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Table of Contents

Quality In-Flight Catering: Emirates Flight Catering


This research aims in understanding the role and responsibility of in-flight catering in the process of offering quality food and services. The core approach is to comprehend all those aspects that are considered to attain enough excellence and meet the expectations of the consumers.

Executive Summary

This research aims in understanding the role and responsibility of in-flight catering in the process of offering quality food and services. The core approach is to comprehend all those aspects that are considered to attain enough excellence and meet the expectations of the consumers. In this context, to exemplify in-flight catering company, the paper chose Emirates Flight Catering that has already established a strong niche of being one of the popular and most preferred in-flight catering companies all over the world.

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In the process of the research, it has been discovered that there are many aspects that are important for a successful in-flight catering company to manage, in order to sustain in the international market. In this pursuit, determined recommendations are made as per the collected evidences and data from primary and secondary sources.

The basic distribution of this paper is in 6 chapters, where the Chapter 1 is the Introduction and gives details about the research. Chapter 2 is a detailed literature review about in-flight catering company, with the example withstand by Emirates Flight Catering. Chapter 3 is the research methodology that notes and establishes the need for primary data and the best way to collect the same. The chapter 4 makes declarations about the interview answers that were collected while initiating primary sources to meet research objectives. Chapter 5 is an exclusive way of analysing the primary and the secondary data to understand the research objectives and meet the goal of the research. The last chapter is Chapter 6 that is the conclusion and the recommendation chapter, illustrating the summed up derivations and possible adaptation provisions for in-flight catering company like, Emirates Flight Catering to sustain in the market with the current reputation of being a popular quality based company.

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction

The industry of in-flight catering is a very huge global business. The estimated the size of the flight catering as noted by Jones (2004) was 12 billion Euros in the beginning of 21st century and as assessed by King (2013) it will reach up to 12.35 billion Euros by the end of 2018.  With the increasing rate of global competitiveness, every sector of business and industrial growth is in demand of fast mode of transportation. In this pursuit, the preferences on selecting airline flights get an obvious selection. Following the trend of regular flights all over the world, most of the business or family oriented passengers prefer to have in-flight catering. This means that whether it is lunch of dinner they look forward for some good food in the flight to save time. This is a growing need and the same is encouraging various airlines in opting in-flight catering services to serve the customers at the best. If the food and beverages supplied turn up to be good enough and as per the expectations, that in no time the airline will earn customer loyalty of the expansion of the business.

This research is selecting the role of Emirates Flight Catering in context of Emirates Airline for the understanding of quality oriented in-flight catering services. The paper is majorly about the way in-flight catering gets handled by the selected company and how the same can be made better in terms of creating the essence of sustainability and long term business options for the respective airline with in-flight catering services. The emphasis is on quality maintenance and thus the research is about the way the quality can be attained in in-flight catering services amidst increasing global competitiveness in the market.

 1.2 Title of the Research

Following the aforementioned research ideology the title of this research paper is –

QUALITY IN IN-FLIGHT CATERING: Emirates Flight Catering’


 1.3 Background

EKFC Company Information Page (2014) states that Emirates Flight Catering or the EKFC, under current facility, has been commissioned in the particular field of in-flight catering business; since 1982. This is a domain that gets upgraded and updated continually from that year. This is a company that is also related to the catering to other competitive airlines that are operating in the Dubai International Airport. As a whole, services led by this Company are more than 110 regularly operating airline clients. Additional divisions of EKFC are Event Catering, Linencraft, F&B Services (at the Airport), Private Jet & VIP Catering, and managing Food Point. However, its role in the in-flight catering dominates the business and gets quick acclamation.

The basic field of concerns for EKFC in managing in-flight catering are noted below.

1.3.1 Availability of Freshest Ingredients

As declared by Emirates (2014), EKFC is very particular about its catering services. For this airline, EKFC offers lunch as well as dinner and all the meals are inclusive of varied courses that are customised and designed in order to stimulate and further satisfy the appetite of all kinds of customers. Selections were initiated from dishes that are inspired regionally, along with ingredients that are sources locally and are organic in particular, especially Lamb Brochette that has Arabic Spices, Grilled-Chicken Breast that is served with Caramelised Plums. Every customer is assured of enough relaxation with an entire range of in-flight complimentary drinks that are inclusive of best wines and different kinds of delicious cocktails. EKFC also provide the facility of having champagne in-flight at a very minimum price.

1.3.2 Food inspired from Regional Culture

In reference to the in-flight catering services of EKFC, Emirates (2014) declares that all the meals aimed in offering an absolute appeal to the palette of the customers. As per the appetite of the customers, the company is capable of offering absolute regional taste. These kinds of food add adequate relaxation and can restore the level of satisfaction in the customer’s appetite. Regionally inspired food are great in taste and are having the best healthy options, that are presented in fine bone china from Royal Doulton with exclusive cutlery from Robert Welch. The approach offers the dining experience of the Business Class with an ecstatic level of satisfaction. The EKFC takes special care of the children and as per their age and taste offers children’s meals with absolute chart of dietary needs, with absolute taste and nutrition (Saseendran, 2014).

1.3.3 Wines are chosen specifically

The in-flight catering by EKFC has been much appraised by the passengers of Emirates and as declared by this airline the customers’ have experienced best of the cuisines and services and has declared it as the finest in the world (2014). The customers are allowed to have multiple courses along with beverages and cocktails of every kind.  To the customer’s delight, it also offers the customers with vintage wines, and above all complimentary champagne.

1.4 Research Aim

The main aim of this research is to find out the ways the quality is maintained in the in-flight catering. The idea is to note the rapidly growing business of in-flight catering and thereby understand the way it has been managed amidst vigorous edge of global competitive environment. As a case, a relevant study of Emirates Flight Catering or the EKFC has been selected with it maintained record on quality check.

1.5 Research Objectives

The selected objectives of this research can be noted as follows-

  • To understand the in-flight catering module of Emirates Flight Catering or the EKFC
  • To understand the way Emirates Flight Catering or the EKFC is maintaining quality
  • Investigate the quality oriented approaches of Emirates Flight Catering or the EKFC
  • Evaluate the collected quality related information about in-flight catering
  • Derive best possible means for the achievement and maintenance quality in-flight catering

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1.6 Conclusion

The research aims in offering a well-structured approaches towards the maintenance of quality of in-flight catering that is relevantly is also the key to add an extra profit to the reputation of the airline and adding customer loyalty to the same.

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