas organized. Clearly state all the arguments and facts in specific paragraphs. Each argument has to be reinforced by strong evidence. This way, you will sound reasonable and professional. 
•    Define your target audience. You are probably going to perform in front of a class, so make sure you do not use very complex or professional terms so that your message is crystal-clear. 
•    Conduct extensive search of credible sources. Look through various scholarly research articles on domestic violence as well as Web articles written by experts in the field. 

Topics for a persuasive speech on domestic violence

If you are not sure what to focus your speech on, consider reviewing the types of domestic violence presented below.

Physical abuse in the family

•    Primarily, women and children are the ones suffering from domestic violence. Men often perceive it as a normal manifestation of their power and think that this is a good way to control their spouses.
•    Women subjected to domestic physical abuse have excessive patience and readiness to repeatedly forgive the offender. This patience is associated with a feeling of fear of economic complications, an unwillingness to leave children without a father, a pity for the husband, and a fear of losing respect of the society. 
•    Physical violence harms not only bodily but also psychological well-being. But it is much more difficult to reveal the psychological consequences of physical abuse. In this case, the syndrome of a beaten person can be observed, where the person exhibits painful shyness, timidity, irritability, and rudeness. 
•    More than 70% of adolescents with deviant behavior have experienced physical violence (this estimate is approximately equal for boys and girls). 
•    Culture of physical abuse in the family can be preserved for several generations. The psychology of violence becomes part of the personality of a child who has been ill-treated. He or she begins to express the same cruelty he or she was subjected to towards others. According to a number of studies, parents who use physical methods of punishment towards children often come from dysfunctional families.

Psychological violence 

•    This type of violence is the most common and is present in almost all cases of domestic abuse. 
•    It is difficult to diagnose psychological cruelty. If all other forms of violence are easily determined because they have clear physiological effects, obvious signs of psychological impact are rarely visible. 
•    Due to the breadth and sophistication of the forms of psychological violence, it is very hard to classify them. 
•    The psychological abuse can manifest through:

  • verbal insults;
  • blackmail;
  • cruelty towards of pets;
  • destruction of property;
  • control over the activities of the victim;
  • control over the circle of communication of the victim;
  • control over the daily routine of the victim.

Sexual violence in the family towards women and children

•    Sexual violence in the family towards women includes sex without mutual consent, along with the use of physical force, threats, and intimidation. 
•    This form of cruelty also includes such acts as blackmail, rape, coercion to sexual relations in a form unacceptable for the woman, in the presence of others, or with third parties, etc.
•    Sexual violence is a widespread element of domestic abuse. The reason for this lies in gender stereotypes: marriage is often regarded as giving men the unconditional right to have sexual relations with their spouses and to use force if they do not want to have sex.
•    Sexual violence in the family is usually reported by women who have a relatively short period of spousal/partnership relations, a small number of children, and do not belong to the social risk groups for unemployment. 
•    For older women, the problem of sexual violence in the marriage often remains unreported due to the “old” beliefs that do not accept the right of women to sexual pleasure and the possibility of refusal.

Economic violence

•    Economic violence is the attempt of one adult member of the family to deprive another of the opportunity to have the funds and the right to dispose of them at own discretion, as well as the economic pressure on underage children. 
•    The following negative factors are observed now: refusal to provide children with material goods, concealing of income, spending family money, single-handedly making financial decisions, having strict control of expenses, etc. 
•    Often, women are economically dependent on men for various reasons: the birth of a child, the prohibition to work imposed by husband, unemployment, or discrimination in the labor market. On the other hand, even business ladies who earn more than their husbands can become victims of violence.

domestic violence and child abuse essay

Domestic violence research topics

Before writing a research or term paper on domestic violence, it is necessary to understand which domestic or child abuse research topics would be interesting and original enough for you to work on. Here is our top pick for your review:
•    Assessing risk in domestic violence cases
•    Approach to rehabilitation of domestic abuse victims in different countries
•    Christianity and domestic violence
•    The effectiveness of anger management classes
•    Are some people more likely to suffer from domestic violence?
•    Should abusers be allowed visitation rights?
•    Domestic violence against elderly
•    Is abuse more common among representatives of specific religions/cultures?
•    Can educational programs help reduce the rates of abuse in families?
•    Same-sex domestic violence
•    Anger management research paper
•    Postpartum depression, psychosis, and infanticide
•    Domestic violence in urban and rural areas
•    Research paper on the effect of domestic violence on kids
•    Is violence genetic?
•    The effects of abuse on person’s mental health
•    Methods used to rehabilitate abusers
•    Effectiveness of programs combating domestic violence paper

Domestic violence research paper outline

A classic domestic violence outline for a research paper is as follows: 
•    Introduction with background information and a topic choice justification. A crucial step of intro writing is creating an effective thesis statement for domestic violence research paper. It should include the main hypothesis/statement that you are planning to find supporting information for and discuss in the body of your paper.
•    Main body with clearly presented main points reinforced by evidence and examples. Depending on the rubric provided by your professor, you will likely have to write a methodology section explaining your research process, a lit review with the overview of credible sources that you found on the topic, and a findings & discussion part with the presentation and analysis of the results/outcomes of your research.
•    Conclusion with a restated thesis and supporting final sentences. Each important point of the research has to be summarized here.

Research questions on domestic violence

You can set and solve the following tasks writing a domestic violence research paper:
•    You may define the meaning of terms ‘violence’ and ‘family’;
•    Alternatively, you can categorize the existing kinds of family violence for almost any of your research proposals on domestic violence;
•    As for research question about child abuse, you can identify the problems of child abuse in the family, as well the causes and consequences of violence against the child; 
•    Finally, it is also a good idea to determine what kinds of violent actions are applied to women.

Useful tips on how to write a research paper on domestic violence

Finally, let us present you with some great tips on writing a decent research paper: 
•    Choose a good topic. It should be both interesting for you to research and topical for your target audience. 
•    Write a paper justifying your choice of topic. In general, submitting research proposals on domestic violence before you start working on the papers will help you ensure that your professor is satisfied with the topic you have picked and that you can find enough info on it to support your arguments.
•    Find domestic violence research works done by experts in the field. Use a variety of sources, including journals, books, and reliable websites when searching for credible info. 
•    Don’t forget about the outline. It will save you a lot of time and help you hit all the necessary points when writing.
•    Write a draft according to the outline. You can reread it in a while and see what is missing or needs elaboration.
•    Revise your paper. Editing helps to eliminate any mistakes and correct the weak parts of your research.


Facts for domestic violence papers 

The family is usually perceived as a union in which love and warm relationships abound. However, the opposite situation often turns out to be true: abuse is widespread in families. Family violence exists in all social groups regardless of the level of income, education, social position, class, race, culture, or religion. 
There are three distinctive features that can help a person recognize whether they are dealing with a domestic abuse case:
1.    One of the main characteristics is the presence of recurring incidents of different types of violence (physical, sexual, psychological, and economic). Such a pattern is indicative of systematic cruelty. In order for a family conflict to fall into the category of domestic violence, it must be repeated at least twice. 
2.    The second fundamental difference between domestic violence and other aggressive acts is the peculiarities of the relationship between the abuser and the victim. Unlike a crime committed on the street by a stranger, domestic violence occurs between close people, including spouses or partners, children, or other relatives.
3.    Domestic violence has a clear gender orientation in various countries of the world. Most often, women fall victims to it. Only a few women systematically use violence to rule over their husbands. Not many wives have the physical strength necessary for this. In addition, women, unlike men, are deprived of cultural approval to use physical force.


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