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Human Behavior Essay Examples

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Psychology of Evil

Human beings possess the virtues that enable them to make rational decisions and judgments. According to the presentation by Philip Zimbardo titled The Psychology of Evil, people are neither good nor bad (Zimbardo, 2008). Nonetheless, the prevailing circumstances, for example, social or economic, can affect a person’s behavior.

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Current Research Tactics for Psychology

 I chose the study conducted by Mock and Arai (2011) for this analysis because it is focused on evaluating linking psychology. The authors examine the connection between chronic illnesses experienced in adulthood and childhood trauma alongside factors influencing this relationship.

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Peer Review Psychology Article

The qualitative research article by Delara (2018) was selected due to the extensive study of childhood bullying provided by the author. Nowadays, this phenomenon has become a significant public health menace. The researcher defines bullying as “any unwanted aggressive behavior that involves an observed or perceived power imbalance and is repeated multiple times or is highly likely to be repeated” (p. 2).

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The Kantian approach is a type of deontological moral theory that seeks to determine a systematic method of how morality is formed and, at the same time, explains how different human actions can be evaluated or judged based on their moral legitimacy (Wood 1).

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Clinical Psychology: Language Impairment in PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder which is mostly triggered by traumatic events such as natural disasters, assault, war, or grave illnesses. The unpleasant emotional experiences caused by the psychological shock can lead to detrimental long-term or permanent effects that bring on changes in cognitive processes like planning or concentration, and can also cause memory loss.

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Differences in Depreciation

The guidance connected with accounting for property, plant, and equipment in U.S. GAAP is encompassed in the financial accounting standards board (FASB) accounting standards codification (ASC) topic 360, property, plant, and equipment (Cordozo, 2013).

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The Effect of Values Affirmation Exercise on Mood and Values Success: A Randomized Trial

The current study aimed to investigate the effect of values affirmation exercise on mood and values success. Previous research on the topic revealed inconsistent results regarding the significance of value affirmation for cognitive impacts, necessitating further studies to be initiated.

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