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On September sixteenth, the inhabitants of the Verona celebrate the birthday of their most beloved and popular resident: Juliet Capuleti. Moreover, that whole city considers Juliet to be its guardian angel. On that day, Verona hosts festivals, carnivals dedicated to their favorite heroine and the theaters demonstrate the “Romeo and Juliet” spectacles. All this means that up to now, readers haven’t forgotten this sad but beautiful story. It is hard to believe that Juliet still receives romantic pictures, letters, notes. This issue, by the way, may become one of the most amusing Romeo and Juliet essay ideas.

In this article, we will review one of the most important of Shakespeare’s works to give you a nudge towards writing the Romeo and Juliet tragedy essay. Shakespeare, like many humanists, at some stage of his creative development saw the primary source of evil interfering with the victory of modern relationships. And this cannot be called delusion or tribute to illusions. But a new morality could pave its path only in the battle against the old morality. Let’s take a closer look at this dramatic work of art.

Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay

“Romeo and Juliet": Shakespeare’s First Tragedy

In the Romeo and Juliet essay introduction, it is worth mentioning that this work - a song about an unhappy but triumphant love - is very standard for that era. The contemporaries of this play were thrilled by it. This work is magnificent from the beginning to the end, and it could have arisen on the condition that Shakespeare's genius consistently guessed what the laws of life contain, and what they don’t. If Shakespeare shined with happiness and luck in separate parts and particulars the work as a whole would turn out to be oblique and incorrect. Trouble and misfortune are the fuel on which a passionate feeling flares up. we can call this interesting phenomenon, "the attraction of dissatisfaction", but it is better known as the "Romeo and Juliet Effect". Social and physical barriers only inflame passion. They force a person with a new force to deny reality, thinking only of the admirable qualities of a loved one. Stimuli for love can serve even as a disagreement or a temporary break with your lover.

The Shakespeare's  "Romeo and Juliet" drama is established on an ancient Italian folk legend. But creating the Romeo and Juliet paper, you should point out that the great playwright managed to breathe a new life in this ancient legend. He made this tale the property of his period - the Renaissance. The Renaissance carried with it a wish of freeing a person from the yoke of unjust relations. These were the times when the ascetic ideals of the Middle Ages collapsed, the times of the origin of social utopias (see the "Utopia" novel by Thomas More), a novel philosophy and science established on experience and the study of real things (see "The New Organon" - a philosophical essay by Francis Bacon). These were the times of the heyday of the wonderful realistic art.

Shakespeare is close to his readers, as he does not consider the victory of the new over the old easily flowing people emerging from ethical superiority with a new worldview over the supporters of the feudal old world. The pathos of Shakespeare's creativity - especially the creativity of his mature years - is precisely in the tragic struggle between the new and the old, in courageous recognition of the necessary and grievous sacrifices that paved the way for the victory of the new. Shakespeare would have retreated from the truth of life if he had made the humanist Hamlet a prosperous enlightened king of Denmark. No, the crown will be given to the real policy of Fortinbras. Shakespeare would retreat from the truth of life even if King Lear, wise with wanderings on the bottom of society, would return to the throne as a kind fairy-tale monarch and make Britain a country of dairy rivers and shoestring beaches. The tale of Romeo and Juliet is all the more instructive that only the price of their death has been defeated by the age-old division of the two families. Shakespeare left happy finals for other playwrights of his time - talented poets, sometimes even more scientists than he - but still only his contemporaries.

The sources of the tale of Romeo and Juliet are known to be Italian. Shakespeare mainly met with them in the poems of Arthur Brooke, printed in 1562. State this in your Romeo and Juliet essay.

"Romeo and Juliet" is an absolutely excluding the ascetic ideal work. Romeo is a bad son, neglecting the traditions of the family, and is far from being an exemplary citizen of his city. He is afraid, exile, not because he will not see the walls of his native Verona for a long time. He willingly exchanges his citizenship for being a glove on the white arm of Juliet. Juliet is a disobedient daughter, ready to give up her father, mother and "thousands of Tybalt" lives not to part with her lover.

Self-denial is an absurdity for them. Obligations in friendship and love are also completely superfluous. Romeo tries to swear by "the stars and the moon." Juliet wittily replies: "Oh, do not swear by the changing moon that every month it changes its appearance." "So what am I to swear?" Romeo asks. "Do not swear by anything." The answer is ingeniously simple and truthful. Why swear, swear, when treason is impossible? Why try to remember what you can not forget? Juliet is ready to die not because she gave Romeo's vow of loyalty, but because she loves him and cannot become Paris's wife. Romeo dies because he can not live without his beloved. All the moral categories that we find in the play are not the causes that determine the behavior of the characters, but can only be viewed as a consequence of their actions.

In the love or lust Romeo and Juliet essay don’t forget that both Juliet and Romeo develop as a whole in one direction, eventually becoming real heroic personalities. This largely explains the symmetry elements of the play. But such symmetry does not bother the viewer, for the initial state in which each of the heroes is located before they are seized by a mutual feeling turns out to be very different, and therefore the development of Romeo and Juliet, especially at an early stage, goes largely in different ways.

In the Arthur Brooke’s poem, William found the history of Romeo and Julia which was already highly processed. He found there not only the main characters, but almost all the side faces, all the major motifs, many secondary characters, a plan for whole scenes, and the idea of ​​many particulars. What else was left for our poet to do, and what did he add to this material for his part? How did he achieve such a result? This is a very interesting theme and you should consider it if you’re looking for the unique Romeo and Juliet essay topics.

Shakespeare's goal was to excite sincere sympathy, deep compassion for his couple, to shock us with the image of their fate, but at the same time to raise a glance at the presence of a reconciliatory element. Shakespeare managed to transfer an interesting, touching novel into a poem with an exciting, terrific tragedy of a lasting value. There is a huge difference in the point of view of each of these writers to their plot, in the presentation, which each of them has about his subject. Both Shakespeare and Brooke gave themselves the labor to briefly indicate the content of their work in the sonnet. It is instructive to compare both these sonnets.

