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Writing About Minimum Wage

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The minimum wage policy is a controversial issue that many social groups and political figures have polarizing opinions about. That’s why writing a minimum wage essay or research paper is an assignment that is put forward by the professors quite often.

This article will help you sort out the facts and opinions to talk about in your minimum wage research paper or essay as well as structure and connect them properly. You will also learn how to write a perfect introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion on your own. So sit back and enjoy the most comprehensive article on how to write a minimum wage paper!

Minimum wage essay ideas

  • Disadvantages of increasing minimum wage essay
  • Minimum wage laws essay
  • History of minimum wage essay
  • Raising the minimum wage essay
  • Minimum wage economics essay
  • Minimum wage criticism economics essay
  • Alternatives to minimum wage increase essay
  • Minimum wage debate essay
  • How can businesses benefit from increasing minimum wage essay
  • Change in unemployment rates due to minimum wage increase essay
  • Essay on minimum wage increase influence on employee turnover
  • Pros and cons of raising minimum wage essay
  • Minimum wage vs living wage essay
  • Minimum wage comparison essay (choose 2 or more countries to compare)
  • Essay on increasing minimum wage in America
  • Minimum wage justification essay
  • Minimum wage controversy essay
  • A short essay on why minimum wage was created
  • Essay on minimum wage in USA
  • Essay against raising minimum wage
  • Ethical issues regarding minimum wage essay
  • Essay on economic and political reasons for increased minimum wage
  • Negative effects of raising minimum wage essay
  • Who benefits from the increase in the minimum wage and who is hurt essay
  • Economics essay about minimum wage
  • Can a person survive living on minimum wage essay

argumentative essay on minimum wage

Topics for an argumentative essay on minimum wage

  • Argumentative essay on raising minimum wage will benefit the economy
  • Automation will influence the minimum wage argumentative essay
  • Argumentative essay on raising minimum wage might cause unemployment
  • Argumentative essay about minimum wage causing prices to increase
  • Should minimum wage be raised essay
  • Why minimum wage should not be raised essay
  • Do the benefits of raising the minimum wage outweigh the drawbacks essay
  • Should the federal minimum wage be increased essay
  • Reasons to raise minimum wage essay (on the example of a specific country)
  • Should government raise the minimum wage essay (choose a specific country)

Topics for a persuasive essay on minimum wage

  • Raise minimum wage essay
  • Minimum wage should not be raised essay
  • Persuasive essay about raising minimum wage
  • Wage may result in more unemployment essay
  • Why minimum wage should be abolished essay
  • Why we should raise the minimum wage essay
  • Should the government raise the minimum wage essay

Raising the minimum wage essay

Tips for writing a minimum wage essay

Here are a few things you need to remember when writing essays on minimum wage:

  • Choose an original topic. Look up essay prompts on raising minimum wage and other related topics and narrow your choice to something that is interesting and easy to research. As long as you enjoy writing on a topic and it is not a cliché, you will cope with the task pretty fast. 
  • Back up your claims. For example, if you believe that the base pay should be raised, and it somehow seems logical to you that it should, simply stating it is not enough. If there is no evidence, your assumptions will not be taken seriously.
  • Get inspired by good examples. If you want to make sure that every single argument falls into place, you can look for the sample line of reasoning for a minimum wage increase essay online. Just look up an example of minimum wage essay and check how the person who has written it presented their arguments and backed them up with factual data. This might give you an idea on how to outline your paper and show the information that you have found during your research.
  • Refer to credible sources. If you are looking for factual information, it is important to check scholarly and governmental sources. For example, you could search for the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hours Division materials. They provide expert data on federal and state minimum wage rates, both current and historical. Whatever source you use, be sure to check its trustworthiness before considering taking information from it.
  • Revise your essay. Proofreading is an essential step of writing, which is why we strongly recommend you not to leave this task for the last night before the submission. The best time for proofreading is the next day after you finish the paper, when you are able to detect all the mistakes with a fresh eye.  

Minimum wage essay outline

Sticking to the outline is an important aspect, which will help you to write an A+ essay:

  • Minimum wage essay introduction.
    • How to start an essay about minimum wage? As we all know, the hardest step is always the first one. In order to set the pace, you need an engaging hook phrase in the very beginning of your paper. A hook for a minimum wage essay may be some shocking fact that immediately engages your reader or relevant statistics. You may use the factual info in the end of the article as hooks for minimum wage paper.
    • The part with the background information on the topic will be the biggest one in your intro. Here, you may try explaining why the research you are doing is important and give readers some basic facts that are crucial for understand the topic.  
    • The final part of the introduction to a minimum wage essay is a thesis statement. A good thesis statement on minimum wage topics presents all arguments that you will consider in your paper in a clear and concise manner.
  • Body of the essay on minimum wage.

