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It is literally impossible to imagine our lives without the Internet today. People work, sell and buy goods, communicate with friends and family, and look for entertainment online. The list of advantages and disadvantages of the Internet is quite long, but the fact that it became an inevitable part of life is doubtless. That is why so many teachers and professors around the world assign their students to write an essay on the Internet.

The range of topics on Internet varies greatly, and you can use your creativity and critical thinking to come up with an original and interesting one. If you are ready to start working on your essay but got lost in various ideas, do not worry! In this article, we will suggest the best topics for your essay about the Internet and share some useful writing tips.

Internet essay topics

Here are some exciting ideas for your consideration:

  • Essay on the Internet and its uses
  • Purpose of the Internet essay
  • Stance about Internet essay
  • The power of Internet essay
  • The evaluation of Internet essay
  • Life before and after the Internet essay
  • Do we underestimate the value of the Internet essay
  • Online services on Internet essay
  • Purchases on Internet essay
  • Reasons for surfing the Internet essay
  • Unlimited access to the Internet essay
  • The bane of the Internet essay
  • Politics and the Internet essay
  • Sexuality and the Internet essay
  • Christianity and the Internet essay
  • Sleep deprivation and use of the Internet essay
  • Essay on uses of the Internet for terrorist activities
  • Essay on role of the Internet in children’s development
  • Essay on importance of the Internet in socialization
  • Essay on uses of Internet in our daily life
  • Essay on life without Internet
  • Advantages of Internet for students essay
  • Unlimited access to Internet: Good or bad essay
  • Merits and demerits of Internet essay
  • Essay on benefits of Internet
  • Essay on influence of Internet on children
  • Pros and cons of Internet essay
  • Uses and misuses of Internet essay
  • Invention of the Internet essay
  • Impact of Internet on society essay
  • Spending too much time on the Internet essay
  • Access to Internet and education essay
  • Importance of internet in education essay
  • Safety measures for surfing Internet essay
  • Privacy on the Internet essay
  • Dangers of the Internet essay
  • Life without internet essay books vs Internet essay
  • Can you make real friends on the Internet essay
  • Positive effects of Internet essay
  • Negative effects of Internet essay
  • Insomnia for using Internet essay
  • Addiction to Internet essay
  • Dependency on Internet essay: Do we rely on it too much?
  • Compare news from television and news from Internet essay
  • Life with Internet essay
  • Imagine a world without Internet essay
  • Making friends through the Internet vs in real life
  • Is it safe to look for love on the Internet essay
  • Can you fall in love over the Internet essay
  • Evils of Internet essay
  • Should the government control the Internet essay
  • Should everyone have access to the Internet essay
  • Future of the Internet essay
  • History of the Internet essay
  • Newspaper vs Internet
  • Library vs Internet essay: What help us study more effectively?


advantages of internet for students essay

Internet essay outline

Outlining is one of the most important stages of essay writing on the Internet. No matter what size of your paper is, neither long nor short essay on the Internet cannot be written well if you do not have a plan to follow. Outline is exactly such a plan. It helps you understand what sections your paper will consist of and what each paragraph will cover. The more research you do – the more details you can include in your outline. However, you should remember that the basis would be:

  • Introduction about Internet essay.

It usually consists of 5-6 short sentences introducing the topic of the essay. The first and the last sentences of each intro part are hook and thesis statement for Internet essay.

  • A perfect hook for Internet essay is a phrase that can immediately interest your reader and engage him or her into reading the paper. In case with Internet essay, you may use some astonishing statistics about Internet use.
  • Before moving to the thesis, you need to add some background information to help the reader understand your topic better. Do not go deep into the history of the issue under consideration – just give a brief overview of it.
  • Your thesis statement has to present the issue you will consider and emphasize its relevance and importance. You can also list the points that you are going to discuss in regards of this issue.
  • Main paragraphs of Internet essay.

This is the biggest part of your paper, where you need to present a lot of factual information. Usually, there are 2-3 paragraphs describing the essence of the issue in a regular essay (but of course, there can be more or less depending on your word limit). Arguments are essential in this section. These are facts, scientific evidence, references to the opinion of scholars, etc., which help you to back up the points you have made in the thesis.

  • Conclusion of Internet essay.

In this part, you draw a general conclusion about the essay topic, summarizing the main points and restating the thesis statement. Here, you can repeat some of the ideas that you have mentioned earlier. However, do not copy them from the previous part of your essay – you will need to rewrite them completely. The closing part is your last opportunity to convince the reader that your reasoning is valid, so end with a strong statement.

merits and demerits of internet essay

Best tips on writing an essay about the Internet

  • Choose a narrow topic. When it comes to the Internet, there are millions of things you can talk about. As it is used in every sphere of our lives, it is hard to think of something that is not connected to it in any way. While a lot of aspects of the World Wide Web might be interesting to you, it is crucial that you focus on a narrow topic, as you likely have only a page or a few to write about it. The more specific the topic is, the better arguments you will be able to present.  
  • Stick to the outline. Once you have received the assignment, determine the type of essay that need to be written and the outline that would suit it. Use bullets to list the sections you are going to include and add brief descriptions to each one so that you can remember the points you were planning to include during the writing process.
  • Be concise. In general, an essay is a short piece of writing. However, some students may think that the more, the better and write huge papers. This is far from being true. If your work is interesting, to the point, and you have not overloaded the text with factual information, it will be much more interesting to read than a 10-page rambling on a topic.   
  • Back up your claims. Each idea you write should be based on certain facts. Back it up with arguments, strong examples, statistics, and other information from credible sources. You should prove in your paper that you know what you are writing about and there is enough research to support it.
  • Mind the formatting style. You will need to ask your professor about the formatting of the essay that you are assigned to write. Some of the most well-known formats that universities around the world ask students to stick to are MLA, APA, and Chicago. However, they are all very different and it’s best to know which one your professor prefers before you start writing.
  • Work on your reference list. When you are writing an A+ essay, you have to know that it’s not enough just to mention one or two references. A good reference list includes three and more sources that you need to cite in your paper to support your ideas. Besides, you also need to make sure that these sources are trustworthy enough (like books or scholarly articles) to be mentioned in your paper.

essay on benefits of internet

Amazing facts about the Internet

The Internet is indeed limitless and versatile. We have collected the most astonishing facts about it for your review:

  • More than 2.4 billion people worldwide use the Internet.
  • Google is the most popular website in the world.
  • If Facebook was a state, then it would be the  country with the 3rd largest population.
  • 75% of emails (281 billion) sent every day are spam.
  • 1 in 8 married couples has met on the Internet.
  • The first video uploaded to YouTube was with the founder of the platform, Javed Karim, who was looking at elephants at the zoo.
  • The Internet is guarded by seven real people. Each of them has a key that allows them to reboot the world network in case of a technological disaster or some other event.
  • The hackers break into about 30 thousand websites per day.
  • According to a study by Statistic Brain, dating websites generate more than a billion dollars of income a year. In the United States, almost 19% of all married couples met online.
  • According to a study by Pew Research, by 2025, the Internet will be considered as a basic human need, the same as electricity and water.
  • The first website in the world was, which was created on August 6, 1991. It consisted of one web page with 153 words.
  • The number of devices connected to the Internet exceeds the number of people on the planet.
  • North Korea is the only country where only government officials and the military have access to the Internet.

All things considered, writing the best Internet essay is not that hard. The most important thing is to find a topic that is really interesting for you and stick to the writing tips presented in this article. All of this, along with a bit of inspiration, will help you to create a really interesting Internet essay. Good luck!


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