In the Romeo and Juliet essay introduction paragraph, it would be appropriate to tell about the fact that the problem of love worried Shakespeare in all his works and it is evidenced by the comedies of the first period, and works created after 1599, and plays of the last period. However, the early works of Shakespeare bear a special stamp, characterizing the means and ways of posing the problem of love in the artistic sense. It is in these works that Shakespeare, as it were, aspires, so to speak, to an aesthetic analysis of the problem of love in its pure form, without complicating it with such secondary ethical aspects as jealousy, social inequality, vanity, etc.

The key to understanding the life-affirming pathos, which will penetrate the finale of Romeo and Juliet, lies in the very development of the characters of the main characters of the tragedy. The transformation of a young man and a girl into fearless heroes under the influence of a great feeling shows what inexhaustible possibilities lie in a man capable of reaching the highest peaks of fidelity, self-sacrifice and beauty. The optimism of the Shakespearean tragedy should be sought in how the heroes of his tragedies look at themselves and their activities, their positions and circumstances to the general human point of view. "Romeo and Juliet" undoubtedly serves as an excellent proof that the characters of Shakespeare can rise to a common human point of view.

In Shakespeare’s works, we can always feel the loneliness and exclusiveness portrayed even in Romeo and Juliet. In the Romeo and Juliet themes essay, you can tell about the barriers and obstacles that stand in their way. The entire established automatic order of life is against them. They dared to dedicate to their secrets only one Franciscan monk. Juliet, in the end, lost her only ally, the nurse, and she also took the side of Paris. Everything is held in the balance, on the measures taken by Lorenzo, on his message to Romeo, and the time given for everything is the most concise: Juliet is about to wake up in her tomb, the sleeping pill taken by her acts only twenty-four hours. Under such a system of circumstances, the most unfortunate outcome is most natural.

The initial moment of Romeo's development has been indicated - it is a break with the conventions of courtesan entrainment and in some measure a return to that natural for Romeo worldview, which he regains, having fallen in love with Juliet. The Shakespearean play does not give grounds for assuming that this suddenly-flushed feeling becomes even stronger in the future; apparently, since its inception it was incredibly intense. Nevertheless, the vocabulary and figurative system of Romeo replicas allow us to state that the hero was not immediately able to free himself from some bombast - an inevitable companion of courteous courtship. Particularly indicative in this regard is the explanation night of Romeo and Juliet. The images, in the sphere of which he is accustomed to stay, only gradually disappear from his speech, giving way to that unpolished compliments to the open style that Juliet expects from him. This may be a good hook for Romeo and Juliet essay.

According to Brooke, Juliette is sixteen years old, to Shakespeare - incomplete fourteen. Juliet's age in Shakespeare is tragic and must be compared with the short period of the novel itself. Fourteen years is an artistic image. It clearly shows how much Juliet has gone through in her life, how many have not been passed by her, how many of her lifeless years have been taken away from her.

This is an indicative drama of his "cheerful period "of comedies. The affection for a woman is depicted here in the pathetic, even religious and sensual tones. For instance, Romeo doesn't allow himself to think  "sacrilegiously" that in his eyes someone might be better than Rosalina, as his eyes would become "heretics." This is worth mentioning in the Romeo and Juliet critical essays. The novels or dramas of the 600's and their characters never allow themselves such refinement in the demonstration of their susceptibility.

The Renaissance, according to Shakespeare, is the festival of the unleashed human beings who have broken through to the light, the music of their primogeniture. In Mercutio, it is sharp and brilliant. He has not yet decided on anyone or anything. Mercutio knows how to be a friend of Romeo, a friend to death, as because of Romeo's quarrel with the Capuletti family, he perishes. In the poem of Arthur Brooke, published in 1562, from which Shakespeare set out, Mercutio is portrayed as brilliant lady's gentleman; according to Brooke, Mercutio is a lion among the lambs, and lambs are the girls of Verona, who are shy before him. Old values ​​have lost value for him.

There is a heat of life in him and it does not sacrifice it as it is necessary. His hatred for Tybald is sincere, his love for Romeo is the same. When he dies from Tibald's sword and for Romeo's sake, he cannot help but exclaim: “ A plague on both your houses!”, as the hostility of the two families became the reason for his death. He sees that he is dying a foolish death for the sake of fetishes, alien to him, for the sake of someone's generic accounts. This gives us the answer to the question who is the tragic hero in Romeo and Juliet essay.

Coleridge, a romantic poet and critic, praised Mercutio: "Oh, how can I describe this fervor, this sophistication and this excess of youth, spilling over the waves of pleasure and joy. Sometimes this is the semblance of a frivolous beauty who deliberately curves her face, confident that the admirer will not cease to admire them, wrinkles her forehead, knowing how smooth he is." It seems Coleridge picked the right comparisons.

The most important scene with Mercutio is the duel between Mercutio and Tybalt. By the way, Mercutio is the only character in the play who so sharply responded to the violent young Capulet. This pronounced antipathy serves simultaneously as a characteristic of Mercutio himself as a Renaissance man, hostile to the medieval morality of Tybalt. Therefore, the duel of Mercutio and Tybalt far outgrows the framework of a street fight started by young people from decent families, a phenomenon very common for those times. The duel between Mercutio and Tybalt is the widest generalization, symbolizing the clash of the old beginning embodied in Tybalt, and the free, life-loving spirit of the Renaissance, the brilliant bearer of which is Mercutio.

The symbolic character of this duel is emphasized by the last words of the dying Mercutio. Feeling a fatal blow, Mercutio realizes that he did not just die from the blow of a vile nothingness, capable nevertheless to kill a person. The death curse that he sends to both houses ("Plague, plague on both your houses!”) indicates his despair sadness. This is what you should say about violence in Romeo and Juliet essay.

Talking about Paris, Both Painter and Brooke described Juliet’s parents decided that she was mourning too long about Tybalt and wanted to comfort their daughter by marrying her; it is at this time, and in the poem and in the novel, a new character appears - Count Paris. And in Shakespeare's play, in the already mentioned first scenes, there were talks about the possible marriage of Juliet with Paris. And if the old Capulet first believes that his heiress can wait, then Lady Capuleti argues reasonably enough that Juliet is already ripe to become a wife.