In your body paragraphs, you will need to present strong evidence and examples to reinforce the arguments you have put forward in the thesis statement. It is best not to cover more than 1 point in a single paragraph. And, of course, you should make sure there are enough transitional words, phrases, and sentences to make your text cohesive.

  • Conclusion for a minimum wage essay.
    Before writing the ending for an essay on minimum wage, reread the last sentence of the intro. You will have to restate your minimum wage thesis (rephrase – not copy it) and show what information you have used to support it. Do not forget about the clincher for minimum wage essay, which is the last sentence of the text that shows the reader that you have fulfilled the purpose of writing the text and have proved the point you were making initially. To make your minimum wage essay conclusion memorable, you might also leave your readers with something to reflect on later by asking a question or making an interesting statement.

should the federal minimum wage be increased” essay

How to write a good title for minimum wage essay

Making a catchy title for your essay is also an important step of the writing process. What is the secret of creating a memorable title for essay on minimum wage? Leave it until the very end of working on your paper.

Now that you have written all the body paragraphs, you know every point that you have eventually decided to include. Therefore, you can come up with a minimum wage essay title that shows the reader exactly what your paper is going to cover. Don’t be afraid to get creative – the only thing to remember at this point is to keep the title clear and concise.

Minimum wage research topics

  • Raising minimum wage research paper
  • The impacts of minimum wage on job market
  • The positive impact of increasing the minimum wage
  • Minimum wages in different countries
  • Is it really possible to live on minimum wage in a “specific country?”
  • Does minimum wage increase poverty rate?
  • The effects of minimum wage on the economy
  • The negative effects of increasing minimum wage
  • Gender factor and minimum wage
  • Can lowering the minimum wage create new jobs?

Writing minimum wage research papers

  • Search for some good minimum wage topics. Mind that the topic you choose should be both interesting for you to research and relevant for the audience that is going to read it. You can look for some ideas on the Web, ask your professor for advice (maybe he or she has some topics to assign), or refer to our topic list above!
  • Be very careful with the instructions. Pay special attention to format requirements and due dates as these aspects influence your overall mark significantly. Clarify with your professor what style of formatting you should stick to while writing your research paper. And, of course, never leave this task until the last night before the submission in order not to be late.
  • Take care of transitions. Students often make a mistake of not making links between ideas to create a coherent. Therefore, make sure that there are logical transitions between the parts of your research paper and every single sentence in it.
  • Proofread your writing. The best way to polish your paper is to follow these steps:
    • Check whether your research paper is logical and clear.
    • Edit for grammar, syntax, spelling mistakes, etc.
    • Ask a friend or family member to read your paper.
    • Reread it on your own and check whether it meets rubric requirements.

the negative effects of raising minimum wage essay

Minimum wage research paper outline

  • Cover/Title Page (depends on formatting style)
  • Abstract (may be required by your professor)
  • Introduction (includes a hook sentence and a minimum wage research paper thesis)
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Results/Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices (optional)

Facts about minimum wage for your essay or research paper

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was initially established in 1938, where a minimum wage for the covered US workers was determined to be $0.25 per hour. Since then, the Act was changed in order to raise this amount to $7.25 for an hour of labor.
  • Geneva authorities have set the world’s highest minimum wage - $25 per hour. The initiative was supported by local trade unions, claiming that it will help “to fight poverty, help social cohesion, and promote dignity of each worker.”
  • Australia has the highest minimal (nominal) salary in the world – $14.15/hour.  
  • About 20.6 million people in the US are “near-minimum-wage” workers. Most of them work in restaurants or food service.
  • In the US, workers under 20 years of age receive no less than $4.25 per hour for the first 3 months of their job. After that period, the rate raises up to $7.25.

Minimum wage (per hour) rate across the world

In order to understand the issues with minimal pay rate across the globe better, we recommend reviewing world statistics on minimum wage. You can compare these figures or reflect on whether it is possible to live with such wage comfortably in your paper.

  • The United Kingdom: $10.34
  • Spain: $5.83
  • Belgium: $10.38
  • Bangladesh: $0.23
  • Hong Kong: $5.81
  • Morocco: $3.74
  • Germany: $10.87
  • Portugal: $5.76
  • Turkey: $9.43
  • Kenya: $0.61
  • France: $11.66
  • Russia: $2.27
  • South Korea: $6.84
  • Japan: $8.1
  • The USA: $7.52
  • China: $1.68
  • Canada: $9.52
  • Iran: $2.22


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