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Violation of the rights of sexual minorities is an acute problem in modern society. That is why LGBT essay topics are getting more and more popular nowadays. The issue is that some conservative groups still regard homosexuality as unnatural and harmful phenomenon.

Cultural traditions and values ​​that determine heterosexual behavior as ‘normal’ contribute to the formation of heterosexism and various phobias towards gay people. This attitude leads to the occurrence of social stigma, which turns the lives of sexual minorities into hell. Accordingly, to solve this problem, it is necessary to promote tolerance and acceptance towards LGBTQ people. You will take a little step in this direction when writing a homosexuality research paper.

Basic terminology for essay on homosexuality

‘Sexual minorities’ is a general collective term formed according to the principle of similarity with such notions as ‘national (ethnic) minorities’ (representatives of a nationality or ethnos) and ‘political minorities’ (representatives of the opposition).

It is worth explaining to the readers of your gay rights activist essay that this concept assumes that the sexual orientation is not deviant or pathological, just like national or political minorities.

The concept of ‘sexual minorities’ does not include groups of people whose sexual predilections are defined as deviant or pathological by medicine, or whose sexual actions occur not with the mutual consent of two adult persons: zoophiles, necrophiles, and pedophiles.

Since these parameters may not coincide with each other and can be manifested differently at various stages of life, an unambiguous division of individuals into hetero-, homo- and bisexual groups, as well as their number, is very problematic.

Here are some interesting facts that can be used for gay rights history essay:

  • The term ‘homosexuality’ was first used in 1869 in an anonymously published pamphlet written in German by the Austrian publicist Karl-Maria Kertbeny.
  • Half a century ago, the word ‘gay’ meant ‘cheerful and carefree’ in English. However, now it is no longer used in this meaning. The origin of its use for defining sexual orientation is not entirely clear.
  • In the Provençal dialect, the term ‘gay’ meant the ‘art of poetry and love.’
  • In England in the XVII century, the word ‘gay’ denoted a frivolous person, and then (with regard to women) a prostitute.
  • In the 1930s, it was the most frequently used name among the homosexuals themselves.
  • In the 1960s, this word began to spread to a wider range of speakers. For example, it was used by the psychotherapist Albert Ellis to refer to homosexuals in the popular book The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Man-Hunting (1963).
  • The term ‘lesbianism’ comes from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos. The ancient poet Sappho ran to the island from Athens due to persecution. Her poetry was later perceived as the chanting of same-sex love between women.

Now let’s consider the phenomenon of transsexuality. As you definitely know, transsexuals are people who strive to change their sex to the opposite. The phenomenon of transsexuality existed in all historical periods; nevertheless, for centuries, such people were perceived as deviant ones.

In 1966, the American researcher Harry Benjamin devoted the book to this issue and managed to convince the medical community that the former opinion about the mental state of these people was incorrect. He also introduced the term ‘transsexualism’ and proved that it is a special form of psychosexual disorder: the human body remains healthy enough and possess the characteristics of natural gender, but the psyche (quite healthy from the point of view of psychiatry) belongs to a person of the opposite gender, which is confirmed by their behavior, lifestyle, habits, manners, and clothes.

gay rights essay

Historical overview for gay rights research paper

In order to write a quality sexual orientation discrimination essay, it is worth touching upon the history of the issue under consideration. Homosexuality exists just as long as humanity. It was normal practice for inhabitants of undiscovered America as well as for the black people of the African continent. Moreover, this phenomenon broadly existed in Greek and Roman cultures. Finally, homosexuality in Slavic society was perceived as a normal intimate contact between willing partners.

At various stages of the development of civilizations, the attitude towards sexual minorities was quite ambiguous. The model of behavior depended primarily on the prevailing ideology, culture, and the existence of certain traditions.

Among the aborigines of New Guinea and Melanesia, the ritual of initiation (insemination) was quite popular. It was considered that a boy could become a real man only if he was inseminated by an adult tribesman who conveys the best traits: masculinity and courage. A similar ritual took place among the tribes of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Amazonia.

The Japanese were considered quite tolerant people until the XIX century. They respected the aesthetics of the male body. For example, the samurai homoerotic connection was a typical feudal relationship.

With the establishment of the dominant positions of Christian dogmatism in Europe, ‘sodomites’ were outlawed, and measures were introduced to curb the grave sin. In particular, along with the witches and heretics, the Holy Inquisition tortured homosexuals at the stake.