Taken together, these two circumstances allowed Heinrich Heine in a poetic form, but ultimately accurately characterize the state of Juliet at the beginning of the play: "She is a non-opening rose, before our very eyes, blossoming under the kisses of Romeo in all the splendor of youth." Indeed, the meeting of Juliet with Romeo falls just at the moment of turning the heroine from girl to woman; thus defining the starting point in the development of Juliet, the playwright received an excellent opportunity to disclose the most important thesis of the revival ethic - the idea that love is a force capable of immensely enriching a person's nature. By the way, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet essay should be portrayed with all due respect: as brave, impatient and passionate, as he is a tragic hero in his own way.

If you’re writing the Romeo and Juliet comparison essay you may need to say that unlike Romeo, who has loved before her, the young heroine is guided by the feelings that never appeared in her life before. The spiritual enrichment of Juliet under the influence of a sudden flash of love cannot yet be interpreted as the transformation of Juliet into a heroic personality. Indeed, the powerful chords of a new, unknown music in Juliet's soul completely drown out the topic of family quarrel; love gives her the courage necessary to accept the first independent decision in her life and give her heart to the heir to the house of Montague. And yet this spiritual enrichment is only a solemn prelude to a breakthrough. The perspective that opens before Juliet on the night of the first meeting with Romeo does not necessarily require a truly heroic rise of all Juliet's mental powers. It is possible that the young Juliet could at this time hope that sooner or later her union with Romeo will receive the blessing of her parents.

A decisive change in the character of Juliet occurs after she finds out about the outcome of the duel between Tybalt and Romeo. Emotional shock caused by the incoherent story of the nurse, breaks through in a brief, full of vivid antitheses monologue. These antitheses also cannot be regarded only as a tribute to the euphuistic style; they are engendered by the confusion of a feeling that is caused by the suspicion that Juliet's soul has crept in, that the beautiful appearance of Romeo hides a disgusting essence. This is important to include in your Romeo and Juliet analysis essay.

Going back to Shakespeare, we must say that he bravely fought for human rights, believed in dignity, devoted much effort to glorify the beauty. In this way, he became a contemporary of all nations fighting for the full emancipation of mankind. This Romeo and Juliet essay outline helps us realize why this topic is still relevant. He is the ally and adherent. This explains his growing popularity among readers and viewers of all times and nations. Among inspired by Shakespeare are the playwrights, poets, musicians, actors, who consider him their a demanding teacher.

It is important to note, that the readers argued a lot about Rosalind, Juliet's predecessor. Why Romeo's love for Rosalind was first introduced? The answer is clear: Rosalind is prompted by the whole style of Shakespeare's tragedy. Rosalind is the first sketch of Romeo's love, after which the love is authentic. August Schlegel wrote in his famous article on the tragedy of Shakespeare that the second love of Romeo, in fact, is his first.

The cleverness and resourcefulness of Juliet, who so quickly became an adult, her impeccable ability to master her feelings is particularly evident when she finds out that her lover is in danger of death. As far as we know, this touch in the characterization of Juliet, perhaps, most vividly shows that Juliet in the most stressful situation is able to think not only about how to avoid marriage with Paris, but also to find means to protect Romeo. We have in mind Juliet's reaction to the replica of the mother, who dedicates her daughter to Romeo's revenge plan. Lady Capulet wants through her man in Mantua to poison the Romeo plan, which is very typical for those times. At this moment, Juliet not only lacks self-control so as not to give her fright, she immediately comes to the only possible solution capable of saving Romeo from imminent death: Juliet undertakes to make the poison herself, which will be sent to Mantua (III, 5, 96-99 ). And in the evening of the same day, taking a sleeping potion, Juliet again makes a heroic move, which requires great courage. Mention this in your Romeo and Juliet essay who is to blame.

Romeo and Juliet’s love is a miracle of deepest reciprocity. In Shakespeare's sonnets, something quite different appears. They are written from a strong and rich person, deeply seated in life, and they are almost melancholy. Whichever individuals they face, the torment of reciprocity is incomplete, problematic, fragile. The one from whom the sonnets originate, their constant hero himself actually begs to be recognized, as the state recognizes another state. No matter how intense his existence is, this hero remains dark, he is and he is not, he needs to be illuminated by love, in which after all there are "sanctions" for his personality, asserting it from the outside. Self-consciousness is not enough, the consciousness and recognition of others are necessary for a life that is completely real.

If you need help with Romeo and Juliet essay you should put attention to the poem of Arthur Brooke. He had written the play in a way where the correspondences are emphasized clearly: the nurse was an adviser to Juliette, Lorenzo - an adviser to Romeo. In Shakespeare's tragedy, this symmetry also gets an inner meaning: both advisers are not very competent, each in his own way. If we recall everything that Brook said, Shakespeare's tragedy also captures a shade: Lorenzo acted too professionally, his whole plan was monastic, Franciscan, all his actions from professional skills to agree to mediate. In Shakespeare, a person limited by his own position, internally imbued with it is a man of no higher order. Genuine people in Shakespeare know how to break out of their position, go against everyone, as it was with Juliet, with Romeo. The philosopher does not fit into the picture, he referred to his task with generosity, however, with confessional, cellular politics and thus brought the catastrophe closer.

Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay

Romeo and Juliet Love Essay

That’s what you should include in your alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet essay: if the world wasn’t that cruel we could be reading another story, but William pictured it as real as it gets.

After the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare will not once again introduce the motif of the dramatization into his tragedy. Lorenzo staged the death of Juliet, Iago staged before Othello the treachery of Desdemona, Hamlet staged his madness in front of the Danish court. Each time the dramatization turns into reality, moreover, disastrous, tragic. People in Shakespeare are successful in acting when their theater is meeting real life itself.

In the who caused the death of Romeo and Juliet essay, state that we can only rebuke their relatives for this. Not the monk, sent with a note to Mantua, detained on the road by quarantine, or that Brother Lorenzo was overdue in the cemetery for several minutes. The evil fate of Romeo and Juliet is the cruel world surrounding them. Shakespeare contrasts to this world his young heroes.

