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There is a comprehensive body of knowledge that, ever since primeval societies began to emerge, they divided certain chores between sexes. Just like mammals do, it was a decision based on the basic instinct of survival. Men went hunting to supply food and clothes, they built houses and defended their families from danger due to their physical abilities. Women in turn, brought up children, made the houses functional and cozy, cooked food, and collected the goods that men managed to deliver in order to survive in case of the lack of resources. So, these societies survived and made it possible for them to evolve into humanity as we know it now. However, today gender roles are not as defined as they were in the old days. Naturally, gender roles have always been a burning topic for debate. This is exactly the reason why many teachers and professors ask students to write gender inequality essays.

You might still be wondering why. It’s simply that this topic has many opposing points of view concerning the exceptions to the widely accepted concepts. That being said, any gender stereotypes essay is a great way to train your critical thinking and academic writing skills. Everyone knows that, nowadays gender roles vary greatly depending on the country of living, cultural background, financial status, psychological portrait, as well as many other reasons. Women and men often swap roles, and this fact makes exploring this topic always interesting. There is always room for research when writing a gender inequality essay. While this task may sound exciting and fruitful as an opportunity to get a high grade and improve your overall student academic performance, when getting your hands on actually writing the essay, you might encounter a few. Which is why you shouldn’t be in a hurry when submitting your assignment, picking a topic, and composing a thesis statement.

In the following article you will find dozens of useful tips and tricks worth checking out when writing an essay about stereotypes, so you will never be left short of ideas and knowledge base. You won’t get lost in your thoughts, evidence, and argument and surely, you won’t miss on any valuable tips and tricks that usually magically transform an ordinary essay into a paper that will get you the highest grade.

By the way, if you have chosen to write a stereotype essay, note that this one is slightly different from what is usually known by the gender roles in society essay. Be careful not to confuse these two types as long as they require different evidence base to support your viewpoint. They also suggest different directions of research and structures of argument line. Most common gender stereotypes suggest that women should be considered as the weaker of the two sexes. Meanwhile, lots of medical, psychological, and historical facts tend to prove the opposite. Although, nearly an equal amount of studies still proves that genetic, hormonal, and other conditions typically don’t imply that a woman’s body would be suitable for physically hard and continuous work, unlike a men’s body.

Furthermore, the question of gender roles covers types of responsibilities held by both sexes in society. Historically, women brought up children and so, they were intended to stay at home and maintain the households while men were taking up leading roles in societies, risked their lives at wars, and made money. Nevertheless, somewhere around the beginning of the twentieth century, men’s and women’s roles began to shuffle and they still continuously do so. In today’s world there is absolutely no ultimately true set of rules as to how gender roles should be divided between the two sexes. However, some countries like those in Middle East still maintain a relatively stable and strict gender role division. Here, as you can see, we have a lot to talk about, to study, and to argue. But, the first recommendation here would be that, it is essential to look for the information from the latest academic studies so that you will be sure that you provide relevant evidence. Thankfully, dozens of credible scholarly articles on gender roles keep coming out often. And it’s no wonder because some groups, especially women who fight for equality of rights, are concerned with gender stereotyping in public and private aspects. Which is why an essay about gender roles is an important and up-to-date research paper.

essay about gender roles in a society

Essays about stereotyping

Stereotyping often comes as a subconscious perception of a certain group of people. To some extent, we may get a feeling that these people have or should have some specific traits. And most often the ground for stereotyping is simply habitual perception of some social cluster that is natural for the societal and cultural group that we are used to living in and whose attitude towards many areas of life we adopt. That being said, one of the most common areas for stereotyping is gender related roles. Writing stereotyping papers encourages the students to question those adopted cognition aspects. As a result, our academic papers and knowledge of the subject may lead to the conscious forming of a stronger and healthier society.

When starting your gender inequality in education research paper, most likely you will have to dig deep into studies on sociology. The thing is that gender stereotyping is widely regarded as a discriminative tactic based on presumably inherited traits of people defined by gender solely. This type of discrimination, in turn, affects a lot how individuals can reach their goals and what position they have in their social group. When looking for references to support your point, instead of other essays about stereotyping, we suggest you to look for academic articles, books, statistic data that portray tendencies for defining roles based only on gender qualities that are deeply entrenched in our society. It is also a good idea to focus on the specific region, for example, a city or a country where you have been raised or where you live and study currently. Often stereotypes are viewed as misconceptions related to the roles of women or men in society. For instance, stereotypes may hold a highly professional candidate from a position of a CEO at a large company simply because this candidate is a woman. Another example is a hot debate that occurred in the US about whether America is ready for a woman president, which, as we can see, is based on a biased perception that female candidate is somewhat different from a male candidate.