In an essay on gay rights violation in Russia, you may mention that in pre-Petrine time, serious penalties for ‘sodomites’ were not practiced, unlike in Western Europe. The Russian Orthodox Church condemned the “mortal sin,” but, meantime, monasteries were the source of the spread of same-sex relationships. Peter the Great tried to toughen the policy concerning sexual minorities. In 1706, the death penalty through burning at the stake was introduced for the military for ‘unnatural fornication’ (according to the Swedish model). In 1716, the ruler replaced the burning with corporal punishment and exile. However, these norms did not apply to civilians.

After the October Revolution, the situation changed radically. The acquisition of the governing role by the Bolshevik party drove gays and lesbians into the underground. In 1934, the article of the Criminal Code on imprisonment up to 5 years (up to 8 years in case of physical violence) for sodomy came into force. Although same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults in private was decriminalized in 1993, homosexuality is disapproved of by most Russians, and same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are ineligible for the legal protections available to opposite-sex couples. Since 2006, numerous regions in Russia have enacted varying laws restricting the distribution of materials promoting LGBT relationships to minors; in June 2013, a federal law criminalizing the distribution of materials among minors in support of non-traditional sexual relationships was enacted as an amendment to an existing child protection law. This is a good example for your gay rights cases essay, which should be focused on the serious problems the gay people still have to face.

While homosexuality in the USSR was criminalized, in Europe and in the West, reverse processes progressed. Before Hitler came to power in Germany, there was a struggle between the country’s leadership and the gay community, which advocated the abolition of criminal punishment for people of ‘unnatural’ sexual orientation. Activists have achieved their goal only in 1969, one hundred years after the first attempts.

An important fact to describe in research essay on gay rights is that in Europe, in the 1970s, the activists adopted the official symbol of LGBTQ, the rainbow, as well as developed a concept with basic political requirements, namely the legalization of same-sex relationships and the right to marry. Recently, one more requirement has been added: the right to adopt children.

The first country to legalize the registered love unions of homosexual couples was Denmark (1989). The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the Scandinavian countries followed the trend. In April 2005, New Zealand also permitted same-sex civil unions. In December 2005, the conservative United Kingdom became the next country to allow the legalization of homosexual relations.

LGBT research paper thesis

Analysis of the social situation for gay rights essay

The number of gay people is less than that of heterosexuals, and they act as a separate social group. Since gays and lesbians are a sexual minority, there are certain problems associated with their discrimination, which can be described in the LGBT rights argumentative essay.

The pressure was particularly strong in the past, yet it is still present, especially in states with a developed religious or ideologically oriented culture. Previously, homosexual men were persecuted under the sodomy charges. Now, society is more tolerant to gay people, but not all elements of discrimination were eliminated.

The movement for the rights of sexual and gender minorities that emerged in the middle of the 20th century was marked by the gradual positive change of attitude towards homosexuals. Equal treatment implies the abolition of the criminal prosecution for homosexuality as well as prohibitions on particular professions, and provision of the right to marry and adopt the children to same-sex couples. It was also proposed to establish responsibility for manifestations of homophobia as a form of xenophobia.

It is worth mentioning in a gay rights persuasive essay that many homosexuals, for example, Elton John, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, Ricky Martin, Alan Turing, and others are well-known personalities. In Western Europe and the United States, many homosexuals are famous politicians. They occupy significant government officials, for example, San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Harvey Milk, Berlin burgomaster Klaus Wowereit, Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe, German Foreign Minister, FDP party leader Guido Westerwelle, and others.

However, even these examples are sometimes not enough to change the opinion of society. In different countries, there are stereotypes that attribute caricature features to homosexuals, for instance, peculiar intonations of speech and gestures. You may prove that all this is nothing more than prejudice in gay rights argumentative essay.

Despite the existence of numerous organizations fighting for the rights of homosexuals, many gays and lesbians prefer not to advertise their sexual preferences and sometimes even wear the mask of homosexuality opponents. In 2006, Republican congressman Mark Foley was involved in a scandal connected with sending homosexual messages to young interns. The same congressman voted against the bill legalizing homosexual marriages.