In Shakespeare's tragedy, there is a distance of history, unknown to antiquity, and this brings about enormous changes. The winner for today is not yet a winner for tomorrow. Today the defeated, he can come into force tomorrow. The actual assessment of the moral and aesthetic diverges.

Within a few days described in the tale, Juliet matures significantly. In the Romeo and Juliet compare and contrast essay don’t forget to say that Romeo also becomes a grown man within those several days. It is worth noticing that the heroes have no feelings of pinching loneliness, which will then be experienced by Othello, Lear, Coriolanus. They have their loyal friends with them: Benvolio and Mercutio, ready to put their lives for Romeo, noble Lorenzo, Balthazar.

This drama is often referred to as touching, beautiful but sad. An early legend, a literary masterpiece in Western literature, describes romantic love in rather common but yet interesting conditions. "Romeo and Juliet" is a fundamental source of all the romantic literature appeared, which is displayed in our times not so epistolary as in the films. In the Romeo and Juliet literary analysis essay it must be asserted, that modern ethologists of love, thinkers reflecting it, pay little attention to the two beloved. But the fundamental attributes and the foundations of this feeling were before the appearance of the before-mentioned pair.

In Brock's poem, the action is stretched for several months. Shakespeare limited it to a few days. Why? He was guided by a true dramatic instinct, no more. Brook takes three whole months to quietly enjoy the secretly married couple with their happiness, and only after that, an event that has the consequence of their separation takes place. Shakespeare has this adorable young couple as if created for each other; but the world, the fate does not want them to belong to each other. He gi he gives them several hours be happy, and that's when their fate is solved. Tybalt is killed and Romeo is expelled.

Here is where we come up with a good Romeo and Juliet essay thesis: "The temptations of love," emphasizes H. Fisher, "are the creators of the distinct operas, dramas, novels, unforgettable melodies, wonderful sculptures and paintings, colorful holidays, fairy-tales. Love is a grandiose treasure granting amazing human pleasures and experiences. But rejected love can create painful suffering. Obsessive harassment, deaths, deepest depressions carry innumerable tortures around the globe. So, one of the main Romeo and Juliet essay questions should be the "What is love?” question.

It is a complement of beliefs and ideals that established in the Middle Ages, passing from generation to generation. Starting the discourse of love we recognize ourselves and find ourselves in another one as in a mirror. Answering the rhetorical question for Romeo and Juliet essay you should state, that when we love someone, we believe we have found the ultimate point of life, which is revealed in the existence of another person. Having found our missing part, we feel integrity and completeness. It seems that life has become filled with superhuman energy, lifting us into unattainable above the ordinary earthly existence. Such inaccessibility is for us a sure sign of "true love". Psychological integrity includes the unconscious requirement that our beloved necessarily and constantly evokes in us this of delight.

Romeo, at first, only imagines that he loves Rosalina. This girl does not even show up on stage, so her absence underscores the illusory nature of Romeo's passion. He is sad, he is looking for solitude. He avoids friends and seems a "foolish fervor" to Lorenzo. Melancholic This is well understood by his comrades Benvolio and Mercutio, who cheerfully tease him. In the essays about Romeo and Juliet state, that meeting with Juliet transforms him, and then a new Romeo is born, devoted to the present feeling. Lethargy gives way to action, changing his views: he only existed for himself, now he exists with Juliet. For her, he exists, for her - and thus for himself: after all, he is loved. Not a languid sadness over an unrealizable Rosaline, but a lively passion inspires the hero.

Love miraculously influenced his relations with people. The hostile attitude regarding the Capulets family, blind hatred, which could not be justified by any arguments or reason, was replaced by courageous restraint. Heroes are not yet confronting their world, they are not alone, they have relatives, on their land, in Verona. They need so little! They are far from such "maximalists" as Lear, Hamlet, Coriolanus, Timon, as lovers of Antony, Othello. Looking for a good hook for Romeo and Juliet essay picture the division of their relatives as nothing more than a relic. The law, the townspeople shouting: "Hit them! Beat the Capulet, beat the Montagues! " The old enmity is tired of everything. Signora Montague keeps her husband from interfering in the fight. In fact, Juliet's father even likes the son of his enemy, secretly appearing on his ball. Lorenzo, the spiritual mentor of the families, presumably had reason to hope that eventually all could be well settled and the children's marriage would reconcile the warring houses.

Your Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay should say that external conditions and family life are important circumstances, but not the basis of the course and outcome of the tragedy. A hot, southern, summer day is a natural background, the atmosphere of the whole action of the “Romeo and Juliet” tragedy. Quarrels, fights and massive fights here are tied - like jokes and the passions in comedies - from an excess of strength, like vapors, into which excess energy leaves, they are born out of nothing.

In the Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay state, that the tradition of understanding that the discourse of love, spontaneity and uncontrollability in its appearance goes back to the era of ancient Greece. And although Aristotle does not speak about the randomness of eros in the mythological context, but even he still can not deny that man is not able to control love. Love (eros), in his opinion, is involuntary, because it is strong, and is capable of defeating human nature.

The types of love Romeo and Juliet essay may be different, but if you really want to make it good, you have to really go deep into the theme of love. But in this case, love is defined by a certain period. The bourgeois method in art Shakespeare won, although he could not defeat the methods of the bourgeoisie in real social life. A powerful exposition of Shakespeare's tragedy, where the whole epoch, all its main currents are immediately visible, gives a common clue to the events. The whole is covered, therefore all episodes and their connections appear in a new way. Unlike Brooke and other novelists, Shakespeare shortens the details.

