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It is no wonder that today’s most powerful and widespread method of connection is high-speed and digital. Yes, you’ve guessed it, we are talking about the internet. In today’s world, almost everyone uses it as a method for discovering new information and communicating with other people, entertaining, studying, working, doing business. The list of advantages and disadvantages of the internet is long. Even though, not everyone realizes at this point, where are we going with this level of the global connectivity. Certainly, to be aware of all the dangers and possibilities of using this world wide web, we need to study the internet in our scholar curriculums. Which definitely remains one of the reasons why so many teachers and professors around the world give an assignment to their students to write an essay on the internet. Whether you are the seasoned students on the higher academic level or just a novice in the highly demanding sphere of academic writing, you would have something to say about the internet. The range of topics for this field of study varies greatly and you can use your creativity, critical thinking, as well as scholar methods at their best.

Nevertheless, a relatively low level of questions being covered by other scholars about internet studies makes it a difficult assignment to work on. The reason for that is simple. First of all, the internet is a young invention itself, which has been on the global market only for a little more than twenty years. Thus, there haven’t been much research conducted that would supply a student with an extensive list of reference for this topic. Of course, some empirical research has been conducted, but nonetheless, any essay about the internet would take up a significant amount of time as well as the effort to shape the right thesis statement and to uncover the field of research with the most effective approach, the clearest and most defined claims, the strongest arguments, and the most credible evidence. Having said that, we have made an effort to help students with working on this topic by creating a simple step by step guide like the one you are reading right now. After reading this article, you surely won’t be left short of ideas and methods to create a perfect essay on the internet and its uses deserving only the best grade.

Continue reading if you want to know everything on how to pick the best title for your essay, as well as a number of priceless tips and tricks for every student to know. If you want to discover unusual ways to cover the internet topic in order to stand out of the crowd and win the attention of your professor over even hundreds of students, make sure you keep this article in your browser, save and share with friends that you care for. Don’t hesitate to discover on this page every little thing that you want to see on your check-list for a wonderfully structured essay abiding by the finest norms of academic formatting and literary style. Whether you are writing just a simple and short essay on the internet or working on a large research for an argumentative essay being a milestone for the whole period that you have been studying one of the disciplines - in every single case you will find some valuable piece of advice for you and your peers in this simple write-up that is easy to use for the real high-level academic writing. So, no more talking, let’s get down to business and discover  new alternative ways of how to craft the highest class essay writing on the internet!

Essay on uses of the internet

Since the very invention and distribution of personal computers all over the globe in mid-nineties everyone sensed the big change in the way we think and act that this digitation of performance brings with itself. No matter the occupation of the person or the social status, each one will find how computers and the internet would be useful in their lives. That’s why, it is still relevant to write an essay on uses of the internet. In case if you perform some deep and extensive academic research on this theme, it will surely benefit much, your academic performance. And when exploring the world of the internet, it is relatively easy to do since the topic is not yet widely researched, as we already mentioned it before. So, what do you start with when you are writing an essay like this? Let’s think about it for a moment. The topic is considerably wide as long as there are dozens of ways to use the internet either for personal or for professional purposes. It is crucially important at this stage to not get lost in your thoughts and not to make your argumentative claims too difficult to understand. Because as we all, know, if you can’t put your thoughts in an easy and straightforward manner, then you haven’t sorted it out as much as possible even for yourself. So, the first thing that we are going to learn in this section, is how to define the best approach that makes for the most valid title, thesis statement, and the whole line of reasoning for your prospective “use of the internet” essay.

First off, you need to consult your professor about the type and the formatting of the essay on role of the internet that you are assigned to write. Some of the most renowned formats that universities around the world choose to abide by are MLA, APA, and Chicago style. Mostly the rules of each and every style touch some formatting style issues that don’t affect much the sense and content of what you are writing. The only difference between such essays would be their visual look. Why do people format in these various styles when they are writing certain types of academic assignments? The reason for doing so is simple. It is just easier on the eye to read those types of essays if you are conducting rules of formatting, which are considered to be more natural for the field of study that you are working on. For example, technology-related studies are easier to read when using APA formatting because it requires as little distraction when referencing to citations as possible. This is also the reason why this format is the most widely used when writing about social and behavioral studies. In case if your essay on importance of the internet touches those kinds of studies the most, you can use this style unless it is stated otherwise by your professor. That being said, the Chicago formatting in its turn, requires directly stating all of the citations sources right in the text after the lines that you have cited. It is convenient when it’s important to follow the source for more information and also, for knowing exactly who proposed a certain point of view and where it is disclosed. For humanities studies, one of which could also be your internet influence on humanity essay, this format can be considered appropriate, again, unless it is required otherwise by your university and the discipline that you are currently studying.