The economist Richard Florida claimed that according to his research, the presence of gays and lesbians has a beneficial effect on the urban environment. He took the gay index of American cities and considered how it relates to other indicators of social development. It turned out that the more homosexuals there are in the city, the more innovations are made in it, and the higher the incomes of its citizens are. The researcher did not assert that only gays and lesbians are the creative and sophisticated class. Yet, their presence shows that all kinds of lifestyles are acceptable in the city. It is easy to be accepted by the surrounding people when you remain yourself.

Religious views on homosexuality

Homosexuality is considered sinful in the traditional and orthodox directions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. In the liberal directions of Christianity, the revision of the attitude towards same-sex marriages began in the second half of the XIX century. At present, individual liberal churches and denominations have abandoned the traditional Christian view on homosexuality. A similar phenomenon occurs in the confessions of Judaism.

Condemnation of homosexuality in the religions of the East (Buddhism, Hinduism) was not so clearly expressed as in the Abrahamic religions. Instead, the liberal attitude toward homosexual relations was quite common.

The perception of same-sex families by believers can be very different. The most intensive sociological research in this area is being conducted in the United States. In recent years, a stormy debate about the attitude towards gays, and the possibility or inadmissibility of same-sex marriages took place here. Therefore, homosexuality research topics became extremely popular.

Essentialism and constructivism in the study of homosexuality

Joint opinion on whether human homosexuality is the norm or deviation still does not exist. The comprehension of sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular in science and journalism is mainly connected with the polemic of two fundamental approaches: essentialist and constructivist.

In the essentialist approach, homosexuality is understood as the contrast to heterosexuality. Recently, arguments for such an understanding has been sought not in biblical moral prohibitions but in the biological (genetic) predetermination of a particular type of sexual behavior. The proponents of such an approach claim that sociocultural influences cannot change what a person is from birth. It might be better to build the arguments for gay rights expository essay on this point of view.

Another theoretical perspective more suitable for an anti gay rights essay is based on the cultural analysis of sexuality proposed by the French philosopher Michel Foucault in his work Еhe History of Sexuality. Foucault claimed that Western culture is full of sexuality. He sought to identify the causes of different sexual practices and categorize them to find the ‘truth of sex.’ Moreover, he stated that the inner essence of a person might be determined by his or her sexual biography.

Foucault discovered that homosexuality was categorized differently in various cultures and different epochs. Thus, in some ancient classical city-states of Greece, a certain type of homosexual relationship (between an adult man and adolescent) was idealized as a social practice no less important than the traditional marriage between a man and a woman. The man could “participate” in both types of relationships. The question of his personal erotic preferences was considered as secondary.

Modern understanding of homosexuality as a particular sexual orientation was explained by Foucault not as a scientific truth but only as a product of an epoch and a picture of the world characteristic of this epoch. The Foucault’s findings were close to the conclusions of scientists who studied forms of sexuality among peoples not affected by Western civilization, primarily the tribes of New Guinea. The manifestations of homo- and heterosexuality in these peoples differ significantly from those which are known and familiar in Europe.

Having adopted the ideas of Foucault, modern researchers made a significant contribution to the development of the anti-essentialist approach, which views homosexuality as a socio-historical construct. Sexual identity is understood as the result of a long process of socialization structured by cultural traditions, class characteristics, favored gender roles, or family history.

It is believed that the values ​​with which we endow our own sexuality are socially organized and determined by a complex set of external factors. However, this paradigm is not considered an unquestioning truth. Therefore, you can try to challenge it in gay rights are human rights speech.

Freud and homosexuality

At the beginning of the XX century, the fundamental direction of scientific views on homosexuality was set by the works of Sigmund Freud who believed that a person is bisexual by nature and that heterosexual preferences are formed in early childhood while children with some psychological malfunctions become homosexuals. At the same time, Freud was inclined to treat homosexuality very tolerantly and believed that therapy should be aimed not at changing sexual orientation but at correcting the consequent mental discomfort and acceptance of their own personality by the patient.

Biological fundamentals of homosexuality

Many representatives of the natural sciences believe that homosexuality is a biological feature of an organism determined by genetic or other innate factors. You can use this statement to make your argumentative essay about gay rights more convincing.

Biological studies are conducted in the following main areas: homosexual manifestations in animals and search for genetic and hormonal characteristics that distinguish people with homosexual and heterosexual orientation. 

A number of scientific journals publish researches, in particular, the specialized Journal of Homosexuality. Currently, homosexuals are involved in scientific activities with the purpose of studying both the biological and psychological causes of homosexuality and sociological aspects.

