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Expository Essay Topics

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An expository essay is a great way to educate people on any topic by providing useful information without trying to convince them to change their beliefs. This type of essay aims to inform the readers about a specific question or issue, present research on it, and explain why it is important. If you got such a task, but worry that you do not know what to write about, relax! There are several ideas for expository essay topics in this article prepared by our academic writing service.

How to write an expository essay?

First of all, you have to choose a topic. At first, this task may seem challenging, but this is not something you should worry about. Choose a few different fields that you are interested in, then start researching various topics connected to them. Moreover, in this article, we will share some interesting expository essay topics. Check them out, form a list of these topics, and then think what interest you the most and the least. After you have done that, look for some more information about the issues, and when you are sure that the first topic on your list is appealing to you, start planning your essay. Otherwise, move on to the next one.

Next, think about your target audience. If you are writing an essay on a narrow topic, there is a pretty big chance that many readers will skip your paper because it may seem uninteresting for them. So think about those who are going to read your essay and then make sure that the topic you are going to cover will be compelling and useful for them.

Remember that you have to follow the standard structure of your essay and plan each part of it accurately. Topics for expository essay may differ a lot, but the formatting pattern has to be followed.

The introduction will help you to entice the readers into reading your essay, and the opening sentence is the best tool for this. That is why you need to make the first phrase original and creative. Think of a hook that will attract people; it can be a joke, a short story, an interesting fact, or a rhetorical question. In the next few sentences, provide some information about the topic in order to establish the context for your readers. Last but not least, it is crucial to include your thesis statement in the introduction since this is the most critical point in the paper.

Work on the topic sentences of each of the body paragraphs and make sure that they clearly indicate the subtopic. Include the supporting evidence that can be presented in the form of quotes or summaries from books, interviews, journals, or articles. Provide at least two pieces of evidence to support each of the claims you make. When you come to the end of your essay, use transitions to move to the conclusion where you will restate the main points and thesis. Do not just copy and paste them; rephrase your ideas in clear and concise form. Finally, do not introduce any new information because it will confuse your readers. You can also suggest a solution to the issue, ask a new question, or make a call to action in your conclusion.

Best expository essay topics on politics and history

The influence of politics on society is indeed significant, as well as writing on history topics helps to educate people about some events and make them look at the challenges the humanity has faced. This way, we are able to avoid past mistakes in the future.

To write an excellent expository essay on politics and history, you have to find some really credible academic resources. And of course, you have to look through multiple sources to get as much new information as possible.

Here are some expository essay topics on politics and history:

  • The history of your hometown: when did it appear, and which historical events have happened in your city?
  • Three branches of the US Government: what are their powers and duties?
  • What is the role of the British Prime Ministers? What are their responsibilities and powers?
  • Describe Women Liberation movement. How did it make women’s lives better? Which significant changes have happened because of this movement?
  • Space exploration: describe the history of space travels. Which important discoveries have been made?
  • Evolution of voting laws: how did they change throughout time? Who has the right to vote nowadays?
  • Democracy: is it the best form of government? What are the drawbacks?

Expository essay topics for high school students

An expository essay is among the assignments that students might get in high school. Even though it seems to be quite a difficult paper to write, everyone can cope with it. For a good essay, you need to take a look at the instructions the teacher gave to the class and follow them all. Also, do not forget to cite all the quotes you use and add a list of references at the end of the paper. In case you are worried about the topic, here are some expository essay topics of education level for high school students:

  • Discuss your favorite movie. What is its genre? Which plot does it have?
  • If you have a job, discuss your experience and responsibilities. Why have you decided to work? How does the job influence your study?
  • Should candies, chips, and fizzy drinks be sold to students in schools? What are the alternatives to these products?
  • Choose a few restaurants in your hometown and visit them. Share your thoughts and experience: how good was food and service? Did you like the interior?
  • Social media: how to use it properly? How much harm can it bring if misused? 
  • What happens to those who drop out of school? Is it possible for them to have successful careers, and what can they do to achieve their goals? 
  • Pick one of the last books you have read and enjoyed. What genre is it? What did you like about the plot and characters?
  • Volunteering: talk about volunteering in general and your own experience if there is any. How helpful is it for communities, and why should more people volunteer?
  •  Playing video games: does it teach young people something, or is it only a waste of time? What kind of skills can one get if they play video games regularly? 
  •  Why do some teens skip school? Should they be punished? Can students be allowed to miss classes not only when they are physically ill, but also when they do not feel well mentally?