However, the most popular style among universities all over the globe is the MLA format. It is comfortable for reading the wide range of studies. It requires some basic things that you have probably already used to like the Times New Roman font of 12 size and double spacing between the lines. It also calls for one-inch margin from top, bottom, left and right, your last name and page number in headings of every page, left-hand text alignment and centered title alignment. Some of the title, dates, and citations formatting, including the internet introduction essay format, you will find in every guide on MLA format and they are effortless to follow. However, what you really need to start with is picking up the right topic for your academic assignment. Thankfully, the internet is quite a popular topic as well as a hot one for debating on today’s academic scene. Nevertheless, we recommend you to employ a systemic approach and to look for rather a type of the information explored in the essay rather than looking for a particular topic apart from all of the scientific methods typically used for writing it. What we are talking about are some basic logic constructions upon which you are going to structure your essay. For a more straightforward and easy work on your essay, you have got to think of that in the first place. For example, do you want to explore the contrast and comparison or causes and effects relation regarding the topic that you are going to write about? This is an essential choice before studying the subject. Is it going to be a general research like the essay on uses of internet in our daily life or creative exposition on the theme of an essay on life without internet? Either way, this choice defines the structure of your argument, the character of your evidence, as well as every single detail for your future essay.

However, this choice stated above also depends on your overall goals and the type of the essay that you are working on. If your task is just to write a quick in-class assignment, you can express mostly your own opinion. In this case, you can pick both a general topic as well as a narrow one. In the general essay you are going to outline the main tendencies on people’s relations with the internet world as for now without diving much into details. Similarly, if you would work on some specific topic like advantages of internet for students essay, you could use mostly moral and emotional evidence making it a persuasive essay or a speech. However, if your professor would require a more grounded research and gave you more time for homework, you would rather have to write an argumentative essay or a research paper that implies the use of at least a few reference sources as well as careful structuring and the impeccable shaping of both the idea of thesis statement and the whole argumentative line of the assignment.

Even though, all of the logical structures that we have mentioned above, are applicable to both more rational structures for the argumentative essays and more emotional claims of the persuasive essays. For instance, the binary structure of contrast and comparison is preferable by many students because it is much easier to talk about the issue if there are only two contrasting sides to it, for example, the good and the bad. In regards to the internet essay it could transform into something like the internet good or bad essay. In this case, you are creating a tension of the argument that is necessary for every argumentative essay. As you may already know, in an assignment like that, it is compulsive to follow a couple of evidential body paragraphs with a polarized viewpoint that is considered by other scholars as an opposing view to the point that you are defending in your essay. Thus, just like any good business plan, you would explore the risks and competition that opposes your idea. Same goes about an academic paper like merits and demerits of internet essay. Traditionally, the first paragraph would necessarily explain merits of the internet use like the instant exchange of the information, ability to access foreign partners with virtually no borders, access to loads of information for free, and etc. By contrast, the other paragraph should show how the excessive use of internet could affect societies in a bad way. Here you would place the studies about bullying, fraud, and internet addiction.

Similarly, you could structure your paper upon only one side of the above stated contrast. In this case, the opposing view is desirable but not necessary. For example, in an assignment like an essay on benefits of internet, you would focus simply on the good side of the issue meaning the careful exploration of specifical benefits of using the internet. This kind of approach gives you an opportunity to study the good side of internet more in depth. Hence, you could spend more pages writing about the studies that support the global web of instant messaging and the massive pool of digital information online. Another good side to this approach is that, you can examine various fields of study regarding your single subject of the internet benefits. You could base your research on sociological studies as well as medical research data, economic, political, technology, psychological, philosophical studies. Even so, without a small piece of information on the probable bad outcomes your essay would sound not scientific enough because if you focus only on one side of the issue, then you are lacking the objective view on the area of research that you are exploring. Another way to keep the information balance and make your paper sound academic not to focus simply on good or bad sides because, as we all know, every problem is complex and consists of opposing sides to it. Instead, you could take one specific area to your subject and show it in a greater dimension. For example, this could be an essay on influence of internet on children. Here you could talk both about the good and the bad sides to the internet influence picking the specific social group of children.

advantages of internet for students essay

Impact of internet on society essay

In the previous section we have started talking about the various logic structures within a typical academic essay when writing about the internet and its influence on modern society. While contrast and comparison train your ability for critical thinking, there are many other methods to consider for your highest grades, which we are going to talk about in a moment. Meanwhile, it’s also worth mentioning that any good comparison consists of two radically opposing points of view. With that said, if you take time to think about the ways, in which you could branch off this approach, you can come up with some priceless ideas for your academic paper about the internet specialties. For example, you could focus on some of the most popular questions to remember about the web while pointing out your vision in the pros and cons of internet essay.

Luckily, as an active user of the internet, you might write an essay like this without even referring to other sources of information because you know this subject like no one else. Even though, it’s important to have your bibliography list crafted and used properly in your essay, whatever is the length of it, just like with any academic assignment out there. For instance, you could be more creative with shaping your title and go for something like uses and misuses of internet essay. Moreover, it’s not enough just to mention two or three references. A good reference list counts five and more sources to be cited in order to support your ideas. Not to mention the fact that every single argument and evidence line should ultimately prove some inflection of your thesis statement. In addition to that, all of these ingredients to the perfect essay should be bonded together with smooth transitions, well thought out outline, and of course, every data piece should be wrapped in your comments including your own thoughts and ideas. But don’t be overwhelmed about all of these features just yet, we are going to discuss how to do it a little bit later in this article. For now, let’s finish with the question of how to plan your essay in advance, so when you make all the research and shape a perfect outline, actually writing the paper would be easy as pie. 

