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Psychology Research Paper Topics

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Psychology is a science that requires much attention from a student. That is why writing an academic project on this subject can be challenging but also extremely interesting and rewarding. A great starting point of your work is choosing a research direction and narrowing it down to a more specific area. Psychology has numerous branches that touch upon varied issues. If it is difficult for you to make a choice, the lists with good psychology research topics provided by professional writers from  research paper writing service below will be of great use.

Social psychology research topics

Social psychology is a general psychology branch that studies a person’s behavior in society. It emerged in the middle of the 19th century and was earlier regarded only as social philosophy. This scientific study stands out as a unique blend of sociology and psychology with features that cannot be attributed to any of these areas separately.

We spend most of our lives interacting with society, creating various groups: family, work teams, friends, sports clubs, etc. At the same time, these groups interact with other parties, both small and large. Understanding how this interaction is conducted is essential in resolving business, family, and national conflicts.

It is important to note that a group is not just a gathering of people. It can be described as several people united by one action. For example, if people witnessed an accident and stood together on the street, such a crowd would be considered a gathering. However, if they began helping injured people, they would form a temporary group united by one action.

Here is the list of psychology research topics related to this direction:

  • Problems of human social development
  • Infantilism as a social phenomenon
  • Typology of aggressive human behavior
  • A problem of social group development
  • Individual factors of the effective group management
  • Experience as a factor of social adaptation
  • The phenomena of interpersonal influence
  • Practical problems of communication optimization
  • Methods to overcome conflicts and stress
  • Conflict studying and diagnosis
  • Human behavior in a crowd
  • Psychology of mass communication
  • Person’s behavior under a group pressure
  • The role of attitudes and stereotypes in the mass communication process
  • Psychological, linguistic, and social barriers in mass communication
  • Combining verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Ways to attract and retain attention in mass communication
  • The role of media in propaganda and agitation
  • Rumors and prejudices in PR-activities
  • Psychological aspects of manipulation
  • An image of ideal advertising in various ethnic and cultural groups

Cognitive psychology research topics

cognitive psychology research topics

Сognitive psychology is a branch that studies cognitive processes taking place in the human mind. To date, cognitive psychology has developed into a versatile science, including cognitive linguistics, neuropsychology, and many other branches. You may find many good topics for a psychology research paper in each of these fields.

Cognitive psychotherapists proceed from the assumption that all mental disorders, such as depression and phobias, are caused by incorrect or dysfunctional constructs, attitudes, and opinions. The cognitive therapy process helps with the following: elimination of mental disorders or reduction of their manifestations, minimization of recurrence risk, an increase of drug therapy effectiveness, and elimination of psychosocial causes or consequences of a disorder.

Here are interesting psychology research topics from this category:

  • ADHD and its influence on child development
  • Action learning
  • Divergent thinking
  • How can theories relating to cognitive psychology be used in marketing?
  • Color psychology
  • Why do humans repress unpleasant memories?
  • Speech disorders
  • How has our understanding of a brain developed over the past 50 years?
  • Cognitive science and arts
  • Attention span
  • The importance of problem-solving
  • False memories
  • Dreams
  • Context effects
  • Ethical problems related to researching cognitive psychology
  • Perceptual illusions
  • Signal detection theory
  • Genetic epistemology
  • Metacognition
  • Cooperative learning
  • Links between cognitive psychology and neurobiology
  • Critical thinking
  • Nature of nightmares
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Down syndrome
  • What techniques can be used to recover memories?
  • Dual-coding theory
  • Associative learning
  • Brain-based learning
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
  • Williams syndrome
  • Studying links between intelligence and problem solving
  • Expectancy theory
  • Lifelong learning

Developmental psychology research topics

Developmental psychology focuses on changes that occur as a person grows up, and encompasses social, biological, and environmental factors influencing this process. It emerged in 1882 when Thierry William Preyer’s book The Soul of the Child was published. In the 20th century, developmental psychology gained the status of a psychology branch.

Most developmental psychology research topics are devoted to childhood as it is a period of rapid growth, as well as the formation of attitudes and habits which may preserve until the old age. That is why many scholars and doctors believe that most psychological problems appear during one’s early years.

When choosing developmental psychology topics for a research paper, you can dwell on one of the most important questions in this field:

  • The problem of antisocial behavior in children
  • Primary school student’s response to conflict
  • The role of temperament in student’s academic success
  • The problem of retaining the attention of elementary school students
  • Moral values of primary school students

Here are also some good developmental psychology research paper topics for college students which may interest you:

  • Communication of children with adults during playing and learning activities
  • How cartoons and feature films influence the behavior of primary school students
  • Games and cognitive development at an early age
  • Individual features of younger students’ cognitive processes
  • Studying adolescent subculture
  • The role of assessment and marks in forming student’s self-esteem
  • Causes of deviant behavior in adolescence
  • Communication with peers and aggressiveness level in adolescence
  • An adolescent group structure
  • Features of forming self-consciousness in preschool age
  • Developing imagination and creativity in childhood period
  • A psychological portrait of a non-sociable child, aggressive child, or dependent child

We hope that this article turned out to be useful and simplified the choice of research topics in psychology. If you face some difficulties when performing an academic assignment, do not hesitate to ask professionals from for assistance. We are always ready to lend a helping hand!


Academic writing

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