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Examples of job application letters

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Job application letters (they're also called 'cover letters') are sent or uploaded with resumes when it comes to applying for jobs. Without a great application letter chances that your resume is going to be noticed by an employer are really small.

Such pieces of custom writing explain why you are qualified for the job and what makes you worthy of a further interview. For that you have to use information that is relevant to the position you decided to apply for without duplicating it from your resume. You need to prove that you're the perfect candidate, and therefore your application letter has to be unique.

When writing an application letter, it's important to follow the following structure:

- subject line (in case you send your application via email) that clearly states who you are and which position you're applying for;

- header (your and the employer's contact information followed by the date, but if you're going to send your application via email, you'd have to place this section right after your signature);

- greeting (as a rule, it should start with 'Mr./Ms. Last Name.' if you know the employer's name, if you don't – just write 'Dear Hiring Manager' so that you still could keep your letter professional);

- introduction (why you are writing – what position you're applying for exactly and why do you think you deserve to be called for an interview);

- the body (write 1-2 paragraphs about what you have to offer by not just simply restating your resume, but providing examples that can actually show what you're capable of);

- closing (draw a conclusion in regard to you being a perfect candidate for the job, state that you're waiting for the employer's decision, explain how and when you'll be able to follow up, and thank the employer for his or her consideration);

- signature (always and your application letter with a handwritten signature if you're going to send a physical copy of your application or simply type your name and contact information when emailing. For this purpose, you can use a professional email signature generator. It will save you lots of time and help make your signature truly stand out).
Before you start writing your application letter, you have to learn a few basic rules. First, such letter  has to be no more than 1 page long. After that there's a need to make sure that you won't do any mistakes in regard to formatting it (should be single-spaced and have a space between each paragraph). And it's also important to use an appropriate font – a traditional one (Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial) and choose its size accordingly (10-12 points).

After getting your application letter written don't rush to send it right away. Remember to proofread it carefully and correct any mistakes you find. Also, it may sound quite funny, but don't forget to make sure that you don't confuse the names (of the employer or the company). When you write a lot of application letters, it's actually possible to neglect this step and end up spoiling one of your chances to get a great job.

If you are applying for some creative positions and feel like you need to add something to the structure of your application letter – go for it but know your limits.

Preparing a job application letter is quite intimidating for many people since at some point their academic careers may literally depend on such pieces of custom writing. It's so easy to lose a chance to get a job of your dreams when you don't pay much attention to every essential component of your application. It is a real challenge – to get this task done flawlessly.

However, If you're not sure that you can handle it on your own, there's always an option to get some professional writing help online. Our company provides affordable custom writing services the quality of which always stays high since we hire only the most talented writers who create all the works from scratch.

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Business paper writing

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