Besides contrast and comparison model, there are so many interesting approaches to apply while writing your internet essay. Starting with the very beginning, you could explore the history of the phenomenon with the invention of the internet essay. Just think about it for a moment. Everyone is so over the internet, especially for the last decade or so. Internet is everywhere and sometimes it is even impossible to imagine the job, the communication, or dealing with some easy actions like tickets booking if we didn’t have the internet to make it fast, easy, effortless, and completely no time-consuming. But have you ever thought about how did one genius person come up with the idea of inventing it? what did they think about? Did they have any role model to follow? What was it supposed to do and what did the inventors of the internet plan to be its main purpose of existence? All of these questions are extremely timely to think of because what if you know the algorithm of inventing new and highly demanded things? The answer is easy. You could invent something similarly demanded and get famous. So as you can see, writing essays and research papers like that is extremely beneficial. Even though the internet itself is a relatively new feature of our lives, it became essential for doing practically every little thing we do. That being said, researching the topic about the history of it might even help scholars come up with ideas of where to move further one. It’s also a good idea to pose this question in the conclusion of internet essay.

Knowing the past is useful for watching after the cause and effect relations and making some predictions, but if you feel more like writing about the challenges and possibilities of the present day, then impact of internet on society essay could be your winning topic. An essay like this could also employ your own personal vision on the cause and effect issues. But for starters, you must realize that this topic hides a pretty bit of difficulty. Because there is a multitude of various effects that the internet imposes on societies of different cultures. Even so, you could take the most credible researches in this field and base your academic paper evidence on them to make it sound valid. In relation to the cause and effect model it would also be relevant to write on the topic that doesn’t state straight the binary bond between cause and effect. For example, the title could sound like spending too much time on the internet essay. A theme like this is good because it is fairly flexible. You could apply either cause and effect or contrast and comparison approach. For students familiar with academic writing, it could also be possible to masterly combine these two approaches side by side in two body paragraphs explaining various facets of the issue due to the outline that proves the thesis statement with arguments in the appropriate order chosen by you. For example, you could move from the general evidence to more specific or from the strongest argument to the least important.

All in all, academic essays could both cover the wide range of subjects to consider as well as being targeted at one important issue that needs careful studying. Any of these approaches might be academically appropriate. Even though, you should consult your professor about which one of them is more preferred in the light of your current studies. Because, in cases when you need to learn how to place the right reasoning, to explain both evidential factors and opposing points of view, to craft good introductions and conclusions, general themes like the internet and education essay would be genuinely appropriate. On the other hand, if you have crossed the line between the novice student to the higher academic level, you need to tackle more serious tasks. For example, you need to learn how to prove your point with the help of a perfectly logical arguments line. In addition to that, you absolutely need to know how to shape the thesis statement to make concise and original.

While originality and uniqueness might be the tasks of the most importance that affect your eventual grade at most. More experienced students know how to propose new ideas and address issues that have never been stated the way that they did it. At first it might sound like a difficult thing to do, but as you learn all the basic techniques and methods of academic writing, it will appear much easier to think of new ideas to offer in a scholarly appropriate manner. In this case, your title for the paper should sound more specific and targeted. If you explore internet and education, you would suggest the topic like the importance of internet in education essay, where you would put the sufficient evidence about the features that you consider important in education when it comes to using internet as the tool for making the education better, more efficient, more available. In this regard, it is worth to mention countless online courses either from leading universities or from private teachers that have flourished these days and explain how they expanded the perspectives of more individuals getting a good education faster and with less effort. You could also state and prove with relevant evidence the fact that it is not necessary to go abroad or even leave your favorite couch to get a valuable degree or certificate opens promising opportunities for more people worldwide. The websites offering these courses as well as online academic databases could also be good sources for your empirical research in this field.

All things considered, no matter whether you decide to pick one of the logical structures for your essay or combine a few of them, what is ultimately important is how sound does your argument line looks regarding the process of proving your thesis statement. It is especially important to maintain a balance like this in a topic like surfing internet essay. Anyhow, the topic about internet lets you go deep practically in any field of study. Thankfully, there are lots of branches where you could take your research to be fairly beneficial in terms of creating new concepts and new issues to address in an academic manner. Having said that, let’s look at the most common as well as most creative of them. Of course, the most popular body of knowledge for now in studies that examine internet is the sociological side of the issue. The reason for that is obvious. Internet has created a new way of communication meaning any type of information exchange on a global level. Moreover, it became instantaneous and available to everyone on the Earth. That’s why it is especially popular to look at the ways that internet affects every individual in his or her daily life meaning both private and professional life, as well as exploring more long-term effects that would influence the whole present generation and generations ahead of us. The privacy on the internet essay could serve as an example of learning how the internet use influences everyone’s private life, for example.