Often the evidence line in essays on gender roles is also supported by psychological studies conducted on the experimental basis. Real experiments conducted with groups of people are proving to be the most valuable source of information for this type of essays on social roles. You should also remember if you want to submit a perfectly written argumentative essay on gender roles, that the traditional scientific method requires you as a researcher to suggest an original point of view. Which is why browsing through articles, research papers, and experimental studies on different educational and scientific websites is a good idea. Note though, that in no way you should copy any of the text presented there because originality of your assignment is what is expected from you the most for receiving a good grade. However, you can work with different data, ideas, and attitudes in order to shape your own that would confirm your own thesis statement.

In order to develop the most contemporary and adequate approach for the topic when writing, for instance, an argumentative essay on gender inequality, you could also try asking questions that will determine the way of developing your ideas. With that said, what you need to do is quite simple. Whenever you are doing your research on the topic or shaping a gender inequality essay outline, simply ask yourself questions like: Who is involved in this issue? What are they doing? When did it happen or how is it happening now? Where and why is it happening? By remembering or writing down brief answers to these questions, you can compose something of a backbone of your essay. Hence, you will have a clear idea of what is going on in the field of your current research and what direction you should take up in order to manifest your thoughts and assumptions.

All in all, whenever you are writing any assignment like gender expectations essay, it is important to remember that some students view this topic as solely the issue of female discrimination while indeed the problem sometimes tends to be the contrary.

These common misconceptions that can be called stereotypes of gender roles usually distinguish what behavior, visual look, and position in the society is expected from people. This perception also shapes our opinion about people of a given gender from the first sight. Whether we accept it or not, this stereotyping issue exists within any society in the world, even though the western community have been taking significant steps towards gender equality. In your gender inequality in the workplace essay you could study this topic deeper. In this regard, it is crucially important to be sure what scientific methods to choose and with what kind of evidence to support your viewpoint for the chosen topic.

Meanwhile, it’s important to mention one last thing here about argumentative essays. You might be facing here a more specific task of your professor, and that would be, to propose a new approach towards a given problem while also keeping your essay on gender roles in society original and innovative. And as long as this topic is quite popular on the internet and you might find thousands of sample essays about gender roles and stereotypes, being original here becomes harder than usual. With so many scholars and students having discussed this problem, what else could you possibly put on the table for this field of research, especially if you haven’t yet familiarized yourself much with the academic writing in general and the task of an essay on gender roles in society specifically? What you need to do here is simply narrow down your research to a certain niche within the greater topic. For example, if your task is to write about gender stereotypes, you can choose a certain area of life where this issue is the most obvious so you can prove your point easily. That could be something like a gender stereotypes in advertising essay. Commercial images in ads on social media, websites of various topics, television, and offline advertising as well, are designed by marketing managers specifically for appealing to certain target audiences. There are entire businesses or divisions within companies who gather all the recent statistics about various social groups, like what they are interested in, what services they use, their pains and gains, their dreams and aspirations. Thus, they create images and texts that in some way not only answer the target audiences’ inner questions and find solutions to their problems, but also shape their opinions in a great way. Gender stereotypes in advertising may also affect how we perceive genders and what we consider to be natural about their behavioral patterns.

Gender discrimination research paper 

Writing an argumentative essay requires first gathering substantial amount of information on given gender research paper topics and formulating strong and clear evidence base that represents various points of view. One way of making your point is to compare and contrast two or more opposing points of view in order to find some ultimate truth or at least a point that tends to be more relevant and valid to your chosen topic.