Genetic research

Genetic features of gays and lesbians are still studied poorly. The search for homosexuality genes is being conducted by scientists since the 1980s.

As in many other studies trying to distinguish the inborn qualities and the acquired characteristics, important material for research was obtained from relatives of homosexuals and, in particular, identical twins. It was shown that homosexual men often have several older brothers. Homosexuality is inherent to both identical twins, even when they were brought up separately.

Obtained results do not provide an opportunity to interpret homosexuality as a genetically fixed phenomenon unequivocally, but they also do not allow to refuse further searches in this direction. Indeed, some features of the genetic material of the surveyed homosexual men were similar. Nevertheless, there were no significant genetic features inherent to all homosexual women.

Studies of the hormonal system

A similar situation is observed in endocrinological studies devoted to the influence of hormones on the formation of sexuality. It was reported that an increase in the level of male hormones during the prenatal period leads to the homosexuality of the child regardless of sex. Also, you may mention differences in the size of the hypothalamus of homo- and heterosexual men in essay on gay and lesbian rights.

However, in any way, studies do not cover all cases. In particular, patterns established for male homosexuality are not valid for women. It even makes some representatives of the natural sciences talk about the different nature of male and female homosexuality.

Homosexuality as a quality of personality

At the end of the 19th century, human rights activists questioned the attitude towards homosexuality as a pathology. In their opinion, there is no reason to perceive homosexual orientation as an illness if it does not cause damage to its bearer.

The social harm of homosexuality was also challenged by researchers of the XX century. Throughout the century, in the course of the general development of liberal values, the conceptualization of homosexual attraction as a personal characteristic (most likely congenital) that does not require either medical or legal intervention was popularized.

Does homosexuality  contribute to a drop in the birth rate?

The fall of the birth rate has indeed been a serious problem for European countries since the middle of the 20th century. However, this phenomenon appeared several decades before the large-scale liberalization of the attitude of society towards homosexuality. The disintegration of a traditional family with a large number of children is the result of a complex set of factors. It is unlikely that the decriminalization of homosexuality played a significant role. The main contribution to the demographic decline in Europe was made by heterosexual families without children or with one child.

Is homosexuality harmful from a medical point of view?

Indeed, the traumatic and infectious risk associated with anal intercourse is relatively high, although other forms of sexual contact are also associated with certain health dangers. Strict adherence to hygiene and the rules of safe sex significantly reduce the risk, but, as in other cases, it does not fall to zero.

Anal sex is not an exclusively homosexual practice. Therefore, it is wrong to tie a negative attitude towards anal sex to homosexuality only.

There are many phenomena associated with increased health risks in the life and activities of modern people. Injuries, including those that are deadly, may be inflicted even while driving a car. Many widespread types of food are harmful to health. Some sports are connected with significant risks for the body while training at a professional level.

Information for development of LGBT rights essay

LGBT movement is a civil society movement that seeks to achieve legislation changes aimed at ensuring and protecting human rights for the LGBT community and promote social adaptation of its representatives in the society.

The opponents of this human rights movement are a variety of political and religious organizations collectively referred to as anti-homosexual unions.

Gay rights in different countries

It is worth describing the legal status of homosexuality in the world in an essay on gay marriages. The attitude towards the LGBT community is rather heterogeneous in different parts of the world. As a rule, in Western countries, homosexuals and heterosexuals have equal rights. In many states of Western Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, France, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland since 2007), as well as some countries of North and South America and South Africa, same-sex couples may enter into so-called civil partnerships or marriages.

At the same time, discrimination against people of homosexual orientation is also a common phenomenon whose roots go far into history. There is a significant number of states in Africa and Asia in which non-violent homosexual intercourse is perceived as a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment or death, for instance, in modern Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mauritania.

In these countries, there is no open struggle for the rights of sexual and gender minorities since such activities may pose a threat to their freedom and life. However, some political parties lobby for the softening of criminal legislation against homosexuals. The lobbyists are the reformist and moderately liberal forces in the leadership of these states. In particular, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami expressed his views in favor of softening the laws against homosexuals.

In addition, international pressure is aimed to compel respect for human rights.

Abolition of instructions and provisions defining homosexuality as a medical pathology

The idea of rights equality implies the official recognition of homosexuality as one of the variants of the psychological norm in accordance with modern scientific views and official WHO documents.