As you might already know, the boundaries online are not as clear as in real life. This fact as a result, creates an illusion of someone else’s life being much closer than it actually is. Posting photographs and comments in publicly opened social accounts also creates an illusion of exposing someone’s personal life out into the open. Such actions eventually might appear harmful for the person who does so. Moreover, communicating with followers of one’s account online could both have a positive and negative impact. The positive impact here would be that much more people would be willing to support someone’s initiatives online than in real life. That would make a person feel encourages and move forward in their lives more willingly. However, the negative effect would imply online bullying, body shaming, trolling, as well as direct and indirect threat in the form of abusive messages, which sadly, became some of the most widespread tendencies of our times. You could study those tendencies more closely in your dangers of the internet essay.

In addition to that, let’s not forget the bipolar contrast and comparison approach that has well proved to be useful for students of all disciplines sweating to craft the highest-grade academic papers. It is no surprise that internet is everywhere today. Not even speaking about your browser or a smartphone app. It helps banking services to make money transfers instant, which helps a great deal both in personal life and business. The internet is also helpful for a bunch of other instant services to be working steady and fast. The question here is whether or not we are getting too obsessed with the internet and the way it works. People have been living for centuries without the internet and now it feels like there is not much that we can do without it. That said, if you would like to look at the other flip of a coin, you could think about a life without internet essay. Would it be possible to live without this convenient feature? How people managed various spheres of their lives when they didn’t have internet to help them, what were advantages and disadvantages of those methods? How we can benefit from those? These are all very interesting questions to think about. You could also imagine the future without internet and what it would look like in case if it wasn’t invented. It would also be relevant to perform some empirical research that would let you explore the causes and effects that led certain people to fully deny the use of internet. If you find a community of people that live the primeval way of life nowadays and interview them yourself, that would be a great contribution to your essay writing.

Another way to draw a telling comparison is to explore opposing ways of getting the information. In this regard it would be technology way versus the old-fashioned way of obtaining the knowledge. Let’s say, you could write the books vs internet essay. It is also being a great topic for the in-class oral debate where every classmate of yours should find persuasive evidence to prove their points while also staying sane and logical about what they are saying. Considering that the internet is most widely used not only for getting the education or certain services, but for personal communication, you could study also the relations inside this tendency. Particularly, you could write something like “Can you make real friends on the internet” essay. It is worth to mention that empirical research really rules on this topic. Even though, for making your paper sound more scientific, you should not forget about finding credible evidence to support all of your thoughts and findings regarding this topic.

merits and demerits of internet essay

Effects of internet essay

While we have already discovered lots of various topics to write about in your next effects of internet essay, the greater amount of the possible fields of study to cover has been also left out of our sight. However, we will mostly fix this issue in the next couple of sections, so kick back, relax and enjoy thinking creative about endless possibilities to invent something new in your academic studies regarding internet. The evidence that you are describing in your essay though, greatly depends on the discipline that you are working for. For instance, writing on the economy subject, you would have to look more closely on how internet became such a necessary and widespread tool for global connection of businesses of various kinds and explain the ways in which it helps to increase economic growth either of a certain region or on a global scale. In addition to that, you could be writing about the technology side of the internet. In this case, you would have to explain how hardware servers are made and how they work, what type of cables, signals, and all the things like that are used. Make sure you don’t use the outdated information about these technologies that are no longer in use. Because, as you might already know, the technology world develops so fast right now that it almost changes everything about the hardware each year. How internet servers, websites, as well as personal information is coded might also appear a valuable topic for your technological academic essay.              

Thankfully, practically in any type of the discipline it is possible to use the cause and effect model of the academic writing that so many students all over the world prefer over the other similar logical structures. Clearly, it happens because it is almost effortless to trace the relations between causation and outcome in the field of the internet studies. That being said, it is also relevant to structure your essay directly on one of the polarities, that being causes or effects. It is also worth to mention that in this case you are required to perform a detailed and well-argued analysis of both good and bad causes and effects intertwining and opposing each other at the same time. Also, you might want to just briefly touch the background of causation and then lead your reader into scholar predictions in the future of the internet essay. This kind of a paper structure is especially loved by many students since they always prefer to look straight to the future rather than digging in the past while reading old and not so interesting books seeking for citations for the history of the internet essay. Don’t be afraid of challenging tasks like this one. Of course, it is clear that no one can know for sure how is it going to happen in the future for sure. even though, making efforts to create predictions are exciting and fruitful because you might be free here to think big and moreover, get a pretty good grade for your strategic and far-stretching thinking.