When you receive the Romeo and Juliet essay assignment there is nothing left to do but to read the play. Thus, reading it carefully,  you may notice that in "Romeo and Juliet" play, above all, reigns the hot sun of a summer day, as in the world of comedies, all ruled by a magical moon, a magical night. External events in this tragedy are piling up: real battles are taking place on the street, blades are shining, living bodies are falling dead, blood is pouring, dancings at the ball, a secret wedding is being performed, another is being prepared noisily and painfully, with the same bride, extraordinary deeds are performed at the tomb, duel rivals, the resurrection of the dead, and, finally, two suicides. And yet the author's interest is not directed towards these events and incidents. He could further increase externalities, emphasize individual actions and deeds more. Arthur Brook is very keen on the diversity and extraordinary nature of what is happening. He is occupied not by one psychology of actors, he has a greedy attitude to the facts of criminal order. In them, he sees something tempting, capable of increasing the value of his novel. Violence and love in Romeo and Juliet essay question should state the events in Brooke’s version, which are presented as facts of the criminal chronicle. Lorenzo gives Juliet a sleeping potion, which is the illegal act according to his beliefs and his science, it is a crime against established rules. It was not for nothing that Brooke ordered the pharmacist to hang: the poison trade was a criminal act. It is significant that Brook's interests are mixed up: in this early bourgeois novel written by him, psychological analysis and psychological research get along with the criminality, with a frank attachment to it. Shakespeare did not paint the scene in the pharmacy, as Brooke did, in Shakespeare's tragedy we do not notice that Lorenzo is guilty in an elementary criminal sense. In Brooke’s, the novelists who wrote the history of Romeo and Juliet, the whole story is built like a sequence of sensational accidents and at the center of his event is the most striking one: the imaginary death and the imaginary funeral of Juliet. In Shakespeare, the center is not the same, it does not lie in the image of external events. In all other scenes the external dynamics dominates, people are intriguing and wrangling. In these two, let this word be allowed, - people sing. Lyrical "singing" scenes are surrounded by silence of events, because of the scenes, events are only threatening from afar, they will not come soon. In the lyrical scenes - the soul of the tragedy, it is written for these scenes, if you take out their lyrics, the whole tragedy, taken as a whole, will become unrecognizable. Mention this in the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet essay. The external plot in Shakespeare's tragedy serves as a stage for two regal lyrical scenes, in this is its purpose.

One more detail deserves special attention: in the first act Romeo appears on stage, being in love with Rosaline. It is clear that Rosalina knows about the love that Romeo feeds. But Rosalina - no less than the niece of the old Capulet! This circumstance is better than all the others testifies that the feud between Montague and Capulets was the lot of only the narrowest circle of persons.

In the essays on Romeo and Juliet describe the transformation of the main heroes: from the dreamy, languid youth of the first scenes Romeo is turning into an energetic man in a violent tempo of action; he has grown and matured under the influence of all the experiences he had before death. Juliet's nature also ripens and matures in these five tragedy hot days: thirteen-year-old naive girl becomes a woman, capable of an extraordinary bravery and to stage her own funeral.

Creating the thesis statement for Romeo and Juliet essay, consider writing about that just as during the illness a person changes his consciousness very much, so also in love. However, if during illness a person begins to think about his own condition, then in love a person forgets himself and everything in it is emphasized on the subject of love, that is, on the one whom he loves. So, we can see that in the phrase addressed by Romeo, it means "ontological reorganization" of the hero, his life will not be the same as before meeting with Juliet. This restructuring of all of itself, figuratively speaking "illness" is that, there is only one force that can from within, fundamentally undermine selfishness, and indeed, it is undermined, it is love. Lying and evil of selfishness consist in the exclusive recognition of unconditional significance for oneself and in denying it from others; reason shows us that this is groundless and unfair, and love directly in fact abolishes such an unjust attitude, forcing us not in an abstract consciousness, but in an inner feeling and a vital will to recognize for ourselves the unconditional significance of the other.

In the who is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet essay, state that for a family who is in mourning for a murdered relative, such haste is even indecent, it's just a fad of an angry head of the family. But the temperament of the signor Capulet is not inferior to his secret son-in-law. Lorenzo failed to get in time, and this played a decisive role. Of course, various external accidents - the plague in Mantua, because of which the monk's letter did not reach Romeo, the transfer of the wedding day, etc., played their role, but the sources of a tragic outcome are not in them. Brother Lorenzo, who before the wedding, as if resisting the feverish pace of events, instructed the newlyweds in prudent moderation, was, of course, right: even after the murder of Tybalt, after the expulsion of Romeo, after the transfer of Juliet's wedding day with Paris, everything could have ended differently, if not for the feelings of lovers, not the madness of the desperate Romeo, who in the crypt scene already calls himself a "dead man," not the immeasurable Juliet's grief, if not for the blindness of the powerful passions that are being talked about in this classic tragedy of love. So what to write in the who should be punished and pardoned in Romeo and Juliet essay? We must all agree that the senseless hatred between the parents of two beloveds played its main role and it is them who couldn’t stop it in time and failed to save their children.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Writing the dark and light Romeo and Juliet essay, note that in Shakespeare's dramas, a person recognizes himself as an individual. He reveals himself within the surrounding society and his position in it, with its nature he first feels bound inseparably. Compared with what was known about the art of writing before Shakespeare, these discoveries are staggeringly new. They are no less significant than those new ideas about the earth and sky, about the human body and the universe, which were developed by great travelers, scholars and contemporary artists and inspirers of Shakespeare. There is no doubt that Shakespeare was one of the greatest men of all time.

Love is really "not of this world," it is above us. And it is not surprising that the uniqueness of the nature of Eros (in the ancient Greek tradition) was also in the fact that under his rule were all - and the gods of Olympus, and mortal people. Love is something preset to us. We cannot love of our own free will. Love always "happens" in our life, when we do not wait for it, but our heart and soul are ready to take it and bear responsibility and take care of it as

about the greatest gift in life. About the randomness of love, its inexorable emergence (its discourse, rhetoric) a very accurate image was applied by R. Bart in "Fragments of the Lovers' Speech." Love so unexpectedly arises, breaks into our daily existence as an unexpected conversation about a feast in the house of Agathon, which Apolodor starts with a friend on his way to Athens. Indeed, love is always an accident, but the object of love is not. We do not know the place and time of our first meeting with love, with whom we will be in love, but our beloved person is not accidental, it was chosen by us among hundreds of thousands of people. It is a happy non randomness that can only happen in our life. At the end, we can say that love is a random non randomness, to which we agree, which we all are waiting for. Such a special kind of "accident", for which we are ready to sacrifice everything - our own happiness, prosperity, success, health; only to be with the one we love, who fills our life with meaning and gives wings, then there is inspiration. That is what you should remember, writing about death in Romeo and Juliet essay.