Research paper is simply not intended for persuading the reader that your chosen idea is true, unlike a persuasive essay, an argumentative essay, or a persuasive gender inequality speech. The former rather looks like scientists’ reflecting on the issue. Hence, you need to present evidence from at least five sources on this topic. It is crucial when working on research paper on gender inequality, to disclose this topic from various viewpoints. Imagine that you are looking at a diamond, turning it around in your hands trying to catch the sunrays with all of its multiple facets. And not only do you need to introduce various facts, data, and points of view of other scholars in your gender inequality essay, but also to express your own opinion. Explore the issue step by step and make draft comments on each piece of evidence you find relevant and credible. By doing this, you will systematize the huge bulk of information available on your topic. It is especially easy to do when you decide what arguments and evidence are more crucial than the other ones on the stage of shaping the gender inequality research paper outline. The thing is that, it is not enough just to talk about gender roles how we normally perceive them. On the contrary, your ultimate goal here would be picking original gender issues topics for research paper that have not been widely explored by other scholars yet. As we have already mentioned before, narrowing down your field of study to specific social groups, areas of life, or regions and cultures works pretty well in this regard. You could also explore the topic that have been diminished lately due to the hot debate on the opposing side of the problem. That would be, for example, exploring men’s side of the gender stereotyping issue. As you may already know, the gender inequality issue mostly relates to women as to the social group that is commonly viewed as weaker and submissive to men. That’s why feminist movement have gained the utmost popularity over the recent two centuries. And the deviation from these gender stereotypes, when, for example, a woman starts to behave, dress, and aspire to life goals more like a man is mostly evaluated as positive by the society. Exploring this side of gender inequality issue is especially popular among students who write essays on gender inequality in the workplace.

On the contrary, in a situation where a man would take attempts to violate the established view on the gender roles issue, these attempts would largely be perceived as negative and unnatural. In fact, men even lose respect of their closest peers, relatives, and co-workers in case if they refuse to take up the role of a more assertive, courageous, strong, tough, independent, and dominating individual (since these are typically considered to be special traits of men). While working on sociological aspect of gender research topics like these, you could also compare how people of various regions and social groups relate to this problem. For example, look at how gender role of a man is perceived in the community in Europe and in the USA. Anyhow, your research could touch upon economic issues as well as cultural traditions of particular regions and the origins of people who inhabit them.

That being said, in Sweden, for example it is common for men to give up their day job for a few years of maternity leave and in the US this period is commonly only several months. Similarly, in eastern Europe it is possible to split a restaurant bill 50/50 between a man and a woman or for everyone to pay for themselves, even if they are on a romantic date. The similar situation in western Europe would be treated by a woman as offensive or at least, would lead to assumptions that a man who offers to split the bill lacks manliness, dignity, and strength. Anyway, essays about gender inequality are quite tricky and there is a chance that it will be met with a debate in your class. This way, we can assume that the total equality of roles is uncommon and unnatural for any social group no matter what its social status and cultural background is. Presumably, it is coded in our genes to have a certain role division between men and women, which meets our inner expectations and ensures the feeling of security and respect. It is also a good idea to collect some medical research data on our nervous system and brain structure, when preparing a persuasive gender inequality speech, as well as the ways that our hormones and all of the body systems work in general. These data may give further insights into social relations between men and women and a foundation for building your own hypothesis on whether there are any gender-roles patterns built into our biology that are impossible to neglect in order to maintain a mentally healthy and happy society.

Essay on gender roles in modern society

Most commonly, when you are writing an essay to a hot topic, it is hard to keep your paper original; from the first sight it looks like, everything that could be said on this subject, has already been said before by other students as well as scholars and college professors. Luckily, gender equality essay topics may be as specific or as general as you need them to be and thus, you have an opportunity to make your essay original and utmost persuading while also maintaining the professional academic approach with clear structure and credible reference list. There are multiple ways that you can adopt for your research.

Let’s say we all start from the point of having a task of writing an academic assignment, no matter whether it would be an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, a research paper, or a speech on quite a wide topic of gender roles. Something like an essay on gender roles in modern society. What is the first thought that appeared in your head when you read this topic? Are you feeling more passionate about concentrating on the role of one gender? Do you want to talk more about men or women in this regard? Or do you want to compare and contrast the stereotypes that exist in a certain society no matter what gender they are related to? Finally, when you have decided to which extent you want to focus on one certain gender or, on the contrary, both genders, you can move on to the exploration of a certain context, in which you want to deploy your academic research.

It is especially popular among students to go with women inequality essays. In regards to specific countries, for example, Islamic as well as some African regions, this problem still remains widespread. Also, surprisingly, in a number of European countries higher administrative, political, and top management positions are still mostly occupied by men.