Moving on to the next great strategies to outline your research paper or an academic essay, we must also mention the model where the tension of the argument shows it’s all grace. We are talking about the contrast and comparison model often being specifically assigned by your teachers or professors to test how accurately you can build up the links between opposing variables. Do you see the logical bonds that tie them together? What issues you could address to put forward the further development of your chosen topic? These are all the questions that are needed to be answered inside your mind in the first place. Speaking about the actual topics, which you can take as basic for crafting your thesis statement, you need to think of the actual contrasts to talk about in your essay. Let’s say, it could be a newspaper vs internet essay, in which you could both discover the advantages and disadvantages of the information put in a paper format versus internet websites to read online. While conducting your research, you probably will want to divide respondents into a few focus groups by age, location, social status, marital status, origin, and so on. Because obviously, the portraits of a newspaper fan and internet surfer are greatly different. Try to explore the benefits and downfalls of each format and make a relevant conclusion as to which of them could be considered the most appropriate for the present time. The same structure would apply to various topics similar to the above-mentioned one, for example, like the library vs internet essay.

However, there is also another discipline that could give you an assignment to explore the internet phenomenon on both local and global scale. That would be the subject that might appear difficult for most of the students, and that would be the politics body of knowledge. This one seems to be an especially tough nut to crack for many of you because it is quite complex and requires knowing the applicable law as well as the history of the laws passed at least, within the region that you are currently living and studying in. What’s good about this type of essays, they could simply turn into persuasive ones since politics are all about persuading the prospect electorate to vote for their parties. In a write-up like “should everyone have access to the internet” essay, you could support your probably rebel ideas not only with facts, statistics, and scholar citations, but also with your comments standing on the morality and emotional grounds, which is especially preferable by active youth infatuated by the notion that every individual must contribute to the overall democratic picture that is being painted by local governments these days. Similarly, in the “should the government control the internet” essay, you might want to talk about such important issues as the global surveillance being secretly held all over the digital world. Think about the ways in which it is the most effective and relevant to reach consensus about the privacy over the internet accounts questions.

It is obvious that picking the theme and the title for your internet-related essay might be considered one of the most essential parts of your overall working on this assignment. Once you’ve nailed this task, ever since writing the first few lines of the introduction about internet essay, it will be easy as a breeze to write every single line through all the body paragraphs and until the very end of the concluding statement. With that said, the variety of topics that are being discussed by modern teenagers regarding the internet issues are numerous and keep growing. That’s why, you probably won’t have it as an issue to pick one of them and develop the valid thesis statement. Just because practically everyone of us is an active user of the internet on a daily basis, we are all well aware of its pros and cons, dangers and possibilities. Even though, the internet access might come across as something natural to every person from child to adult. As a result, the awareness may fade away and every individual has a potential of being exposed to threats of the online world. The topic of the evils of internet essay is especially popular today in leading universities across the world because we have to understand what the hidden code injections look like, how they work, and what dangers do they possess. The danger of the internet also typically comes from problems like personal data leakage including sensitive financial information, as well as various forms of scam, spying and abuse. By writing an academic paper on this topic you would make a valuable contribution to the world’s battle against digital crimes.

While internet is widely used for business and educational purposes, the most popular areas that tempt so many users to open their mobile apps and laptops daily over and over again, are entertainment and personal communication. What do we mean by that? It’s simple. Just imagine the numerous dating sites containing countless accounts of men and women looking for love or just a casual affair. Even though websites like that also possess the danger of anonymous users making up fake accounts with unrealistic pictures and information, the popularity of dating sites grows every day. Do they even help single people to find the type of relationships they continuously keep looking for? You could deploy this topic in a love on the internet essay. On the bad side, fake accounts may appear dangerous, especially against the female part of the audience. On the bright sides, stories of true love found on the internet that wouldn’t be possible in real life without online access, do exist. It would be especially valuable if you would perform an empirical research on one or a few of those sites yourself while working on something like “can you fall in love over the internet essay”. Real stories told by real users are priceless when it comes to research on this topic. You could also make up your own statistics and show it visually using pie charts or graph charts on a large board in front of the class to make it look more appealing. Interview classmates or random people on the dating website to collect the facts about reasons why people prefer seeking for their significant others online. Support your facts with logically structured comments but steer clear of biased opinions, jargon words, and sexist assumptions. stereotype thinking regarding gender roles is also a sensitive topic so you might want to gather the evidence that supports the idea of the equal rights between the two genders. The percentage of happy couples who met on a dating site would also give a clearer understanding of whether using the online method to meet new romantic dates is effective or not.

Another similar topic, which, however, is still fairly different from the one stated above, is “making friends through the internet” essay. The number of popular social media apps spread all over the world has also been growing exponentially for the recent years of the fastest IT technology development. Developers find exciting new ways to communicate, whether it would be pictures, music, text, or every single type of digital content boiling up in one account. People share events, call for meetings and ask for help just using their phones. Even the most genial person in the class might easily have a couple of thousands of friends on Facebook. But, are they real or just virtual “friends”? This topic is worth exploring on an academic level in your essay about the internet. As you will see during your research, internet accounts have a lot of advantages but they also have just as many disadvantages for those who regularly scroll their newsfeed and update their stories. The digital life may appear more glamorous and flawless for sensitive teenagers. As a result, they want to look online better than they consider themselves to be in real life. This tendency may lead to bad socialization, hidden psychological issues, online bullying because of the fact that no one can punch you in the face online. The worst scenarios, sadly, lead to events like early plastic surgeries, deviant behavior, even suicides or massive shooting in schools. In order to prevent dangers like that, it is necessary to explore their cause and effect relations in academic papers and question for the ways of tackling these problems. If that topic sounds too tough for you, you could also get creative and let your imagination go while writing a world without internet essay. Why not? Make your paper shine out comparing with other ones, but don’t forget to insert the valid evidence to your points as well as a relevant bibliography list.