In this regard, LGBTQ organizations, professional medical bodies, liberal politicians, and human rights activists fight for the abolition of instructions and provisions that define homosexuality as a mental disorder and adoption of official documents prohibiting them at the level of the state Ministry of Health and national associations of psychiatrists and psychologists.

You may use such LGBT research paper thesis: there should be no ‘treatment for homosexuality’ or ‘correction of sexual orientation’ for healthy people as homosexuality is not a disease. The harm of such influences for patients has already been proven, while there are still no reliable examples of ‘correction of orientation.’

Abolition of prohibitions on professions

In some countries, there have been or still exist bans on certain professions for people who are openly gay. This may be, for example, a ban on army service, work as a teacher at school or as a doctor. LGBTQ organizations seek, and in some cases, have already achieved the abolition of these prohibitions.

Special sociological studies conducted in Western countries revealed that the homosexuality of an officer or soldier does not affect the discipline or internal psychological climate of the military unit. Consequently, there is no reason to deny homosexuals the right to serve in the army.

It was also proved that the homosexuality of the teacher does not lead to any complications in the relations with the students and does not predispose an educator to committing lewd acts against the students. It’s an obvious fact that homosexuality and pedophilia are fundamentally different things. So, there is no reason to prohibit homosexuals from working as teachers at schools.

The idea of ​​repealing the ban on the profession of a teacher for homosexuals is being criticized by conservative people who believe that the very presence of an educator with such sexual orientation in school is a negative example and the promotion of homosexuality. At the same time, supporters of this point view do not have any scientific data proving that there are more homosexual graduates at schools where gay teachers work or that such educators are more likely to commit lewd acts toward students. So this idea is just a prejudice of some groups of society.

Abolition of the ban on donation

In some countries, there is a ban on the donation of blood and organs from members of sexual minorities. LGBTQ organizations are trying to challenge this norm and achieve the elimination of discrimination.

Observance of human rights in relation to LGBT people

The gay rights movement essay should be focused on the fact that, even in countries where criminal and administrative penalties for manifestations of homosexuality were abolished a long time ago, the practice of human rights violations against homosexuals persisted.

LGBTQ organizations struggle not only for the formal abolition of criminal punishment for homosexuality but also for changing the real polices and administrative practices. For example, the notion of ‘disturbance of public order’ should be equally applied (or not applied) to same-sex and heterosexual couples kissing or hugging in public places. Also, LGBTQ activists fight for the right to participate in peaceful demonstrations, including prides, create public organizations, have access to information and medical care, etc.

Anti-discrimination laws

LGBTQ organizations also advocate for the mentioning of sexual minorities members in anti-discrimination laws (or the adoption of separate anti-discrimination laws on sexual minorities). They also seek direct mentioning of sexual orientation and gender importance in relevant articles of the Constitution guaranteeing equal rights to all citizens regardless of gender, age, religion, and nationality.

The right to register a marriage

Writing a gay marriage civil rights essay will be very relevant because, in recent years, there has been a growing movement in support of same-sex unions. The fact of marriage registration assigns the following rights to the homosexual family:

  • joint property;
  • alimony;
  • inheritance;
  • social and medical insurance;
  • preferential taxation and lending;
  • the right to a name;
  • the right not to testify in court against the spouse;
  • the right to act as a trustee on behalf of the spouse in the case of his/her incapacity because of health problems;
  • the right to joint parenthood and the upbringing of foster children;
  • other rights of which unregistered couples are deprived.

Advocates of same-sex unions point out that the registration of marriage is a legal action which is independent of the religious norm (in most modern states, legal and church registration of marital relations occur separately) and that the law should follow social changes leading to the elimination of inequality between people as it happened during the last centuries when the existing prohibitions on registration of marriages were gradually abolished, for example, for spouses belonging to different confessions or races.

In a research paper about same-sex marriage countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina among others may be listed as those which granted gay couples the full right to marry. Same-sex partnerships alternative to marriage are legal in many states, for example, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Colombia, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Slovenia, Uruguay, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Ecuador.


The LGBT movement seeks the right for the adoption of a child of one of the partners by his or her spouse, the possibility of adopting children from orphanages by same-sex families, and the right of equal access to reproductive technologies for gay and heterosexual couples. It should be noted in a same-sex parenting research paper that these issues are considered separately in many countries where LGBTQ people are given broad rights.

