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On September 16th, Verona residents celebrate the birthday of their most beloved and popular resident: Juliet Capulet. Moreover, the whole city considers Juliet to be its guardian angel. On that day, Verona hosts festivals and carnivals dedicated to their favorite character, and all the theaters demonstrate the play.

All of this means that up to now, people haven’t forgotten this sad but beautiful story. That is why it is not surprising that teachers and professors over the world still assign Romeo and Juliet essays. If you were given a task to create a paper on this tragedy but don’t know how to approach it, you came on the right website! In this article, we will share the best writing tips and tricks as well as unique Romeo and Juliet essay topics for your paper.

Romeo and Juliet essay ideas

Here is a list of interesting Romeo and Juliet paper topics that you will enjoy working on:  

  • Romeo and Juliet tragedy essay
  • Romeo and Juliet comparison essay
  • Romeo and Juliet analysis essay
  • Love or lust Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Who killed Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Parental belief: Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Romeo and Juliet love at first sight essay
  • Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers essay
  • Are Romeo and Juliet really in love essay
  • Romeo and Juliet fate or freewill essay
  • Death in Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Dark and light: Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Who should be punished and pardoned in Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Who is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Violence and love in Romeo and Juliet essay: Question of marriage and family
  • Types of love Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Who caused the death of Romeo and Juliet essay: Can Friar Lawrence be blamed?
  • Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Who is the tragic hero in Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Patriarchy in Romeo and Juliet essay
  • Violence in Romeo and Juliet essay: Do family feuds make any sense?
  • Romeo and Juliet love essay
  • Romeo and Juliet fate essay
  • Romeo and Juliet essay: Who is to blame but lovers themselves?

Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay

How to write Romeo and Juliet essay? 

  • Read the play carefully. While you may have already read thousands of short overviews, it is worth reading the literary piece yourself. It will help you understand the plot better and see the small details that are often omitted in overviews in order to make them brief.
  • Ask questions. When reading the play or searching for the information on it, write down questions that arise and try finding answers to them. This will help you make your own assessment of the characters and their actions, as well as potentially come up with a great topic or a hook for your paper.
  • Use quotes. Romeo and Juliet essay, as any paper on a literary piece, is perfect for inserting some short quotations from the tragedy. The relevant quotes will become strong examples for the claims you are making and will help you support your line of reasoning if used properly. When quoting, always put the text in quotation marks and indicate an exact page number you have taken the piece from. Note that the number of quotes should not exceed 10% of the overall text.
  • Throw away the cliches. If you want to ask a rhetorical question for Romeo and Juliet essay, going with “What’s in a name?” or any other popular phrase from a play might not be the best idea unless you are specifically analyzing rhetorical questions. Same goes for using such phrases as “star-crossed lovers” or “good night, good night.” Unless they help you prove a point, it is best to avoid using them.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Seeking assistance is always ok! If you need help with Romeo and Juliet essay, you can always ask your teacher for advice, visit a writing center, review online tips, or ask professionals for writing advice online. Whatever tips you are given, make sure they will be useful and helpful in your writing process before you apply them.
  • Proofread your paper. When you finish your essay, read it several times, preferably a day or a few after you are done with it, to assess the quality of writing with a fresh eye. You can also show your essay to friends or family so that they can not only find mistakes that you’ve missed, but also tell you if it sounds coherent and professional.

Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay

Romeo and Juliet essay outline

Outlining is a vital stage of any paper writing process. It helps us to keep our ideas organized and structure the text properly from the get go. Here are some of the parts that you need to include in your outline:

  • Romeo and Juliet essay introduction.

In Romeo and Juliet essay, introduction paragraph plays one of the most important roles as you have to both spark the reader’s interest and show them why your topic is important. In order to do it right, there needs to be:

  • An attention grabber for Romeo and Juliet essay. As this would be the first sentence of the intro, it should leave the reader wanting to learn more about the topic. Good hooks for Romeo and Juliet essay might be quotes, relevant factual information, or even questions.
  • Once you are done writing a hook, give readers some background info on the topic or justify why you have chosen to research it. Be sure to cite any factual information if you use it in this section.
  • The last sentence of your intro would be a Romeo and Juliet essay thesis. Here, you will need to list the main arguments that you plan to discuss in the body of the paper.
  • Main part.

This is the most extensive and informative part of your text. In this section, you need to review each of the arguments you have previously mentioned and support them with the info you have found when doing a research. Preferably, do not review more than 1 point per paragraph and carefully transition between the arguments.

  • Romeo and Juliet essay conclusion.

How to end a Romeo and Juliet essay? First of all, restate your thesis and make a brief overview of points that you have made in the body of the paper. Secondly, to make sure there is an insightful ending to Romeo and Juliet essay, answer the “so what” question, i.e., explain why everything you have previously discussed matters. Finally, remember that a good conclusion sentence for Romeo and Juliet essay leaves a reader with a great impression and calls them for further reflection. Therefore, make sure that a closing statement for Romeo and Juliet essay refers to and reiterates the strongest point you have made so far, links what has been said to a larger context, or calls the reader for certain action.

Writing creative titles for Romeo and Juliet essay

In order to come up with great Romeo and Juliet essay titles, you need to:

  • Finish writing the paper first. When you are done with your essay, you know which ideas you have included and which ones did not make it to the final version. Therefore, there is no chance that you will add something irrelevant to the title.
  • Reread the paper. Check your thesis and the main points you have made – they will likely be the best basis for your title.
  • Write down a few options. It doesn’t matter how short or long they will be – you need to see what titles seems to work for your paper and you can revise them to be of the necessary length later.

Violence and love in Romeo and Juliet essay question

What type of essay to choose?

There are many kinds of essays about Romeo and Juliet you can consider working on. If you are free to choose any topic and, thus, any essay type, we suggest one of the following:

  • Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay. The main goal of such an essay is to persuade the readers that your viewpoint is the right one. It is important to appeal to people’s emotions and logic, as well as develop a clear line of reasoning.
  • Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay. Once you choose a controversial topic, you will have to determine your stance on it and use factual information to support it.
  • Romeo and Juliet literary analysis essay. In such a paper, you may analyze certain parts of the plot, imagery and literary devices used.
  • Romeo and Juliet compare and contrast essay. Choose two characters or situations and point out what their similarities and differences are. 
  • Romeo and Juliet critical essay. When making a critical analysis, you need to evaluate the text. Show readers what you think about the play and support this opinion with examples from the text and other credible sources.

Interesting and useful facts for Romeo and Juliet essay

It is safe to say that there are few people in this world who do not know the story of Romeo and Juliet or have at least heard about it. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot surprise your professor with interesting facts about the play in your Romeo and Juliet paper:

  • Shakespeare’s tragedy is based on an ancient Italian folk legend.
  • Romeo and Juliet was originally published in 1597. However, Shakespearean scholars have argued for a long time that this version of the play was not only unfinished but also forbidden. The version we know today was published in 1599.
  • You definitely know that Romeo and Juliet were young lovers, but it’s easy to miss how young Juliet was. In fact, she was 13 years old and died 2 weeks before her 14’s birthday.
  • In 1662, actress Mary Saunderson took the stage as Juliet, and she is considered the first woman to play this iconic role. Until that moment, only men played all roles in the theater.
  • The original name of the play was The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
  • The tragedy was first filmed in 1900.
  • There are more than 100 adaptations of this famous play in dozens of countries - the USA, Canada, France, Italy, the Philippines, Croatia, Argentina, and many others.


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