Life with internet essay

Assumptions of what could be if the internet didn’t exist might appear exotic and ambitious enough to write about in your academic essay. Meanwhile, the life with internet essay might be nonetheless valuable in case if you know how to craft it the right way. This basic topic alone looks promising but in order to sound more proficient, you want to shrink it down to one of the fields of study that inevitably interests modern scholars as well as every single internet user out there. So prepare to write down the most brilliant ideas because in this section we are going to talk about some of the most to-the-point internet essays ideas as well as about the most persuasive topics to explore within your research. But nevertheless should you take these ideas for granted. There are also so many other topics that you could think of yourself that the best grade for critical thinking and new proposed approaches could be guaranteed to you without much effort. Because, who doesn’t know about the internet these days, right?

The first creative approach for proposing new and original essay titles as well as ideas for thesis statement would be pretty straightforward. Take a usual comparison structure and name it with two specific fields of study regarding modern internet studies. Be careful, the should sound relevant and accurate for the year that you are writing it because, as we already mentioned before, the technology, especially for the world wide web develops with a speed of light. You probably have already read enough about how to write essays using the contrast and comparison model, particularly for the essay about the internet structures, in our sections above, so we won’t be boring and won’t repeat ourselves here. What you really need at this point of your working on the academic paper about such a modern technology is come up with some specific areas for research and comparison. Be careful with your logical reasoning as they two (or even several of them if you like) must contain direct relations between them and also vary at some crucial points. For example, you could compare news from television and news from internet essay. This topic sounds interesting to explore even for the seasoned student. You could use for the evidence for this one a bunch of studies on media literacy, which are gaining the increasing popularity within the scholar groups of some of the world’s best universities. Other evidence and citations could include sociological, psychological, as well as technology studies.

However, if you want to shape the impeccable thesis statement for internet essay that no one has ever proposed before you, you need a secret approach to be considered. The most popular online websites, as well as academic articles and journals are not much of a help for a purpose like this because, obviously, almost everyone from your class will use it while surfing online for references to make an essay quick and easy. However, to maintain the maximum originality, you need to go not the wide path that everyone follows. You need to create your own path. Thankfully, the technology world these days have developed to quadrillions and zillions of information to choose from. However, to look for exclusive sources, you need a secret source that is rarely used nowadays by the vast majority of students all across the globe. With that said, this step is quite simple to perform. Just go to the university library! Straightforward and obvious as it may seem but you should not overlook the advantages of the good old university library. The first and foremost - the most exclusive academic sources, with some of them available only at this place, are absolutely free of charge unlike most of the academic databases online. Second of all, you might grab the brilliant and original evidence that is not likely to be used by your fastest writing students who prefer to traditionally click the first three links in their Google search query results.

With internet widely used for entertaining and online socializing purposes, one of the topics for the hottest debates these days is the question of the dependency on internet essay. The constant updated of the news feeds on social media platforms and in mobile apps make it hard to resist picking up the phone for receiving those updates virtually every few minutes or so. With that said, numerous medical researches have been already conducted to study whether internet addiction really exists. You should look for the latest research results to insert as a credible source for reference into your internet essay. Ultimately, those sources would be the evidential basis for your thesis statement prove. In this case, not only you should answer the question of whether using internet on a daily basis is addictive or not, but also it would be relevant to propose your ideas for the ways to alleviate this problem, especially among the group of highest risk. Of course, we are talking about children and teenagers here. While writing an addiction to internet essay, you might insert the data of the neurological studies performed in mid-2000’s proving that the structure of connection between the neuron cells of the brains are altered by the amounts and characteristics of the information consumed every day. New Millennium Children are considered to have much shorter attention span than their parents had in the same age as well as a bunch of other alterations to the way they think and act. The most notorious fact here proved by neurologist scientists is that these alterations tend to transfer genetically to future generations.