In accordance with the legislation of some states, only one partner can adopt a child, becoming a caretaker or foster parent. Laws do not contain references to sexual orientation as grounds for refusal of adoption or guardianship, but gay couples often face failures in practice. Sexual orientation is also not a restriction on access to reproductive technologies, but the same-sex family may have problems with establishing the child’s parenthood. That is why the research paper on gay parenting should touch upon the acute problem.

Social activities

LGBT movement members are engaged in social activities such as the organization of various cultural events, for instance, film festivals, sports competitions, musical concerts, photo exhibitions, theater performances, installations, flash mobs, etc. Their aim is a social adaptation of the LGBT community, development of its cultural potential and building a dialogue with the rest of society. As a rule, most of such events are of the educational nature, which should be described as a positive factor in argumentative essay on gay rights.

In addition, the representatives of the LGBT community release numerous books and magazines and take part in various radio- and television translations. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that they offer special services, namely accessible and high-quality psychological, legal, and medical assistance, hotlines, and self-help groups to the members of their community.

Useful tips on how to write a quality LGBT discrimination essay

An important part of many international exams is essay writing. Preparing this type of academic paper might be a difficult task since it requires excellent knowledge of the subject, creative thinking, and adherence to certain rules. Using our advice, you will create a perfect essay about gay and lesbian rights.


Start to think about human sexuality research paper topics as soon as the assignment has been given to you. The saved time will give you the opportunity to collect as much information as you need to write a persuasive paper.

If you are given the freedom of choice, rely on your own preferences and knowledge about the phenomena under consideration. The topic of homosexuality is much wider and more interesting than it seems at first glance. You can write:

  • research paper on gay adoption;
  • essay about issues that LBTQ community has to face;
  • gay rights court cases essay;
  • paper about the nature of human sexuality;
  • work about homosexuality and domestic violence, etc.

Having completely concentrated on a chosen issue, you will soon notice that the necessary data and facts appear exactly when you need them. A similar effect occurs when learning a new word. It suddenly begins to appear more often than before. Since the brain is tuned for a certain type of information, you will, first of all, pay attention to it.

Try to draw up an approximate gay rights essay outline. Systematize all the material you have. This will help you to determine the future direction of the work. Write down the main questions to be answered. In the process of studying the topic, the outline will be replenished with new and more specific items.

Do not be afraid to start writing the gay and lesbian rights essay

It is said that even experienced writers sometimes feel insecurity and fear before they take on new work. So it is necessary to overcome your concerns regarding your writing skills and start working. You can start with anything. Do not think about style and spelling for now. The main thing is to move from a dead point. Having written the thesis, begin to elaborate on the structure of your gay rights pros and cons essay.

If you are printing a text on the computer, you can rearrange the fragments of an essay as you need. If you keep notes on the paper, leave a few blank lines after each important idea in order to complete it later. Try to adhere to the classical structure, especially if you were instructed to do so: introduction, main part, conclusion.

Introduction for gay rights essay

This part usually provides general information on what you are going to write in a paper and lists the expository essay on gay rights key points if you are writing this type of essay. Specify what questions on the chosen topic you are going to cover. Do not forget that essay is usually considered a short paper, and therefore, only the necessary details should be mentioned.

From a well-written introduction of gay rights expository essay, it becomes clear to a reader that you understand the topic and intend to answer all the questions posed. It is of critical importance to mention the conducted studies related to the point and give reference to respective sources. The ideal size of this part of the essay is no more than 10% of the entire work. For example, if the paper is to be of 2000 characters, the length of the introduction paragraph should not exceed two hundred characters.

At the beginning of the essay, use such phrases as ‘This paper is devoted to...’, ‘This essay will consider...’, etc. Next, you need to repeat or slightly modify the wording of the main question. For instance, if you prepare a should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples essay, you can write something like ‘This paper considers the preconditions for giving same-sex and gay families equal rights regarding the adoption of children.’ Definitions should be clear, without any ambiguous interpretations.

Main part

In the main part of your assignment, you need to present all arguments supported by examples and relevant citations. Based on the logic of the narrative, the text, including the body section, should be divided into paragraphs. Therefore, it is necessary to make up the gay rights movement outline for essay in such a way that the main part can smoothly flow to the conclusion.