Therefore, it is natural that the first sensation embracing Juliet, as soon as her true sense awakens in her soul, is the feeling of infinite wealth, which her love for Romeo endowed. It should be specially emphasized that Juliet sees the miraculous power of her wealth in that by sharing it with another person, she will become even richer from it; in her words sounds truly Shakespearian appreciation of true love, possessing which a person first of all seeks to make the one whom he loves happy.

So, how to write Romeo and Juliet essay? Of course, you should start describing the key topic of the drama. Juliet, an Italian Renaissance girl, as Shakespeare portrayed her, finds the meaning of love and her only delight in love itself and in nothing else, which is typical of the time that is certified by the work of the most diverse poets and novelists of the Renaissance - from Petrarch to Boccaccio. Her love must be expressed in something extravagant - in deeds, in self-sacrifice, which is also characteristic of the traditions of Renaissance literature and art.

As a lyrical poet, Shakespeare in his sonnets came into direct polemic with both the courtly concept of love and the Petrarchist desire to find pleasure in the agony inflicted by an undivided feeling. As a playwright, he refuted this concept in Romeo and Juliet, showing how majestic and beneficially sincere, an all-consuming feeling compared to the speculative conventions that make up an integral part of both Courtutism and Petrarchism.

In the tragedy, Shakespeare made Mercutio the most important weapon of this polemic. Mercutio himself does not express any consistent and positive system of views on love. It is possible that Mercutio could be captured by this passion just as much as his friend Romeo. But the playwright takes Mercutio another role: throughout the whole tragedy he appears as an ironic commentator of Romeo's love for Rosaline and the results of this love.

Mercutio taunts, not in love as such, not in the great human feeling so highly valued by the people of the Renaissance. He sneers at precisely the Petrarchist conventions, with which his friend tries to decorate his hobby. In the fact that he directly opposes Romeo's Petrarchism, he is persuaded by his remark in the 4th scene of Act II, as if summing up the evaluation he gives to the fascination that seized Romeo, and therefore serving as a key to understanding the image of Mercutio himself.

In the Romeo and Juliet fate or freewill essay say that for lovers and those around them, at first glance, their feelings, their way of being, are ridiculous, comical. Let's try to figure out why. The French philosopher A. Bergson in the fundamental work "Laughter" actually speaks of the impossibility of a connection between love and comic. After all, in his opinion, the comic is connected with the crowd, the prevalence of the mind over the senses. Love, on the contrary, is primarily a deeply intimate, individual feeling and, most importantly, within the framework of its discourse, not reason, not reason, but feelings. We see that for those around him (Romeo's friends - Mercutio and Benvolio) Romeo's love for Juliet is ridiculous; their joy, pain, feelings - comical, out of place, strange, paradoxical.

Many peculiar features of "Romeo and Juliet" can be clarified only by showing that the tragedy reflected the same attitude of the poet to the reality surrounding him, which imbued plays of other genres created by Shakespeare in the first period of creativity. For instance, he portrayed that the bourgeois Verona lost the loving feeling after the hero’s death. In the Romeo and Juliet essay prompts state, that novelists, urban narrators such as Arthur Brook, write stories of human pursuits, where love is a sweet thing and death is the cessation of all activities. In Shakespeare’s work, love, life, and death in are inspired in an inspired way. Romeo and Juliet "blow up the keys", they approached the primordial elements, their lives exceed themselves so much that it comes to the limits of death. But they had love. Shakespeare departs from bourgeois prosaism and reunites with folklore. Being a great artist, he knows from what qualities the present reality is composed. The truth of life and death is accessible to him.

The Romeo and Juliet paper topics are usually devoted to the " experience of love". Love generates justice in order to be able to actually exist, or rather, to do what it is capable of in a world of contradictory and mutually exclusive individuals. " In order to come to love, which will later become eternal, one must endure a lot, overcome many difficulties, trials from society, people. It can be assumed that the Western thinker says that love creates a special kind of justice, in which there is equality of lovers, people love each other and are ready to share everything equally, while the advantage is not given to the subject, but to the object of love. Ultimately, Romeo says that philosophy can not help him. I think that the question is not so much that philosophy itself is helpless, but rather that philosophy should be combined with love.  Add this to the are Romeo and Juliet really in love essay.

Love is called a game, not just a game, but a game with fire. It is worth noting that not only love is called fire, but also jealousy. However, one must say that there is such an opinion in this context: "Be jealous of health if jealousy is used as a small and" mischievous "element in the variety of love games in the best sense, that is, as a creative process, and does not become a" demonic weapon " rough passion. In this regard, the attitude towards jealousy will be playful and frivolous-tragic on both sides, because its poisonous sting will first be "withdrawn". But this, of course, is not the devastating jealousy with which suffering, tragedy and crime have been associated for centuries. Jealousy is a game that animates, renews and diversifies feelings, gives joy and pleasure to the feeling of love. However, all this is available only to lovers who managed to rise above the "demonic jealousy." Add this to your Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers essay.

Thus, after analyzing the philosophy of the romantic culture of love based on the text of William Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet," one can draw the following conclusions:

1) Romantic love is not only a discourse of passion and ethos of eros. This cultural and historical type of love absorbs the connotations agape, philia, storge. Discourse lovers in a romantic version is not focused only on the passion and manifestation of the ardor of feelings, it is also care, understanding, responsibility, attention, sacrifice and others. aspects and connotations inherent in love-filia, love-storge, love-agape.