In modern scholarly articles on gender stereotypes you can find up-to-date approaches to the matter of gender roles and stereotypes. Usually the most recent research articles are not available for free even in their online versions, so you would have to get some subscription. Nevertheless, this will give you an immediate access to tons of useful information that you wouldn’t find in sample essays online or free academic articles. When purchasing the newest articles on gender roles in society you will be guaranteed to have credible sources of relevant information. So, let’s take a look at some of the approaches recently addressed by leading scholars in this field.

You can explore the issue and write an essay on challenging gender-based discrimination and stereotypes based solely on the superficial assumptions about gender roles rather than on specific traits of each individual. We recommend you keep an eye on the latest tendencies in this segment. Of course, it would be easy to focus on feminism when we are talking about gender inequality topics for academic papers, but this approach is not the only one to explore. We suggest you to consider looking more closely at another side of the problem when working on, say, a thesis on gender inequality. For instance, due to stereotypes in the society that men should be strong and not show any reaction to pain whatsoever, not be feeling weak and emotional, men tend to suppress their pain and not to consult doctors until their diseases become too hard to cope with. Because this problem is indeed very dangerous for our society, it is extremely important to raise a question like this in an argumentative essay on gender stereotypes. For example, the imagery of a brave man still affects perceptions of most cultures, eve in the most progressive western societies. Sensitivity and exhibition of emotions is still regarded as weakness in regards to male part of society, whereas it is being perceived as natural if excessive emotions are being shown by a woman. Writing about the importance of gender equality in medical research sphere focuses the attention of scholars on one essential factor that eventually could help finding causes and fighting serious diseases, thus saving lives of millions of people across the world.

However, no matter what shape these stereotypes have now, they constantly keep changing and if you are working on a gender equality essay paper, it would be a great idea to make an attempt to discover specific fluctuations of this process. It is also useful to check the scientific theories, which suggest that societies historically tend to have a pendulum-like evolution model. For example, as a thesis for your gender roles and expectations essay you could state that modern culture has multiple choices for gender roles which connect directly with lifestyle choices. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon that the advertised public image of a man still has to do with physical strength, independence, diminished emotions, the lack of sensitivity.

When writing a persuasive academic paper on gender roles like gender role stereotypes essay, note that you could also consider having philosophical and psychological sources as credible reference points adding to the evidence base of your essay. Raising questions like whether equality is a perception or reality also brings a valuable point to your overall idea about studying the current gender stereotypes tendencies. You could also describe what the ideally balanced equality would look like. Don’t forget though, that your ideas should necessarily be supported with examples and credible sources of information. When looking at research paper topics on gender roles from psychological and sociological perspectives, you could think about the question of whether the gender equality has been reached by more progressive societies or the certain role division is a part of our nature and so the humanity will never reach gender equality.

The fact that men and women are different biologically also suggests that the total equality seems like something unnatural. At the same time, there are some latest academic studies that you could use in your gender inequality in society essay and that address the issue that gender inequality is typically associated only with fighting for women's rights. If we take for granted the fact that men are strong, emotionless, and more resistant to pain, we dismiss the medical evidence that indeed male fetus has less chances for survival than female, that men have less lifespan than women, etc. So, when shaping a gender roles essay thesis, it is important to stay rational and not to make it sound like a stereotype itself.

essays about gender inequality

How to start a research paper about gender inequality

Let’s say, you have already conducted an extensive research and you have a clear idea of what you are going to write about in your essay about gender roles in a society. What you need to do in the first place is to find the strongest evidence in your favor and place them at the beginning of your essay. Different types of evidence regarding every argument that will be appearing along the way in your essay on inequality between men and women should follow the logical pattern you have drafted in the outline. You can also jot down the ideas as they appear in your essay, as this might serve you well in the future when you will be proofreading and editing your first draft.

It’s a reasonable idea to start working on your paper by looking for catchy gender stereotypes essay titles. The trick here is that you can get some interesting ideas for thesis statements when looking at creative titles. You will be surprised how many interesting approaches will appear as a result to this method. Now you can pick any of them and start writing the essay itself. Another great advice is to look for the latest gender issues topics available on the web. This way, you might come across interesting psychological and sociological studies that can be considered a source of valuable evidence to suit your essay on gender roles.