If you want to narrow your topic down even more and let go of the other addiction evidence sources like the sociological studies, you have to go deeper into the studies of a human body and the way it works. How technology integrated so seamlessly into our daily lives might affect our health in the long run? This question concerns many academics as well as all the people that use smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, terminals, smart homes, and all other kinds of hardware that requires connection to the internet web. For example, if you choose to write an “insomnia for using internet” essay, you would have to carefully study only one effect, one symptom that is thought to be strongly related to the regular use of the internet. Of course, even a pupil of the middle school classes can guess that the excessive and restless nervous system activity brought up by the use of the numerous internet apps within the reach of everyone’s smartphones, makes it really hard to relax after such an extreme and prolonged tension to be maintained. This symptom and the evidence of whether or not it leads to more serious consequences with health problems might also serve you a great reference point when writing the negative effects of internet essay. However, this topic might sound considerably wide and is good for the large argumentative essay research consisting of five and more body paragraphs. The reason for that is the difference between the fields of study that fit in for this title research. As you may already know it already, negative effects of the internet might stretch from the health problems to serious issues with socialization, deviant behavior, deterioration of the academic performance, global surveillance, personal information leakage, and more.

When you are looking for the best essay title that will surely bring you the best grade for the assignment, it’s also useful to think of the field of study that you want to explore in the first place, and then move on from that to the very specific topics where you can propose your own approach. For example, let’s say that you are concerned about the problem of children uncontrollably surfing the internet. This problem might have some direct relation to your own life experience or to the real stories that happened to take place in the life of someone you know. Now that you have this theme, think of what is the core issue that hides within this problem. When children have an access to websites that show violence or deviated sexual behavior, they tend to make attempts to repeat that in their own life. But that kind of actions doesn’t happen with each child. The least effect that could happen, however, to the vast majority of them is the perception of the deviated behavior that they see online as normal. This could be the core reason, in its turn, for bullying, unplanned pregnancy, or even buying and using a real weapon. You could discuss this problem forming a specific topic like the unlimited access to the internet essay.

If you are still seeking for the best ideas for your essay and all of the most popular topics are already taken by your classmates, what you need to do first off is just to start your own research on the internet topic. As you go along and read the newest and the most prominent sources for the reference and credible evidence information for your future academic paper, mark the best citations or write them down. Make notes on the margins of the ideas and thoughts that come across your mind at those moments. Perhaps you will need them later on and they will become a basis for the strong argument, creative thesis statement, or a good title. And remember that at the very beginning of your introduction you will absolutely be required to create an engaging hook for internet essay, so you better look for the ideas of that one way before you start actually writing the body paragraphs for it.

However, there could be also situations where you need some very original source for the argument evidence. All things considered, the best sphere to look for those ones are the groups of social activists. They are masters at persuading large groups of the electorate. That being said, whether you are writing a persuasive essay or speech or an argumentative essay with a strict logical structure, the sources that we are talking about here might give you priceless information for getting fresh new ideas as well as citations and references. They also have a tight interrelation with the political sphere, so if this body of knowledge seems to be appropriate for inserting as evidence into your essay, then go ahead and look for the political speeches about the internet topic that you are particularly interested in. For example, this could be the bane of the internet essay. don’t forget though, that in an academic paper like this you have to not only state other people’s opinions and facts and data, but also comment them using your own opinion. So, when writing something like the politics and the internet essay, it’s not that you absolutely have to possess the interest for the political world, agree with certain parties’ program, or be an activist regarding the topic that you are writing about. You just need to have your own opinion, let’s say, of whether or not the certain internet websites should be banned regarding one region or even globally. Should governments have an access to regulation of people’s experiences online? Both notions have their own pros and cons, possibilities and dangers for society. So, when speaking your opinion, the most scientifically correct way to do it in an academic essay would be to state evidential argument as well as opposing opinions to them and try to propose the golden medium if you see the ways of delivering it within the context that you are studying, whether it would be politics, entertainment, dating, or business.

Speaking of using the internet for personal life, there is always a burning debate of where is the fine line between maintaining the much-needed privacy in the digital world without boundaries as well as where to look for the safety in it. Because you never know for sure whether the personal account that you are looking at contains accurate information or the one that the person wants you to know, which is not necessarily the truth. People with mental health problems have a free access to the internet making it possible for everyone to be exposed to threatening and sexual abuse. Another point here is that the sexual image that people transfer into their accounts may be enhanced and not corresponding with the real picture as well. This problem could be researched in the sexuality and the internet essay. You could trace here the social tendencies that bring people to the idea that certain images of the body, face, and appearance in general are better than the others or should be changed in order to look good on their social media accounts. That being said, you could also research solely the religious factor to the beliefs systems of people and how it could or could not be altered with the use of the internet. This theme is a good basis for a good “Christianity and the internet” essay.

essay on benefits of internet

“Reasons for surfing the internet” essay

Why everyone gets hung up on that internet connection? You can see people staring at their phones in public transport, in cars, on the streets, in restaurants, and at work. They are everywhere. At times, the virtual communication seems to be much more vital than the real one and thus, many social studies scholars question the dangers of the internet for socialization and live communication in the real world, not on the web. With that said, it’s also a good idea to work on the reasons for surfing the internet essay. Have you ever wondered why people need the high-speed online connection so much? Now you can explore this question in your academic assignment paper. There is a notion though, that at most times, internet is not used for what its creators thought it would be used for. With trillions of terabytes of information available online with fairly free access, the vast majority of people doesn’t use this connection for educating themselves. Internet is being the strongest tool mostly for the instant communication and we as students and scientists and academics, definitely should explore the dangers and the possibilities that it implies. We should study the cause and effect relations and try to predict how communication models between us change with the internet coming on the stage. And what we know for sure at this stage, is that it absolutely changes how the things used to be and how the world functions now.