It was a list of some great expository essay topics that students in high school can use. Even if you found the one you like, keep looking and checking other topics in this article to find something you will like even more.

Persuasive expository essay topics on controversial and social issues

Writing the essays on social topics is not an easy task because such issues can be viewed from more than one perspective. But do not worry! Just try your best to collect enough information about the problem you will discuss, and stay impersonal even expressing your own ideas.

To write an expository essay of high quality, you should find a list of trustful sources to use while conducting the research. After that, the next step is to organize the information and sort unnecessary sources out.

persuasive expository essay topics

Here are some good expository essay topics on social issues:

  • Domestic violence: why does it happen? How can it be prevented and stopped? Provide your readers with specific facts and statistics
  • Drug and substance abuse: what are the consequences of it? How much harm does it cause?
  • Caffeine addiction: how does an organism become addicted to caffeine? How many people suffer from it? What can be done to prevent caffeine addiction?
  • Global warming: what are the causes and effects of it? What can be done to stop it? What are the long-term effects of global warming?
  • Positive thinking: how important is it for modern society? How can you start thinking positively?
  • Stress: why so many people are affected by stress? What are the outcomes of it? How can individuals avoid it?
  • What is altruism? Why is it essential in the modern world?
  • Computer viruses: how are they created and what kind of damage do they cause? How problematic are they nowadays?
  • Divorce: how bad is it for families? How can the divorce rate be reduced? Should there be more educational resources about building a healthy family, and how can they be distributed?
  •  What is the effect of refusing to vote during elections? Why do some people ignore their right to vote?

Expository essay topics for college students

College students may be asked to write an expository essay as well, and it can also become a task for an exam. Students may need to analyze a specific event, book, or a piece of art, or explain how something works. If you have no idea what to write about, this article will help you. Here are some college expository essay topics for any student:

  • The cost of college textbooks: are they expensive nowadays? What are the cheaper alternatives?
  • College campus violence: what is the reason? How to reduce its risks?
  • Major stress factors in your life: how can you cope with stress and what can other students do to fight stress and keep studying well? What are the adverse effects of stress on studying?
  • Describe the reasons why some students use drugs, smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol. What is the outcome of these bad habits, and how do they affect the learning process?
  • How to deal with bullying in college? Illustrate the topic with specific facts and statistics about how often it takes place in colleges. Provide your readers with ideas on how to prevent bullying.
  • How can students deal with financial issues in college? What are the ways of planning their budget while studying?
  • What is the history of your college? Who were the founders?
  • Is it easier for bilingual students to learn a new language? How can monolingual students develop an ability to learn languages faster?
  • How important is time management for a successful learning process? What can students do to use their time better?

Of course, there are other expository essay topics of university, so if you have not found something you like, you can always do more research and find the one that suits you.

List of funny and easy expository essay topics

Probably, each student has faced such a situation when they have to do something, but feel too tired to work, and just want to have a rest. If this is your case and you do not have any desire to write a complicated essay, you can choose funny expository essay topics that will not take much of your time and not require high concentration.

Here is a list of short expository essay topics for easy writing:

  • What is the healthiest way to lose weight? How can a person maintain a healthy weight and be able to eat food they like without restrictions?
  • How does music affect our lives? Why do people like specific genres of music and find them inspiring, while others have the opposite view on the same styles?
  • Who do you admire and why? Who is that person to you? What are the positive and negative traits that person possess?
  • What is the effect of taking selfies? Does it help to improve self-esteem?
  • Why are so many people interested in celebrities and their lives? Are there any particular celebrities that you like and follow on social media?
  • If you have pets, describe what it is like to live with them. How much time does it take to play with and take care of them?
  • Talk about the hobby you enjoy. What is so special about it, and why will you recommend it to other people?
  • What things make you happy? How do you understand that they are a source of happiness? What are the ways to achieve happiness?
  • If you had a chance to live in another country, which country and city would you choose, and why?


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