2) From the philosophical point of view, an important role in the discourse of love in its romantic invariant is occupied by analyzers, especially hearing, vision, skin. Hearing, to a certain extent, appears in the love discourse as an even more important analyzer than vision. It is not so important for the "beginning" of the love story, as much for that, when, in many respects from the "what", "how" and "where" the lover hears, the question "a long time" will (love) continue existing. The image of romantic love can be likened to music as a "co-sound / event" of two loving personalities. Vision, sight influence not only the beginning of the love discourse, but also the whole further history of love, the eyes sometimes serve as a means of knowing, specific communication between lovers. Regarding the meaning of the skin (touch) in the love discourse, it can be noted that it acts as a "marker" of the absence of fear, distrust between its participants.

Violence and love in Romeo and Juliet essay question

Romeo and Juliet Essay: the Tragedy of Love

Romeo's reaction to the news of Juliet's death is completely opposite, both in content and in the manner in which it is expressed. Romeo replica sounds like a shot. Once Brother Lorenzo, concerned about the power of the passion that gripped the characters, compared it with fire and gunpowder, which, when they kiss, cause an explosion. Now the spectator himself sees a fatal explosion, engendered by the whole power of love, concentrated in the heart of Romeo. Describe this in your Romeo and Juliet love at first sight essay.

Romeo and Juliet love scenes are incomparable. The question is how cunning, how messy the course of events is and how simple these scenes of lyrics are, which Shakespeare created with unshakable inner unity. We ask what creates a difference between the lyrical scenes and all other sets of scenes, plot lines, externally effective ones. We will ask and answer: different types and styles of human relations are given here every time. The lyrical scenes recreate the relationships of people from within, based on their self-determination and freedom, and this higher type of relationship pours out into something simple and clear. Around Romeo and Juliet, life is different in nature: every day and every hour there are violent and coercive actions, they control people from the outside, and for this lower type of life complexity they need a weapon noise, they need a specially adapted tool. Outside of Romeo and Juliet is the realm of external positions dictating to people what they should do, where people act impersonally, using the traditions of the clan, class, family, profession, resorting to home and legal, professional, church and religious ritual.

In the context of considering the connection between love and freedom, it is necessary to consider the difference between passion and love. M.Epshtein writes: "If there is a desire in love, but there is no inspiration, there is no mutual transmutation of personalities, it is devoid of its magical properties and it is better to call it passion. Passion, unlike love, is magnetism without magic, it is the confinement of one person to another without that inner freedom that is given by inspiration. Passion needs only what it needs, it is oppressed by the reality of being, the uniqueness of what it has found and without which it cannot be; it wants to repeat, again and again, only this. I believe this is may be an insightful ending to Romeo and Juliet essay. Passion condemns to suffering, because it cannot breathe, it is not ready to give freedom to a loved one, it fears this freedom as an inevitable betrayal. Love breathes the air of opportunities, it needs a constant renewal of itself and of the other. It is not afraid of freedom, at its foundation - the belief that the beloved will always remain with you, because otherwise there would be no love itself. Once you have met, you cannot be afraid of anything, because as you belong to someone you cannot belong to anyone else, (it's only mine, only I can know it). Love releases a loved one to freedom, to meet again and again with him in the unknown on the paths not previously negotiated, to which only innate destiny can bring them. In this inevitability of a return from the point of separation, love re-triumphs. Passion chokes and weighs. About love we can say that its yoke is good, and its burden is easy. " Thus, based on the text "Romeo and Juliet", the experience of romantic love opens up an understanding of freedom in people's lives in a completely different way.

Romeo and Juliet Fate Essay

A good attention grabber for Romeo and Juliet essay is the character of Lorenzo, philosopher, contemplative, connoisseur of nature, herbalist. His role in the tragedy of Shakespeare is far from being limited to ancillary activities. Lorenzo brings a lot of himself into the semantic composition of the tragedy, colors the tragedy with additional emotions. To find out the meaning of Lorenzo, we need to understand the meaning of this character in the Arthur Brooke’s vision. In Brooke's poem, Lorenzo is very detailed. Shakespeare, giving Lorenzo the talk and act, kept in mind Brook's text and agreed with him. Commentators have long caught one episode in Shakespeare's tragedy, from which it follows that Shakespeare was even able to mix his own text and Brook's text: he accepted Brooke's words for what he said himself, although in practice he forgot to repeat Brooke where he needed to do it.

Writing the creative titles for Romeo and Juliet essay, it would be appropriate to look through the prose of Brooke, who is very good at creating catching lines. Arthur Brook, a brave sailor, drowned a year after the appearance of his poem, participating in a marine expedition sent to help the Huguenots. With his readers, he is less brave and assures them in the introduction that neither Romeo and Juliet are disobedient to their parents. In the poem, much is changing compared with the preface, Brooke forgets his promises, his puritanism, and yet he lets Lorenzo come to life with memorable reservations. In the poem itself, there are important reports about Lorenzo: it turns out that he is a man in the Montague family and in the Capuletti family, so he willingly betroths Romeo with Juliet, hoping to reconcile both of his patrons. In Brooke, Lorenzo stands his role as a spruce and insinuating monk, he does good deeds, but not without caring for himself. The same ethics, very accommodating with regard to personal interests, we also meet with the Italian novelists.

The Romeo and Juliet tragedy essay should, contain information about the process of its creation. We can assume that Shakespeare could see his future heroes among guests in aristocratic houses, castles in London, and in the provinces while traveling on tour. Here, among aristocratic youth, he noticed, perhaps, the pale face of a girl whom parents forcibly married for an unloved, and a pensive boy who writes sonnets and, unlike his merry friends, constantly indulging in dreamy thoughts. Creating good Romeo and Juliet essay titles, think of illusions from the very story. Shakespeare, accustomed to working in documents in historical chronicles, treated novelistic sources as if they were documents of a special kind. The appearance of the Franciscan monk, the professional conciliator of the parties, a small cautious politician, did not dissipate in Shakespeare, although in his Lorenzo he put forward primarily a philosopher. In the scenes of the third act Lorenzo conducts meaningful speeches, they contain a Renaissance dialectic close to the feeling and the mind of Shakespeare: good turns into evil, and evil turns out to be good, which is a salvation, it can also be the motive of death. However, the wisdom of Lorenzo has its own undercoat of ordinary pastoral edification and reasoning. All this wouldn't’ be necessary if Juliet’s parents didn’t decide for her. They, as all parents, believed that they know what’s better for her daughter.  Don’t forget to include this in your parental belief Romeo and Juliet essay. Well, if so, imaginary death is preferable, suicide, of course, can be exchanged for imaginary death. But in imaginary death, in Shakespeare's imaginary funeral, something philosophically and poetically reprehensible is contained.