Even though the large part of the internet world functions in spheres of entertainment and education, there is also a feature to the virtual online web that has significantly changed the way that the global economics work and develop. Having said that, we cannot deny the huge impact that the internet has on the global market of sales of various products and services. So, in case if your academic paper should explore in any way the economy field of study, looking at how the use of internet influences it is especially important these days. You could write, for example, the purchases on internet essay, to explain the development of online sales through different websites. The large part of conducting these sales is instant online integration with banks and electronic wallets. The latter might also be the subject of research for the online services internet essay. Some of the services are integrated directly with banking databases of the official financial institutions, thus being the most secure when it comes to the prevention of online fraud and personal information leakage. However, there are no guarantees that some online electronic wallet system that you barely know, especially on the local market, will be secure enough for transferring money and managing real finances within electronic means by converting it to the digital wallet representations of your physical money, usually by transferring it from the official bank account to the electronic merchant account.

As you might have already noticed, the internet connection has multiple facets to it and it has been used in various spheres of our modern communities lives. The online connection becomes vital for personal communication, education, business, sales and purchasing, dating and playing games, sharing information and opinions through social media accounts. Some of the experts note that anyone can be a journalist in our age since with the help of the internet connection, practically anyone has a free and unlimited access to sharing the information publicly online. You can study this question in the value of the internet essay. You could also form a thesis statement, which should answer the ultimate question of what is the real influence of the internet on people’s lives. Of course, it depends on the discipline that you are writing your academic assignment for, which sphere of knowledge should you research in your essay the most. As we have already mentioned, this could be economics, politics, medicine, finances, anything that has to do with sharing the information online or processing some services that way. Similarly, in the life before and after the internet essay, in cases where you study more of the general questions in your humanities discipline, you could briefly describe a few of that fields of study and how are they working together creating the information field of everyone’s daily lives today.

However, the evaluation of internet essay is not the only topic, in which you could describe the whole complexity of this phenomenon. As long as the evaluation may have the analysis of good sides of the issue as well as the downsides and contrasting questions that arise, if you want to picture the huge influence that the internet poses for today’s societies all over the world, you should think of another kind of title as well as the form of the argument to present for the scholar audience. For example, this could be an assignment like the power of internet essay. Considering that the internet influences significantly how we communicate, buy, sell, study, pay, fall in love, develop our personal images, we should never forget that it also influences us on much deeper, inner level. every individual shapes their perspective on the world, their perceptions of self and create their outer image, their style, and their behavior in the real world due to the information that they process from the internet world. In humanities studies, you could also point out as well the fact and evidence of modern scholars proving that the internet creates a perception of the unity of the whole global society. Thus, we can use the means of the global online openness to reach the consensus in many questions regarding economics, politics, and culture in order to not let ourselves being influenced by the biased local media and propaganda. This approach could be effective for ending the wars and encouraging the world’s growing of economy as well as higher standards of life available for everyone.

You could also develop your own opinion regarding internet use, whether it corresponds with what the academic sources say about it or not. The good reason for that is writing your own stance about internet essay. This genre of the academic writing is designed for students to train how to develop their opinions as well as how to persuade their audience in its relevance. Regarding to essay writing, if the professor gives you an assignment to write your own very personal opinion about anything in the world, including the internet, it doesn’t mean that you would be required just to write every single thought that comes into your mind, every bias or stereotype that is considered natural in the community, in which you have been raised. The thing here is that every academic essay is challenging you to learn and to develop your thoughts in a perfectly logical manner. Thus, even when you need to write the purpose of the internet essay, it still should abide by the academic norms and rules of both formatting and style. Make sure you include the supporting and preferably, the opposing argument for your opinion gathered in a proper way, and supported by credible evidence as well. After that, you should also include the appropriate bibliography or reference list. Make sure your essay also has an outline, the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs along with three to five body paragraphs.

Now, all things considered, we can conclude that writing the best internet essay is not that hard task to perform since internet is used by most of us on a daily basis. This is the topic that every student knows a lot about, that’s why the learning curve of your subject would be minimal for this topic. What are the benefits of it? It’s obvious. You have a chance to focus on how to create the best thesis statement, how to gather and order the most persuading evidence, how to make sure you have the appropriate formatting and academically correct literary style. All in all, there shouldn’t be much of an effort for everyone of us to shape the most interesting internet essay for improving the overall academic performance, since this particular topic has such a great potential to explore new facets of this technology that evolves so fast and changes almost every day. Even though, writing an essay like this could sound as an effortless thing to do, we recommend you not to underestimate the academic importance of the internet body of knowledge. Make sure you dig deep into sources for reference and find interesting facts, opinions, issues that have never been addressed before by other students or scholars.


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