If you want some ideas on how to come up with a more specific topic for your academic paper, we have a simple, yet brilliant, solution for you. Try to view the topic of gender roles and inequality from the viewpoints of various fields of study and explore it from the point that seems most appealing to you. For example, take your favorite novel. It had female and male characters, right? What roles did they have? Who was more dominant? Who was secretively dominant? Which role was more submissive? If you’re a fan of reading, then writing gender roles in literature essays would be a breeze for you. Similarly, from a sociological viewpoint, you can pick any social sphere where men and women clash in competition. Usually, it’s a public sphere that has something to do with ambitions. This could be politics, workplace environment, business, etc.

First and foremost, try to take some time and think about this problem on your own. What feelings do you have about the gender inequality problem? What is your opinion about it? What side of this problem do you care most about? This could be one of different areas of life like marriage, family, work, healthcare, politics, education, etc.

Similarly, in order to write a gender stereotypes persuasive essay, you need to feel passionate about the subject that you are writing about. This interest will fuel your motivation for the most extensive research and give determination needed for writing the paper from scratch. Persuasive essays have to do more with emotional and moral side of the problem for the reason of their intent to persuade people that your point of view is valid. Nevertheless, it is also important to keep the logical structure clear and straightforward in this type of essays because in persuasive ones you can easily get blown away by your emotions and get lost in your thoughts. So, use only credible evidence and stick to the argument outline, and don’t forget to mind your target audience.

The next thing that you want to do is to structure the outline for your academic paper. If you need to know how a really good outline is made, you can search for an example of research paper about gender inequality online. Remember though, that your ultimate purpose here is to get the idea of what the main structural elements of a research paper are and what an academic essay structure looks like in order to alter it to fit your own idea and approach. The general rule is that for smaller essays you can write just general topic phrases. The main task here is to make your outline look clear and logical.

The next thing that is the most memorable for professors is the gender stereotypes essay introduction. Every student tries to pay special attention to this section since this is the first and most memorable part of the whole academic paper. Typically, a good gender equality essay introduction starts with an attention-grabbing hook that opens your paper, in a form of a disputable statement or a question. However, you shouldn’t forget to address the hook in your further writing, i.e. to prove or disprove this fact, to agree or disagree with the statement, or to answer the question. Next, the introduction typically includes a brief preview of the main points of the paper. Just like a trailer of the movie, this part serves as an appetizer to make your reader want more details. Don’t try to persuade them just yet. Just give hints and the basic understanding of the main turning points of your essay. Finally, your introduction should contain a thesis statement. An idea, around which every argument of the given essay will revolve. A hypothesis that needs to be proved by you. It should remain clear, concise, and reasonable. Not too general and not too narrow, but perfectly logical.

Next, writing body paragraphs of your essay on gender roles and stereotypes is relatively easy. Basically, every paragraph should be based on an argument point from your outline. explain one argument presented in your outline. Just start every paragraph with the topic sentence that you used as a bullet point in your outline and then support the idea with relevant evidence and your comments. Keep in mind though, that every assumption you make should be connected with the main thesis statement.

Obviously, the last part of your academic assignment that you will to work on, is the gender inequality essay conclusion. This section is nearly as important as the introduction and also it is quite easy to write. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should not contain any new information. You should briefly summarize all the major turning points of the whole essay at this stage. In this section, you don’t have to prove that your every argument is right. Just gradually lead to the point where your thesis statement feels absolutely reasonable/ Then you can end your gender stereotypes essay conclusion with the final clincher phrase. This is also quite a creative part of the whole assignment. Imagine that you have already proved yourself right and you are absolutely confident to speak your mind. It’s a good thing if your final point rises even more questions about your chosen topic than there were before. This way, you can encourage other scholars for further investigation of this topic.

Overall, we can conclude that almost every student would find writing research papers on gender inequality especially interesting and challenging. Because when you have such a debatable subject for your academic assignment it is only logical to view it from different perspectives, and that gives you a vast field for research and creativity. At the same time, papers on gender roles might appear even more challenging from an emotional point of view. Because everyone has their own opinion on this subject, it might be especially difficult to put aside your personal perception and to conduct a scientifically rational research that has the ultimate goal of looking for the truth.


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