During the whole play, the old world order is thoroughly undermined and is preparing to capitulate. How can we understand that in such comparatively favorable circumstances the heroes still die? The death of the heroes in this Shakespearean work may seem random, it's not for nothing that many researchers even listed a number of deliberate circumstances that led to the sad ending. For example: it was enough for a monk with a letter to pass quarantine, Lorenzo to be a few minutes earlier in the crypt or Romeo slightly longer drinking poison, and it would all have ended quite safely. With this approach, Romeo and Juliet can in no way be called a tragedy. If this work belongs to the tragedy genre, then it is necessary to indicate the causes of the catastrophe, which will be inevitable. German Romantics Augustus and Friedrich Schlegel have seen this cause in the characters of heroes, too beautiful for this world.

But the thing is that these Shakespearean heroes are by no means unattainable ideals. They are supremely natural, normal people and that's why they seem to be an exception. They never think about what lies beyond their practice, as Hamlet does. But in solving their own life difficulties they are brilliant. They are not unfit for the world, and the world is not entirely suitable for them. Abnormal reality, where there are customs chains, traditions, tyranny of the state, money, where for a noble act of revenge is sent into exile, where they are married according to calculation, where no mother, father, or wet nurse can be relied upon. Romeo and Juliet are not defending, but coming: confidently, bravely, strongly, and not repenting of the deed. They are not afraid of the world and do not squander vain curses. They act, however, in our opinion, too rapidly, but quite naturally. What seems to be a predetermined fate of the heroes does not come from their weakness, inability, but from the exactingness to the world, which is quite normal and only looks excessive. This would make a good Romeo and Juliet essay conclusion.

So, writing the who killed Romeo and Juliet essay state that they are the winners. This tragedy, despite its sad end, is clear, sunny, and does not yet contain any historical pessimism. Heroes do not yet come into conflict with the course of historical development. Quite the opposite. Although their interests and aspirations are only aimed at gaining personal happiness, they are in complete harmony with the progressive course of history. Romeo and Juliet do not think and do not care about anything other than their love, sacrificing their family traditions and dominant customs, nevertheless their love and its tragic consequences bring the greatest benefit to all residents of Verona.

So, how to end a Romeo and Juliet essay?  Shakespeare sings here the self-will of the beautiful human personality of the Renaissance. The whole work is imbued with a deep belief that everything done by this person, if she is really beautiful, can bring only one good. To deserve the high honor of being called heroes, they must satisfy the only requirement - to be themselves.

This fragment is devoted to consideration of vulnerability, vulnerability of love and lovers in the context of "Romeo and Juliet". It must be said that vulnerability in man begins with the very first feelings of love. A person who loves (irrespective of gender - Romeo and/or Juliet) experiences a truly great shock, pain (physical and moral) in the mind, suffers from the fact that he loves and feels this feeling. This shock can be safely compared to the "big explosion"; as far as it was significant for the universe, so much for the emergence of love radically changes and transforms human destiny. "Big Bang" in a person's life is not only the first meeting, the first look into the eyes of a loved one, but the very premonition.  It may be a good conclusion sentence for Romeo and Juliet essay.

It is necessary to note one more moment of vulnerability among lovers. As the well-known domestic thinker E. Traits writes: "Love, as such, cannot fail to rejoice in joy, for the complete perfect love is joy. Love dares, love goes far, as for it not enough loving knows that it should be next to ones beloved, share her fate with him. Love always strives for reciprocity. When love, however, is deprived of joy, reciprocity, daring - it hurts in us. When parents, for example, love their children, do not see from them joy or attraction, they will always love them forever, but this love will become their pain. The pain of love is harder than physical or mental pain. Pity for someone whose love hurts. " Why is this pain for Romeo and Juliet harder than everyone else, why love wounds so long remain in the minds of lovers, soul and heart? In his Confession, Augustine, as if answering these questions, speaks about the unreliability and vulnerability of love to everything transient with some frustrating frankness: "May my soul praise you for this world," the Lord, the Creator ", but let it not stick to him with a sensual love, for he goes where he was going-to non-being and torments the soul with mortal anguish, because she herself wants to be and loves to rest on what she loves. And in this world there is nowhere to rest, because everything in it runs off unceasingly: how to keep up with this carnal feeling? "So it turns out that only the eternal, ontologically perfect, only that" can not deteriorate "is truly worthy of love. Therefore, logically,

Consequently, in an ethical context, one can say that the discourse of romantic love between Romeo and Juliet is paradoxical in that it is free unfreedom. And this is the vulnerability and vulnerability of both the subject and the subject of love. She simultaneously gives absolute freedom to those who love, as O. Clement says "throws all the masks from the person's face", but also they completely hold power in her. "Love is fragile, and lovers often suffer from the cruelty of their loved ones, and yet the main thing, the essential suffering of love is suffering for those we love. In the heart of a loving (Romeo or Juliet-VT), every suffering, every insecurity of the object of his love, responds with tenfold force; it is in this sense that the vulnerability of love will be interpreted below ... love vulnerable and wounded, love paradoxically combining pity and rapture, eroticism and compassion, increasingly becomes today the value of a certain human constant for the most diverse areas of manifestation of this feeling wherever it can still take root in our postmodern and post-apocalyptic reality. " Where does this paradox arise, what gives rise to such a unique ontological vulnerability in Romeo and Juliet? Thus, it can be concluded from the Shakespearean tragedy that romantic love is not a "flower bouquet" discourse between a loving person and not just walks under the Moon. Already the very appearance of a feeling of love, according to philosophical discourse, inevitably gives rise to feelings of vulnerability, vulnerability of both participants love discourse. This can be a good closing statement for Romeo and Juliet essay.


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