Final part

You must draw conclusions based on all the ideas presented in the previous sections. This way, you will be able to answer the main question considered in the paper. If this information was already mentioned in the research paper topics about homosexuality, describe the consequences and prospects of the issue under study and suggest different solutions to it. You can surely share your views. However, make sure to support them with reliable arguments.

Below we have listed some helpful tips that can assist you in writing a good conclusion:

  • It is not enough just to sum up and logically complete the paper. You have to tell how the written content is applicable to real life.
  • Restate the theses presented in the introduction of gay rights expository essay in other words in a conclusion paragraph.
  • You need to emphasize the key ideas that were expressed in the body of the text. It will be particularly necessary if the volume of the paper is large enough. The conclusion of a short gay rights pros and cons essay may do without listing the main ideas.
  • You can use a relevant quote or a spectacular question at the end of the paper to encourage the reader to further reflections.

What should you avoid while writing a conclusion?

Many students lower the quality of their work by making commonplace mistakes. If you are interested in writing a top-notch paper, make sure to avoid them. Here are some of the recommendations on how to make your paper engaging:

  • Express your opinion confidently, without apologizing and justifying yourself. Phrases like ‘Of course, I’m not an expert’ are inadmissible.
  • Do not pay too much attention to minor facts.
  • Do not question the arguments given earlier. That means you should not contradict yourself.

Most teachers believe that the final part is the most important one in the essay. Conclusion is an illustration of how well you have learned the material and managed to cover the essence of essay topics about gay rights. If, after writing the concluding paragraph, you notice that some corrections are needed throughout the rest of the paper, make sure to adjust the text accordingly. This will only improve the quality of the writing piece.

Below you can see the approximate proportions of the ideal essay:

  • introduction – up to 10% of the total volume;
  • main body – approximately 70% of writing;
  • conclusion – no more than 15% of the text.

You may not rush to choose a title among all the gay rights movement essay titles. This task can be left for the final stage of work when all thoughts are formulated in the paper, and you can summarize them in a thesis based on which a concise title should be created.

Stylistics of an essay

Do not abuse cumbersome verbal constructions. Refrain from jargon and abbreviations unless you are writing a satirical essay over gay rights. The optimal form of writing presupposes using concise and comprehensible phrases. Sometimes they can be alternated with more voluminous sentences. Your main goal is a simple and apprehensible presentation of the essence of the material. Write in such a way that the reader can easily follow the course of your reasoning without being distracted by unnecessary details.

Sometimes it is worth challenging both sides

If you consider complex persuasive essay topics on gay rights, keep in mind that there are two sides to every coin. That means that each phenomenon has negative and positive aspects. The list of contradicting arguments will help in the development of theses. In addition, arguing on the opposite side of your opinion, you will learn what points should be reviewed in more detail.

For example, you write a gay adoption research paper. In order to substantiate both the pros and cons of adoption by gay couples, it is necessary to consider not only arguments for but also those against the adoption of children by same-sex families. You will have to think of the answers to the questions like ‘Will the parents cope with their responsibilities?’ If you find good answers to these questions, be sure that you will be able to support your point of view.

It is advised to expose your writing to a scrupulous analysis. It is much better than trying to adapt real facts to own goals, present false information to the readers, and mislead them. Perhaps you will be able to convince an inexperienced novice. However, if the teacher who is well-versed in all argumentative essay topics on gay rights will check the paper, you will need a strong argumentation with consideration of solid facts to justify your ideas. Therefore, do your best to make your paper really unique.

Use these instructions, and it will be easy for you to work with any LGBT topics for research papers.

For a long time, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and bisexuals were forced to live hiding their true nature, silently enduring persecution, contempt, humiliation, blackmail, and even murders. They had to suffer from the common opinion about their ‘inferiority.’ Being victims and objects of ridicule and gossip in all social circles, gay people were rejected by everyone and everywhere.

People governed by stereotypes and prejudices denied the rights of LGBTQ community. But we all need to understand that everyone has the right to respected, regardless of skin color, language, income, culture, religious beliefs, political ideology, or sexual preferences.

As stated in the UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance (1995), “Tolerance is harmony in difference. It is not only a moral duty, it is also a political and legal requirement. Tolerance, the virtue that makes peace possible, contributes to the replacement of the culture of war by a culture of peace.” 

We hope that you will be able to convey these important thoughts to readers of your essay on gay rights. Following all the above rules written by our best paper writers, you will get the highest score. Good luck!


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